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Structured Cabling & Network Cabling services in Queen, NYC.

Structured cabling systems reduce costs. They reduce costs during installation by requiring less material and labor than a non-structured solution.

What is structured cabling/Network Wiring?

Structured cabling is data and telecommunications cabling inside a building that is installed according to a set of defined standards. The standards dictate how the cable is to be distributed within the building infrastructure, the methods of cable management to use, the proper termination of both ends of the cable, and the acceptable readings when certifying the cables. Structured cabling is typically installed in a star formation where end-user connections are terminated at a local point, called an Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), and then each IDF is connected via a backbone cable to a main location, called a Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This is different from non-structured cabling where each end-user connection is connected directly back to the MDF.

Alpha Computer Group Network-Cabling-Queens-New-York Queens Network Wiring, Cabling | Queens Office Computer Wiring | Queens Data Voice Cabling

What are the benefits of structured cabling instead of a non-structured solution?

Structured cabling systems reduce costs. They reduce costs during installation by requiring less material and labor than a non-structured solution. Once the structured cabling system is installed, they cost less to maintain when additional connections are needed or end-user requirements change. Having a structured cabling system in place further reduces costs when it comes to troubleshooting voice and data problems on your network by having separate physical segments to analyze.

What structured cabling systems can ACG install for my organization?

With Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) and BiCSI certified employees Alpha Computer Group has the ability to take on your structured cabling projects and get them completed. Alpha Computer Group have extensive experience installing structured cabling systems that include Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, coaxial, and fiber optic cables. We are experienced in small installations (under 20 drops) and large installations (over 2000 drops) for government, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and commercial customers. Whether the cabling need is for a single drop or complete infrastructure of a new location, the Alpha Computer Group installation will be the item on the client’s check list they need not worry about. Every cable that is installed will be tested to industry standards and the results provided to the client. Alpha Computer Group has been successfully providing these services since 2004 to retail, financial and higher learning environments both locally and nationwide.

You may have the top of the line server and network equipment!! Keep in mind, your network is only as strong as the weakest link!!

If your network cable is outdated or improperly installed you may not be getting the performance you need.

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It’s not just wire!!

The installation of structured cable systems requires highly trained and skilled personnel to install, terminate and test the cable used for today’s network enviroments. Alpha Computer Group we take pride installing quality conectivity to fit your needs. If it’s fiber optic cable you need!! Look no farther. We specialize in inside and outside plant fiber. If you need one or several network closets linked together or building to building we are your single source for all your fiber optic needs.

VOIP/Digital Business Phone systems in Queens, NY

You may have the top of the line server and network equipment!! Keep in mind, your network is only as strong as the weakest link!!

Fiber Optics in Queens, NY

Technological advances are the source of increased demands on any communications network. Faster speeds and more bandwidth are required to make each component work correctly.

Why Use Fiber Optic Cabling?

Technological advances are the source of increased demands on any communications network. Faster speeds and more bandwidth are required to make each component work correctly. Only a small percentage of the voice network capability is used for voice communications. Data, video and encrypted information demand network flexibility with the capacity for massive quantities of traffic.

Reduced cost – Since fiber optics are composed of hair-like strands of glass, many miles of fiber optic cabling costs less money to produce than copper wire. Providers and clients save money on fiber optic cabling materials, which lowers the cost of installation.

Tinier cables – When cables must be installed in existing walls, bulky cables make the job very difficult. Fiber optic cables are very small in diameter and can be installed in virtually any wall or ceiling without damage.

Higher capacity – Lightning-fast communication speeds are essential for productivity in the workplace. Massive quantities of data will travel across fiber optics to support many users.

Signal integrity – Light transverses over fiber optic cabling without signal degradation since there is no resistance for the signal. Signals will travel farther and faster.

Light travels fast – fiber optics transmit light signals over long distances without the use of signal enhancers. More fibers are bundled together in one cable without signal cross over.

Lower power requirements – Transmitters that require low-voltage power are used in the fiber cabling, which reduces power usage. Small amounts of power will run extremely large networks.

Digital signals – Analog to digital conversions are not required since fiber optics is designed to transmit digital information. Network efficiency is improved with fiber optic cabling.

Fire risk eliminated – Electricity is not used in the fiber cabling network, which eliminates the risk of fire. Technicians are safer when working with fiber optic cabling.

Lightweight – Extensive webs of cabling can strain the walls and ceilings of existing buildings unless fiber optic cabling is installed. Hair-like glass strands weigh a fraction of what copper cables weigh, so cables can be strung in dropped ceilings.

Businesses all over Queens are discovering the many advantages of fiber optic cabling. Speed and signal integrity are essential to high-quality business communications, and the best solution includes Alpha Computer Group fiber optics. To keep pace with technology advances, wise business owners will embrace fiber optic cabling as the solution for their changing business needs.

WiFi Wireless Access Point Cabling and Installation

Queens Network Wiring, Cabling | Queens Office Computer Wiring | Queens Data Voice Cabling

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Structured Cabling Queens NY | Network Cabling Queens

Structured Cabling Queens NY | Network Cabling Queens

Today, your network cabling system carries the lifeblood of your organization – information. The installation, material, quality of cable and testing procedures are all much more critical in data wiring than in voice. The main reason for this is that networks today are designed to carry large amounts of information at incredible speeds. To accomplish this over unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP), many different criterion must be met.

Alpha Computer Group structured-cabling-queens-ny-300x241 Structured Cabling Queens NY | Network Cabling Queens

Ask any IT Manager what their most common network problem is and you will most likely hear them rant about cabling issues. In fact, cabling problems, which account for over 50% of network problems, cost companies millions annually.

The most common problems are:

Low attenuation
Poor NEXT (near-end crosstalk)
Poor ACR (attenuation-to-crosstalk ratio)
Poor delay skew (data arrives at different times)
Poor return loss (also known as “echo”)
Poor ELFEXT (equal-level far-end crosstalk) numbers for cable, connecting hardware and channel
Splices in cable
Mis-labeled cables

All of these problems can be avoided if the cabling is installed and tested properly. The cable must be installed following strict and specific guidelines and the testing must be done using the right equipment calibrated for the latest standards (called certification). Alpha Computer Group provides this with each cabling installation.
From fiber optics, to category 6, including 802.11x wireless, our certified cabling technicians and wireless engineers will answer all your questions and provide your organization with a quick, efficient, and quality installation. They are fully trained and certified to the highest standards.

Network Evaluation Queens NY

With custom-designed solutions made specifically for your company’s needs, Alpha Computer Group evaluates your cabling and wireless requirements to determine the installation that is most effective for your network.

Network Installation Queens NY

Our team will design, coordinate, and manage the entire installation, whether in an existing building, or at a new construction project. Alpha Computer Group provides the project materials which always conform to the highest building and ISO standards and are fully inspected and tested by our technical team.

Horizontal Network Cabling Queens NY

Horizontal cabling connecting the end user’s Work Area Outlet to the Telecom Room is installed in properly supported bundles and fire-rated sleeve assemblies to comply with all applicable electrical and building codes. Alpha Computer Group installations ranging from the most cost effective designs all the way up to the highest bandwidth maximum density CAT6A systems will be completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation practices, distance limitations, and warranty requirements. When choosing Alpha Computer Group, you will get the peace of mind that your installation will be eligible to receive an extended manufacturer warranty, often 20-25 years, that is possible only when choosing a certified installation contractor.

Backbone Network Cabling Queens NY

Alpha Computer Group connects Telecom Rooms, Equipment Rooms, and Entrance Facilities within a building or between buildings on campuses. Multipair voice cable, coax cable for video applications, and fiber optic cable to handle Information Technology System applications is achieved with the goal of maximizing network flexibility, survivability, and the inevitably higher bandwidth demands of future services.

Campus Network Cabling Queens NY

A well-conceived cable system design for the campus is critical for accommodating newer, more demanding technologies and efficiently deploying new services. Systems relying on an effective design range from traditional LAN and Wireless traffic to VOIP. In addition, dozens of additional services are increasingly dependent on a reliable and robust campus backbone.

Inter-Building and Intra-Building Campus Installations Queens NY

Backbone Fiber
Horizontal Fiber
Fiber Optic Cable Splicing
Power Meter Testing
OTDR Signature Trace and Troubleshooting/Repair
Service Restoration
Fiber Optic System Certifications and Commissioning

Outside Plant Queens NY

Alpha Computer Group installs both Aerial and Underground Systems on campuses and in commercial environments.