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Many leading organizations are actively making use of communication technologies like PBX or Private Branch Exchange which helps their employees and members of the business network to access outside lines, helping them to make calls outside the network. The technology has also made it easier for employees within an organization to connect with each other using easy-to-remember three or four-digit extensions. Business of any size will have considerable benefits of cheaper calls when making a call within a network. This eliminates the requirement to set up an external landline phone on every desk of the office. For a communication channel to be effective it needs to be up-to-date to meet all the needs of the business. The most updated communication channels available in the market includes like Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island. Here we will show you some of the reasons why Alpha Computer Group recommends you to upgrade your business telephone system to Hosted SIP PBX technology. Alpha Computer Group uses only Cisco, Asterisk, Mitel, NEC, Avaya, Elastix, Free PBX, Grandstream, Snom, VoIP Phones and VoIP Certified technicians with more than 10 years experience and they are experts at installing and maintaining business telephone systems on Long Island and surrounding areas. Alpha Computer Group sales professionals are up-to-date and highly skilled at recommending and providing Long Island business telephone system clients with technical assistance and Long Island business telephone system advice for well over a decade. In that time, Alpha Computer Group has gained a reputation among VoIP Long Island clients as the “go to” company for expertise in sales of business telephone systems in Long Island, installation of business telephone systems on Long Island, upgrades to business telephone systems on Long Island, as well as maintenance and service. Our website is visited by hundreds of business telephone systems Long Island information requests every day. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Long Island Business Phone Systems for unified communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and ultimately competitiveness. Unified Communications simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. Our people-centric solutions integrate voice, video, data and cloud, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction. Give us a call today at (877) 608-8647 and speak with one of our business telephone systems experts in the Long Island area.

Phone Systems for Small Business Long Island

Is your business looking to cut costs on your PBX phone system?

Would you like to compare business phone system prices from phone dealers in New York City, Long Island?

Are you adding or replacing a business VOIP or business phone service in New York City, Long Island?

We can save you tons of time and money! Submit a request to compare business phone prices.

Business Phone Prices New York City, Long Island

Searching for a new business phone solution in New York City, Long Island?

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Looking to save money on PBX phone systems?

We can help you! Submit a request and we will send you office telephone prices today! We offer pricing for these systems:

  • VOIP Phone System Long Island
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Office Phone Prices New York City, Long Island

Would you like to compare business telephone pricing from providers in New York City, Long Island?

Searching for a small business phone system that fits your budget?

When you submit your request, our office phone system providers in New York City, Long Island will send you no-obligation prices to review. Only choose one if it meets your needs and budget! We can help you with these small business telephone services in New York City, Long Island:

  • Phone Systems for Small Business Long Island
  • Small Business Phone System Long Island
  • Business Telephone Systems Long Island
  • PBX Long Island
  • PBX System Long Island
Phone Systems for Businesses Long Island
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  • Business Telephone Long Island
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  • VOIP Systems Long Island

Small Business Phone Prices New York City, Long Island

Compare PBX phone and office phone pricing here! We can quickly send you pricing for all major phone manufacturers and brands. We have small business phone systems in New York City, Long Island that are standing by to send you free office phone prices. We can also send you costs for these business phone systems:

  • VOIP Prices Long Island
  • Phone System Prices Long Island
  • Business Phone System Prices Long Island
  • Telephone System Prices Long Island
Office Phone Prices Long Island
Business Phone Prices Long Island
  • VOIP Phone Prices Long Island

Business Phone Service New York City, Long Island

Do you have an aging phone system in Long Island that is full of issues? At Alpha Computer Group we offer both cloud and traditional business communication systems and can help you replace that aged out and broken down phone system with the appropriate technology that can cover your business needs and take you to the next level. We are a Long Island owned and operated business since 2004, which provides on-site installation, service, and support. We come to you with our 30 years of experience and with a staff of highly trained, certified, and experienced technicians that can simplify and integrate your business communications, data and networking technology and guarantee the most out of your new system and provide you with continued support in the future that will help you establish a competitive edge, improve your efficiency and maximize your profits.

Our broad base of quality phone carriers allows us to provide and implement telecom solutions in Long Island that will fully meet your demands.
We offer full installation services for all types of business communications systems, including:

• VoIP (Voice over IP) & Digital Phone Systems
• Hosted PBX & SIP Trunks
• High-Speed Internet Service
• Wi-Fi Systems
• Synchronized Clock Systems
• DirecTV™ Systems
• Asterisk PBX/FreePBX/Elastix PBX
• Paging Systems
• Music Systems
• Projectors & White Boards
• Voice & Data Cabling

We strive to strengthen our position as the premier provider of business telecommunication technology in Long Island by helping one business at a time. We are dedicated to becoming long-term partners with you by understanding your business goals and linking our skills and resources to your needs. Our phones are always available, we are a timely and reliable company and we pride ourselves in the fact that we understand that every customer is different and whether you’re looking for a one line system or one with more than one hundred lines, our knowledgeable staff can address any of your questions and concerns and will assist you with any of your communication needs. We also offer a complete and thorough on-site consultation at no charge so we can accurately evaluate your needs and develop your perfect solution. Whether you’re moving your office to a new building or want to completely re-tool your system from the ground floor up, we have just what your business communication system needs.

Phone Systems for Small Business Long Island

In addition to excellent installations, we offer on-site training for the systems we install, so your staff will know all about the functionality of their new hardware. Financing options are available for those who qualify, and we offer warranties for the systems we install. Take advantage of our 24/7/365 live support at no additional cost.


Cabling: A critical part in any communications and network infrastructure, without proper cabling a healthy communications environment is impossible. Bad cabling can hinder your internet speed, give you a spotty connectivity and packet loss. Our professionals will design and install a sturdy system that will avoid you costly re-cabling.

Hosted PBX: their advantage consists in the fact that they furnish advanced telephone system features as a service over the internet.
VOIP: With VoIP, your business will achieve both reduced operational costs for your phone system service, and also enjoy much more flexibility when it comes to modifying your phone system service. And with unified communications, your business will save money even further, so that valuable dollars can be better re-allocated to more revenue-driving business needs. Some of the VoIP business advantages can include:

Bandwidth efficiency – What this means is that with VoIP, you can actually fit more information into your telecom system. This includes phone calls, as well as other data streams with your service.

Unified Communications Capability – With VoIP service, not only can you transmit voice over your phone system, but you can also transmit video (i.e. video conferencing), faxes, e-mail, voice-messaging VoIP service, and more.
• Cheaper phone extensions than PBX or Key Systems
• Cheaper, and easier maintenance service than non- VoIP systems
• Cheaper, and easier system upgrades and modifications service than non- VoIP service.

VoIP Phone Systems Long Island

Are you looking for into getting Voice over IP system in Long Island? Voice over IP (VoIP) is a relatively new type of small business phone system that works on your internet connection instead of traditional phone lines. There are many advantages to VoIP over traditional small business phone systems including:
• VoIP phone service
• A Versatile business VoIP phone system, designed for Small Business
• Flexible VoIP plans for Small Business
• Money-back guarantees, for all businesses
• High Competition between Small Business VoIP Providers

Business Phone System Features

Business VoIP and PBX Systems generally provide some or all of the following features:
· Voicemail
· Call Forwarding And Internal Transferring
· Conference Calling
· Office Intercom

Business VoIP systems have several features that are not available with traditional PBX phone systems including:

Mobility: (Great for sales people and traveling professionals) The ability to use your smartphone as an extension of the office phone system, including the ability to have business calls automatically directed to your cell phone and make outbound calls from your smartphone as your office number.

Portability: The ability to use any computer or office phone, as your personal extension.

Flexibility: The ability to redesign your phone system (how calls are routed and handled) on the fly by simply logging into your VoIP provider’s dashboard.

Just Cool: Having voicemails sent to your email as text messages, find me/follow-me which rings your mobile and home phones as well, video calling, integration with third party applications like CRM, and an e-fax.

VoIP technology has advanced to the point that it’s no longer merely an alternative to landlines. A VoIP system can provide a business features they were never able to achieve with a landline, while also saving money and improving productivity. Alpha Computer Group Long Island can help you with the daunting task of setting up a small business VoIP system in Long Island. But first we recommend you to consider some of the following things:

What is your current network capacity: can it handle the increase in data?

Can it sustain network flow?

Do you have the proper LAN (local area network) setup for VoIP?

Without a network, you won’t have the infrastructure to use VoIP services. Have your network administrators give your network a check-up or call the Alpha Computer Group office so we can check this important requirement off the list. Can your bandwidth handle it? Know the bandwidth available to your small businesses. Each and every business has its own internet needs and requirements. Before you switch to VoIP, you need to make sure your current connection can handle VoIP service alongside your current internet use.

What are your company’s calling habits?

How much international calling and long distance do you do?

What type of plan do you need?

Do intensive research to find the best VoIP plan for your business. Or Alpha Computer Group of Long Island can help you determine what kind of phone system can work for your business. What features do you need in your equipment? Once we determine your appropriate features and services we can find the right fit for you. At Alpha Computer Group Long Island we are proud to offer some of the best phone systems in Long Island but we are equally happy to help you out with a thorough on-site consultation so we can help you find your perfect solution. So either you’re moving to a new building or want a completely new system give us a call today.

Phone Systems Long Island

How to choose a Phone system for your business?
There is no doubt that your business’s phone system is the backbone that provides a direct line to customers, key contacts and suppliers. This is why the telephone system is most often than not the first equipment bought. With so many different options, the constant digital technology evolution and the flexibility in some phone systems, Alpha Computer Group of Long Island can find the perfect choice for your business and its impending growth.

Where to start?

Consider the features available in the market: hold, transfer, redial, intercom and conferencing. Many special features are also available: music-on-hold, voicemail, automated attendant, paging, hands free operation and call restrictions. Some additional features might help improve business productivity by making it easier for you to do business with your customers. For instance, remote location features allow employees in separate locations to call each other using internal extensions. Newer features offered by many business phone systems include find me/follow me (which routes calls among a list of numbers until it is answered or is sent to voice mail), interactive voice response, shared message boxes, unified messaging and more.

You should also consider factors such as:

• How many lines will you need?
• How easy is it to use?
• How fast is your business growing?
• What other equipment do you plan to use?
• What features do you really need? (keep it user friendly)
• Can this system be expanded easily as your needs change?
• How many handsets and locations will you need?
• What will the power requirements be?
• Will they work in case of a power outage?

We can help you understand your options, Our Long Island phone support technicians can assist you with systems issues, training, remote changes, technical support, and configuration changes to name a few. We offer free consultations and competitive rates for IP Phone Systems. Alpha Computer Group is here to handle all of your technology needs – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today @ (877) 608-8647.

Phone System Installation Long Island

Phone System Installation Long Island

Alpha Computer Group Phone-System-Installation-300x202 Phone System Installation Long Island

We specialize in Business Telephone Systems. We provide digital or analog telephone and voicemail systems, as well as Voice over IP solutions (VoIP). We can also support your existing telephone hardware and PBX or IP-PBX. We are fully staffed with around the clock telephone technicians as well as computer engineers with in depth knowledge of Asterisk, Elastix, Freepbx, PIAF, Avaya, Panasonic, and NortelJust to name a few. Our voice services allow you to take full advantage of the latest in technology. So whether your connecting to the public telephone network via T-1, PRI, VoIP, POT’s, BRI, and etc. or your looking for new service. We have you covered. Alpha Computer Group is a leading global provider of next-generation business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, real-time video collaboration, contact center, networking and related services to companies of all sizes around the world. We provide our customers in Long Island, New York; Including Nassau County, Suffolk Count and the entire NYC area with the systems to collaborate real-time, whether they are in the office or on the go.  Our phone system standards allow our customers to deploy systems in a VM environment or on physical provided system platform. Customers with multi-vendor environments can supplement their current solutions with Alpha Computer Group’s collaboration applications.  This allows organizations to deploy applications at their own pace without having to do a traditional forklift upgrade on their current investment. You want your business to grow exponentially. You also want the peace of mind that your infrastructure systems will grow along with your business. Whether your business needs more phones in its current location, or has satellite offices around the country – an IP system gives you more flexibility over a proprietary system. There is no need to have a separate system from your data network, no need to have expensive analog desk phones, and no need to rewire your proprietary system to accommodate offices changes. Alpha Computer Group’s goal is to help our customers affordably improve the flow of communication and access to necessary data with the proper collaboration tools. Contact us today for a free no cost – no obligation estimate!

Telephone System (PBX) Features:

Call recording Conference center with virtual rooms
Voicemail SIP and IAX support, among others
Voicemail-to-Email functionality Voice Mail Panel
Flexible and configurable IVR Support for analog interfaces as FXS/FXO (PSTN/POTS)
Voice synthesis support Support for digital interfaces (E1/T1/J1) through PRI/BRI/R2 protocols
IP terminal batch configuration tool Caller ID
Integrated echo canceller by software Multiple trunk support
End Point Configurator Incoming and outgoing routes with dial pattern matching
Support for video phones Support for follow-me
Hardware detection interface Support for ring groups
DHCP server for dynamic IP Support for paging and intercom
Web-based operator panel Support for time conditions
Call parking Support for PIN sets
Call detail record (CDR) report Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Billing and consumption report Callback support
Channel usage reports Support for bluetooth interfaces through cell phones
Support for call queues Operator Panel
Distributed Dial Plan with dundi Voip Provider configuration
Telecom Real Time Fax to email

VoIP Phone System Installation Long Island | VoIP Phone Systems Long Island

Alpha Computer Group Business-Telephone-Systems-Digium-aastra-polycom-grandstream-snom-cisco-elastix-freepbx-asterisk-piaf-300x111 Phone System Installation Long Island  Alpha Computer Group long-island-phone-systems-elastix-panasonic-nortel-300x137 Phone System Installation Long Island

Office Phone Systems Long Island | Home Phone Systems Long Island

Purchasing the right phone system is important for the success of your business. There are many factors that come into play when deciding between a hosted and premises-based solution. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. To make the best decision sign up for a free consultation with an Alpha Computer Group telephone specialist.We can provide you with additional information, tips, and advice regarding your communication needs to ensure you end up with the best phone system for your business.Are you moving, adding offices, adding employees, connecting remote offices, connecting work-from-home employees, or fed up with your old phone system? A new phone system can increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen your competitive position. Call Alpha Computer Group today at (877) 608 – 8647.

Hosted PBX Systems Long Island | Cloud Phone Systems Long Island


Receive calls from smartphones, tablets and PC’s ensuring that your workforce will remain productive without being tethered to one location.  Presence and collaboration tools let you know who’s available when you need to share information.

Call Recording Services

Coach and train your employees and agents effectively. Screen capture tools that allow you to combine video from the desktop and synchronize it with the recorded voice.  Reports and dashboards that provide both agents and supervisors with actionable data. This information can be monitored from smartphones and tablet devices.  Compliant with HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley to keep your data safe. Cickly locate key words or phrases within call recordings with Speech Analytics. Easily create customer satisfaction surveys to receive feedback from clients.

 Call Accounting

Gain Visibility into the calling patterns of the business by tracking all of the calls in and out of your telephone systems.  Increase the productivity and efficiency of your sales and customer support teams.

Paging (P.A – Public Announcement)

Easy to use and compatible with all types of telephone systems.  Self-amplified and central-amplified speakers, paging amplifiers, modular zone paging equipment, and digital telephone peripheral equipment.  We engineer IP paging systems and speakers that utilize your data network infrastructure.

Phone Systems for Small Business Long Island

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Phone Systems for Small Business Long Island

Alpha Computer Group LongIslandPhoneSystem-Cloud-Phone Phone Systems for Small Business Long Island


We Offer On-Premise & Cloud Phone Systems

Simplify your life. Save time and money with leading business communications systems and network services. Get peace of mind with Long Island’s outstanding 24x7x365 customer support from Alpha Computer Group.  Small businesses and leaders in the public and private sector turn to Alpha Computer Group for innovative technology. Find out why over 25,000 customers depend on us for affordable voice, data, carrier, and video solutions.  Get cost-saving voice, data, and video applications that can improve your operations and help you beat the competition. Count on our worry-free installations, warranty programs, and expert technical support.  We offer both on premise and cloud phone systems for Long Island.  More than a hosted PBX, Alpha-Cloud is a full-featured Unified Communications (UC) solution designed for SMBs. Now you can take advantage of powerful UC features, including presence, instant messaging, conferencing and mobility all for a low monthly rate. See for yourself how our Cloud simplifies the way your business communicates, anywhere, anytime.  Our experience and engineering gives your company a robust UC feature set without the hassle and expense of complex licensing models. All phone system features are included for every user! No longer do you have to worry about the added expense of feature licenses if one of your staff members needs more functionality. Have a newly promoted employee who now needs to record calls? Great, just click a button to turn it on!  The features set provides many products under one license. Traditional phone systems would require individual feature licenses for major applications like voicemail, faxing, and and IVR’s. With Alpha Computer Group, your company can simplify its communications down to one powerful solution delivered in the cloud or on-premise. Get mobile apps, call recording, desktop faxing, ACD, presence and much more all in one turnkey solution-all in one price.  With  our hosted cloud technology, you can make calls on any device with an internet connection. Imagine getting a phone call on your office phone then seamlessly transferring it to your mobile phone while you head to a client meeting. You can take your business phone number, chat and voicemail anywhere with our smartphone app. Our hosted PBX phone systems are tailored to fit modern business needs like speed, mobility, and reliability. With them, you can increase your productivity and work from anywhere so you can get back to business.

Phone Systems for Small Business Long Island

Alpha Computer Group provides the latest technology in phone systems for those in the Long Island area. We have all kinds of business services pertaining to communications, including a cutting edge VoIP phone system. As a phone system provider, we can guarantee that we have what you’re looking for.

Business Phone Systems Long Island

We have partnered with all the major US brands, including Asterisk PBX, 3cx PBX, Freepbx, Elastix, PIAF, WAZO and many more. This has made us the #1 provider of business phones in the small to medium-size business market. We are the fastest-growing provider of phone system services in Nassau County and Suffolk County.

VoIP Phone Systems Long Island

Having a VoIP phone system installed in your corporate office could be the best decision you ever made. Not only does our business phone service reduce costs, it also provides a more effective and manageable processes.

When your business phone system Long Island is provided through an internet capable system, you may integrate all of your data and internet usages (faxing, video conferencing, email, etc). All can be accessed and managed in the same place, including your usage. VoIP, as your business phone system, enables you to improve profitability as well as improve the efficiency of your business communications systems.  Our Business Phone System Long Island Services Include:

» Business continuity
» Contact center solutions
» Data solutions
» Managed and hosted services
» Mobility solutions
» Network solutions
» Teleworking solutions
» United communications
» Virtualization solutions
» Applications and Software
» Business Telephone (including VoIP technology)
» Conferencing and Collaboration
» Contact Center
» Management and Reporting
» Messaging, Mobility, and Recording
» Platforms and Servers
» Wireless/WiFi
» Video Surveillance
» Structured Cabling

Business Phone System Long Island – VoIP Service

We provide the best Business phone systems Long Island offers. We proudly offer our services to the entire state of California. We are notably one of the top VoIP providers, and hope that you will call today to find out more about the benefits of using Alpha Computer Group as your sole VoIP services provider. There are great Mitel solutions out there that can continue to grow and expand your business. Alpha Computer Group is pleased to offer them to you.

Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems Long Island

Our Cloud-Based Business Phone service eliminates the complexity and high cost of your telephone and Internet services. Imagine having the ability to manage your system easily through our OfficeTalk self-serve portal, enabling you to add or remove services.

Free Consultation

With all your current phone system questions, as well as all the options out there, sometimes it’s nice to have a professional help you understand what can be accomplished. We’d be happy to help—free of charge. Contact us today to book your free, no obligation, consultation.

Long Island Business Phone Systems

Alpha Computer Group offers affordable Long Island business phone systems, and specializes in Digium products including the incredible Switchvox product line. We design Long Island Digium Switchvox PBX systems, that can help you save money with an Asterisk open source solution. Our Long Island Asterisk Phone Systems offer an affordable call center solution, without expensive license fees for adding new features. Alpha Computer Group is proud to serve the United States and Canada, offering Long Island business phone systems including Asterisk PBX and Digium Switchvox.

Long Island Asterisk Phone Systems for Your Call Center

Our Long Island Asterisk phone systems are capable of running large operations including call center phone systems numbering up to 500 seats. With a full range of features and the latest in SIP compatible PBX solutions, you will have greater flexibility with integrating with existing  applications combined with the perfect combination of powerful and affordable solutions for advanced business requirements.

Get more information about how our Long Island Asterisk phone systems can maximize your business power, control, and flexibility by speaking with one of our agents today. Not only do we conduct custom Asterisk builds and programming, we can also provide you with expert consultancy on several types of Long Island Asterisk phone systems.

Long Island Digium Switchvox

We can demonstrate how you will benefit from this powerful open-source software-based PBX. With Digium Switchvox, your Long Island business phone system will be able to take full advantage of advanced Unified Communications tools by utilizing a beautiful graphical interface that makes administration simple. Unlike some other business phone solutions based on the Asterisk platform, Long Island Digium Switchvox not require license fees for every feature. In fact, most popular business features will be built into your base Long Island Asterisk phone system.

Trust Alpha Computer Group for Your Long Island Business Phone Systems. We are proud to offer wholesale pricing on all of our Long Island business phone systems, including:

Long Island Asterisk phone systems
Long Island Digium Switchvox systems

Contact us today, and let the experts at Alpha Computer Group help you with your Long Island Business Phone System @ (877) 608-8647.

Long Island’s leading Asterisk Service and Support Company


We have been working with Asterisk in Long Island for over 10 years in Enterprise and Small Business networks.


We have more registered Asterisk installations than anyone else in Long Island. We have helped leading Long Island companies implement Asterisk both in house and in the Cloud. We can help you with whatever your Asterisk environment maybe, simple or complex.

Asterisk Support Contracts

We offer support contracts for your Long Island Asterisk installation. This ensures you get the optimal performance out of your open source software, and is necessary for any technology that you run your business on.

Asterisk Design and Build Services

Any company looking to implement a new installation of Asterisk should consult with an experienced VoIP architect. We have those experts on staff and get calls from all over the country for design/build assistance. We are considered an expert in this arena by our peers, which is the ultimate endorsement.

Asterisk Redundancy

Our unique approach to Asterisk redundancy allows your organization to operate a secondary server that can take over responsibilities immediately and automatically should the primary server fail. Nobody else knows how to do this in a real world scenario with Asterisk like we do!


Now that you have the confidence of a support contract from StrategIT for your Long Island Asterisk installation, sit back and relax. Let us do the work for you.

Long Island Data Networking Systems

Searching for a high-quality provider to realize your data networking needs can be an extremely difficult task.  Alpha Computer Group’s specialization allows us to offer a wide variety of Data Networking System requirements including data switches, data routers, wireless access points, structured cabling, network services, video surveillance and videoconferencing services. Whether your data network needs maintenance or a complete overhaul, our Network Architect Engineers are ready to assist you. Call us at (877) 608-8647.

Business Telephone Systems Long Island

Telephone Systems Long Island

Alpha Computer Group Business-Phone-Systems-200x300 Business Telephone Systems Long Island

Alpha Computer Group have been providing Long Island businesses with telephone systems since 2004. Alpha Computer Group uses only Cisco, Asterisk, Mitel, NEC, Avaya, Elastix, Free PBX, Grandstream, Snom, VoIP Phones and VoIP Certified technicians with more than 10 years experience and they are experts at installing and maintaining business telephone systems on Long Island and surrounding areas. Alpha Computer Group sales professionals are up-to-date and highly skilled at recommending and providing Long Island business telephone system clients with technical assistance and Long Island business telephone system advice for well over a decade. In that time, Alpha Computer Group has gained a reputation among VoIP Long Island clients as the “go to” company for expertise in sales of business telephone systems in Long Island, installation of business telephone systems on Long Island, upgrades to business telephone systems on Long Island, as well as maintenance and service. Our website is visited by hundreds of business telephone systems Long Island information requests every day.  If you are looking for a phone system on Long Island or want to upgrade to a small office phone system in the Long Island area, you will not find a more technically qualified or service-oriented small business telephone systems provider than Alpha Computer Group on Long Island, NY.  Office telephones and small office phone systems are Alpha Computer Group’s major focus and we pride ourselves in providing our customers expert IP Telephone systems sales advice and service. We also provide used office telephone systems sales and service to Long Island clients. The two primary ways of working from home while still using the resources of your business telephone system both utilize using an internet connection to either an On-Premise PBX (in which the hardware appliance is kept on-site in your server closet) or a Hosted PBX (where your phones connect through your Internet connection to a cloud based data center). When considering the choice between an On-Premise PBX or a Hosted PBX there are many factors to consider. We feel that there is no “Best” solution. The decision should be based upon the unique needs of the organization. Below are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of Hosted and Premise based VoIP Telephone Systems.  Enterprises of all sizes depend on Long Island Business Phone Systems for unified communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and ultimately competitiveness. Unified Communications simplify the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day.  Our people-centric solutions integrate voice, video, data and cloud, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time, in the mode best suited to each interaction.  Give us a call today at (877) 608-8647 and speak with one of our business telephone systems experts in the Long Island area.

Alpha Computer Group Specializes in the follow:

IP Office
Asterisk PBX
IP Phone Systems
Partner ACS
Communication Manager / AURA
Small Business Telephone Systems
Intuity Audix
Elastix PBX
Merlin Magix / Merlin Legend
Free PBX
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
NEC Phone Systems
Avaya Messaging (Octel 200, Octel 300, Octel 250 & Octel 350)
Cisco Call Manager
Business Telephone Systems
And many more……………

VoIP Phone Systems Long Island

Discover the Reasons Long Island Companies Are Switching to VoIP

Business owners who have used a traditional phone system for years are skeptical about making the switch to an innovative IP telephony system. In the newer phone systems VoIP technology provides all the traditional functionality through the existing computer network. Long Island VoIP phone system providers will demonstrate the best reasons to switch to any willing listener. Each company will realize certain benefits from working with a Long Island VoIP company.

Productivity Improvements

Each user on the network is able to make profile changes for their location, access the directory dialing feature, and leverage features caller ID, calendar integration, and call waiting at the click of a mouse. Document sharing is made simple and any call can be transferred to another location through the California VoIP phone systems. Tasks that make money for the company can take priority since the phone system is simple to modify and maintain.

Power of Scalability

Instead of buying extra phone equipment just in case someone joins the office staff, each new user is added to the VoIP phone system through a user-friendly computer screen. The need for phone support specialists is removed because any user can add a new phone in an IP telephony system. A reputable Long Island VoIP phone system provider will state the many cost savings that come from being able to scale the phone system to the current need without expensive equipment. When a new staff member is provided with a computer, a new user is added to the phone system in any number of locations. All obsolete users can be removed from the VoIP phone system just as easily to keep the phone network up to date.

Management Simplicity

IP telephony makes office moves much more affordable since telecommunications requirements will be part of the computer network implementation. Long Island VoIP phone systems are ready to use when the computer system is up and running. Since the phone and computer systems are merged, fewer communication circuits from the Long Island VoIP phone system provider are needed.

Fewer pieces of telephone equipment are required as a capital investment which means a growing company can use funds for revenue-generating equipment. Obsolescence and equipment expense is eliminated because phones and PBXs are not necessary.

Cost Reduction

With updated phone systems VoIP clients realized monetary savings in labor, depreciation, hardware and productivity. Ease of use is one of the primary reasons so many costs can be lowered. Another favorite benefit is the ability to change an individual’s location so the clients are always able to reach the right person through California VoIP phone systems.

The Final Decision

When other people are raving about their new VoIP phone system, the perfect opportunity to gather more information has just presented itself. Innovation through VoIP can be one of the most important steps a business owner can take to improve business communications.

Business Phone Systems Long Island

Alpha Computer Group specializes in new and refurbished phone system sales, installation, and service for small & medium businesses throughout North America. We offer wholesale pricing to the public and stand behind our phone systems, cable and wiring installation and SIP, T1 and Analog dial tone plans with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Phone System Installation Long Island

Alpha Computer Group are telecommunications experts, offering Hybrid VOIP phone systems, Asterisk SIP phone systems, IP Phone systems, SIP Compatible systems, factory refurbished Nortel digital systems, and PBX, all with the features and accessories you need, at the best prices. Phone Guys guarantees low prices on the best brands and backs them with top notch service & support. Huntington Beach, Orange County CA

Network Cabling, Service, & Installation

Alpha Computer Group provides a variety of services to meet all of your voice & data needs. We do all types of cable installation including CAT3, CAT5, CAT6, Fiber Optic, and more. We provide service on many major brands of phone system including Nortel, Norstar, Avaya BCM, Fonality Trixbox, Digium, most Asterisk systems, and more. CALL US for Sales, Customer Support, Technical Support (877) 608-8647

Asterisk SIP-Compatible Phone Systems
Xblue Phone System
Asterisk PBX SIP Systems
Freepbx PBX Phone Systems

We offer complete turn-key Asterisk based phone systems that have amazing features and don’t carry the high license fees for adding new features or users that you see with other small business phone systems. These software based PBX units can utilize T1, analog, or SIP diatone – in any combination allowing you to have low cost, high quality service with backup capability. This is a great solution for your call center up to 500 seats.

Norstar Refurbished phone systems
VOIP Phone System
Nortel Digital Systems
Office Phone Systems

Alpha Computer Group is the industry leader in refurbished Nortel Norstar digital and VoIP phone systems. With more than 15,000 systems sold, we have satisfied customers in all 50 states and throughout Canada. Our unique 26 point refurbishing process yields equipment that is 100% to factory spec and covered by a comprehensive one year warranty. If you want the best quality but you’re on a budget you can’t beat these solutions.

PBX Integration

Save the investment you’ve already made in your PBX equipment and simply add SIP trunks to take advantage of cloud-based communications

SIP Compatible PBX Support

Connects easily with 3CX, ALLWORX, ASTERISK, AllTel, Elastix, FREEPBX, Nortel, SwitchVox, TrixBox and othersHigh Quality Codec

Our SIP Trunking supports the G711U codec as well as the G722 codec to deliver the highest call quality over your SIP trunking service.

Flat Monthly Rate

Consistently budget your communication costs each month, no surprises, hidden fees or contracts required

Easy Setup

Your dedicated account management team will see you through integration with your PBX and address any questions during the transition and beyond

Unlimited Calling

Call anywhere, anytime throughout the United States and Canada for one low rate each month

HD Voice Quality

Unlike analog calls, when you add HD phones to your SIP trunking phone service, you upgrade to HD quality; it’s like you’re in the same room as the caller

Scales with Your Business

As your business needs change, you can add trunks as you need them, no minimum purchase required. Just call us at (877) 608-8647

Voice & Data Cabling Long Island
Long Island Cabling Service
Telephone Wiring Long Island

Our wiring technicians take great pride in their work. We have already earned a reputation as “the one to call” when you want the job done right the first time, on time, and at a fair price. Alpha Computer Group is an expert in all aspects of fiber optic cabling. From 6 strand single mode all the way up to 24 strand multi-mode, Alpha Computer Group has the infrastructure and the teamwork to engineer and deploy fiber optic communications in buildings of every size.

We Specialize in:

Network Cabling Long Island
Structured Cabling Long Island
Phone System Cabling Long Island
Ethernet Cabling Long Island
Phone Systems Long Island

Optical Fiber Cabling Long Island
New Cabling Installing Long Island
Existing Cabling Upgrades
And much more!

We offer Long Island and surrounding areas a one source solution for all your data cabling & business phone system needs. Our expert installers have the ability and experience to help you with the design and installation of your Data, Voice, and Audio/Video wiring & network cabling, as well as the installation and service of business phone systems and VoIP phone systems. Call us today at (877) 608-8647.