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Low Voltage Wiring Brooklyn

Cable and low-voltage wiring installation requires expertise and engineering to get done right. That’s something Alpha Computer Group can guarantee.

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We provide structured cable and low-voltage wiring installation for businesses in New York, New Jersey, Westchester County and Long Island. Alpha Computer Group offers full support for all major types of wiring and cabling, including: CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, Fiber, network cables, low-voltage wiring, and more.

Low Voltage Wiring Queens

Our technicians have over 20 years of experience combined. We take pride in all of our cabling jobs, no matter the size. Our projects are planned to the “T.” We do a complete blueprint, scope of work, and proposal for pricing and materials. We happily complete each job beyond the client’s satisfaction. We guarantee the quality of our work. Next time you are moving office equipment, moving into a new building, or dealing with a messy IT closet, call the low voltage technicians at 877-608-8647. We’ll be happy to discuss your cabling needs.

Low Voltage Cabling Long Island | Low Voltage Cabling Brooklyn | Low Voltage Cabling Queens | Low Voltage Cabling NYC | Low Voltage Cabling Manhattan | Low Voltage Cabling New York | Low Voltage Cabling Valley Stream | Low Voltage Cabling Hempstead | Low Voltage Cabling Long Freeport | Low Voltage Cabling Nassau County | Low Voltage Cabling Suffolk County  

Low Voltage Cabling Long Island

Alpha Computer Group offers unmatched experience and skill with low-voltage telecommunications and Network Cabling projects on Long Island and throughout New York. We offer a full range of installation, maintenance, and repair services related to communications and data networks and infrastructure, including copper and fiber splicing, structured cabling, data centers, security systems and fire alarms, and much more. In every telecom project, we work to build and maintain the best relationships with our customers and all project stakeholders. This approach has earned us an outstanding reputation in our local industry and garnered us extensive repeat business and many referrals over the years.

Low Voltage Wiring Long Island | Low Voltage Wiring Brooklyn | Low Voltage Wiring Queens | Low Voltage Wiring NYC | Low Voltage Wiring Manhattan | Low Voltage Wiring New York | Low Voltage Wiring Valley Stream | Low Voltage Wiring Hempstead | Low Voltage Wiring Long Freeport | Low Voltage Wiring Nassau County | Low Voltage Wiring Suffolk County

Security Camera Installation Long Island | Brooklyn | Queens | NYC | New York

Since 2004, Alpha Computer Group has been providing excellent quality and affordable technology solutions to all businesses and residences in New York. Our company employs trained, experienced and qualified technicians who are able to customize the specific needs of a business or home, creating a unique system for every client.

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Alpha Computer Group does it all:

  • AT&T phone systems and data networks
  • Access Controls
  • Security Cameras
  • Burglar Alarms & Intercom Systems.

It does not matter if your project is big or small because we can handle anything that is presented to us. With our very competitive pricing, best technology and technicians we will provide you with the absolute best service possible. We will work with you to develop a system that works for you, your budget and your timeline.

We take pride in our customer service and make sure that every client has an unforgettable experience with us. Here at Alpha Computer Group, our entire staff is enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to making all of our clients feel safe and secure through the security systems we install. Please take a look at our website and the products and services that we provide, and we invite you to contact us for any further information that you need. We look forward to working with you!

Security Camera Installation Long Island | Security Camera Installation Brooklyn | Security Camera Installation Queens | Security Camera Installation NYC | Security Camera Installation Hempstead | Security Camera Installation Freeport | Security Camera Installation Valley Stream

Low Voltage Wiring NYC

We’re one of New York City’s largest and most respected local IT Consulting Companies. Your safety and security will always be our top priority.

Network Cabling, Security Camera Systems, Valley Stream

Valley Stream Network Data Cabling – Data Cabling Solutions

Structured Cabling Valley Stream | Network Wiring Valley Stream | Voice Cabling Valley Stream | Data Wiring Valley Stream | Structured Cabling Companies Valley Stream | Network Cabling Services Valley StreamAlpha Computer Group offers certified Long Island Data Cabling – Network wiring and Voice Cabling for the Valley Stream Area. Today, your network data cabling system transfers the lifeblood of your businesses information.Our Network Cabling Services in Long Island is a leading communications contractor in the field of structured cabling. Whether your requirements are voice, data, video, or fiber optic, our staff of well-trained professionals is here to ensure a quality installation.The installation services, materials used, quality of data cable and testing procedures are all critical for maximum reliability and maximum throughput performance. That is why Alpha Computer Group follows the strictest standards, uses highest grade cabling, tests and certifies each cable run.  Alpha Computer Group offers full range cabling services Our technicians work with our clients to design the best possible infrastructure. All of our data cabling systems comes with all necessary components.We are experts in Data and voice cabling and can help plan and evaluate wiring infrastructure and design a stable and high performance network foundation for your data network and phone systems. Contact us now for a free on-site network wiring evaluation and site survey today @ (877) 608-8647.

Network Cable Installation Valley Stream and Long Island Network Wire Installation Services

•CAT5 – Data Cable Installation

•CAT5E Data Cable Installation

•CAT6 Data Cable Installation

•CAT6a Data Cable Installation

•Fiber Optic Cable Installation

•Patch Panel Installation

•Warehouse Data Cabling

•Data Center Build-outs

•Server Room Data Cabling

•Riser Management

•Network \ Data Cable Testing

•Server Rack Installation and Setup

Network Wiring and Data Cable Installation Valley Stream
Call now to speak with a network wiring specialist: (877) 608-8647

Systems Evaluation Valley Stream

A certified Integrated Computer Services Network Consultant will examine the performance and integrity of your data infrastructure. All computer systems, networking devices, servers and peripherals will be tested for vulnerabilities. Next step is to deliver a report with a network analysis and network improvement plan. With our computer network evaluation, you will see the strengths and weaknesses of your network and how we can improve your businesses computer systems.

Network Evaluation Valley Stream

We also offer network installation services and maintenance / support plans. Use your free Valley Stream network evaluation to determine which IT services your business can benefit from. All companies nowadays need a computer and an Internet connection, no matter the field of work. This is where the need for a good network infrastructure and professional structured data and voice cabling comes into play. Besides hardware and software solutions we are also providing you with state of the art structured data and voice cabling that will create an impressive, fast technology infrastructure that can improve the speed of your connection. Request a Free On-site Network Evaluation.

•Managed Services Valley Stream

•Maintenance & Support Plans

•Windows Small Business Server 2008

•Remote Data Backup

Voice & Data Cabling for your Home or Office in Valley Stream, NY

Having a good connection between the computers in any company is crucial when it comes to maintaining a great productivity, and that is why our company brings the best structured voice and data cabling services you can find on the market.

We know that each business has different structured voice and data cabling needs and we can adapt to any request. Our team of experts has dozens of years of experience when it comes to structured data and voice cabling and creating network infrastructures for businesses in domains such as telecommunications, retail, residential, media, government, education, defense, healthcare and so on.

We provide different types of structured voice and data cabling and wiring, depending on the needs of our client. We can either go with fiber optic or copper. Our company offers multiple types of copper structured data cabling, such as shielded twisted pair, screened twisted pair and unshielded twisted pair. All of these can be used for just about any type of business and they offer impressive speeds and a great experience.

The best structured voice and data cabling service that we offer is fiber optic. This offers a much better bandwidth which brings a higher speed no matter the distance. In addition, the fiber optic data service offers an impressive signal capacity which makes it perfect for busy business environments as well as home users.

•CAT5 Data Cable Installation Valley Stream

•CAT5E Data Cable Installation Valley Stream

•CAT6 Data Cable Installation Valley Stream

•CAT6a Data Cable Installation Valley Stream

•Fiber Optic Cable Installation Valley Stream

•66 Block Installation and Wiring Valley Stream

•Patch Panel Installation Valley Stream

•Warehouse Data Cabling Valley Stream

•Data Center Build-outs Valley Stream

•Server Room Data Cabling Valley Stream

•Riser Management Valley Stream

•Network \ Data Cable Testing Valley Stream

•Server Rack Installation and Setup Valley Stream

Structured Data Cabling Valley Stream

Structured cabling is the umbrella term that describes data and telecom cabling that is fixed in place to link together network devices throughout a building or campus. Structured cabling falls into 2 basic categories:

Horizontal Cabling Valley Stream

In a small installation for example an office of up to 100 people this probably takes the form of what is known as horizontal cabling, which means that all the cables (CAT5e or CAT6), regardless of whether they are in the same room, or on different floors, lead back to one central location. Cables are terminated to RJ45 jacks at the user end and RJ45 patch panels in the central location, within a suitable enclosure or cabinet.

Vertical Cabling Valley Stream

For larger installations where cable runs might exceed the dimensions permitted for copper cables, it is necessary to install vertical cabling, otherwise known as a backbone, which provides, as the name suggests, a central core of data cabling that can be accessed by a greater number of users, and over greater distances, via Ethernet switches. The links that string together these switches can be copper for runs up to 90m, or fiber optic if greater length or bandwidth is required. In cases where it is not possible to connect with cable of any kind it is often possible to use wireless links using radio or laser where there is line of sight.

Network Design Valley Stream

Alpha Computer Group’s Cable technicians are experts in the design and installation of all the types of cabling described above. However in our experience best results are achieved by working in conjunction with your IT department or IT support providers. We can provide you with IT consultants if necessary.

Network Cabling Services Valley Stream

Alpha Computer Group is a leader when it comes to the low voltage network cabling services. We have Technical expertise in Network Cabling services including fiber optic cabling installation, computer network cabling, home network cabling, structured cabling, ethernet cabling Valley Stream and other network cabling solutions are the key strengths of Alpha Computer Group. We offer wide range of services other than network cabling services.

With 10+ years of professional network cabling and Security Camera Installation experience, Our expertise means we can evaluate your needs and provide the right solution, for today and tomorrow’s networks. We follow the most up-to-date safety regulations and code guidelines to ensure the safety of our network cabling installers and your building. Each one of our installations meets or exceeds all compliance guidelines and regulations set by the product manufacturers and local building authorities. This ensure that you get a solid network connection years after the network cabling installation was completed. Our Network Cabling Services Includes:

•Local Area Network Valley Stream

•Complete Network Design Valley Stream

•Wireless Area Network Valley Stream

•Structured Cabling Valley Stream

•Fiber Optic Cabling Valley Stream

•Ethernet Cabling Valley Stream

Whether you’re a large multi-national or a small start-up company, getting your communication right can be an essential key to success, which is why companies across the Valley Stream choose Alpha Computer Group for their Network cabling solutions and high-performance data cabling in Valley Stream. From telephone systems for small businesses to future-proof network cabling services, our specialists have over 10 years of experience providing BEST IN CLASS solutions for our clients. When you choose Alpha Computer Group for network cabling in Valley Stream, we will undertake an assessment of your needs and create a complete structured cabling solution. We’ll work with you to ensure you get the best possible solution for your requirements. As an independent network cabling service provider of security cameras and network cabling in Valley Stream we offer unbiased advice and select the best products from the world’s leading manufacturers, ensuring there’s no compromise at any stage of your network cabling installation . Structured Cabling, Data Cabling and Network Cabling in Valley Stream: We’re committed to providing the most efficient and effective network cabling for our Valley Stream clients, as poorly structured cabling can clog up your network and reduce performance across your entire system. Whether we’re installing voice lines as part of telephone systems for small businesses, or data cabling to support your expanding IT infrastructure, you’ll find Alpha Computer Group is one of the most competitive names for Network Cabling, Business Phone Systems / VoIP, and Security Cameras Installation in Valley Stream.

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VoIP Phone Installation Valley Stream

Structured Cabling Valley Stream | Network Wiring Valley Stream | Voice Cabling Valley Stream | Data Wiring Valley Stream | Structured Cabling Companies Valley Stream | Network Cabling Services Valley StreamAlpha Computer Group provides you with the most affordable quotes, quickest installations and quality service in Valley Stream. Our teams have years of experience installing VOIP phone systems in Valley Stream. Here at Alpha Computer Group, we recommend phone systems, install phone systems, retrain how to use phone systems and will perform all the necessary inside wiring that is needed for your business phone system and your computer network. Alpha Computer Group is a leading provider of VOIP phone systems in Valley Stream, Long Island, and the surrounding New York City areas. We understand the importance of a business phone that has the capability to interface across multiple locations. Our VOIP business phone systems are impressive, perform expertly well and are cost effective. We provide only the highest quality business phones at the most affordable rates. Whether you work for a small company and require a limited order, or if you own a large company that needs hundreds of phones- we’ll easily and seamlessly fulfil your requests.  Reliable communications is the key to your business success. Telcom Management, Inc. understands your need for worry-free equipment and service. That’s why we offer trusted brand name products supported by a knowledgeable technical staff at an affordable price. Hundreds of businesses rely on our services everyday. They count on us to service their phone equipment, set up a voice mail system, cable a local area network or configure a paging system.

•Voice and Data Cable Installation

•Wireless Internet Access provider

•Voice over Internet Protocal (VoIP) Solutions

Alpha Computer Group specializes in Business Telephone Services, whether it be phone installation, moving or servicing an existing system or the installation of an entire new state of the art, Business Telephone Service. Servicing all of New York, Long Island and Valley Stream, Alpha Computer Group services all of the greater NYC Metro areas as well. A complete communications provider, Alpha Computer Group offers advanced technology and equipment including;

•Digital and VoIP Phone Systems

•Voice Mail

•Automated Attendant

•Call Center Systems

•Message on Hold Systems

•Structured Wiring

•Networking Cables

•Voice and Data Cabling

Moving a phone system in Valley Stream? – we know that relocating a system that you already own, can be just as important budget wise as a new installation. We can handle that for you, and transition to a new service when needed. More budget worthy business telephone services offered are:

•Phone system repair and maintenance cost analysis

•Providing you with a choice of more cost efficient solution

•Handling installation process of services

•Facilitator for dial tone set-up with local service provider

3 Reasons Businesses Are Switching to VoIP Phone Systems in Valley Stream

Business owners all over Valley Stream are discovering the advantages of VoIP phone systems. Even the staunchest skeptics have talked to enough of their peers to decide their business would benefit from contacting a Valley Stream VoIP phone systems installer. After the first meeting, each person realizes that VoIP phone systems provide all of the traditional phone features through their existing computer network. There are many reasons to switch to VoIP, but these top three reasons are worth consideration.

(1) Scalability Factor

Adding more phones and lines to a traditional phone system can be extremely expensive if the equipment capacity has been reached. Long Island VoIP phone systems can accommodate any number of new users without additional phone equipment because each user is added in the computer system. When an employee uses a computer, the phone capacity already exists. This flexibility enables the business owner to expand or contract the VoIP phone system to meet business need without intervention from a technical specialist.

(2) Reduced Costs

Since the computer network supports on premise low cost VoIP phone systems, the cost of expensive phone equipment is eliminated. Reducing equipment cost is an important part of being able to use the most advanced technology. Simple updates through a user interface replace the need for technical support visits to the site when users are added or deleted from the system. Each person can maintain their phone numbers and attribute profile so that the cost of a specialist to maintain each preference is no longer necessary.

(3) Seamless Location Management

When a company has more than one location, the Valley Stream phone systems VoIP capability provides phone features that are not possible in a traditional phone system. Call transfers between locations can be performed easily without impact on the caller. Updates to the phone system can be performed from any location that has access to the user interface. Phones can be answered from any location which enables a mobile workforce to be reachable at any time of the work day or night.

The Final Decision

Embracing new technology can be difficult or exciting depending on the ability of the Valley Stream VoIP phone systems supplier to explain the many advantages. Many businesses have made the switch to VoIP phone systems and any one of them would be happy to share their positive experience. The risk is negligible for the late adopters of VoIP technology since so many successful on premise low cost VoIP phone systems are already in use.

Security Cameras Installation Valley Stream

Security Camera Installation, Security Cameras, Security Camera System Installation

Alpha Computer Group is dedicated to providing state-of-the art video security cameras in Valley Stream to help deter crimes, identify criminal suspects, assist business owners in monitoring employees, and even to help individuals confirm suspicious activity though the use of spy cameras in Valley Stream. Armed with over 10 years experience in video surveillance systems, Alpha Computer Group knows the in’s and out’s of complete security camera installation services, service and repair, as well as system upgrades (like converting from an analog to a digital video surveillance system or wireless security cameras in Valley Stream).

Whether you are looking for Valley Stream residential security cameras, Valley Stream business security cameras, corporate security, or any other application, Alpha Computer Group is in a prime place to offer the citizens and businesses of Valley Stream; security cameras and video surveillance systems that will suit their particular need and budget. We invite you to call upon our expertise in security cameras Valley Stream if you are someone who is serious about protecting the ones you love and what values the most to you. Please browse our site to find our more about our professional video surveillance systems, or contact us at (877) 608-8647 for a free estimate.

We are security cameras installers, specializing in Security Cameras installation. We provide full range of security cameras installation Valley Stream (video surveillance cameras installation Valley Stream), sales, and service including CCTV cameras installation Valley Stream, IP Cameras Installation, HD Cameras Installation and cloud video surveillance cameras installation in Valley Stream. We offer full design and installation of all security cameras Installation. As leaders in video surveillance cameras installation, solutions and equipment, Alpha Computer Group is pioneer in the industry. From cost effective solutions to advanced technology, we can customize security camera cameras installation to suit your needs.

•DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems Installation in Valley Stream, NY

•DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems Repair in Valley Stream, NY

•Wireless Security Cameras in Valley Stream, NY

•Remote Viewing Surveillance Systems in Valley Stream, NY

•Digital Video Recorders-DVR in Valley Stream, NY

•Network Video Recorders-NVR in Valley Stream, NY

•PC, Embedded, and Hybrid in Valley Stream, NY

•Wireless Video Systems in Valley Stream, NY

•Security Cameras in Valley Stream, NY

•IP Dome Cameras in Valley Stream, NY

•Multi-location Surveillance in Valley Stream, NY

•Indoor and outdoor surveillance in Valley Stream, NY

•Video Surveillance Cameras in Valley Stream, NY

•Mega pixel cameras (HD+) in Valley Stream, NY

•Remote viewing from pc / phone in Valley Stream, NY

•Infrared night cameras in Valley Stream, NY

•IP cameras in Valley Stream, NY

•Network cameras in Valley Stream, NY

•Biometric | Retinal |  HID | Card Access Control Systems Valley Stream

•Biometrics | Retinal | IRIS | HID | Card Access Integration in Valley Stream

Alpha Computer Group is a leader in the structured cabling industry. Our vast experience in evaluating, planning, designing and implementing cable infrastructures is based on years of installation work for large enterprises such as SBC, AT&T and Verizon. We also specialize in business needs and cater to the general contracting business during construction and or rebuilds. Contract Alpha Computer Group for your Network Cabling, Structured Cabling, Phone Systems, VoIP, CCTV Systems, Video Surveillance Systems, Alarms, IP Security Cameras, Intercom Systems, Access Control Systems and Security Cameras today at (877) 608 – 8647.