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    Remote Support and Outsourcing IT solutions is now the latest trend and has become very effective and popular business today. Outsourcing your IT department has many cost-effective and latest technical implementations benefits. Alpha Computer Group is built with a full-time staff of engineers and technicians who have the ability to remotely access and manage many IT systems. Some of the things are as such: workstations, servers, telephone systems, switches and routers. In addition, Alpha Computer Group can automate day-to-day tasks that make the systems run their best. They offer affordable and fixed monthly fees for monitoring and maintenance of the systems. Alpha Computer Group offers remote assistance from certified engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, Alpha Computer Group offers on-site consulting and assistance to problems that cannot be resolved in a remote setting. Alpha Computer Group will suggest money-saving choices that will help optimize your business while staying cost effective. There’s no more guessing when you hire Alpha Computer Group for your Remote IT services.

    Remote Support Services:

    Software Upgrades


    Server and desktop support

    Backup services

    Telephone system support

    Network support

    Hardware support

    IT system management

    Servicing & Maintenance


    System design consultation (where applicable)

    One of the most popular protocol for remote connectivity for both server and client is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). There are other remote connection solutions such as dameware, logmein, vnc, teamviewer and many more. We can implement and utilize your existing remote connection platform or we can help you decide which one would be best for your business.

    Alpha Computer Group is the best remote IT solution provider who will take care of all your IT and Telecom needs. All major IT and Telecom critical infrastructures would be managed and run through our efficient remote infrastructure management services to manage controls on desktops, servers, firewalls, switches, applications, databases, and other IT services that need to be available at all times.

    Alpha Computer Group’s Remote IT Support Services offer solutions for the following problems:

    Services against Hardware Problems are:

    • Installation of hardware devices
    • Printing or scanning problems
    • Installation of Service Packs and security updates
    • updates for servers and applications
    • Server monitoring using Microsoft Operations Manager and Nagios

    Services against Software Problems are:

    • Anti Virus Installations and Updates
    • Installation of software
    • System related problems like slow processing and frequent ‘hangs’
    • De-fragmenting the hard drive for better performance
    • Removing unnecessary network settings
    • Uninstalling unnecessary software that may harm the computer
    • Deleting temporary files and other unnecessary files that get created automatically and lead to slow processing
    • Running diagnostic software and correcting disk/directory errors

    Services against Networking Problems are:

    • Network assessment Performance to make sure that your network adjusts to professional standards of security and remote access
    • Regular Security audit to protect your network from hackers and viruses

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