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    Network Infrastructure refers to the software and hardware resource structure of the entire network that would enable the network to have connectivity, operations, management and communications of a business. Today’s businesses have increased the demands on their network infrastructures, requiring higher levels of performance, availability, and scalability to take advantage of new IP-based technologies. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, these businesses need intelligent networks that effectively utilize available bandwidth capacity, manage data traffic flow, and ensure network security.

    Alpha Computer Group follows the rule “measure twice, cut once” and assures that our infrastructure designs and application platforms are created right the first time. Core applications are critical to a business and Alpha Computer Group understands that. We make sure that there is no unnecessary time wasted by creating improper or incorrect infrastructures. We pride ourselves with providing application ability, availability, performance, security, and longevity. Alpha Computer Group offers computer network assurances and guarantees with onsite and/or remote services for any issue.

    We at Alpha computers group aim at providing the best of facilities with the latest and most reliable trends in network infrastructure technology:

    Design best-in-class network environments with flexibility for future growth

    Optimize network performance to address increased data traffic and data growth

    Deploy carrier and service provider, enterprise and campus, data center, and converged Layer 2 through Layer 7 infrastructure

    Implement best practices to optimize network configuration and management practices

    Protect investments in existing networks

    Utilize leading-edge technologies and deep technical expertise to build sustainable and highly-available next-generation networks

    Research how Multi-Protocol Label Switching technology is leveraged on the IT Company that is helping you derive your systems and we aim at providing differentiated IP network servicing.

    Researching on how the flow-based routing could be put to the best of its utility under our expertise.

    Aim at providing a networking infrastructure that would be robust, reliable, and easily accessible from anywhere and also secure at the same time.

    Centralized service with local control

    Scalability, efficiency and being cost effective are just some of the important goals that Alpha computers group always aims to achieve.

    Keeping the entire networking flexible and adaptable to the work environment, internal or external changes are very vital to any and every business and we aim to achieve that successfully.


    How will a network infrastructure help your business?

    Alpha Computer Group helps businesses whether small or large in making their network infrastructure flawless and adaptable along with a threat free environment.

    1 . A departmental firewall service is available at the perimeter of each and every variety of the departments of your business that will help connect all to each other and operate smoothly.

    2 . The network is designed in a way to avoid creating bottlenecks in the system; instead an efficient path by the infrastructure that regulates departments and the key-network based areas is vital to any business.

    3 . Alpha Computer Group’s IT network managed services is the backbone of your network support with our focus on helping your business thrive.

    Alpha Computer Group’s data center networking solutions engineers have the experience to help business organizations deploy highly scalable, highly reliable, and high-performance next-generation network infrastructures.

    If you ever need experts in engineering and project management, Alpha Computer Group is the company you are looking for! Our staff is determined to design an infrastructure that will enable a business to acquire a readily-available and reliable data communication platform.

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