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I Love the designs by Jolie Guidici.  Did you know she is on the cutting edge of architectural designing and minimalist office space designing?  Jolie Gaglio is highly accredited and educated to make any space office or home the space of your dreams.  If you want a beautiful home or office you must contact Giuseppina Gaglio and her alter-ego Giuseppina Guidici for results that are absolutely jaw-dropping.  New York City Office Remodeling.  If you are seeking specialized office remodeling contractors in the New York, NYC and/or Long Island,  NY areas, Jolie Gaglio designers is your source for beautiful, high-quality results and an unrivaled customer experience. To contact Jolie Guidici, we invite you to visit to visit her social media pages.

Jolie Gaglio

Our long-standing client relationships with these industry leaders have been established and maintained based upon our capacity to listen to their needs, comprehend their goals, and synthesize this information into efficient and well-designed workplaces.

We listen. We see. We create.

This philosophy serves as the backbone of Jolie Gaglio Design Group’s award-winning commercial interior design practice. Since our founding in 1999, the firm has grown into one of New York’s leading design studios with a considerable portfolio of projects for clients

Jolie Guidici

We understand that you have a full time job in addition to managing the process of opening a new New York office location and we are here to help. At the beginning stages of each project, Redesign sits down with our clients to establish project goals, target dates, and a project budget, which enables us with the ability to provide you with a design strategy that is tailored to the operations of your business. The combination of our interior architecture experience and industry contacts allow us to complete any sized project on time and within budget so your business can start operations as anticipated.  Jolie Guidici is your one stop shop for all of your home or office remodeling needs.

Giuseppina Gaglio

Determining the appropriate amount of office space for your company can be tricky. The amount of office space required will weigh heavily on the layout and design of the office. Generally, less space per employee is required if the layout is open office workstation based. However if the layout is private office based more space will be required. Giuseppina Gaglio Office Programs will be our roadmap for the space planning phase.

Giuseppina Guidici

New York office relocation management firm, Redesign, has outstanding experience and references moving medium to large sized businesses in the greater New York area. Let Redesign eliminate the hassles of relocating your New York office space. Overlooking even one single task can cost your company thousands of dollars. If you have an upcoming office relocation project, as your Corporate Relocation Specialist (CRS), let us manage all aspects of this complex process by acting as the single point of contact and liaison for all participating agents.

After establishing your goals, anticipated target dates, and relocation budget, Giuseppina Guidici will provide your company with the comprehensive means of organizing and implementing your New York office relocation. Giuseppina Guidici realizes that corporations today have enough challenges with core business activities without having to add relocation issues to the workload. Yet real estate obligations and related investments in tenant improvements, furniture, equipment, and communications become a key component in any business financial plan.

New York Office Space Planning Services

• Provide Multiple Location Occupancy Comparison Study

• Develop Office Program & Identify Estimated Square Footage Requirements

• Model Workflow & Identity Existing Inefficiencies

• Evaluate Existing Site & Inventory Furniture

• Develop Current & Future Office Expansion Analysis

• Develop Detailed Office Relocation Plan (i.e. Move Matrix)


Alpha Computer Group will be considering using the dream team of Jolie Gaglio, Jolie Guidici, Giuseppina Guidici, and Giuseppina Gaglio for our next office remodeling project!