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    Alpha Computer Group voip1-300x159 Things you should consider while moving your business phone system to VoIP

    Traditionally the businesses who wanted to have telephone lines on their premises had to have a Private Branch Exchange (PBX). This PBX phone exchange system then was connected to analogue or digital lines to route calls in or out of the office. Over years voice and data has increasingly become unified. Today data is considered as important as voice and this has propelled scores of businesses to turn to VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions to meet their ever expanding needs for voice. Alpha Computer Group has been pivotal in helping scores of business to migrate from PBX to VoIP solution. Alpha Computer Group provides range of telecommunication solutions such as Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island

    Migrating your business from traditional landline/PBX to VoIP solution can be painfully complicated if you don’t know what you should expect for your business from VOIP phone system. There are some outright business benefits that VoIP will give you such as it will improve your business mobility and business continuity. Here are some of the benefits of VoIP suggested by Joseph Scaffa from Alpha Computer Group. His experience spans over a decade of helping business of all size implement VoIP solution in their companies.

    • VoIP will help your business support mobile working and BYOD policies.
    • Compared to traditional PBX telephone system, it is cheap. You just need to pay a monthly subscription for what you need.
    • You get access to improved call quality with faster broadband.
    • VoIP is definitely going to boost your business efficiency and productivity.

    Here are some of the traits of VoIP that makes it attractive for business of all size

    • It is suitable for companies of all size
    • Implementation is hassle free
    • It supports growth and is scalable
    • Since it is in the cloud, your business can continue to function no matter what.


    If you are planning to move to VoIP business phone systems NYC, Joseph Scaffa from Alpha Computer Group, suggest you ask these six critical questions.

    1. Is your broadband good enough to support VoIP?

    VoIP is entirely dependent on broadband, which means you need to have really good internet connection with high bandwidth to transfer call data.


    1. What contract length best suits your business?

    Besides mobility and business continuity the other reason many organization turn to VoIP is for cost advantage. You will always get a better cost when you go for long term contract such as 3, 6 or 12 months contract.


    1. Customer support

    According to Joseph Scaffa from Alpha Computer Group, your VoIP provider should be able to provide excellent customer support to your business, since any problem with your broadband or VoIP service will have an immediate repercussion to your business and may result in the form of frustrated customer and depleted sales.


    1. Hardware your business needs

    When you migrate your business from PBX to VoIP, you will have to ditch your traditional analogue phone system and instead move on to embrace business grade handset that offer high definition call quality on a secure network that is protected from hackers.


    1. Mobility

    When you are looking for service providers, you will need to consider any limitations that are imposed by your service provider. Some service providers limit their package to certain devices. However good news is that with robust and complaint cloud solution you should be able to access your hosted VoIP service from your PC, laptop or even smart phone mobiles.

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