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We Specialize in the Design and Installation of Security Camera Systems in NYC

Our experienced staff can determine which camera system would be best for your unique situation. New York City Security Cameras will come to your location to determine the best system based on some of the following factors:

•Other variables

Security Camera Systems NYC, New York, NY

Security cameras provide peace of mind through video monitoring. We provide a wide range of CCTV camera solutions for home and office – from easy-to-use inexpensive indoor security cameras to high end. Alpha Computer Group has been a leader in CCTV, Security Cameras Repair NYC since 2004 and we continue to offer our unique style consultations and value priced CCTV hardware.  For Business Security Cameras NYC our goal is to provide consumers with the most up to date security products at the best prices available on the market today. As security is advancing at such a rapid rate we try to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing unparalleled customer service and technical support. We offer CCTV, Security Camera Systems/Installation throughout NYC and New York State and we strive to stay on the forefront of the most up to date products and news in regards to our industry. Our Close Circuit TV Installation and Support delivers the latest in technology for securing your home or business in NYC. From real-time CCTV monitoring and digital recording to biometric access and time tracking, we provide solutions that put you in control.  For Security Camera Services in the NYC area call Alpha Computer Group today!

Security Camera Installation in NYC, NY

If you need a security system for your home or business in the New York City metropolitan area or the NYC area, Alpha Computer Group offers security camera systems and security camera installation services. We can help you choose from a wide range of video security systems that can be configured to meet your exact needs, designed to protect your home or business.

A good camera system – if used properly – can produce a large return of investment (ROI).

Don’t wait for an incident to occur!   Use your camera system as a proactive psychological deterrent to keep your employees on their toes.  It is important that the system you install is easy to use.  If it’s not simple,  it won’t be used.  We use the latest technology that simplifies the process and remains powerful yet extremely user friendly.  When it comes to the security of your building or facility, you want to have a system that enables you to monitor the activity in the workplace – anything less would be a waste.

Who We Are:

We are the premier provider of video security solutions including the latest IP Video Surveillance Camera Systems for all types of businesses, including but not limited to Manufacturers, Warehouses, Distributors, Office Buildings, Residential Properties, Schools, Synagogues, Temples, and Churches.

Our services include:

◾Free Customized Video Surveillance  Systems design
◾Integration with other new or existing security cameras or devices
◾Client Training and Assistance

Alpha Computer Group prides itself on supplying businesses located on NYC, Metro New York and its surrounding areas with advanced surveillance camera systems for better security and protection. We customize surveillance systems for your company’s requirements.

Home Security Camera Installation NYC, New York, NY

Many generic surveillance systems will not meet the needs of your company. This is where we come in: We design and install, systems specifically designed for your company’s needs.

Alpha Computer Group is dedicated to bringing quality service to our clients. We offer free on-site consultations to companies in need of Video Surveillance Systems. For inquiries or consultation, feel free to contact us. We look forward to doing business with you.

IP Security Camera Installation NYC

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Commercial CCTV | Protect your place of business in NYC with high definition security cameras that not only records HD quality picture but also is designed to  blend seamlessly into your commercial space’s existing décor.

Residential CCTV | Monitor who and what goes in and out of your place of residence in NYC with a wifi enabled network surveillance cameras. Investing in home surveillance systems secures your private property.

Industrial CCTV | Security systems do more than just monitor break-ins and theft. Surveillance cameras discourage and record instances of insurance fraud, saving priceless money from law suits.

Offices CCTV | Maximize the efficiency of your office. Security cameras keep employees inline and on time. CCTV can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Burglaries are increasing in NYC however the great point is burglars are caught effortlessly due to the fact a vast majority of independent properties and condominium complexes have protection cameras that maintain record of each and every exercise going in and all around the home. A wide assortment of CCTV cameras can be found inside the industry so you can get one that fits to your needs. The latest CCTV cameras come with Internet connectivity so that the end users can view their properties from anywhere. Security would be the prime concern of human and only electronic gadgets can ensure full-proof protection to house owners and entrepreneurs.  Our professional Security Cameras Installers in NYC are highly-trained technicians, specialists in Security Cameras Installation, We offer Security Camera Installation New York City (Video Surveillance Camera Installation NYC), security camera systems sales and CCTV Cameras Installation NYC and other security products. Our CCTV Installation offers complete video surveillance cameras installation solutions for your home, and business.  If your looking for professional security cameras Installation in NYC, your in the right place!  Alpha Computer Group provides free estimates for Security Camera Installs and IP Cameras Installation, HD Cameras Installation, Security Cameras New York City and services.


Security Camera Installers NYC | Security Cameras NYC

Security Camera Installation NYC

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Since 2004 Alpha Computer Group has been a security camera system industry leader throughout the NYC, NY area including Manhattan and Queens. We offer innovative and effective security and surveillance solutions for all commercial and residential types. We pride ourselves in tackling the toughest security challenges while maintaining the highest quality security camera systems at competitive pricing. Our systems will cost you 1/3 of what a security guard will cost you and can be much more effective. With our pan, tilt and 36x zoom cameras our 24/7 monitoring station can zoom in and follow the suspect, taking close-up and quality video for the greatest chance of positive identification. The camera’s CCD (charge-coupled device) sensor technology uses a special manufacturing process to allow the security camera chip sensor to transport charge across the chip without distortion. This leads to the highest quality sensors when it comes to fidelity and light sensitivity. High quality and low noise sensors in our security camera system are the key to positive identification at your NYC business. No project is TOO SMALL or TOO BIG for us. We specialize in CCTV Security Cameras Installation in NYC & we also provide other Low Voltage Services like Home Automation, Access Control (Card Reader Access), Burglar Alarm, Intercom System, Surround Sound, Home Theater, Networking, Wifi, Point of Sale etc. Having an established customer base in NYC & Surrounding Areas (Manhattan and Queens), NYC is one of our main area for business. Through our CCTV Security Cameras Installation NYC services we can provide you with the most reliable and effective security system for your home or business. We provide Free Estimate for CCTV Security Cameras Installation in NYC based on your budget & requirements. You don’t have to come up with a huge investment to purchase the equipment, we provide all the security equipment at an economical rate along with an easily affordable installation service. Alpha Computer Group staffs only professional Security Camera Installers NYC.

At Alpha Computer Group, we pride ourselves in tackling the toughest security challenges with our security camera systems for NYC.

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Security Cameras NYC

Our video surveillance system is teamed with the highest security camera technology and Infra-Red (IR) Curtains for maximum perimeter protection. If someone enters your property, they will break this Infra-Red Curtain that then sends an instant alarm to our Alpha Computer Group Monitoring Station. Inside the perimeter, there is a network of wireless long-range IR Motion Detectors, which not only detect motion, but also help us pinpoint these intruder locations. The monitoring station remotely looks at your site examining the zone that was alarmed as well as the whole site for anything suspicious. If someone is spotted, the Alpha Computer Group Monitoring Station zooms in on the suspect’s face with the corresponding Pan, Tilt and 36x Zoom Security Camera system, recording close-up digital surveillance video for observation and later police review. Once the Alpha Computer Group Monitoring Station observes and makes a trained decision on the trespasser. If they observe it is a criminal they dispatch the local police. Our Monitoring Station can work with the NYC Police departments in both Brooklyn and Bronx counties, describing the suspect and where they are on your premises.

Alpha Computer Group – Providing Security Camera System Excellence in NYC (Brooklyn | Bronx)

Alpha Computer Group can offer you peace of mind that your business, home or office is protected 24 hours a day. Security Camera and Video Surveillance Systems, also referred to as CCTV systems, DVR security, or IP cameras can be a great tool to protect your residential, company or commercial properties from theft, damaging lawsuits, employee misconduct, and vandalism. Whether you are looking for a PTZ, FLEER, or fixed dome camera systems, our professional security installers will help you select the correct surveillance system, identify the most effective configuration of security equipment, and offer you secure and reliable installation. Our customizable security system solutions include, but aren’t limited to:

Security Camera Systems NYC DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems for NYC
Wireless Security Camera Systems NYC Wireless Cameras for NYC
Remote Viewing of Security Cameras NYC Remote Viewing Surveillance Systems for NYC
CCTV Installation NYC, Security Camera DVR Installation NYC Digital Video Recorders (DVR) for NYC
CCTV NVR Installation NYC, Security Camera NVR Installation NYC Network Video Recorders (NVR) for NYC
Hybrid Security Camera Systems NYC PC, Embedded, and Hybrid for NYC
WiFi Security Camera Systems NYC Wireless Video Systems for NYC
Security Cameras NYC, IP Security Cameras NYC Security Cameras for NYC
Dome Security Camera Systems NYC, Bullet Security Camera Systems NYC, IP Dome Security Cameras NYC, IP Bullet Security Cameras NYC IP Dome Cameras for NYC
Nanny Security Camera Systems NYC Nanny Cameras for NYC
Multi Location Security Camera Systems NYC, Apartment Building Security Cameras NYC Multi-location Surveillance for NYC
Security Camera Systems Indoor and outdoor surveillance for NYC
Security Camera Systems Video Surveillance Cameras for NYC
Outdoor Security Camera Systems NYC, Indoor Security Camera Systems NYC Mega pixel cameras (HD+) for NYC
SPY Security Cameras NYC Spy Cameras for NYC
Remote Security Camera System Access NYC Remote viewing from pc/phone for NYC
Infrared Cameras NYC, Night Security Cameras NYC, Infrared Security Cameras NYC Infrared night cameras for NYC
IP Security Camera Systems NYC IP cameras for NYC
Network Security Camera Systems NYC Network cameras for NYC
Covert Security Camera Systems NYC, Hidden Security Cameras NYC Covert Cameras for NYC
Access Control Systems NYC, Biometric Access Control NYC, Keypad Access Control NYC, HID Reader Access Control NYC, Card Access Control Systems NYC Access Control Systems for NYC
Biometric Access Control Systems NYC Biometric Access Control Systems for NYC
Card Access Control Systems NYC Card Access Control Systems for NYC

Security Camera Installers NYC

Alpha Computer Group’s CCTV Installation NYC has been in business since 2004 performing CCTV Security Cameras Installation in NYC & Surrounding Areas for Residential, Commercial & Industrial. We believe in word of mouth more than anything else. Most of our business comes from repeat customers and their friends & family. We specialize in CCTV Security Cameras Installation in NYC, Video Surveillance Cameras Installation in NYC, Remote Cameras Monitoring in NYC, Wireless Security Cameras, Hidden/Covert/Nanny Cameras & much more. We provide new Video surveillance cameras installation & we also service existing CCTV Cameras Systems. Most common service provided for new clients is to get their existing CCTV Security Cameras System online or to Analyze & Recommend a State of the art 1080P HD CCTV Security Cameras System with Remote Cameras Access within affordable Budget. We also offer monthly Payment Plans & Maintenance Agreements for peace of mind.

Home Security Camera Installation NYC

Alpha Computer Group is proud to provide an exciting new concept in security, loss prevention and asset protection for the New York area and across the NYC; Manhattan & Queens. For a dependable, experienced, quality and professional security camera system in NYC and throughout New York, call Alpha Computer Group for a free inspection today at (877) 608-8647.

Asterisk PBX – Voicemail-2-Text via Email

Alpha Computer Group knows all the in’s and out of Asterisk PBX.  One thing some clients ask for is that instead of receiving they’re voicemails on they’re emails, they rather it come in as an SMS or Text message.  In reality, if it has an audio attachment (the vmail file) then this type of delivery is actually called an MMS message.  Below is how we can tell our Asterisk PBX to send the voice mail as a text.

Send Asterisk Voicemail to Text (SMS):

T-Mobile:  phonenumber@tmomail.net 
Virgin Mobile:  phonenumber@vmobl.com 
Cingular: phonenumber@cingularme.com 
Sprint:  phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
Verizon:  phonenumber@vtext.com
Nextel:  phonenumber@messaging.nextel.com
where  phonenumber  = your 10 digit phone number
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check us out on: www.voip-info.org

Security Camera Systems


Alpha Computer Group provides our customers with many different types of DVR’s and security cameras also known as CCTV Cameras. Customers can select the DVR and secuirty camera to fit their application and budget. The DVR can be PC-based or standalone, 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, or 32-channel. The security (CCTV) cameras can be PTZ, BOX, Infrared (IR), Dome, and special application cameras. In addition, Alpha Computer Group has available, different kinds of cabling including coaxial cable, twisted pair wire, fiber optic, cat5, cat6 and modulator/demodulator for customer’s environments and applications.

Installing security cameras reduces the risks of becoming victims to robberies tremendously since video surveillance cameras scare off probable criminals. Indoor or outdoor Security cameras can protect your family and valuables when you are out of the house or on vacation. Proper video surveillance camera systems  will also give you better peace of mind.  Have true Peace of Mind while you are out of your house. Whether you’re out shopping, visiting with friends or on vacation, with home security cameras from Total Security Systems, you’ll have a view of your home just fingertips away.  Watching your kids has never been easier when you use residential surveillance cameras. Watch when they get home from school, make sure they’re safe playing in the yard and even keep track of what your babysitter is doing while you’re out on the town.


If surveillance cameras are installed in your home, they can additionally help you to see who is outside your front door or on your property before opening the door or venturing outside. This can be seen through your television or computer.  Ideal for families always on the move, with home security cameras, there is no need for you to have someone stop by your house a couple of times a day to make sure everything is alright. With 24 hour surveillance you have the ability to monitor your home inside and out.

Not sure if you should get security cameras for your business?  Quite simply, a must for any business, if used security cameras can help business owners to keep a close eye on their employees. Monitoring of employee actions can help in a variety of situations, including possible employee theft, complaints and other matters where video playback may be of assistance.  Video surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection of business & commercial property. Business security cameras can take a huge weight off your shoulders, by being the extra set of eyes you need in the event something goes horribly wrong. But there are so many other reasons why you should consider installing a quality surveillance camera system for your New York business.

Professional installation

We have many years of experience in the CCTV industry. Our quality installations are performed by highly trained technicians. Their goal is to surpass the expectations of our customers.
Studies have shown that 90% of CCTV system failures are the result of cabling problems. Dynapost uses the most tested and time proven cabling techniques to assuren the highest performance reliablility for our customers.

Superior quality with an affordable price

The components we use are from successful manufactures who have been in business for years with very high quality professional products. So far, we have experienced an almost 0% failure rate on our DVR’s and cameras. In order for all customers to afford the CCTV system to protect their businesses and homes, we quote the prices with a reasonable and limited profit. That is one of the many reasons that keeps us growing in the CCTV system installation business. We also carry famous brand name products for our customer special needs.

Network/Internet setup for remote monitoring

With our strong background in computer and network experience, we can provide our customers with a complete CCTV system installation which includes the network/internet setup for your remote monitoring through intranet or internet. Many CCTV installers only install the camera system not the network/internet setup for their customers. Therefore, the customers have to hire someone else to setup the network/internet for them. Dynapost gives you an one-stop service and we install the system with internet setup without extra charge.

Security System Installations | Security Systems Solutions

Video based security solutions include:

video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems Installation
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems Repair
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Wireless Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Remote Viewing Surveillance Systems
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Digital Video Recorders-DVR
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Network Video Recorders-NVR
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1PC, Embedded, and Hybrid
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Wireless Video Systems
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1IP Dome Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Multi-location Surveillance
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Indoor and outdoor surveillance
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Video Surveillance Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Mega pixel cameras (HD+)
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Remote viewing from pc/mobile phone
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Infrared night cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 IP Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Network Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Biometrics | Retinal | IRIS | HID | Card Access Control Systems Manhattan, NY
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Biometrics | Retinal | IRIS | HID | Card Access Integration in Manhattan, NY

Alpha Computer Group offers a wide variety of options for cameras and Analog, Network, or Digital Video Recorders (DVR).

Having a wide variety of vendors we can put together a CCTV system that meets your needs and price range. Whether it’s a single camera for your home that you can view from the web or from your smart phone; to a system that has 100’s of cameras throughout your business, be assured you will always know what is happening anytime you need to.

Security Camera Types:

security-cameras-cctv-video-surveillance-alpha-computer-group-business-home-surveillance-security-camera-installation-video-ip-megapixel-alpha-computer-group-commercial-residential-security-cameras-video-surveillance-systems-ip-mega-pixel-cameras-cctv-installation-repairs-nvr-dvr-alarms-intercoms-voip-alfacomputergroup-sip-web-cam-internet-remote-viewing Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Vandal Dome Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Bullet Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Box Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 IP Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 License Plate Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 PTZ Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Hidden Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Covert Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Spy Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Weatherproof Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Wireless Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Outdoor Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Indoor Security Cameras

If you have purchased a name brand security camera system from a retailer such as BJs, CostCo, PC Richards or elsewhere,  we can still help you install your security cameras, set up remote viewing and service your security cameras. That’s Alpha Computer Group!

Security Camera Systems:

Gas Station Security Camera Systems

Warehouse Security Camera Systems

Office building and office complex video surveillance system

Retail store Security Camera Systems

Convenience store Security Camera Systems

Parking garage Security Camera Systems

Mall Security Camera Systems

Restaurant Security Camera Systems

Apartment building Security Camera Systems

Industrial facility Security Camera Systems

Parking lot Security Camera Systems

Doctors Office Security Camera Systems

Alpha Computer Group offers Repair, Sales and Installation with affordable pricing for any budget. We are Professional Security Camera Consultants. At Alpha Computer Group, we feature a wide spectrum of IP and CCTV security cameras, as well as pre-configured and custom-designed security systems to fit any budget.

Contact Alpha Computer Group for your Video Surveillance Systems, Alarms, Intercoms, Access Control Systems and Security Cameras today at (877) 608 – 8647