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    Structured cabling are the critical network highways that enables communities, enterprises and governments to deliver voice, data and video traffic. The system also requires converged application to integrate and make it possible to deliver voice, data and video. These applications heavily rely on structured cabling infrastructure. It would be apt to say the structured cabling systems are the backbone of the modern information network. Alpha Computer Group has a comprehensive experience in designing and implementing structured cabling that will have significant impact on your construction cost and your ability to make painless technological changes in the future.

    Structured cabling is a set if standard that dictates how to wire the data center, office or a building for voice or data, with the use of Category 5 or Category 6 cable and modular socket. These standards are critical for ensuring the cables are laid in a start formation which gives way for outlets termination at the central patch panel. This is normally 19 inch rack mounted. From this place it is determined how each of the connections will be used. Each of the outlets is patched into the data network switch. It may also be patched into ‘Telecom Patch Panel’ that acts as a bridge into private branch exchange telephone system (PBX).

    Structured Cabling services offered by Alpha Computer Group

    • Complete end-to-end solution
    • Planning, designing, installation and integration
    • Ongoing support and monthly maintenance contract

    Alpha Computer Group is a preferred integrator for a number of cabling manufacturers because of which it can offer array of options. At Alpha Computer Group, the system is not only designed to meet the current needs of the organization, but it also leaves enough scope for easy integration of new technology solution and capacity. This kind of approach makes sure your network grows as you grow and adapt. Alpha Computer Group uses in-house design capabilities and using CAD technology, comes up with layout that connects all communication rooms and cable pathways, before commencement of actual installation. The highly experienced staff working on client projects makes sure the system designed at Alpha Computer Group meets the current needs efficiently while at the same time takes into account future system growth. Alpha Computer Group takes need based design approach which makes it possible to deliver system the client needs at the cost the client wants.

    One of the biggest challenge or aspect of structured cabling is to meet the IT needs of the business. To keep the system organized even after installation, Alpha Computer Group finalizes projects with documentation package, to ensure all the information is bundled at one place. This includes manufacturer’s certification, finalized and implemented floor plan showing cable pathways and unique cable identification, copper test results for each installed cables and fiber optic test results for each of the installed fiber along with vertical rack layouts.

    Contact Alpha Computer Group today to know how we can help implement structured cable in your organization.

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