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    Many of Manhattan small businesses out there are either weary of the new VoIP business telephone systems or they have never even heard of it. The brand new Voice over Internet Protocol business telephone systems sold, installed, and serviced by Alpha Computer Group have made a revolution in the way that NYC businesses are being conducted, and on a global scale as well. Large businesses as well as small businesses alike all over New York are able to take advantage of the many benefits that the VoIP business phone system has to offer.

    VoIP has actually come from a very long way in order to become what it is today, portable and useful. With the rapid improvements of technology each day, some of which is actually being developed in laboratories on Long island, these types of business telephone systems are progressing the VoIP industry. In the very beginning of time (with VoIP that is), VoIP business telephone systems were in need of a human to be at the computers in order for the system to be used, and also the sound quality was actually very poor.  Which is still a factor if your using a broadband connection or if you dedicated internet connection is being over utilized by also pc or computer traffic.  Now, with all of the voice technologies brand new improvements and advancement in technology, you are able to receive VoIP business telephone systems on a standard phone and the sound quality has improved a lot since a few years back.

    One of the major benefits of the VoIP business telephone system in your Manhattan office is that it will manage to significantly decrease your telephone operating costs. This is something that not many systems of this caliber cannot say about themselves. We have saved customers money by almost 60% in some cases.  You will also be able to have the same one network for both your phone system as well as your network system, which means that it will also help you save money by not paying for two separate bills each month. Additionally, the cost associated with monthly charges will decrease making it possible to pay off the phone system in less than a year in some cases just on the ROI factor.

    Another factor that makes the VoIP business telephone system so appealing to many different companies in Manhattan also known as New York, or New York City (NYC) is its flexibility. With this particular type of business telephone system, you will be able to use your phone system wherever you are as long as you can access a broadband connection or on your mobile phone with a 3g or 4g cellular connection. This means that no matter where you are or what you do, you will always have access to your company phone system. Whether you are travelling somewhere, or you are at home the end result is the same. You are even fully capable of using the VoIP business telephone system on your own personal laptop with a softphone, since many VoIP systems have an integrated telephony software which allows you to freely send and receive calls by using a unit that has been connected to your laptop.

    Another of the many great benefits of the VoIP business telephone system is that you can receive voice mail and faxes in your own e-mail box.  Talking about being green and saving trees!  Is that not something worth mentioning? This particular business telephone system will allow you to fully organize all of your messages onto your personal computer. You will also have the ability to access virtually any phone number in any area code you know without paying any sort of extras. Thanks to the VoIP business telephone system, if for example you desire to attract consumer that are living in California, you can have your own California phone number even though your business’ headquarters might be located in North Carolina.

    If you are still considering whether or not you should switch over to a VoIP business telephone system, you should take your time and consider what would be the best course of action for your own business. Once you decide to take this step, you should make sure that everything connected with the transition goes smoothly. Therefore, you might have to consider hiring an expert like Alpha Computer Group that will come and help you with the switch over to the new VoIP business telephone system. You can also try starting off a bit slow by only switching a few employees first in order to test this new business telephone system and carefully ease everyone to it. Also, in order for you to avoid any sort of issues, you will also need to make sure that your network security is up to date in order to avoid any cases of hackers, as you should already be doing this in order to protect your computers.

    We proudly service Manhattan, New York, NY, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and the entire Tri-State are.  For every and any Telephony needs call Alpha Computer Group at (877) 608 – 8647.

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