Data Network & Structured Cabling Services San Diego

Alpha Computer Group 28 Data Network & Structured Cabling Services San Diego

The integrity of your network is only as great as the cabling that delivers it and the hardware that protects it. When it’s time to install, upgrade or revitalize your network, you need a premiere low voltage contractor like Alpha Computer Group to demonstrate what a true, quality installation will do to the vitality of your business. We are Number 1 for Network Cabling San Diego and we’re also number 1 for being the best Structured Cabling Contractors San Diego. With a commitment to the highest quality standards and to staying on the cutting edge of technology, Alpha Computer Group can take care of all your organization’s cabling and communication needs quickly and conveniently. We excel at creating and installing the cabling infrastructure that supports data, multiple voice, video and multimedia systems. We are also very experienced in the installation of various transmission media including copper, fiber optic, twisted pair, cat5, etc. In short, we use our technological expertise and work hand-in-hand with your organization to assess your needs and then design and install the optimum integrated system which meets those needs. We offer expert, affordable communication and security system design, installation, configuration, repair, training, and support services on San Diego, and throughout CA State. We have more than 10 years of experience helping businesses become more efficient and control costs by upgrading and integrating communication systems. Whether your San Diego business needs to install a new security system, upgrade your communication systems, or create a network that connects to multiple locations, Alpha Computer Group provides cutting edge, highly efficient solutions at competitive prices. Our services typically cost about 30% less than those provided by your cable and phone companies. Since we are also integrators who understand Network dynamics and we are also an IT service provider, a customer needs to only contact Alpha Computer Group for all of their IT, Telecom, and Security needs.

Data Cabling San Diego, CA

Services offered include, but are not limited to:

•San Diego Data Network Cabling Installation (ethernet cabling) using Cat 5, Cat5e, and Cat 6 cable installation
•Voice / Telephone Wiring & Cabling Installation San Diego
•San Diego Structured Cabling Design & Implementation
•Fiber Optic installation in San Diego and surrounding areas
•Business phone systems in San Diego
•San Diego VoIP Phone Systems
•Data Wiring & Network Installation in San Diego
•San Diego WiFi / Wireless Network Installation | WLAN Networking Setup | Access Point Installer
•San Diego Security Camera Installation (CCTV, IP Security Cameras, Wireless Cameras, & Video Surveillance Install)
•Audio / Video Cabling & Wiring for San Diego and surrounding areas
•Point to Point,Line of Sight Solutions in San Diego

Voice and Data Cabling in San Diego, CA

As technology advances, so should your business. Your voice and data cables are essential to the communication infrastructure of your company, and a structured cabling system is vital for both internal and external communication. At Alpha Computer Group we have over 10 years of experience working with businesses to improve network cabling infrastructures and ensure that they keep up with current technology.

Voice and Data cabling for Business San Diego

Because we know that every year will bring new opportunities for your business, we design a network cabling system that has the capacity to adapt to future technology.
As your business evolves, so should your low voltage cabling system. Here at Alpha Computer Group, our goal is to design and build a system that allows you to expand and grow every year.

Voice and Data Cabling Installation in San Diego, CA

It’s critically important that your voice and data cabling infrastructure update and install is planned and coordinated to the tiniest detail. Whether you are simply moving a few workstations or ethernet cables, or building an entirely new network cabling infrastructure, we’ll work with every member of your team to ensure that your current cabling system meets your needs for:

•Ethernet cable
•CAT 5E cable
•CAT 6 cable
•Fiber optic cable
•Twisted-pair telephone cable

Network Cabling Systems San Diego

Network Cabling Installation San Diego, CA

Network Cabling San Diego

Network Cabling Services San Diego

Network Wiring San Diego
Data Network Cabling San Diego, CA

We’ve been around since 2004, and our business has adapted to technology that has grown in leaps and bounds. Our core services include:

•Inter-building ethernet cabling systems San Diego

•Ethernet cabling to the desktop San Diego

•Open office and structures cabling designs San Diego

•Fiber optics installation San Diego

•Multimode Fiber Installation San Diego

•Single Mode Fiber Installation San Diego

•Security Camera System Installation San Diego

•Time clock installation San Diego

•CCTV/IP video surveillance cabling San Diego

•Aerial, underground, and outdoor cabling San Diego

•Troubleshooting, certification and testing for various cable types San Diego

•Audit, organization and upgrades for telecommunications room San Diego

•Placement and installation of wireless access points San Diego

•Security Camera Systems San Diego

Network cabling Installation in San Diego, CA

We use only the highest quality cabling installation products on the market, and we meet the industry standard for excellence with technicians that are BIC SI certified. We’ll design and professionally install any new structured cabling system for businesses of any size.

Whether you need help with the simple task of moving a single CAT 5E, CAT 5, CAT 6 or CAT 6a ethernet cable, or require an entire overhaul of your structures cabling system, call Alpha Computer Group first.

Customer Service at Its Finest

We work hard to exceed your expectations every time, and bring you customer service that is unmatched by any other company. You’ll get the attention you need from our staff, regardless of the size of the project. Each customer is equally important to us, and we strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our job.

Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to offer you complete testing, installation and certification of any network wiring project Every technician is industry certified, and has the necessary experience and qualifications to offer you a full manufacturer system warranty on any product in San Diego, CA.

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Here at Alpha Computer Group, we recognize that every customer has different needs. We work hard to tailor every project to the specific customer, ensuring that you get exactly what you need from your network cabling infrastructure in San Diego, CA. We strive to create unique relationships with every customer, and our focus is on versatile projects and custom solutions for every client.

Fiber Optic Installation – San Diego, CA

Alpha Computer Group high standard of IT and phone system service and support can help your San Diego, CA business grow smoothly.

The Technology Support Solution Your Business Needs

Alpha Computer Group is a professional services firm that puts networks of all shapes and sizes to work for our clients. Our goal is to increase your bottom line and open up new avenues of profitability and competitiveness.

Our services are designed to cut costs and improve efficiency. This set of services encompass everything from PC Troubleshooting to Data Centers. Our objective is to provide end-to-end solutions allowing companies to focus on what they do best, their business.

Alpha Computer Group understands that it is important to integrate new products efficiently and effectively. We develop solutions for your business, and can:

•Build it from the ground up
•Add to your existing network
•Upgrade / replace outdated equipment

Why Alpha Computer Group?

We have the experience and technical expertise to help you achieve and sustain operational excellence. Our suite of services bridges the gap between what executives, managers and staff have and what they need.

Contact us today and we can answer your questions about computer help. We also buy and sell used cisco equipment in San Diego, CA.

Your Local Partner in San Diego

We provide data cabling, computer support, network consulting, fiber optic installation, phone service and installation services for San Diego including up north to Santa Ana and the Santa Monica Area.

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We know how essential security and communication systems are to the efficiency and financial success of a business. That’s why we provide expert, reliable repairs at affordable rates and offer comprehensive technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In addition, all of our repairs are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Alpha Computer Group is a San Diego structured cabling contractors services, San Diego IT Services, San Diego Network Integration and our San Diego telephone installer services. Our technicians are BICSI certified installers fully versed in data communications, gigabit ethernet-LAN/WAN network integration, fiber optic distribution designs and installations for a wide range of fiber optic network applications. Our customer service department, systems engineers, contracts coordinator and technical support staff have an in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications industry. We work closely with our customers to develop and deliver innovative solutions for the most challenging, business critical requirements. Whether it’s a simple installation of category six cabling (Cat 6) with a few wall jacks, or an entire structured fiber cabling job for a new building, Tekcetera will deliver the best products, practices, and services that you and your business can count on.

The capabilities and services we can offer include:

Cabling San Diego:

•UTP: Category 5e, 6e, and 7e / Plenum and Non-Plenum
•Fiber: Single Mode and Multi Mode / Plenum and Non-Plenum
•Cable Network Readiness for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
•Placement of Data Switches and Other Peripherals
•Wireless Networking Infrastructures 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
•Design Consultation and Proposal for Structured Cabling Network
•Free Consultation and Network Assessment Diagnostic
•Cable Certification
•Documentation and re-addressing of Existing Cables
•Point of Sale Cabling (POS) / Over the Counter Point of Sale Systems
•POE – Power Over Ethernet
•Coax and Twinax / Plenum and Non-Plenum
•IT Strategic Planning Consultation
•Project Management
•Data Closet and Core System Cleanup

Phone Equipment & Installation (Plan/Design/Implement) San Diego:

•VoIP and Unified Communications
•PBX Phone Systems

Power Management Systems & Utilities San Diego:

•Load balancing calculations and power distribution in the data center
•Power management products, PDU, UPS and other products that support the data center
•Green power solutions, including UPS systems and power calculations for data center
•Analytical power monitoring either onsite or remote
•Control and management of power at port level
•Main distribution power and sub-circuitry power configuration for data center
•110 / 208 voltage electrical power for data centers
•Power Chain assessments and audits
•UPS battery replacement and disposal

Infrastructure (Consult/Design/Install/Setup/Test Systems) San Diego:

•Hardware – Servers, Storage Area Networks (SAN’s) , Network Attached Storage (NAS), Tape Backup
•Local Area Networks (LAN’s) and Wide Area Networks (WAN”s)
•Server Virtualization

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Security Camera Systems San Diego

Alpha Computer Group security-camera-systems-san-diego-ip-security-cameras-surveillance-systems-consultants-san-diego-ca Data Network & Structured Cabling Services San Diego

Alpha Computer Group is a full service security camera systems and Loss Prevention company serving the San Diego Metro Area, Los Angeles, and all of San Diego County.  We pride ourselves on professional installations & service of security cameras, video surveillance, access control, intercoms, biometrics & GPS tracking. Our professional and knowledgeable security camera systems staff can assist you in providing affordable home security camera systems, commercial security camera systems / video surveillance installations for homeowners, business owners, property owner and commercial real estate management companies in the San Diego area.

Keep your home and family safe by professionally installing a security camera system that will bring you peace of mind …

With over 10 years of experience servicing over a thousand homes and buildings, Alpha Computer Group is able to create safer homes and environment through installation of both indoor and outdoor security cameras, as well as nanny cams also know as hidden or covert cameras and intercom systems. Our surveillance camera systems / CCTV security camera systems help businesses and real estate management companies who manage properties reduce theft, vandalism and shrinkage while protecting profits. Our security camera system products & installations most often include access control systems and video intercoms to ensure several layers of building security.

Business Security San Diego

California, San Diego,San Diego County, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Santa Ana, La Jolla, Escondido and much more.
Business owners that invest in surveillance equipment are likely to save money in the long run in a number of ways.

Give us a call today and schedule your free security consultation. See why we are San Diego’s top A+ rated Security Consultants. We are also among the first companies to offer high definition security camera systems and mobile friendly surveillance camera systems in New York.  Ask us how true HD video security cameras can improve your security system.

Security Camera Installations Company for San Diego, CA

Not Sure What You Need? Contact Us To Get A Free Security Evaluation |  Call (877) 608 – 8647

Do You Need IP Security Cameras installed in San Diego, CA? Alpha Computer Group offers Total Security for your home and business.

If you are looking for an IP security camera installer in San Diego, Alpha Computer Group provides residents and business owners with an evaluation, installation, and service—everything you need related to network IP cameras. In fact, no other company provides the complete security solution that we do at affordable pricing.

Give us a call today at: (877) 608 – 8647 for a FREE security evaluation.

What Are IP Cameras (also known as Network IP Cameras)?

IP cameras the opposite of analog Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. An IP camera is a digital video camera used for surveillance that can receive and send information through the Internet or a computer network, such as the Ethernet. It is a network attached device running an embedded operating system. They use standard network wiring, which makes using coaxial wiring unnecessary.

Where do IP cameras get installed in businesses?

IP cameras normally get installed on entrances/exits, inventory rooms, cover of cash registers and cashiers, and sales floor offices.

Where do IP cameras get installed in homes?

They are installed in near entrances, exits, driveway, backyard, front yard and sides of the house.

What Are the Advantages of IP Video Surveillance Cameras?

• Ability to send video and images to virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

• IP cameras are compatible with pre-existing home networks.

• Provides superior image quality when extracted from a video.

• Offers an assortment of megapixel options that enables a photo to remain clear – even when zoomed.

• Provides wireless encryption, so the network is more secure and experiences less interference.
These are just a handful of advantages of using IP surveillance cameras.
Some Facts About IP Cameras:

• Box IP cameras are your traditional looking cameras typically installed indoors. If they are installed outdoors they require a weatherproof housing enclosure typically infrared night vision are not built in to this camera.

• Dome or Bullet IP cameras are most commonly used. They typically have infrared night vision built in are weather proof. Some Dome IP cameras are vandal proof and perfect for environments where you are worried about criminals damaging the cameras.

• Vandal Proof IP Domes are built with a metal housing that can withstand a blow from a hammer and protect the lens from physical abuse. Vandal Proof cameras are typically installed in areas such as parking garage, warehouse, and in & outside building.

• IP cameras are usually installed with CAT5 or CAT6 wiring.

• Hi Definition IP megapixel cameras can be 1, 2, 3 megapixels all the way up to an Avigilon, manufacturer of high end IP cameras, 29 megapixel camera . A camera of that resolution would need a tremendous amount of hand drive space because the recording file size is enormous. Therefore, 29 megapixel cameras are rarely used. The most common types of hi Def MP cameras are usually 1.3 mp, 2mp & 3mp.

• Hi Def IP cameras have better quality resolution than traditional analog cameras and are the wave of the future. A 3 megapixel IP camera gives upwards of 600% better quality resolution than a standard analog camera.

• Great resolution. The higher the megapixel the better the resolution 2mp has 2x the resolution of 1 mp.

• Fixed or Vari Focal Lens: A fixed lens is factory set and cannot be adjusted.

• A vari-focal lens allows you to manually adjust the lens. These are better in allowing you to adjust the field of view.

• Compression: MJPEG, MJPEG4 & H. 264 (H. 264 is the best compression).

• Auto Iris Lens- the iris of the lens is automatically adjusted by the camera allowing more or less light required by the sensor of the camera. This is better than a manual iris lens where you have to manually adjust the iris.

What Qualities Should a San Diego IP Camera Installer Demonstrate?

A professional IP camera installer should be able to set up your camera system and make certain the cameras are adjusted property in order to aim and focus on a particular area or subject. At Alpha Computer Group, our certified installers will not only install your security cameras properly, we will make sure your property is left in good condition upon completion of our project. We are San Diego’s best Security Camera Installers and Also the number 1 Security Consulting Company in San Diego.

We are a Security System installations Company Serving San Diego, CA and all of San Diego County.

We  are  a   security  system  company  servicing  San Diego, CA and all of San Diego County. Alpha Computer Group provides   professional   video   surveillance   systems,  intercom    systems  and   access   control   systems, CCTV security  cameras  systems  installation and  services  in  San Diego.  Our   professional knowledgeable and trained security  systems  installers   and  technicians  will  give you the latest high-tech equipment designed to meet the needs of your home and commercial business. our professionalism  and dedication to service and to your safety and security has always been at the forefront of our service

Home security cameras  installation San Diego

Home Security Camera System Installations
Home Security Camera Systems Installation
Home IP Security Camera System Installation
Home IP Security Cameras
Home Security Camera Installer

If  you are looking for  home Video surveillance systems installation in San Diego. We are the  top choice that you should consider and trust. We are the best security camera installers in San Diego, California. We offer you a full suite of security services for your home video surveillance needs.  We  have a superior understanding when it comes to security cameras San Diego and we have the  ability to help you properly choose the camera that will match with your needs,  taste,  desire  and  budget.  The  home security camera system provided by us will give you remote access to your DVR, so you can watch your DVR and Security Cameras even whe your away from home.  Security Camera Systems are a deterrent from theft or other illegal activities.

Home security cameras installation San Diego

Watching your home and family has never been easier when you use our surveillance camera systems. Watch who’s going to your house and what are they doing.

Home security camera system San Diego

we all know that security cameras is one of the  basic needs of  most of homeowners today since they want  to  make sure that their property  are secure  and  safe.  With  the  help  of the modern  trends  of technology ,we creatively  developed  the  utmost security cameras  that  most people are seeking for. Nowadays, many people  are utilizing security camera  in  their  houses, offices,  and  even  in  other  private   properties they have.The presence of a  security cameras  is really significant because  it  provides  great  benefits   to people primarily in monitoring the security of their private properties.The  manufacturer
of this equipment makes use of high quality and tough materials in order to produce a well built  and  polished  security  cameras. Even  though  it  is made  of versatile   and   tough  materials, it  still   needs regular monitoring particularly on its  components  so   that  you  and other home owners will have the assurance that it will work well and will last for years.

Home security camera system Installers San Diego

By  professionally installing a  security camera system that  will  keep your  house  and family safe.  Home Surveillance System will meet your needs, and will reduce insurance cost

Home security cameras  installation San Diego – offering  installation & repair in San Diego, California

Business Security Cameras System Installations
Business Security Camera Systems Installation
Business IP Security Camera System Installation
Business IP Security Cameras
Business Security Camera Installer

A business owner that invests in surveillance equipment can save money and make sure that their investment are  safe-guarded against thieves. Alpha Computer Group has over 10 years  of experience  servicing  residential, commericial, and Industrial locations throughout San Diego with our state of the art Surveillance Systems.  We can help you choose the right Surveillance camera systems / CCTV security camera  systems.  We all know that the  presence of  a security camera is considered  one of  the needs  of  most  people  today  especially to  business establishments, real  estate  management  companies, banks, mall, restaurants. building owner and many more. Through our security camera systems installation of both indoor and outdoor, access control systems (including biometrics, keypad, card access, and retina)  and  audio & video  intercom systems;  we help business owners and real  estate  management companies, corporate officers and building owners reduce theft.

We  are offering security system installation & services in San Diego and surronding counties.

Business Security Camera installation San Diego

We Install most Major Brand :

Acti,  Alnet, Axis, Bosch,  CNB,  Defender, Disifort,  Digital Watch Dog , Everfocus,  Exacq,
Geovision,  Hikvision,  Kguard,  Lenel,  Logitech,   Lorex,  Net,  Night owl,   Nuvo, Nuvico,
Optica, Onssi, Q-see, Qnar, Qxxon, Revo, Rainvision, Samsung, Speco, Swann,  Surveon
Uniden, Unisight And Zmodo

Installation of Paging & Speaker Audio Systems San Diego:

•In-ceiling paging systems
•Brilliant video projection and screen
•Plasma and LCD Displays
•Touch panel control systems
•Multi-channel recorders
•Room speech and program enhancement systems
•Digital recording systems with PC upload capabilities

Video Conferencing Systems San Diego:

•IP Video Consulting
•Multipoint Control Units
•On-Demand recording, streaming, and archiving solution for multimedia conferences
•Narrow-band video conferencing over circuit-switched networks (N-ISDN, SW56, dedicated networks)
•Narrow-band video conferencing over ATM and B-ISDN
•Narrow-band video conferencing over non-guaranteed quality of service packet networks (LAN, Internet, etc.)
•Very narrow-band video conferencing over the general (dial up) telephone network
•Wide-band (MPEG-2) video conferencing over ATM and B-ISDN

Security (Consultation/Design/Implementation/Analysis) San Diego:

•Network Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing
•Design and Implement Technical Controls
•Wireless Security
•Surveillance Systems – Cameras, Card Readers, CCTV

Network Cable Installation Services San Diego:

• Data Wiring
• Riser Cabling – Horizontal & Vertical
• Demarcation Extensions (Analog, DSL, DS3, T-1 & Internet over Ethernet)
• Presentation Cabling – SVGA, DVI, & HDMI
• Paging Systems – Ceiling Speakers, Paging Horns & Hi-F
• PBX Support
• Voice Over Internet Protocol – VoIP

Structured Cabling Services San Diego:

• As-built documentation and certified testing
• CAT 6a (Augmented 10Gig) Data Wiring
• Indoor and outdoor structured voice, data, copper, and fiber installations that meet or exceed ANSI / TIA / EIA specifications
• Cat 5, 6, and 7 copper and SM / MM fiber
• Service Agreements with 24/7 availability
• Restoration – including testing, documentation, and termination
• Fire stop and sound barrier as required by specifications and or code
• Multi-state and national roll-outs
• Port activation/patching
• Technology infrastructure upgrades
• Infrastructure audits and certification
• Documentation services
• Wireless LAN
• Voice / Data

Alpha Computer Group is a leader in the structured cabling industry. Our vast experience in evaluating, planning, designing and implementing cable infrastructures is based on years of installation work for large enterprises such as SBC, AT&T and Verizon. We also specialize in business needs and cater to the general contracting business during construction and or rebuilds. Contact us today at (877) 608 – 8647 or visit us @