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    Alpha Computer Group voip-300x146 Scores of businesses are using hosted VoIP to improve their business

    Seamless communications is the key to productivity and efficiency for many businesses that are dependent highly on customer’s communications. In fact their very growth and profit is dependent on efficient communication. Beginning in the last few decades scores of business have shifted from traditional phone systems to cloud based or hosted VoIP solutions. There are arrays of benefits in the form of long-list of features and new capabilities that comes at a surprisingly low cost when compared to traditional legacy phone system. Alpha Computer Group provides range of business telephone solutions like Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island.

    VoIP has simplified the communication by combining voice, video and data into one system to create highly efficient and much less complicated solution. Business of all size regardless of whether they are small, medium or large size enterprise, are reaping huge benefits in terms of cost savings and exceptional user experience after migrating to VoIP solution. This has also allowed business to free-up their resources to be used for core business activities (revenue generating activities). According to the industry expert Alpha Computer Group, there are primarily six benefits.

    Better expense management

    VoIP does not only help reduce your long distance rates, but is also pivotal in cutting many additional costs, for example costs related to network management, maintenance and upgrades. More interestingly VoIP solutions comes with features that typically legacy phone companies charge extra for. VoIP solutions also come with features that a legacy telephone system will never be able to deliver, such as video calls and web conferencing. All of these features will result into additional savings by eliminating the need to travel long distance or hold meetings in person.

    Enterprise class features

    Standard legacy telephone service comes with only limited features such as caller ID and voicemail. VoIP phone system comes with additional features that will help improve collaboration and productivity. Previously these features were only limited to large business and organizations. But not even small businesses can take advantage of these features through VoIP phone solution.

    Ensures business continuity

    Power loss or other natural disasters can leave your business stranded by cutting off access to phone or internet. Hosted VoIP offers failover and forwarding options which ensures your business continues running uninterrupted amidst of an emergency.

    Improved communications

    Not only your external customers benefits from improved features and quality that VoIP phone solution delivers, it even greatly enhances your internal communications also. Features such as presence indicator, instant conferencing, etc make it easier for employees to collaborate and improve business productivity.

    Easy management

    The most important thing is that it is not your business core activity to manage your phone system, so frankly why you should be spending so much of time managing your phone system. You can easily consolidate voice and data on one network with VoIP under one provider. This will not only save you much time but also simplify your management process.

    Staying connected

    Businesses today world over work with workforce that is increasingly mobile. The legacy phone system today is simply not a viable solution where managers keep moving around the office, and agents work remotely. The unmatched capabilities that comes with VoIP system such as to the ability to forward calls to a cell phone, receive emails, faxes and voice mails in one unified inbox means you can seamlessly remain connected no matter where you are.


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