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    Alpha Computer Group is built with a full-time staff of engineers and technicians. Alpha Computer Group offers IT and Telecom Consulting as well as remote assistance from certified engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Alpha Computer Group offers on-site consulting and assistance to problems that cannot be resolved in a remote setting. Alpha Computer Group will suggest money-saving choices that will help optimize your business while staying cost effective. There’s no more guessing when you hire the Alpha Computer Group for your IT Telecom, and Security consulting services.

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    To have guidance is important and plays a significant role in every aspect of our lives, be it professional or personal. We are the best consultants for the computer, telephone, technology industry. We give you the latest information of technology that is currently in the market. We spend time researching and understanding the requirements of our clients and help them to resolve budgetary related problems as well. We’re the most active technology firm in the computer consulting business. Our engineers and technicians give you high level of results. Just think….. If a human person needs care and love, why can’t a machine demand the same

    Professional New York IT Consulting

    – Focused on Helping You Increase Productivity

    Alpha Computer Group is a trusted name in New York IT consulting. We specialize in working with small to medium-sized businesses who are tired of losing time and money with reactive IT maintenance and support systems. We implement a stable and secure IT infrastructure for your business that focuses on preventative and proactive maintenance. We service Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, Suffolk, Bronx and most of the tri-state area (New Jersey and Connecticut). As a result of our comprehensive IT consulting plans, you are able to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your business and enjoy a computer network that runs smoothly.

    When to Hire a Professional IT Consulting Company in NYC?

    How do you know if you need help from a professional NYC IT consulting company? Ask yourself these simple questions. Is your computer network slow and unreliable? Are you losing productivity due to sluggish computers? Does your current infrastructure provide you with more problems than solutions? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, it may be time to speak with a professional IT consulting firm NYC. After conducting an IT audit and assessment of your business, our technicians and engineers will be able identify where there is room for improvement and where new technologies can be incorporated. As a trusted name in IT consulting on Long Island, NY we will help you create a plan that includes a variety of services including network security and data recovery to ensure your business continues to operate in case of an emergency. With Alpha Computer Group, you can rest assured that your highest technical priorities are being addressed. Your IT service provider should be your partner and right hand man. Let our team of New York-based IT experts give you cutting-edge technology, unbeatable service, and outstanding value for all of your technology needs.

    Managed Services NYC
    Managed Services NY
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    Managed Services New York

    We can serve as your entire IT department or help on specific IT projects.

    IT Projects NYC
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    We offer the extra manpower or specialized expertise necessary to get the job done.

    Alpha Computer Group is New York’s leader in technology management and IT consulting. Our reputation for providing personalized service and expert tech support, while employing best-in-class technologies, is the foundation behind our client success. IT solution providers should be honest, reliable, and they must have good reputation in the market. We offer you complete suite of personalized services that include the following:

    1 . Systems Upgrades
    2 . Server Relates Issues (maintanence, troubleshooting, sales, and etc)
    3 . Cloud Computing
    4 . Networking Services
    5 . Data backup and protection
    6 . Security Protocol
    7 . Internet and LAN/Wireless Access
    8 . IP Security Cameras (Design, Install, Repair, Maintain)

    Alpha Computer Group computer-telephone-queens-brooklyn-nassau-suffolk-count-300x198 Computer Consultants | IT Consulting | Network Consultants

    With the advent of the latest technology, it has become more possible to solve major issues in short span of time, increasing profitability and productivity at the same time. We are a Long Island based company and support the NY Tri-State Area, as well as California, and Arizona. Since 2004, we have been leaving a mark with the credible work we do. We serve companies of all kinds with our innovative, practical and trustworthy computer, network, security, marketing and telephone related consulting services solutions to motivate you and help you to grow and nourish your business. We also provide assistance to technically driven or challenged homeowner. Our staff and professionals have wide array of experience. Don’t get threatened with the theft of data, because we are here to recover your lost data with our skills and tactics. So, we suggest in order to save time and money, we are just a phone call away to give you honest and trust-worthy technical assistance. Don’t panic as every problem has a solution.

    OEM Services NYC
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    We can build custom OEM computers that suit your unique requirements & needs.

    Website Services NYC
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    Let us help you build a reputable web presence for your business.

    New York’s Premier IT Service & Support Provider for Businesses

    We are Long Island’s Leader in IT Management & IT Consulting.

    Are you searching for a reliable IT service provider on Long Island? Alpha Computer Group can help you make the best technology decisions for your business. With Alpha Computer Group, you’ll tap into unparalleled expertise in technology solutions along with top-notch service every step of the way. We offer a plethora of IT services & solutions in NYC, including Managed IT services, Help Desk support, IT consulting, custom OEM builds, website services and more. When you’re ready to find your way to effective IT solutions in NY, or even nationwide, we are here, standing by to help. **We also specialize in High Definition (HD) IP Network Security Camera System Installations for New York** Alpha Computer Group is a full service technology firm. We are staffed with full time IT Consultants, Network Consultants, Telecommunication Consultants, and Security Consultants in Long Island, New York (NYC, NY).

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