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Office Phone System Installation NYC

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Different types of business have their own unique needs when it comes to Business Phone Systems NYC. For business that are looking at new communication set-up, there are overwhelming amount if options available. When you know that there are different types of Business Phone Systems NYC available, you can make best decision for your business. Phone systems are just like any other technologies, in the sense, they have evolved alongside other popular technologies. Every business has telecommunications needs, and one of the best solutions is the Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, phone system. This advanced technology supports voice communication over established internet connections.  NYC VoIP phone systems are flexible, powerful, and mobile to meet the communication needs of any growing business. VoIP technology provides many benefits to businesses of every size through lower phone expenses, including long distance charges and equipment costs. The phone system can be configured in any size network to accommodate all communication needs. Protect your business against the risks of technology, cost and obsolescence, by investing a VoIP phone system.  Alpha Computer Group provides the latest technology in phone systems for those in the New York City area. We have all kinds of business services pertaining to communications, including a cutting edge VoIP phone system. As a phone system provider, we can guarantee that we have what you’re looking for.  Searching for a high-quality provider to realize your data networking needs can be an extremely difficult task. Alpha Computer Group’s specialization allows us to offer a wide variety of Data Networking System requirements including data switches, data routers, wireless access points, structured cabling, network services, video surveillance and videoconferencing services. Whether your data network needs maintenance or a complete overhaul, our Network Architect Engineers are ready to assist you.

How Does Your Company Communicate and Connect?

Is your company collaborating and communicating efficiently? Alpha Computer Group leads the NYC area for small business IP phone systems and collaboration solutions. Alpha Computer Group provides NYC fiber optic Internet to companies who want to work faster, smarter and more collaboratively. The necessity of quality small office phone systems often gets overlooked and offices remain equipped with outdated communication equipment, hindering productivity and inflating monthly operational costs. If you’re ready for smarter and more effective equipment in your office—from VoIP for small business to data storage solutions and more — contact Alpha Computer Group today.

Unlock The Power of VoIP

Companies in NYC leverage modern VoIP business phone systems provided by Alpha Computer Group, and enjoy reliable call quality, advanced phone features at a significantly lower cost. Alpha Computer Group specializes in IP PBX phone system from Cisco, Asterisk, Elastix, Freepbx, PIAF, and many more IP PBX systems delivering features that overcome the limitations inherent in traditional PBX business phone systems. Installing a small business VoIP phone system minimizes your telecommunications expenses and provides better productivity tools for your company.

Our Knowledge with Cisco CallManager and Cisco Phones

Alpha Computer Group’s team of experts deliver high quality IT solutions for businesses like yours. From comprehensive assessment, to design, to installation and the full support of the implemented Cisco phone systems for small business. We can also reverse engineer Cisco phones to work on Asterisk phone systems via SIP or SCCP.  Our Unified Communications solutions combines a new Cisco VoIP phone system with comprehensive data, wireless and security services to create a seamless access experience for all of your company’s communication needs. We have years of experience with Cisco Business Phone Systems; so you’ll not only receive industry-leading communications services, but also reliable office productivity tools along with unparalleled IT support.

Complete Communications Solutions

Alpha Computer Group doesn’t just bring you cutting-edge VoIP small business PBX phone systems, we work with you to enhance your business operation by leveraging our end-to-end IT solutions. Alpha Computer Group is also a leading NYC Internet service provider, data storage specialist and partner for corporate IT consulting. We offer Internet service all across the U.S. Businesses rely on us 24/7 for their high-speed fiber Internet in NYC and all across the U.S. Our unparalleled security and storage solutions are based on industry leader’s products from Cisco and Barracuda. Our IT solutions ensure that your data and network are always safe and operate on fast speed fiber optic Internet lines. Our support services are unmatched with great reviews from our valuable clients.

Phone System Installation NYC

According to Alpha Computer Group, there are four main types of phone systems available for small to medium business:

Key Systems NYC

These are pretty old and can be found in many older and small businesses. They are designed to be used for up to 40 users. This Business Phone Systems NYC typically provides only basic features such as hold, line switching, and line management etc.


PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a Business Phone Systems NYC that is based on private phone networking technology and enables the business to manage up to hundreds of phone lines and numbers. This is a good choice for organizations with exceptionally large number of employees and need multiple phone lines. PBX makes it easy for different departments of the organizations to network offices together.

Hosted PBX NYC

This is a service where PBX system is hosed and managed by the provider. The entire system is housed offsite. This is a very economic situation since it involves less upfront investment for the company.

Centrex PBX NYC

These are essentially specific business features and packages that are developed for business by many major telecommunications provider. These services cost additionally to your monthly bill.

VoIP Phone Systems NYC

Any phone system that you see out there in the market is based on either of the two technologies, i.e. Analog or Digital.

Analog Phone Systems NYC

This technology is used traditionally by landline phone system and is offered by phone companies. It is also commonly referred as PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. Majority of business are familiar with PSTN since it uses existing lines strung by telephone companies.

Digital Phone Systems NYC

It is relatively new Business Phone Systems NYC technology and uses network connection to transmit voice communication. One of the most common examples of this system is VoIP.

Phone Systems NYC

Though there are four main systems that exist, recently majority if business are seen increasingly adopting digital systems like VoIP. This has led to essentially merging of Key and PBX together into one platform. Many Business Phone Systems NYC providers are also popularly offering scaled down versions of PBX over network connections and refer to it as Key system.  When you are finalizing the new phone system for your company, you should ask your employees and people who will be using the system. Find out the features that will help them perform their jobs better and with best of their abilities. For example you may need wireless devices for some departments to help them better talk to their customers, while other may need more unified communications platform which may even include text and instant message. The best would be to prepare a list of features that your business will need in order to function better and perform well.  Contact us today @ (877) 608-8647.

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