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    We specialize in the design and installation of computer network Cabling and phone system cabling, Fiber Optic Cabling, and all Low Voltage Structured Cabling. Network Cabling and Fiber Optic can also be used to control Audio-Video components and systems for conference rooms, facility-wide sound systems and entertainment venues, digital signage and closed circuit television (CCTV). The voice and data network is now viewed as a fourth utility in a building (and some believe the most crucial utility for a well-functioning business). Plumbing, electric and HVAC are necessities, but these are commodities when compared to the importance of the network. High speed network infrastructure including wireless connectivity is the first step in building a foundation for your organizations network.

    Are you planning to set up a company? Then, it’s time to know about network cabling standards. A right cabling system is quite important for any company. A structured cabling network is very essential as it carries entire data, security, multimedia, voice and all the wireless connections around your campus. It covers a major part of your office including telecommunication rooms, work areas, cabling, hardware connection, cable pathways etc.

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    You need to divide your cabling systems into manageable blocks for easy maintenance. A structured cabling company is one which provides the standard cabling systems to your office. We just can’t imagine an office or a company without cabling systems. A perfect cabling system is mandatory for all the companies for a proper and successful run. Internal audio functions such as phones, LAN functions are carried out through these network cablings

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