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    Alpha Computer Group ipphone-300x188 Why you should consider IP Phone Systems over Analog phone systems?

    VoIP technology has greatly advanced over last one decade with the advent of high speed internet. The major difference between IP phone system and analog phone system lies in the way the voice signals are delivered. The signals are carried over a copper wire in an analog phone service, while the signals are delivered over an IP data network in VoIP service. Analog phone system is a traditional telephone system that converts voice signals into electronic signals which travels over a telephone line. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In VoIP technology, the system works by sending and receiving voice signals that are packaged as data. Alpha Computer Group is a leading name in Long Island as an IP phone system provider. In fact Alpha Computer Group offers wide range of telecommunication solutions including like Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island.

    IP phone system has several advantages over analog system and that’s the reason why gradually more and more businesses are switching over to digital phone system. Digital phone system has changed the world of business communications dramatically in terms of scalability, functionality and cost. On top of standard calling features in VoIP, you have others facilities like call recording, IVR or Auto Attendant, voicemail to email, Time of day routing and many more. VoIP phone system provides matchless flexibility such as they can be run completely over the internet making it possible for your employees to answer the call virtually from anywhere across the globe. This has entirely revolutionized the way business are operated around the world that has truly allowed employees to work remotely.

    Bootstrapping startups or startups running on shoe string budget can also benefit from VoIP since the system is extremely cost effective. Since the phone system is internet based, there is practically no requirement of expensive setup or installation fees. VoIP phone system is managed by the provider. Business owners don’t have to literally bother themselves with purchasing of hardware or equipment or maintenance cost. Businesses need to only pay monthly “per seat” fee for the access to your provider’s service.

    Analog phone system provides ability for only two people to speak at a time. However in the case of VoIP you can setup a conference with the entire team communicating in real time. Since VoIP compresses data packets during transmission in a real time, it makes it possible to handle more data over the carrier and there by handle more calls on one access line. VoIP phone system delivers considerable cost savings over a traditional phone system where time is money. That means you actually pay for each minutes you spend communicating on the phone. International calls are even more expensive. But because VoIP uses internet as the backbone, the cost is considerably low. According to a study it was found that, compared to traditional phone system, VoIP can potentially help you save up to 40% on your local calls and up to 90% on international calls.

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