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    Alpha Computer Group Network Administrators can provide onsite, remote, email, help desk, phone support and troubleshooting to repair your network system problems quickly and cost effectively. Alpha Computer Group has developed enterprise-grade skills, advanced software utilities, and support knowledge bases to identify and repair IT problems while avoiding the high cost and time delays normally associated with onsite technical service visits. Looking for remote Network administration services? At Alpha Computer Group you can have real time administration of your network servers, including: domain controllers, active directory servers, e-mail servers, thin client servers, web servers, FTP servers and some data processor specific servers. Additionally, we also administer different types Windows, Linux, Apple, and Unix on your network to control the server and its maintenance. We have extensive experience supporting IT infrastructures, from small organizations to larger companies. Our System Administrator Consultants carry years of experience.

    Network Systems and Infrastructure:

    Network Security

    Network Design & Support

    Firewall & VPN Implementation

    Long Range Planning

    Local, National, and International Network Connectivity

    Data Center & Desktop Support

    Citrix Implementations

    Technology Training

    Technology Assessments

    Alpha Computer Group is responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software systems that make up a computer network including the maintenance and monitoring of active data network or converged infrastructure and related network equipment of our clients. Our Network Administration activities and tasks are as such network address assignment, management and implementation of routing protocols such as ISIS, OSPF, BGP, routing table configurations and certain implementations of authentication (e.g.: challenge response, etc.). It can also include maintenance of certain network servers: file servers, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems, servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, phones, IP Phones, personal digital assistants, smartphones, software deployment, security updates and patches as well as a vast array of additional technologies inclusive of both hardware and software.

    The essential procedures to go through the Network Administration services are:

    1 .Installing all network / Microsoft updates and service packs

    2 .Updating antivirus definitions

    3 .Editing login scripts

    4 .Restarting services (print cues, etc.)

    5 .Adding and removing printers

    6 .Monthly monitoring of tape backup system event logs

    7 .Adding and removing users and groups

    8 .Creating network folders

    9 .Creating and editing security and permissions

    10 .Monthly reporting on server diagnostics and administration procedures

    Apart from managing networks and servers for your organization, we also assist in hardware and software installations, re-installations, reconfigurations, diagnostics, repairs or replacement of defective hardware and software. We are your networks maintenance and management system. comprehensive network support and services. Our network services are all-encompassing and include things as small as PC repair and troubleshooting or as large as multi-server, multi-site network administration. Our team of network engineers boasts years of experience as well as the most well-known professional certifications including those from Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and Astaro. We have a multitude of software and hardware competencies which range from the commonly known giants such as Microsoft, Symantec, HP, and Dell to industry-specific applications such as TenantPro, various EMR platforms, EMQUE, Time Matters and various accounting platforms.

    Network Administrators are often involved in proactive work. This type of work will often include:

    Network monitoring
    Testing the network for weakness
    Keeping an eye out for needed updates
    Installing and implementing security programs
    In many cases, E-mail and Internet filters
    Evaluating implementing network management software
    Monitoring network traffic and bottleneck

    Call Alpha Computer Group for all of your Network Administration needs @ (877) 608 – 8647

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