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    Maintaining your business is a big investment and even bigger challenge is to keep it safe from criminals. Alpha computer group is a surveillance solution provider and operates from Long Island. It specializes in outfitting businesses with the best surveillance solutions the industry. Alpha computer group has helped scores of business and organizations to secure their premises. The group offers complete camera system installation service in Long Island. Some of the services can be categorized as below:

    • Security Camera System Installation Long Island
    • Access Control System Installation Long Island
    • Alarm System Installation Long Island


    Over past one decade the industry has witnessed ever increasing surge in the number of options available for video surveillance. This has made it much easier for the organizations and companies of all scale to protect their business and possessions. Increasingly people are becoming aware of the benefits of surveillance and are opting to install private security networks on their premises to prevent incident of theft and be aware of what’ happening on and around their property. To prevent burglary and infringement organizations are taking help of Security Camera System Installation, Access Control System Installation, Alarm System Installation Long Island.


    Today Security Camera Systems in Long Island is available for just about every need and budget with options to view the video footage from both on-premises CCTV monitors or even remotely through internet. If you are running your own business, installation of Security Camera Systems Long Island is a must. However the biggest challenge often business owner face is in selecting the right security camera among overwhelming options available in the market. You can start your search in the right direction by either asking the below few question to yourself or give us a call for a free demo and we will help you choose the right Security Camera Systems that’s best suited for business located in Long Island.


    • Light or luminosity

    The choice you make in selecting the camera has to depend on the overall level of light present in the area where you are planning to install surveillance camera. If the area where you are planning to install the cameras is well lit, you probably have little limitation in choosing the camera because bright light will make it easy for about any security camera to capture clear footage. However if the area is not well lit, your choices are limited since not all security camera is designed to handle dim light, in such cases look for security camera with light sensitivity rating of 1 Lux or below.


    • Indoor or outdoor

    Where do you plan to install the security camera? Your choice of location will not only impact luminosity but it will also need to keep into account other big factor such as weather. The surveillance camera designed for outdoor installation takes into consideration factors like heat, humidity etc.


    • Wired or wireless

    Whether you want your surveillance camera to be hard wired or not is also one major deciding factor. Wired Security Camera Systems Long Island will send more solid and secure video than the wireless ones. But then wireless cameras have their own advantages, like they can literally be placed anywhere with ease.


    • Fixed or PTZ

    This is also one crucial decision while deciding on buying Security Camera Systems Long Island. Fixed option captures specific view, while PTZ gives you the ability to look around. If you just want to keep an eye on a specific section of room, entrance or parking lot, standard format fixed camera is just fine. But if you are looking for flexibility to follow the action or cover a wider area, PTZ is the best option.


    Whether you are a first time buyer of Security Camera Systems Long Island, or you are a more experienced buyer, just looking to upgrade or expand your existing surveillance capabilities, consider scheduling a non-obligation, no-cost appointment with us.

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