Setup Chan Sccp for Cisco Phones

Alpha Computer Group Chan_SCCP Installation

Alpha Computer Group Chan_SCCP_Asterisk_Cisco_Phones-300x225 Setup Chan Sccp for Cisco Phones


1 – Install whichever flavor of Asterisk – We recommend PIAF/Incredible PBX.

2 – Log in to CLI as root.

3 – Start the installation and configuration of the CHAN_SCCP Software.

  1. Install updates and dependencies
    yum install asterisk-devel
    yum install nmake
    yum install automake
    yum install autoconf
    yum install libtool
    yum install make
    yum install m4
    yum update -y
    yum upgrade -y
  2. Reboot after the yums (#reboot now)
  3. Log back into the CLI
    type: cd /usr/src
    type: wget
    type: tar xzvf Chan_SCCP-4.2.3_STABLE_r6728.tar.gz
    type: cd /Chan_SCCP-4.2.3_STABLE
    type: make clean
    type:  ./configure –enable-confernce –enable-advanced-functions –enable-video –enable-videolayer –enable-conference –enable-distributed-devicestate –enable-debug –enable-gcov –enable-refcount-debug –enable-indications
    type: make
    type: make install
  4. Edit modules.conf to disable chan_skinny and enable chan_sccp

    type: vi /etc/asterisk/modules.conf
    ADD THESE 2 LINES to modules.conf:

    noload =>
    load =>

  5. create a sccp.conf file
    vi /etc/asterisk/sccp.conf

    servername = Alpha-PBX
    keepalive = 60
    debug = 1
    context = from-internal
    dateformat = M/D/Ya
    bindaddr =
    port = 2000
    firstdigittimeout = 16
    digittimeout = 8
    autoanswer_ring_time = 1
    autoanswer_tone = 0x32
    remotehangup_tone = 0x32
    transfer_tone = 0
    transfer_on_hangup = off
    dnd_tone = 0x0
    callwaiting_tone = 0x2d
    localnet =
    ;externip =
    dndFeature = off
    sccp_tos = 0x68
    sccp_cos = 4
    audio_tos = 0xB8
    audio_cos = 6
    video_tos = 0x88
    video_cos = 5
    echocancel = on
    silencesuppression = off
    private = on
    directed_pickup_modeanswer = on
    hotline_enabled=yes ;can devices without configuration register
    hotline_context=default ; context for hotline
    hotline_extension=111 ; extension will be dialed on offHook
    ; actual definitions
    description = House-Office Phone
    addon = 7915
    devicetype = 7945
    park = off
    button = line, 417
    button = feature,Record calls,monitor
    cfwdall = off
    type = device
    keepalive = 60
    ;tzoffset = +2
    transfer = on
    park = on
    cfwdall = off
    cfwdbusy = off
    cfwdnoanswer = off
    directed_pickup = on
    directed_pickup_context = from-internal
    directed_pickup_modeanswer = on
    dndFeature = on
    dnd = off
    earlyrtp = progress
    private = on
    mwilamp = on
    mwioncall = off
    cfwdall = on
    softkeyset = softkeyset187
    id = 417
    type = line
    label = ACG 417
    description = ACG Line 417
    mailbox = 417
    cid_name = Alpha Computer Group
    cid_num = 417
    context = from-internal
    incominglimit = 2
    transfer = on
    vmnum = *97
    meetme = on
    meetmeopts = qxd
    meetmenum = 700
    trnsfvm = *417
    secondary_dialtone_digits = 9
    secondary_dialtone_tone = 0x22
    echocancel = on
    silencesuppression = off
    dnd = reject
    ;description = Phone Number Two
    ;devicetype = 7960
    ;park = off
    ;button = speeddial,Helpdesk, 98112   ; Add SpeedDial to Helpdesk (without hint)
    ;button = line, 98021
    ;button= feature,Private Call,privacy,callpresent ;set channel variable SKINNY_PRIVATE to 1 if feature is enabled
    ;button= feature,DND Busy,DND,busy ;set dnd status to busy
    ;button= feature,DND Silent,DND,silent ;set dnd status to silent
    ;button= feature,Record calls,monitor ;record calls using automon (asterisk >= 1.6 only)
    ;button= feature,call forward to *54,cfwdAll,*54 ;forward all calls to *54
    ;button = speeddial,Phone 1 Line 1, 98011, 98011@hints
    ;button = speeddial,Phone 1 Line 2, 98012, 98012@hints
    ;speeddial,Phone 2 Line 1, 98021, 98021@hints ; Add SpeedDial to Phone Number Two Line 1 (button labels allow special characters like ‘é’)
    ;type = device
    ;keepalive = 60
    ;tzoffset = +2
    ;transfer = on
    ;park = on
    ;cfwdall = off
    ;cfwdbusy = off
    ;cfwdnoanswer = off
    ;directed_pickup = on
    ;directed_pickup_context = default
    ;directed_pickup_modeanswer = on
    ;dnd = reject
    ;earlyrtp = progress
    ;private = on
    ;mwilamp = on
    ;mwioncall = off
    ;cfwdall = on
    ;softkeyset = softkeyset187
    ;id = 1000
    ;type = line
    ;pin = 1234
    ;label = Phone 2 Line 1
    ;description = Line 98021
    ;mailbox = 10021
    ;cid_name = MY CID
    ;cid_num = 98021
    ;context = default
    ;incominglimit = 2
    ;transfer = on
    ;vmnum = 600
    ;trnsfvm = 1000
    ;secondary_dialtone_digits = 9
    ;secondary_dialtone_tone = 0x22
    ;echocancel = on
    ;silencesuppression = off
    ;setvar=testvar2=my value
    type = softkeyset
    name = softkeyset187                                                  ; (REQUIRED) softkeyset name
    onhook = redial,newcall                   ; displayed when we are on hook
    connected = hold,transfer,park,confrn,select,vidmode,idivert       ; displayed when we have a connected call
    onhold = resume,newcall,transfer,endcall,confrn,conflist,select,dirtrfr,idivert,vidmode  ; displayed when we have a call on hold
    ringin = answer,endcall,transvm,vidmode                                       ; displayed when we have an incoming call
    offhook = redial,dial,endcall,vidmode     ; displayed when the phone is taken off hook
    conntrans = hold,endcall,transfer,park,confrn,select,dirtrfr,meetme,vidmode
    digitsfoll = back,endcall,dial,gpickup,pickup,vidmode       ; displayed when one or more digits have been entered, more are expected
    connconf = conflist,endcall,hold,join,vidmode                  ; displayed when we are in a conference
    conflist = exit,endconf,kick,join,mute,endcall
    ringout = endcall,dial,transfer,confrn,idivert,vidmode              ; displayed when We are calling someone
    offhookfeat = redial,endcall,dial,vidmode                  ; displayed wenn we went offhook using a feature
    onhint = redial,dial,newcall,pickup,gpickup,barge,vidmode                            ; displayed when a hint is activated

  6. Reboot Asterisk Server
    reboot now

**** YOU WILL NEED A SEPMAC.cnf.xml file for each phone below is an example ****

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<timeZone>Eastern Standard/Daylight Time</timeZone>
<member priority=”0″>
<description>Primary Alpha Connection</description>
<description>Secondary Alpha Connection</description>
<versionStamp>{Jan 01 2003 00:00:00}</versionStamp>
<phoneService  type=”0″ category=”0″>
<name>Corporate Directory</name>
<phoneService  type=”1″ category=”0″>
<name>Missed Calls</name>
<phoneService  type=”1″ category=”0″>
<name>Received Calls</name>
<phoneService  type=”1″ category=”0″>
<name>Placed Calls</name>
<phoneService  type=”1″ category=”0″>
<name>Personal Directory</name>
<phoneService  type=”2″ category=”0″>
type: vi /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf
exten => s,1(check),ChanIsAvail(SCCP/${ARG1},sj) ;I don't know if this works for SCCP
exten => s,n,Dial(SCCP/${ARG1}/aa=2wb,5,A(beep))
exten => s,n(end),Busy(20)
exten => s,n,Macro(hangupcall,)
exten => s,check+101,Busy(20)
exten => s,n,Macro(hangupcall,)
1 more step for SCCP paging – add the extensions to enable paging in the asterisk cli like this:
database put DEVICE/417/autoanswer macro sccp-autoanswer

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Phone System Installation Long Island

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Voice synthesis support Support for digital interfaces (E1/T1/J1) through PRI/BRI/R2 protocols
IP terminal batch configuration tool Caller ID
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Support for video phones Support for follow-me
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DHCP server for dynamic IP Support for paging and intercom
Web-based operator panel Support for time conditions
Call parking Support for PIN sets
Call detail record (CDR) report Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Billing and consumption report Callback support
Channel usage reports Support for bluetooth interfaces through cell phones
Support for call queues Operator Panel
Distributed Dial Plan with dundi Voip Provider configuration
Telecom Real Time Fax to email

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