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    Alpha Computer Group acs Eliminate risk by implementing Access Control System in your organization

    Today network security systems are built to be compatible and support best IT practices and standards. PACS or physical access control systems have traditionally been designed without considering much IT professionals in mind. However over the last one decade these limitations have been addressed to a larger extent as new breed of affordable and web based access control systems are emerging. Alpha Computer Group is a New York based authorized provider for access control system. The range of service Alpha Computer Group provides includes Business IT Support Long Island, IT Consulting for Long Island, New York (NY), Managed IT Support Long Island, IT Technical Support Long Island, IT Outsourcing Long Island, Computer Consulting Services Long Island. It also provides services related to Computer Repair Long Island, Business IT Support for Long Island, IT Consultants Long Island, Managed IT Services Long Island, VoIP Phone Systems Long Island, Laptop Repair Long Island, IT Network Support Long Island, Telephone Systems Long Island.

    Access control system is a critical step towards mitigating risk associated with security. Organizations are constantly finding new areas of risks and they take proactive approach toward mitigating those risk. Any organization will have a pool of resources and tools. However not all resources should be easily accessible to all. Organizations implement access control system to ensure each users such as employee, customers and partners have access only to those information that is required for them to perform their respective tasks smoothly while preventing their access to information that are not relevant to users.

    Just like how important it is to keep the data of an organization secure, similarly network security and building security are also equally important. If the integrity of any of them is compromised, it will lead to immediate risk for the entire organization. Today network security is build to support the IT best practices and standards.

    PACS or physical access control systems have traditionally been designed without keeping IT professionals in mind. That’s the major reason why legacy systems of many IT departments are hard to deploy, maintain and support. On top of this they are also more cumbersome from the perspective of physical security and facility to manage it on a day to day basis. They also require expensive windows servers and individual license software and proprietary software and can only be managed from isolated office computers.

    However there has been a good amount of development and technological advancement that has made it possible to eradicate many limitations and has made access control system much affordable. Advent of web based access control system has provided several key advantages over the traditional PACS. Though there are many factors that come into picture, there are mainly five attributes of an IT and user friendly physical access control system and they are platform reliability, mobile access, system security, non-proprietary door software and ease of use.

    According to Joseph Scaffa, network security specialist, Alpha Computer Group, there are five main advantage of taking your physical security to virtual server.

    1. It eliminates the cost of maintaining stand alone servers.
    2. Seamless model to manage and build security in a private cloud.
    3. Ability to leverage virtual server infrastructure.
    4. Greatly reduces the downtime and maximizes the reliability.
    5. Reduces setup and deployment time.
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