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    Often there are lots of questions that come to mind when looking out for security camera for the first time. Over last few years IP cameras have grown in popularity because of the hosts of benefits they offer including scalability and resolution. IP cameras are digital cameras that come with built-in web server and have the capability to transmit IP stream. Here are some of the features of IP Security Camera Systems, Manhattan presented by Alpha Computer Group. Alpha Computer Group, Long Island deals in Digital CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras System, IP cameras, Wireless Security Camera, FTP cameras, Night vision cameras.

    Past several decades have been the time of analogue cameras. Though over several decades analogue cameras have evolved much, their transmission technology has remained more-or-less same. Analogue camera system still uses standard coax cable, which means they are still limited by the amount of data that coax can transmit. IP camera on the other hand use either CAT 5 or CAT 6 cable both of which are designed to transmit much higher rate of data. IP security cameras are miniature computers in itself. They convert and compress video feed before they send it to the recorder. Here is the complete list of benefits that IP Security Camera Systems, Manhattan will deliver.

    Higher resolution

    IP Security Camera is a digital camera which uses progressive scanning to make full use of camera images. Thus also enables it to deliver more resolution than any analog camera with similar imagers. IP cameras are able to deliver high resolution images with up to 30 frames per second or real-time video.

    Easy to use

    Anyone with even a basic knowledge of computer can operate IP cameras. IP video system comes with easy to use menu which makes even first time users look like an experts.

    Future proof

    Just like any computer device or program even IP gears can be easily updated for new capabilities to keep up with changing technologies.


    IP security system makes continual monitoring of live activity easy and inexpensive. Unlike analog camera security system, IP camera security systems are proactive. IP systems are designed to be able to program to send alerts to personnel when there is a problem by sending live video footage to laptops and cell phones to grab immediate attention. This feature makes it extremely helpful even for other non-security purposes such as customer service, work-flow monitoring and deliveries.

    System integration

    IP camera security system provides unmatched compatibility. That means it can easily be teamed up with your alarm system or can even be integrate with lightning, environmental and for control access.


    Analogue camera requires up to three cables to capture video, audio and power, while IP camera just need single network cable for all the three functions. More over just one cable is sufficient to handle up to 4 to 8 or more cameras. Also in case of analogue camera system, you will need to buy entirely new recorder even if you have to add few extra cameras. That means on the long run IP cameras will help you save thousands of dollar, besides being highly scalable.

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