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    We Specialize in the Design and Installation of Security Camera Systems in NYC

    Our experienced staff can determine which camera system would be best for your unique situation. New York City Security Cameras will come to your location to determine the best system based on some of the following factors:

    •Other variables

    Security Camera Systems NYC, New York, NY

    Security cameras provide peace of mind through video monitoring. We provide a wide range of CCTV camera solutions for home and office – from easy-to-use inexpensive indoor security cameras to high end. Alpha Computer Group has been a leader in CCTV, Security Cameras Repair NYC since 2004 and we continue to offer our unique style consultations and value priced CCTV hardware.  For Business Security Cameras NYC our goal is to provide consumers with the most up to date security products at the best prices available on the market today. As security is advancing at such a rapid rate we try to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing unparalleled customer service and technical support. We offer CCTV, Security Camera Systems/Installation throughout NYC and New York State and we strive to stay on the forefront of the most up to date products and news in regards to our industry. Our Close Circuit TV Installation and Support delivers the latest in technology for securing your home or business in NYC. From real-time CCTV monitoring and digital recording to biometric access and time tracking, we provide solutions that put you in control.  For Security Camera Services in the NYC area call Alpha Computer Group today!

    Security Camera Installation in NYC, NY

    If you need a security system for your home or business in the New York City metropolitan area or the NYC area, Alpha Computer Group offers security camera systems and security camera installation services. We can help you choose from a wide range of video security systems that can be configured to meet your exact needs, designed to protect your home or business.

    A good camera system – if used properly – can produce a large return of investment (ROI).

    Don’t wait for an incident to occur!   Use your camera system as a proactive psychological deterrent to keep your employees on their toes.  It is important that the system you install is easy to use.  If it’s not simple,  it won’t be used.  We use the latest technology that simplifies the process and remains powerful yet extremely user friendly.  When it comes to the security of your building or facility, you want to have a system that enables you to monitor the activity in the workplace – anything less would be a waste.

    Who We Are:

    We are the premier provider of video security solutions including the latest IP Video Surveillance Camera Systems for all types of businesses, including but not limited to Manufacturers, Warehouses, Distributors, Office Buildings, Residential Properties, Schools, Synagogues, Temples, and Churches.

    Our services include:

    ◾Free Customized Video Surveillance  Systems design
    ◾Integration with other new or existing security cameras or devices
    ◾Client Training and Assistance

    Alpha Computer Group prides itself on supplying businesses located on NYC, Metro New York and its surrounding areas with advanced surveillance camera systems for better security and protection. We customize surveillance systems for your company’s requirements.

    Home Security Camera Installation NYC, New York, NY

    Many generic surveillance systems will not meet the needs of your company. This is where we come in: We design and install, systems specifically designed for your company’s needs.

    Alpha Computer Group is dedicated to bringing quality service to our clients. We offer free on-site consultations to companies in need of Video Surveillance Systems. For inquiries or consultation, feel free to contact us. We look forward to doing business with you.

    IP Security Camera Installation NYC

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    Commercial CCTV | Protect your place of business in NYC with high definition security cameras that not only records HD quality picture but also is designed to  blend seamlessly into your commercial space’s existing décor.

    Residential CCTV | Monitor who and what goes in and out of your place of residence in NYC with a wifi enabled network surveillance cameras. Investing in home surveillance systems secures your private property.

    Industrial CCTV | Security systems do more than just monitor break-ins and theft. Surveillance cameras discourage and record instances of insurance fraud, saving priceless money from law suits.

    Offices CCTV | Maximize the efficiency of your office. Security cameras keep employees inline and on time. CCTV can be accessed remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

    Burglaries are increasing in NYC however the great point is burglars are caught effortlessly due to the fact a vast majority of independent properties and condominium complexes have protection cameras that maintain record of each and every exercise going in and all around the home. A wide assortment of CCTV cameras can be found inside the industry so you can get one that fits to your needs. The latest CCTV cameras come with Internet connectivity so that the end users can view their properties from anywhere. Security would be the prime concern of human and only electronic gadgets can ensure full-proof protection to house owners and entrepreneurs.  Our professional Security Cameras Installers in NYC are highly-trained technicians, specialists in Security Cameras Installation, We offer Security Camera Installation New York City (Video Surveillance Camera Installation NYC), security camera systems sales and CCTV Cameras Installation NYC and other security products. Our CCTV Installation offers complete video surveillance cameras installation solutions for your home, and business.  If your looking for professional security cameras Installation in NYC, your in the right place!  Alpha Computer Group provides free estimates for Security Camera Installs and IP Cameras Installation, HD Cameras Installation, Security Cameras New York City and services.


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