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    Security Camera Installation Long Island

    Alpha Computer Group Security-Camera-300x188 Security Camera Installation Long Island | Security Cameras Long Island

    We are establishing ourselves as a leader in the video security industry, We provide top-of-the-line security camera systems helping you to keep a watchful eye on your home or small business day or night. Offering a variety of packages with wired and/or wireless security cameras with various DVR models, you can be sure to find a bundle that perfectly suits your needs. We provide both sales and installation and we give advice accordingly for your convenience. Since the number of criminal activities has increased in almost everywhere including homes, offices, schools, malls and other public places, the need for security camera installation has also increased. Activities like theft, murder and similar other incidents create in us a kind of fear which according to some does not have any solution. Places like offices, schools, homes or malls can be protected from harmful people like burglars, vandals or robbers. You also have to monitor kids, visitors, or trespassers. Security camera installation has been of great help to the many institutions these days.

 Alpha Computer Group gives you guarantee of providing with the quality security cameras for homes, offices, schools, malls and other public areas. We provide with the security cameras of latest technology which gives you the perfect results. Monitoring things become easy with the help of our unique services.

While planning to install security cameras, one must be careful enough to plant a camera in the areas which need high security. So while installing cameras for indoors, make sure that every corner of security areas are noted beforehand. Indoor cameras are installed for the purpose of monitoring the people or valuables.

 Outdoor cameras on the other hand are fixed at the entry and exit areas, around the building and the paths leading to the building. The cameras specially designed for indoor purposes may not work for outdoor purposes. Outdoor cameras need to withstand weather and should be vandal proof too. Using internal cameras outdoors will not be a practical choice since they get damaged quickly while exposed to sunlight, rain and other harsh climatic conditions. Our experienced service team can help you guide in finding the right spots for fixing cameras in the indoors or outdoors.

We provide you with light sensitive cameras for the purpose of monitoring during night hours. With quality light sensitive cameras, you will be able to rest in peace. We also provide cameras for outdoors, which have high coverage. You can get security cameras with great coverage at parking spaces or outdoors of schools or offices.

Our team of technicians have better knowledge of where and how to install these cameras outdoors, thus giving you peace of mind. Alpha Computer Group offer security camera installation and also assist you with technical support even after the installation of the cameras. Our service center is fully equipped to correct the faulty cameras within no time.
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    Security Cameras Long Island

    We are security cameras installers, specialize in Security Cameras installation. We provide full range of security cameras installation Long Island (video surveillance cameras installation Long Island), sales, and service including CCTV cameras installation Long Island, IP Cameras Installation, HD Cameras Installation and cloud video surveillance cameras installation in Long Island. We offer full design and installation of all security cameras Installation. As leaders in video surveillance cameras installation, solutions and equipment, Alpha Computer Group is pioneer in the industry. From cost effective solutions to advanced technology, we can customize security camera cameras to suit your needs. Whether you need security for your home or business, you can rely on Alpha Computer Group due to our extensive experience on offering quality products and services in security industry. Rest assured we provide quality service that is economic as well as efficient. At Alpha Computer Group your security is our #1 Priority.
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    Security Camera Systems Long Island | IP Security Cameras Long Island

    Analog security camera systems have had a stranglehold on residential and small business surveillance applications for many years. Users have cited various reasons for preferring analog over IP technology, including cost of equipment, installation and maintenance, as well scalability. These reasons could have been valid in the past, but with time, IP technology has advanced and made IP security systems the number one choice. Below is a comparison between these two technologies. Find out how Alpha Computer Group’s intelligent IP video surveillance appliances reduce impact on IP networks by 95%. Learn about distributed appliance architecture, cyber-security and health monitoring. Looking for the absolute best in security camera systems? Alpha Computer Group’s Security Cameras is your top source for security cameras, security camera systems, IP camera and video surveillance, HD security system and CCTV system, wireless security camera systems, video surveillance systems and all surveillance equipment. Alpha Computer Group’s Security Cameras provides the top names in security cameras and video surveillance to meet all of your security system needs. Business owners, property managers and home owners rely on IP Security Cameras for the highest-quality security camera systems on the market, providing the ultimate in home security.
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    Home Security Cameras Long Island | Business Security Cameras Long Island | Office Security Cameras Long Island

    Alpha Computer Group Security-Camera-Installation-Long Island-300x119 Security Camera Installation Long Island | Security Cameras Long Island

    You will enjoy working with Alpha Computer Group in New York City as your Home Security Camera Company. Have true Peace of Mind while you are out of your house. Whether you’re out shopping, visiting with friends or on vacation, with home security cameras from Alpha Computer Group, you’ll have a view of your home just fingertips away. Whether you need HD cameras, IP cameras etc., we install it all! Watching your kids has never been easier when you use residential surveillance cameras. Watch when they get home from school, make sure they’re safe playing in the yard and even keep track of what your babysitter is doing while you’re out on the town. If surveillance cameras are installed in your home, they can additionally help you to see who is outside your front door or on your property before opening the door or venturing outside. This can be seen through your television or computer. Ideal for families always on the move, with home security cameras, there is no need for you to have someone stop by your house a couple of times a day to make sure everything is alright. With 24 hour surveillance you have the ability to monitor your home inside and out.
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    Video surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection of business & commercial property. Business security cameras can take a huge weight off your shoulders, by being the extra set of eyes you need in the event something goes horribly wrong. But there are so many other reasons why you should consider installing a quality surveillance camera system for your New York business.  Whether you have 2 employees or 1,000 you can increase productivity just by letting employees know that they’re always being watched. The visual of the security cameras is something enough to stop potential dangers. Productivity: Wonder what your employees are doing all day? With security cameras you can track productivity of your workers and work on improving the efficiency of your business. Some business owners have more than one location and can only be present at one location at a time. With a security camera system, owners can monitor multiple locations at once. All businesses have problems with theft from clothing stores to banks. By installing surveillance cameras not only can you decrease theft from outside, but you can control internal theft. The price of surveillance cameras will always outweigh the costs due to theft.
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    No matter how much space you are trying to cover, or how many security cameras you think you need, our specialists can design and install a surveillance system that will meet your needs and give you the protection, and the secure financial position you want. Our staff are truly some of the best in designing and installing security camera systems and will listen to what you need to come up with the perfect solution for you. We will keep your property truly safe, and restore your peace of mind. When we plan your surveillance system, some security cameras will be placed in a very overt location to deter criminals while others will be positioned more covertly to gather information and evidence. Modern surveillance security systems that exceed your expectations and superior customer service are what set us apart from other companies.
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    We’re New York’s best for security camera installation Long Island.  Our surveillance company has its own team of service and installation technicians who are trained and certified in all of the technologies offered to our clients. Whether it is a simple video surveillance system or a complex IP megapixel system with analytics, our technical installation and service support teams have the training and expertise to install and service the technology that any application may require. Choosing the right equipment and technology for your surveillance system is an important part of the process, but a camera that has been improperly installed is actually counterproductive. Contact Alpha Computer Group today for all of your CCTV/Security Cameras needs @ (877) 608-8647.


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