Strategic locations for your security camera systems NYC to keep your home safe

Alpha Computer Group camera-300x159 Strategic locations for your security camera systems NYC to keep your home safe

Your family’s security can never be compromised that means asking tough questions to ensure you know exactly what you need in your security camers. For example one of the critically important questions to ask is where do you think you need security camers in and around your home? The easiest way to decipher this question is to consider the parts of your house that presents most vulnerable spots on your property.

Some of the other questions suggested by Joseph Scaffa, Alpha Computer Group, to consider would include asking yourself whether you want to cover hidden or obscured entrance that may be particularly appealing to burglars. You can also look at things such as whether the past owners have experienced breaks-ins before. If they have, where was it? The key is to understand your home best and realize what corners of your house need to be covered through security cameras. Alpha Computer Group is instrumental in helping companies and house owner to assess the best surveillance camera solutions available. Alpha Computer Group is based out of New York and offer solutions covering Digital CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras System, IP cameras, Wireless Security Camera, FTP cameras, Night vision cameras.

Once you have realized all those locations that need to be covered, you are pretty good to go. Now the next step is to look for camera that will work best in those locations such as whether you want the thieves to see them or not. Sometimes placing cameras at strategic locations serves as a deterrent, but should be placed such that it cannot be easily broken. You can also decide to place the cameras hidden from the sight of burglar’s eye, this will most likely catch the thief on video.

Experts suggest planting a hybrid camera. This means installing a camera out of reach and possibly out of sight and then placing a dummy camera, the one that looks completely authentic around the property, suggests Joseph Scaffa, security expert, Alpha Computer Group. This way even if the burglars break the camers, it will be the fake one and he will still be caught in his acts.

It is reported that around 34% of all burglars enter the house through the front doors. Which means you should definitely cover your front doors through surveillance cameras. To prevent a thief from damaging your camera, you can place it on the second floor or if your house is just one level, you can enclose your camera in a mesh wiring to protect it from errant rocks or sticks or any other weapons.

It was also reported that the next 22% of the burglars make their way into the house thorough the back door. This means you need camera here also. The key is to protect each door in your house with surveillance cameras. Just like the front door, you will need to make effort to place the cameras at a height or protected through mesh wiring.

Burglars also often make their way through breaking the rear window. The window that is not in the direct view of the street is the burglar’s favorite since it decreases the chances of the burglars getting caught. Cover the area of your house with surveillance camera that cannot be directly viewed from the street. Weatherproof Dome Security Camera with Night Vision is the best for these purposes.

IP Security Camera Systems Manhattan

Alpha Computer Group ip3-300x225 IP Security Camera Systems Manhattan

Often there are lots of questions that come to mind when looking out for security camera for the first time. Over last few years IP cameras have grown in popularity because of the hosts of benefits they offer including scalability and resolution. IP cameras are digital cameras that come with built-in web server and have the capability to transmit IP stream. Here are some of the features of IP Security Camera Systems, Manhattan presented by Alpha Computer Group. Alpha Computer Group, Long Island deals in Digital CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras System, IP cameras, Wireless Security Camera, FTP cameras, Night vision cameras.

Past several decades have been the time of analogue cameras. Though over several decades analogue cameras have evolved much, their transmission technology has remained more-or-less same. Analogue camera system still uses standard coax cable, which means they are still limited by the amount of data that coax can transmit. IP camera on the other hand use either CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable both of which are designed to transmit much higher rate of data. IP security cameras are miniature computers in itself. They convert and compress video feed before they send it to the recorder. Here is the complete list of benefits that IP Security Camera Systems, Manhattan will deliver.

Higher resolution

IP Security Camera is a digital camera which uses progressive scanning to make full use of camera images. Thus also enables it to deliver more resolution than any analog camera with similar imagers. IP cameras are able to deliver high resolution images with up to 30 frames per second or real-time video.

Easy to use

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of computer can operate IP cameras. IP video system comes with easy to use menu which makes even first time users look like an experts.

Future proof

Just like any computer device or program even IP gears can be easily updated for new capabilities to keep up with changing technologies.


IP security system makes continual monitoring of live activity easy and inexpensive. Unlike analog camera security system, IP camera security systems are proactive. IP systems are designed to be able to program to send alerts to personnel when there is a problem by sending live video footage to laptops and cell phones to grab immediate attention. This feature makes it extremely helpful even for other non-security purposes such as customer service, work-flow monitoring and deliveries.

System integration

IP camera security system provides unmatched compatibility. That means it can easily be teamed up with your alarm system or can even be integrate with lightning, environmental and for control access.


Analogue camera requires up to three cables to capture video, audio and power, while IP camera just need single network cable for all the three functions. More over just one cable is sufficient to handle up to 4 to 8 or more cameras. Also in case of analogue camera system, you will need to buy entirely new recorder even if you have to add few extra cameras. That means on the long run IP cameras will help you save thousands of dollar, besides being highly scalable.

Difference between Analog Cameras and IP Cameras

Alpha Computer Group ip2-300x159 Difference between Analog Cameras and IP Cameras

You must be thing what the heck is this, after all both the technologies serve the purpose. If this is what you are thinking, then the answer is – “Not Exactly.” That’s because there is a huge difference in the underlying technology and your decision on what would be better – an Analog Cameras or IP Cameras for your business, since it will hugely depend on your specific business needs. Since there is Pro’s and Con’s associated with both the technologies, the merit must be weighed carefully taking all the factors into account. Alpha Computer Group has been helping its clients to choose the right set of security camera for their establishments. Alpha Computer Group, Long Island deals in Digital CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras System, IP cameras, Wireless Security Camera, FTP cameras, Night vision cameras.

Common features

  • Both cameras have the capabilities to record day or night
  • Both record in reasonable high resolution

Analog camera

An analog camera sends a video feed back to a DVR, VCR or TV. The live feed is simply passed back to the DVR via a coaxial or twisted pair cable and is then recorded onto a DVR or VCR. An analogue security system begins with a CCD image sensor which converts the images into a digital form for processing. In this technology, before the video is transmitted, it needs to be converted back to analogue form so analogue devices such as video recorder-monitor, can receive the videos.

IP Camera

In the case of IP camera, the video is sent to the server called an NVR (Network Video Recorder). Analog camera on the other hand has only the capability to send video feed back to DVR, IP camera is a miniature camera in itself that is programmed to perform certain functions at the camera level. IP cameras have more zoom capabilities, which mean they have the capability to zoom into an object or event while the IP camera is still recording the entire original view simultaneously.

There is also a type of IP camera that is called de-centralized IP camera. These IP cameras come with in-built hard drive and so they have the ability to store the data or the footage within the camera on the camera’s hard drive. De centralized IP cameras are connected in a network, making it possible for any user (with access permission) to retrieve the footage from the camera.

IP cameras offer hosts of benefits over an analog camera. One of the benefits that drive interest in IP video system is the high resolution. An analog camera max out on resolution at about 580 TVL which is roughly 0.4 mega pixel while IP cameras on the other hand can provide resolution as much as 5 mega pixels. That’s the reason why IP cameras are able to offer such an incredible zoom capabilities.

The other major benefit if IP cameras are their compatibility with wireless. There are analogue cameras available with wireless capabilities but, but anyways they have to convert video feed to IP in order to be able to broadcast over 802.11 IP network. This capability for analog cameras comes at additional cost for encoders. The other way is to make use of regulated frequencies which is already often over saturated.

Security Camera System Installation in no more an option

Alpha Computer Group ip1-300x199 Security Camera System Installation in no more an option

If you are running a business and want to protect it, or looking at ways to protect home, property or family, Security Camera System Installation in New York City is just the right option. Sooner or later you will need this get done and so we have brought this guide to you to help you know why it is important to research before you decide to pick the one that is best suitable for your company, property or your house. Security Camera Systems once had a reputation of being pricey equipment, but they are not any more expensive. That’s the reason they have gain such popularity and every business small or big alike can be seen installing Security Camera System in Long Island, New York.

Buying the right kind of security cameras can get quite tricky because of the availability of overwhelming amount of variety available in the market. Since there are literally number of factors that you will need to consider before you buy one, Alpha Computer Group, Long Island, helps business of all size to decide on the right one to buy. Alpha Computer Group, Long Island deals in Digital CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras System, IP cameras, Wireless Security Camera, FTP cameras, Night vision cameras. If you are planning for Security Camera System Installation and are located anywhere close to New York, you should walk in to Alpha Computer Group for free demo, anytime during the week.

Some of the factors that needs to be considered while buying security camera system are

  • Choosing between the indoor and outdoor system
  • Deciding on the number of cameras to be installed based on strategic locations to be monitored
  • Type of storage system
  • Power points
  • Light etc

Though buying a surveillance security camera New York doesn’t require a big deal of technical knowledge, but it stills need a bit of research. When you buy and get security camera New York installed without proper research, you run the risk of getting stuck with surveillance security camera that is just not right for the purpose. For example a common security camera is good to capture footage of any room in a well lit condition, but when it’s dark, they are rendered useless. For monitoring rooms that remain in the dark or the security cameras New York installed outside without proper lighting arrangement for night, you need security cameras that can capture footage in the dark. This is one situation that clearly shows how error in judgment can lead to buying security cameras that won’t serve the purpose effectively.

Based on the needs you can choose single camera or a multi room camera or even a hidden camera. There are two main factors that generally influence security camera buying decision and they are cost and the need. Single camera is generally beneficial to place at the front door when you only want to monitor front door. But if you have to monitor multiple room or the entire office premises, multiple room cameras are beneficial. It is always best to have an expert opinion to buy security camera system to ensure maximum benefit out of your investment.

10 reasons to get Security Cameras for your home and business

Alpha Computer Group camera-300x200 10 reasons to get Security Cameras for your home and business

Security camera is one of the wonders of modern technology that helps securing home and office space. Over years it has gained immense popularity as an effective security measures. Since there are wide range of cameras available in the market, it is quite daunting task to arrive at the right decision for your business or home security cameras. Alpha Computer Group is one of the largest suppliers of security cameras for business and home security. Alpha Computer Group has also been pivotal in helping clients buy the right type of security cameras in Long Island.

1 – Sense of security

Once security cameras are installed, its effect on people is almost immediate. It creates a sense of security which is priceless.

2 – Deter crime

Regardless of whether security cameras are placed at your home or at workplace, it will help prevent crime from occurring at first place. With the mere sight of camera, criminals know that anything they do will be captured in the camera and can be used as evidence against them.

3 – Increase productivity

Security camera empowers the business owner when it is placed at the work place. Employee will know that their activities are getting recorded and they cannot simply spend their time fooling     around. Security camera can be a solution for punctuality and productivity for many business owners.

4 – Monitor strategic locations

If you have a large facility, economically it may not be possible to hire an army of security staff to take cares of each corner and room in the business facility. Security cameras can be placed in such strategic locations to keep watch 24/7.

5 – Difficult locations

Security cameras are extremely easy to work with as they can be placed anywhere as long as there is a power source close by.

6 – Wide range

Wide ranges of security cameras are available in the market to suit your specific business needs. Based on your needs you can buy either hidden cameras or the mountable ones or the night vision cameras that can work for you even in pitch dark.

7 – Settling disputes

Security cameras can help you make correct and fair decision while settling disputes. Inaccurate and fabricated claims made by the customers can be sorted out when you make your security camera your ally.

8 – Main Records

If you are suspicious about something that happened last night outside your house, you can simply look at the camera footage. Security camera records and documents everything it captures systematically as per the date and time of the event.

9 – Prevents shop lifting

Placing a Spot Monitor showing customers as they enter your business will reduce the amount of shoplifting. When the customers enter your business and see themselves on a spot monitor at the front of the store, they are less likely to shoplift.

10 – Reduced insurance premium cost

Getting your security camera installed by Alpha Computer Group can help you reduce your insurance premium. Many insurance companies require that business should install some form of security in their premises.

Business Security Cameras New York

Alpha Computer Group camera-300x152 Business Security Cameras New York

A business that has not setup a security surveillance camera has essentially made itself an easy target for criminals. Criminals are constantly looking out for business establishments that have an absence of any security measures or surveillance in the business property. It is obvious that such situation increases the likelihood that the business will be impacted by crime. As a responsible owner it is in your best interest to ensure nobody enters your business property during any ominous evening. These days high quality surveillance cameras are available at reasonable rates.


If your business is located anywhere in New York, you can take the assistance of Alpha Computer Group, an IT company that has helped scores of business protect and safe guard their business premises with the help of business surveillance cameras. Alpha Computer Group can help you research on the best type of camera suitable for your business type. There are wide ranges of surveillance cameras available in the market making it quite a daunting task to select the right one that best suits your business environment. Alpha Computer Group has been pivotal in helping business find the right type of surveillance camera that fits into the budget and is perfect for their business security.


Having security camers will also help your employees feel secure about the place they are working. Organizations where employee work till late night every day, having security camera will make them feel protected and happy. Happy employees work with dedication and lead to increased productivity. Slowly more and more companies are realizing the importance of having security camera installed in their premises.


Security camera not only helps investigative officer in the event of crime and burglary, but it also helps prevent any possible crime and burglary. That’s because most burglars will think twice before breaking in when they see a camera. The security camera acts as a perfect deterrent for all these trouble makers. CCTV cameras provide real time protection. That means you can have an eye not only on potential burglars, but also on your employees. Surveillance cameras also help prevent unwanted employee behavior and therefore increase individual employee productivity and efficiency.


Surveillance cameras are very crucial for companies as they are effective in deterring unwanted activities. Alpha Computer Group provides help in installing the cameras in your premises and deals in Digital CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras System, IP cameras, Wireless Security Camera, FTP cameras, and Night vision cameras.