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    With electronics, computers or with any technology there’s always a chance that something will stop working or, in another case, become stolen. When that happens, the data and files that your company so meticulously kept together would vanish. Important information needed would be gone as well as customer details that are needed.

    However, Alpha Computer Group offers a full hard drive recovery service. It is based on Long Island and helps companies through New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey and the Connecticut area. We also have a presence in Southern California. We provide fair data recovery costs up front before any project begins.


    Alpha Computer Group deals with data recovery for:

    .: Hard Drive – 1.8”, 2.5”, or 3.5”

    .: Solid State Hard Drives

    .: Internal and external hard drive data

    .: Digital Media such as memory cards, USB drives, flash compact cards, and SD cards

    Alpha Computer Group offers the following services:

    .: Honest and Free Evaluation

    .: Best Value: No Data = No Charge

    .: Most Data Recovery from the following:

    .::. Mechanically Failing Drives
    .::. Corrupted files
    .::. Deleted Files
    .::. Partition or Boot Problems
    .::. Software Crashes
    .::. FDisk or Formatted Drives

    Alpha Computer Group Specializes in all types of data recovery and backups. we boast a 93% success ratio.

    Data Recovery Rates:

    We offer FREE diagnostic/estimate of your problem. Then there are flat rate prices on data recovery starting from $59. However, fees do not include parts, shipping, or taxes. Payments are due in full upon completion of the work.

    How important are your memories? Memories are very important to us and we need to take good care of those tangible and intangible assets in every possible way. We must give that same attention to our crucial data stored in our systems so that it is secure.


    Alpha Computer Group cloud-secure-backup-encrypt Backup & Restore

    It doesn’t matter the size of your business, it’s always essential to store your data elsewhere. For this, a business needs a safe and secure way to back up. As we all know backup and restore has always been a difficult task to control on real world systems. Therefore, being your savior! We offer you a number of tools to overcome this difficult task. We can’t emphasize enough to backup your systems. The moment you store clients information your immediate responsibility should be to protect and secure it. Alpha Computer Group offers numerous software based image backup solutions as well as cloud based solutions as well. Our variety backup and restore programs can store images, files, pictures and etc. on any type of media including tape drives, usb hard drives, RAID, network storage, and the list goes on. We also have automatic backup strategies with validation processes.

    A lot of thought should go into which backup method to use as there are numerous options available in the market today. One is you backup locally, second you utilize a cloud and lastly internet based restoration process. A person looking for good backup option must browse through the existing choices. We, a team of IT professionals based in the USA with highly skilled personnel that renders top quality results.

    Alpha Computer Group cloud-backup-nuvola-cloud-storage-cloud-300x230 Backup & Restore

    One of the easiest ways we can propose to businesses to use an online or cloud based backup solution because of its cost effectiveness. Ask us about our cloud backups as an alternative to your local storage. This can protect you from un-seen events like theft, fire, water, and etc. As a highly recommend online provider for backup and recovery strategies for small to medium sized enterprises we can manage all this for you or give you or your IT staff the tools to do so themselves.

    Local backups can be performed on CD, DVD, tape or any removable disk. In case of natural calamities or for best practice, we suggest to store critical data offsite at a different location.

    For all of your data backup and recovery needs call Alpha Computer Group at (877) 608 – 8647

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