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    Alpha Computer Group offers many different types phone services for new and continuing businesses. We can provide with you a phone system or just phone service and internet service for your existing phone system and/or computer network.  With Alpha Computer Group, you can decrease the cost of your telephone service by 35%.  You can also improve the features and service of your system.  We offer Hosted, and On-Premise Phone Systems.  With on-premise you have complete control over your phone system.  No extra hidden costs for licensing or anything. Our telephone service delivers clear, and reliable calls over the internet, and over traditional telephone lines.  We offer wholesale VoIP services, SIP Trunking, traditional phone lines, PRI, T-1, and etc.  You get world class tech support from Alpha Computer group because we hold ourselves to the highest accountability in the industry to ensure you are always satisfied with our results.  We want to be your IT & Telecom Partner.

     Pay For What You Need:

    Alpha Computer Group LongIslandPhoneSystem Telephone Systems

    During a busy season in business, multiple phone lines are key. The more phone lines you have, the quicker you can do business. However, during the down season, there is no use for excess phone lines. Therefore, Alpha Computer Group is offering a new solution. Your business pays for the phone lines you need for regular, every day business. Then, if your business needs more phone lines, they can be added on demand during the busier seasons.


     Alpha Computer Group LongIslandPhoneSystem-Cloud-Phone-System1-150x150 Telephone Systems  Multiple Offices Brought Together in the Cloud:

    Alpha Computer Group LongIslandPhoneSystem Telephone Systems

    Alpha Computer Group can enable your company to share a pool of phone lines even if the parts of the company are not in the same location. Whether it’s the main company, remote employees, or branch offices, the phone lines will connect into one single solution.  It will bring your employees together as a whole no matter where each part of the business might be located.  We offer true unified mobility for all of your communication needs.


    Alpha Computer Group long-island-telephone-systems-voip-panasonic-avaya-asterisk-tin-cans Telephone Systems  Staying Connected With Customers:

    Alpha Computer Group LongIslandPhoneSystem Telephone Systems

    One of the harder parts of having a business is keeping up with the clientele. If they call and you aren’t near your phone, you might be stuck playing “telephone tag” which halts the progression of your project. However, Alpha Computer Group offers a design that will enable office calls to follow you where ever you are. The calls can be detoured to your cell phone, home phone, or voicemail. That way you can get a call where ever you are and there is no need to play telephone tag.


    In addition, Alpha Computer Group offers a way for customers to perceive that the company is local even when working remotely. They can provide numbers in a variety of different area codes depending on where you do your business. Therefore when your clients call they will call to a local number and that same number will flash on their caller I.D. It helps connect the customer to the business even if the business is remote.  Moreover, if the phone or internet system is ever down, you can still get your calls. Each business phone is configured with a cell phone number which would be automatically dialed if the main systems are ever down. Therefore there is no need to call the phone company and manually forward the calls. The calls will never be missed either. The call forwarding would be seamless.


    Alpha Computer Group LongIslandPhoneSystem-Cloud-Phone-System-computer-telephone-integration-unified-communication-mobility-300x198 Telephone Systems

     Computer/Desktop Integration:

    Phone calls can also be transferred across the office using an easy drag and drop from a computer.  Alpha Computer Group can assist a business in seeing incoming calls through a computer screen as well as dialing contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook. If there is voicemail, the voicemail will be forwarded to your email account where you can listen, playback, forward, and archive if necessary.

    What are some of the best features we offer with telephone systems?

    • We offer some of the lowest initial equipment and installation cost
    • Affordable telephone maintenance costs
    • It’s easy to add lines – both our hosted and on premise systems are flexible
    • Enterprise class features at small office/home office prices…. SERIOUSLY!
    • We guarantee ease of using any of our telecommunication systems or products

    How we fulfill the need of any business in terms of technology?

    • The current technology for telecom is unified communications. Alpha Computer Group uses the latest VoIP systems which are integrated with hundreds of features
    • To deploy the latest technologies that will allow businesses to cut costs and make they’re entire business more technically efficient and economical
    • Scalability is another plus for our telephone systems. The sudden expansion of any business can put stress or a higher demand on your network or telephone infrastructure.  Our systems are built always for the thought of our clients prosperous growth.
    • Whether it is software development or network administration, System Portability is always necessary and thus must be prioritized. This also applies to telecommunication systems and here at Alpha Computer Group, the entire organization is managed by engineers.
    • There are other things like flexibility and advanced service features that have taken the field of telecommunications to an entirely new level.  All of things like video conferencing, video calling and free calling using network connections is included and is something that we manage quite nicely.
    • With 24/7 support our group has made it possible to meet each and every requirement of the clients as well as to fulfill the post deployment services. There are on site services and maintenance services that are available in different varieties.


     VOIP Phone Installation:

    Alpha Computer Group click_here Telephone Systems  Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Phone is another way to program your business together. It enables voice communication over the internet. It provides an alternative to traditional telephone networks because it allows you to connect to other users around the world and/or in remote offices.

    Alpha Computer Group click_here Telephone Systems  A VOIP Phone system can be managed from any computer in the office and the personal preferences can be easily changed to accommodate individual work habits as well as duties. Whether it’s a mobile business or a static one, the VOIP system provides the ability to send calls to the correct person.

    Alpha Computer Group click_here Telephone Systems  The system uses less equipment because every user with a computer can use the phone system. In addition, new users can be added easily, requiring only a few minutes. If there are new features that are created, they will be updated without an additional charge.


    Key and PBX Systems:

    Alpha Computer Group click_here Telephone Systems   The key system unit (KSU) uses a central control device called which allows certain features to be used that are not ordinarily available. This system is used for a business that have between five and forty employees.

    Alpha Computer Group click_here Telephone Systems  The PBX system can be used by businesses that have more than 40 employees within it. This system is completely programmable and can support complex implementations.

    Alpha Computer Group click_here Telephone Systems  Both systems require professional installation and maintenance. The outside and inside telephone lines must connect to a cabinet for either tie KSU or PBX. The systems are almost always able to use existing phone wiring, however, a business cannot use existing phones unless they are compatible to the systems.


    KSU-Less System:

    Alpha Computer Group click_here Telephone Systems  For a company with at most 10 employees, the KSU-less system would be ideal. They are designed to provide features of a small commercial phone system but in a decentralized manner. They do not require a central cabinet.

    Alpha Computer Group click_here Telephone Systems  They are not permanently wired to the office and can be moved to a new location if the business moves to a new location. However, they are not usually sold or supported by telecom vendors and the company would have to do the shopping, installation, programming, and maintenance themselves.

    Alpha Computer Group long-island-phone-systems-elastix-panasonic-nortel-avaya-freepbx-asterisk-digium-att-verizon-samsung-mitel-nec-business-class-phone-systems-queens-nassau-suffolk-nyc1 Telephone Systems

    We support all types of telephone systems.  From old legacy nortels to latest in ip phone systems; we can handle it all. 
    If you want to increase productivity and strengthen your telephone/computer networks, then look no further. Superior customer satisfaction, reduced costs and great results are the three basic aspects of our company.

    If you’ve installed a new Telephone System and/or need additional help with your new or existing telephone system, or you are contemplating on how a new Phone System (PBX or ipPBX) can work for your business, we have the answers you need.  Call Alpha Computer Group today at (877) 608 – 8647


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