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Network Wiring Queens NY

Are you looking for a structured cabling specialist in Queens, NY and NYC? Contact Alpha Computer Group. We work with businesses, independent contractors and commercial as well as residential customers. With extensive experience in the field of structured cabling (Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6), one of our core services is the installation and organization of cables necessary for the transmission of digital information (audio, image, etc). Choose us for the installation of your LAN-Computer Network, landline telephone system, VoIP phone or Video Systems. We also specialize in the installation of video surveillance and access control systems. At Alpha Computer Group, we boast a team of skilled technicians to ensure quality physical interconnection of your premises. With good attention to detail, we guarantee the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We also apply innovative techniques to maximize the efficiency and performance of your networks. Structured cabling aside, you can solicit our services for fibre optic installation. Whatever their complexity and scope, we are committed to the success of all projects entrusted to us.

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Queens Network Wiring Installation

What makes one installation of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a or Cat7 different from another? It has to do not only with the quality of and category or the wire, keystone jacks, wall plates and Patch Panel that you use, it also has to do with your cable installers themselves. Montreal IT Support installers are experience licensed electricians that specialize in pulling wires all day long. You can rest assured that if we need to pull some cables down your wall or through your ceiling it will be with the least damage possible. We believe in fishing cables through the studs or putting the appropriate conduit so that our wires function properly with the least amount of visual intrusion. From single network drops to 400+ Ethernet cables drawn though the ceiling and to the individual termination points. Our installers use logical colors for each type of data cable drop to identify their use, blue for network and white for data.

Network Wiring is AS important as the foundation of a house!

Are you moving or adding workstations to your business? The stability and transportation of your data throughout your network is of the utmost importance. EvoluTel guides you towards proven solutions. Our qualified specialists apply an accredited and rigorously tested protocol. The entire office has to speak to each other and – above all –understand each other. This greatly helps stabilize data transport throughout your network.

Coax/Audio Wiring Queens, NY

Control everything at your fingertips. Whether it’s to play background music or to provide an internal TV network to broadcast advertising in strategic places.

Fiber Optic Wiring Queens, NY

This is a solution designed above all to ensure better mobility of information when the distance is too great to be bridged by traditional wiring. Fibre optics will improve your communications so dramatically that you’ll want them everywhere!