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    PPC is the paid search marketing tool, the quickest and the most controllable way to get your website on the top of the search engine results when people look for a similar type of your business. As you pay per click of every search, it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your campaign.

    Alpha Computer Group will assist you in delivering the highest ROI through constant monitoring, testing and better targeting of keywords. We are the preferred choice for the worldwide businesses to manage their PPC campaigns and marketing including the cities of Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties), New York, Manhattan and Bronx. Over the time, we have developed our unique methods and strategies from the small start-ups to the very large established leaders to promote their venture and business sectors globally.

    If you already have a PPC account for which you would wish to add our thought on, you can request for a PPC audit at this segment.

    So whether you have small or long-term goals or whatever your budget is, we will bring the effectual campaign to suit your business type and other explicit needs to bring the maximum ROI.

    Our Pay Per Click services, along with Cost Per Impression and Cost Per Order for the NYC business, can be leveraged best to access the cost-effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing.

    How Alpha Computer Works for you?

    The PPC Marketing is a complex process and involves a step-by-step process, the success of which is dependent upon different variables like budget determination, keyboard selection, search engine selection, bid placement, ad creation and campaign review. Catch the procedures below:

    1. Selecting Keywords

    The first step to be followed by Alpha Computer Group is to select the most appropriate keywords for your company to advertise or promote. This is the most essential step to determine the company’s target. To begin the campaign, a fine selection of keywords relevant to the company and its industry is a must. Once the list is determined, the related research is being carried out to highlight the most searched words. The intensity of competition for each keyword will indicate the price of that keyword which will be done through bidding system.

    1. Budget Selection

    By determining a suitable budget for allocating the campaign, the first step to PPC campaign can be performed. The budget is decided by the company with respect to their targets.

    1. Ad Creation

    After keyword selection and budgeting, developing PPC ads is a must. We create a result oriented PPC advertisements that create a visual touch point for the company’s targeted customers. The designs of PPC ads are constructed as per the guidelines and regulations of PPC search engines.

    1. Bidding

    The PPC ad campaigns work on bidding system where a company places a maximum bid for each keyword they wish to advertise for. The bidding indicates the maximum amount the company is willing to spend on each click. It also pays a major role in finding the placement of the company’s ad for that keyword.

    1. Reviewing the Campaigns

    The advantageous part of a PPC campaign is that the business can monitor the changes and the impact. As PPC advertising is highly effective and is a highly measurable form of marketing, whenever the consumer clicks through a company’s website, their actions are traced. These actions include number of pages visited, sales made, contact enquiries, newsletter sign-ups and more. Each of these actions can be allocated by a particular value based on the dollars earned for the company.

    1. Monitoring

    Each keyword can be individually evaluated, allowing careful monitoring of the campaign and ensuring only the most valuable keywords are retained.

    To know more about PPC campaigning and marketing in NYC, feel free to contact us.

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