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    Alpha Computer Group camera-300x159 Strategic locations for your security camera systems NYC to keep your home safe

    Your family’s security can never be compromised that means asking tough questions to ensure you know exactly what you need in your security camers. For example one of the critically important questions to ask is where do you think you need security camers in and around your home? The easiest way to decipher this question is to consider the parts of your house that presents most vulnerable spots on your property.

    Some of the other questions suggested by Joseph Scaffa, Alpha Computer Group, to consider would include asking yourself whether you want to cover hidden or obscured entrance that may be particularly appealing to burglars. You can also look at things such as whether the past owners have experienced breaks-ins before. If they have, where was it? The key is to understand your home best and realize what corners of your house need to be covered through security cameras. Alpha Computer Group is instrumental in helping companies and house owner to assess the best surveillance camera solutions available. Alpha Computer Group is based out of New York and offer solutions covering Digital CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras System, IP cameras, Wireless Security Camera, FTP cameras, Night vision cameras.

    Once you have realized all those locations that need to be covered, you are pretty good to go. Now the next step is to look for camera that will work best in those locations such as whether you want the thieves to see them or not. Sometimes placing cameras at strategic locations serves as a deterrent, but should be placed such that it cannot be easily broken. You can also decide to place the cameras hidden from the sight of burglar’s eye, this will most likely catch the thief on video.

    Experts suggest planting a hybrid camera. This means installing a camera out of reach and possibly out of sight and then placing a dummy camera, the one that looks completely authentic around the property, suggests Joseph Scaffa, security expert, Alpha Computer Group. This way even if the burglars break the camers, it will be the fake one and he will still be caught in his acts.

    It is reported that around 34% of all burglars enter the house through the front doors. Which means you should definitely cover your front doors through surveillance cameras. To prevent a thief from damaging your camera, you can place it on the second floor or if your house is just one level, you can enclose your camera in a mesh wiring to protect it from errant rocks or sticks or any other weapons.

    It was also reported that the next 22% of the burglars make their way into the house thorough the back door. This means you need camera here also. The key is to protect each door in your house with surveillance cameras. Just like the front door, you will need to make effort to place the cameras at a height or protected through mesh wiring.

    Burglars also often make their way through breaking the rear window. The window that is not in the direct view of the street is the burglar’s favorite since it decreases the chances of the burglars getting caught. Cover the area of your house with surveillance camera that cannot be directly viewed from the street. Weatherproof Dome Security Camera with Night Vision is the best for these purposes.

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