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    Hempstead IT Consultants

    computer consultants, it consulting, network consultants-security-cameras-video-surveillance-systems-ip-mega-pixel-cameras-cctv-installation-repairs-nvr-dvr-alarms-intercoms-voip-alfacomputergroup-sip-web-cam-internet-remote-viewing Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

    We at Alpha Computer Group are always eager and delighted to discuss your information technology requirements. With the help of our staff of technical experts with over 10 years in business, we provide the Businesses of Hempstead New York with the power of Big Business knowledge and resources. Looking for an experienced IT Consulting firm in Hempstead? Look no further! We have over a decade of experience in configuring networks with thousands of computers and building hundreds of redundant, fault tolerant server systems for Hempstead. We are also known for our expert computer repair Hempstead and our professional laptop repair Hempstead. Alpha Computer Group can take care of your businesses entire Computer IT system in a more cost-effective manner for long term infrastructure management and support. By utilizing our working systems and expertise, you can have more time to focus on your core business processes and maximize available resources. Our services like Remote Support, Network design and Security, Virtualization, Server Migration, and Computer IT Network Managed Services will help boost your business productivity and efficiency. We offer wide range of IT Consulting and Technical Services. Alpha Computer Group’s goal is to provide New, Small to Enterprise Businesses in Hempstead with an Efficient Computer Technology System so it will allow them to concentrate on what they do best – run they’re business. We apply our Big Business knowledge to provide your business with the best solution within your budget. Since 2004 we have a proven track record in Hempstead for providing:

    • Trusted Partnerships
    • Efficient Solutions
    • Reliable Service
    • 24/7 On-Site Support
    • Competitive Pricing

    We think of your company as a partner and your success is our success.

    Some of the Consulting Services we provide:

    • Computer Network Security Hempstead
    • PC, Desktop, Workstation, Laptop, Notebook, Server Repair Hempstead (Computer Repair)
    • Windows Password Lost or Forgotten we will Reset it
    • Hardware/Software Installation, Troubleshooting, Repair, Upgrades, Maintenance
    • Computer Network Design, Installation, Security, Troubleshooting, Repair, Upgrades, Maintenance Hempstead
    • Internet (T1/DSL/Cable/VPN) Sharing Setup, Troubleshooting, Repair, Upgrades, Security, Maintenance Hempstead
    • Virus, Spyware, Trojan, Worm, Ransomware, Malware Removal Hempstead.
    • Backup and Data Recovery Hempstead
    • Router/Firewall Design, Installation, Troubleshooting, Repair, Upgrades, Maintenance Hempstead
    • Windows 9x, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 Server, Windows Small Business Server
    • Wireless Design, Installation, Security Hempstead
    • Point of Sale (POS) Hempstead
    • Remote Access, Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions Hempstead
    • PSTN, PRI, VoIP Telephone and PBX Systems Hempstead

    We provide all Standard Industry Based IT Services in Hempstead:

    ◾Hotel IT Computer Support and Services Hempstead
    ◾Contractors’ Office IT Computer Services Hempstead
    ◾IT Computer Services for Non-profit organizations Hempstead
    ◾Real Estate Agencies IT Computer Services Hempstead
    ◾Hospital IT Computer Services Hempstead
    ◾Manufacturing IT Computer Services Hempstead
    ◾Insurance Agencies IT Computer Services Hempstead
    ◾Medical IT Computer Services Hempstead
    ◾Clinics IT Computer Services Hempstead
    ◾Accounting IT Computer Services Hempstead
    ◾Law Firms IT Computer Services Hempstead
    ◾Private Charter Schools IT Computer Services Hempstead

    Education and certification, as well as hands on practices with latest technologies are mandatory for us. Contact us on how we can help your organization or company’s Computers or Network Support and Maintenance in Hempstead.

    IT Consultants

    Your Information Technology Department for Hempstead, NY

    Companies We Serve in Hempstead:

    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Computer Support for Business Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 PC Support Hotels Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 PC Support for Car dealerships Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 PC Support for Insurance Companies Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 PC Support for Contractors Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 PC Support for Accountants Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 PC Support for Attorneys Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 IT Support Medicine, Medical Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 PC Support Doctors Office Hempstead Alpha Computer Group’s Information

    Technology provides a full range of expert and reliable IT and Network consulting services for small and medium-sized businesses for Hempstead and throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. Our team of experienced Microsoft Professional computer consultants in Hempstead delivers an exceptional level of professional service and support for all of your network consulting needs.

    Providing IT Consulting Services for Successful Small Businesses. Your Hempstead’s #1 Technology Partner

    We will work with you to improve the security of your existing network, while ensuring a stable network infrastructure that can keep pace with your company’s growth. And we’ll keep all your critical systems and applications running at peak efficiency through daily troubleshooting and long-range planning, onsite and offsite maintenance, and regularly scheduled maintenance. From IT consulting to network design to network backup, Alpha Compute Group’s Information Technology has the strategic, cost-effective solutions for all of your network infrastructure needs.

    Hempstead IT Consulting

    •Full-time IT outsourcing provides the solution for all your IT needs
    •Part-time IT outsourcing on an as-needed basis
    •IT outsourcing augmentation works in conjunction with your internal IT staff
    •Office relocation services for seamless IT infrastructure migration

    Hempstead Network Support

    •24/7 network monitoring and support protects against internal and external threats •Email protection defends your network against spam, viruses and phishing
    •Data backup and recovery protects your valuable information
    •Help Desk service delivers fast, cost-effective problem-resolution support
    •Customized service plans support your specific needs and concerns
    •Fast, efficient and reliable response to any network issues

    Hempstead Network Monitoring

    •Preventive Maintenance to identify potential problems
    •Remote resolution before issues can flare up and disrupt your network
    •Anti-spam, anti-virus anti-spyware updates
    •Patch Management to ensure consistent system performance
    •External Vulnerability Scanning prevents hackers from exploiting system vulnerabilities •Backup Management and Administration protects your valuable information
    •Event Log Monitoring improves your system integrity
    •Escalation when issues cannot be resolved offsite

    Hempstead Network Repair

    •Fast, efficient and reliable response to network issues
    •Comprehensive remote and onsite service utilizing the latest software utilities and hardware technology
    •Expert computer network diagnosticians/computer consultants
    •Quick and reliable service

    Hempstead Network Design

    •A comprehensive network analysis geared to your financial and strategic needs •Optimized server performance with Microsoft products and tools
    •Improved internal communications, record keeping and information-sharing
    •Security-enhanced remote access
    •Affordable network installation and upgrade options

    Hempstead Network Backup

    •Strategic analysis and planning of your backup needs
    •Comprehensive backup strategies that support your critical data and infrastructure. •Uninterrupted core business functions in the event of natural and other disasters •Improved system integrity through rigorous data-backup testing
    •24/7 monitoring, alerting and reporting of all your data

    Hempstead Security Camera Systems

    Video surveillance systems for Hempstead, NY provides video security camera systems for both commercial and residential customers at affordable prices. We provide CCTV camera system sales as well as security camera systems installation for Hempstead. Our systems are state of the art and are designed to meet your needs. We have the best Security Camera Systems in Hempstead. We never use the cheap chinese knock-offs like every single CCTV Company in Hempstead. We are number 1 when it comes to Security Camera Installations in Hempstead. Our jobs are always neat, clean, and our Security Camera Installers are always professional. Our Video Surveillace Camera Systems are made in America and come with a 2 year warranty. We are an IT company so that means why would you trust a simple burglar alarm company or a plain old security camera company to intall IP Mega Pixel HD Security Cameras and/or IP Security Camera System in Hempstead? We are true Technology Consultants – Not “Alarm Guys” or “Camera Guys”. Contact Alpha Computer Group for Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarms, Burglar Alarms System, CCTV Cameras, Home Alarm Systems, Home Security, Home Security Cameras, Home Security Companies, Home Security Monitoring, Home Security Systems, Home Surveillance Cameras, Home Surveillance Systems, Security Cameras, Security Systems, Surveillance Systems, Alarm Systems in Hempstead, Burglar Alarms in Hempstead, Burglar Alarms System in Hempstead, CCTV Cameras in Hempstead, Home Alarm Systems in Hempstead, Home Security in Hempstead, Home Security Cameras in Hempstead, Home Security Companies in Hempstead, Home Security Monitoring in Hempstead, Home Security Systems in Hempstead, Home Surveillance Cameras in Hempstead, Home Surveillance Systems in Hempstead, Security Cameras in Hempstead, Security Systems in Hempstead, Surveillance Systems in Hempstead, and in surrounding areas.

    Hempstead Access Control Systems

    Alpha Computer Group is your access control system setup contractors and installers for Hempstead, NY. Our services include video intercom installation and access control systems wiring, plenum wire runs, wall plate installation, install intercom systems and wiring for businesses and homeowners in Hempstead, New York for over 10 years and still counting! Video intercoms and access control systems wiring and installation is what we love doing. Having a video intercom system installed is your best guarantee of security and safety, as video intercoms allows you to interact with any person knocking on your door before allowing access into the safety of your home or business in Hempstead. Screening visitors is a must nowadays with the rising crime rate in Hempstead and surrounding cities. Don’t open your door to a complete stranger, as most home invasions that result in injury or robberies do happen due to unauthorized persons entering a secure area such as the safety of your own home or the restricted areas of a business establishment in Hempstead. A video intercom and access control system in Hempstead lets you decide who can enter your home or business premises before being intimidated by the face-to-face interaction with an stranger. You get the control you need even in those instances when you want to avoid talking to door-to-door salesmen or other solicitors which real intentions are questionable. Don’t become a victim of the circumstances, protect yourself and your loved ones by screening any person that approaches your property. Installing a video intercom and access control system is really affordable and provides added peace of mind when dealing with strangers at your door. Securing your business, store, office or commercial property is our top priority for Hempstead. We have high security locks and locking solutions for all kinds of business or homes of all sizes. Whether you need a high security nice looking decorative door lock for your store front or a hi-tech magnetic lock system for your entry gate or entry doors you can call us. Hempstead Commercial Access Control works towards your commercial security. Protecting your business from unwanted risks our Business Access Control System services in Hempstead are meant to provide you high-tech locks, access control, communication and surveillance for your business or home.

    Hempstead Intercom Systems

    Alpha Computer Group is a Hempstead Intercom Systems Specialist Since 2004. Need intercom service? Alpha Computer Group is an intercom system provider and installation specialist in Hempstead. We can help you with Home and business intercom installation, repair, Upgrade, services serving Hempstead and the entire New York Tri-State Area. Home, Business, Office Intercom System for Hempstead. Get the best intercom system at affordable price. We have provided intercom equipment and installation services for these applications; Homes – Offices- Apartments – Apartment Buildings – Condos – Commercial – Residential – Educational – Industrial – Government – Healthcare – Hospitality – Transportation. We are your best choice among intercom companies in Hempstead and we install Comelit intercom, M&S intercom, Elvox intercom, Tektone, LeeDan, Algo Solutions, AsteriskPBX, Digium, Elastix, Nutone and Aiphone intercom equipments and products. We offer Free estimate and consulting if you need school intercom, doctors and office intercom or if you are a home owner and in need of audio video intercom system, or just audio intercoms. We also do home intercom system repairs and upgrades. Call us for best price on intercom service, voip intercom, ip intercom, ethernet intercom, telephone intercom, intercom radio and voice intercom in Hempstead and the New York Tri-State Area. Get the best intercom system in Hempstead with audio, video and security capabilities for your home and business. Need intercom installation service? Alpha Computer Group is your intercom system provider and installation specialist in Hempstead. Video Intercom Replacement for Nutone Systems. Video intercom system and audio intercom systems to replace old Nutone system at affordable price. Give us a call to find how we can help you with your intercom problems and which replacement system is suitable for your location. What if you are in need of Gate Intercom or Apartment intercoms? Gate intercoms are usually hard wired or wireless with video and audio options which also provides a striker to open the gate. We provide Doorking gate audio video intercom which are reliable and dependable. Call us for affordable price on video interphone, video entry system, video door entry, wireless video doorbell, video interphone system, doorphone, video intercom, intercomsystem, video deurintercom, Comelit interkom, Aiphone, Nutone and Tektone. We offer Hempstead Intercom System Sales, Installation and Service. We are Authorized Aiphone, Channel Vision, Algo Solutions, AsteriskPBX, Digium, Elastix, Elan, Lutron, Nutone, Freepbx, Linear, Comelit, Asterisk, Algo Solutions, Avaya, Niles, X-10, Xantech, Z-Wave, Lee Dan (LeeDan), DirecVU intercom system sales, installation and service specialist. Contact Alpha Computer Group for Complete Network Consulting for Hempstead, NY. Come learn more about how Alpha Computer Group’s consulting services for Hempstead can help your Hempstead business. We provide comprehensive IT consulting, network consulting support and IT outsourcing services for small and medium-sized businesses in Hempstead and surrounding area’s including Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, NYC and the entrire NY Tri-State area. Alpha Computer Group is a proud member of the business community of Hempstead, NY.

    Why Customers Choose Alpha Computer Group:

    Computer Network Consulting Hempstead
    Network Security Hempstead
    Back Up Consulting Hempstead
    Server Services Hempstead
    Microsoft Server Products Hempstead
    Help Desk Solutions Hempstead

    We have over 10 years of experience solving complicated and frustrating computer problems for the average small business or home user in Hempstead. We have successfully serviced over 5000 customers in the New York Metropolitan area since 2004. We have been labeled the experts in the business of IT, Telecom, and Security in the Hempstead area. We have a wide variety of expertise and can solve your entire computer and IT needs. We have personal and courteous service and we treat each customer like they are family. We are known by our customers for going above and beyond the call of duty to repair a problem. Experts in PC Repair Network, you can have your computer repaired quickly and efficiently. We offer a variety of computer repair services for Hempstead to meet you needs. Our free consultation will save you time and money from taking your computer to an expensive computer shop just for them to tell you your computer doesn’t work. Our technicians are certified specialist with over 25 years combined experience solving the most complex and frustrating problems that you have with your computer. One call to Alpha Computer Group is all it takes to solve those frustrating computer problems in Hempstead and begin enjoying your computer again. If you live in the Hempstead area and are in need of computer service please contact us today! We can handle any computer, network, or security issues you are having in the Hempstead area. Below you will find a list of repairs that we commonly do to Laptops & Desktops:

    security-cameras-video-surveillance-systems-ip-mega-pixel-cameras-cctv-installation-repairs-nvr-dvr-alarms-intercoms-voip-alfacomputergroup-sip-web-cam-internet-remote-viewing Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1DC Jacks Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Motherboard Replacements Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Video Issues Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Sound Issues Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 LCD Screen Replacement Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Network / Wireless Issues Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Hard Drive Updates Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Memory Upgrades Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Issues Powering On Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Computer Running Slow Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Virus Removal Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Blue Screen of Death Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Will Not Boot Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 No Connectivity Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Networking Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Anti-virus Installation Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Firewall Configurations Hempstead

    If you have a computer related issue and need help please contact Alpha Computer. Our staff gives personal and courteous service and is ready to help you with any of your IT needs.

    Hempstead PC Repair | Hempstead Computer Services | Laptop Repair Hempstead, NY

    PC repair Hempstead computer repair. Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Virus Removal, and Spyware removal specialists. On-Site or drop-off laptop, drop off computer and computer repair services in Hempstead, NY.

    Computer Repair Hempstead | Computer Support Services | Laptop, PC Repair Hempstead NY

    Membership based onsite and remote computer repair Hempstead NY. Our computer support services save you time and money. Laptop repair, pc repair Hempstead NY.

    Residential and business computer services in Hempstead: Acer, Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba pc and desktop computer repair Hempstead. Computer network security, email server support, home theater set-up, internet set-up, managed IT services, network support Hempstead, remote data back-up, secure remote repair, shared internet office, virus removal, wireless network support, and more.

    Hempstead Computer Repair Services | IT Support & Networking Hempstead

    We are an IT solutions company made up of the best computer consultants in Hempstead offering unmatched IT support, computer repair and networking services in the Hempstead, New York area. IT Consulting Hempstead Say Goodbye to Outrageous Pricing in Hempstead…

    Why Choose Alpha Computer Group for Computer, Network & IT Services Hempstead?

    • Veterans of corporate business and government
    • We specialize in redundant systems
    • Server analysts of the highest level
    • Vast HP/Dell/IBM experience
    • Vast MS/Exchange/IIS/DNS/LINUX/Asterisk/VoIP/UNIX/Apache experience
    • Lock in your IT budget
    • Founded in 2004

    IT Consulting Hempstead

    What Can We Help Your Hempstead Business With?


    Computer Repair Hempstead
    Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    Networking Consulting Hempstead
    Computer Desktop Support Hempstead
    Laptop Repair Hempstead
    IT Managed Solutions Hempstead
    Network Security Installation Hempstead
    Server Repair Hempstead
    Network Security Hempstead
    IT Performance and Analysis Hempstead
    Network Consultants Hempstead
    Servers Hempstead
    Computer Consultants Hempstead
    Email Hempstead
    Router Configuration Hempstead
    IT, Telecom, Security Management Hempstead
    Host Monitoring Hempstead
    IT Consultants Hempstead
    Backup & Recovery Mail Servers Hempstead
    Spam Filtering Hempstead
    Virus Protection Hempstead


    We Support: HP, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Veritas, Linux, Apple, and everything else

    Advanced Technical Care – Comprehensive Technology Support Hempstead:

    ◾ Faster response times with remote connectivity tools
    ◾ Remote connectivity tools for your users as well
    ◾ Real-time notification of critical system events
    ◾ Automated routine maintenance
    ◾ Hardware & software asset inventory
    ◾ Monitoring of other compatible network devices
    ◾ Antivirus and spyware protection included

    Restore Anywhere – Multi-Site & Multi-State Disaster Recovery Solutiin Hempstead:

    ◾ Hands-off and hassle-free
    ◾ Runs all day
    ◾ Daily multi-site system replication
    ◾ Current off-site data shipped overnight upon request
    ◾ On-site virtualization of failed servers
    ◾ Flexible restore options
    ◾ The best way to survive any local disaster
    ◾Management-free internet based filter
    ◾Eliminates spam before it gets to your network
    ◾Outbound smart host eliminates outbound trust issues
    ◾Local support for your email and server issues
    ◾We take care of it all for you!

    Additional IT Services Hempstead: Server Configuratiin Hempstead

    HP/Compaq, Dell, IBM Hempstead

    Microsoft Mail Servers Hempstead

    Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0-2013 Hempstead

    Other Microsoft Servers Hempstead

    IIS Web, SMTP, & FTP Servers, Microsoft SQL Server, Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) Hempstead

    Microsoft Operating Systems Hempstead

    NT 4.0-2012 Server & Client, Apple, Microsoft, Linux, Unix Hempstead

    Backup or Redundancy Related Services Hempstead

    Data recovery, Disaster planning, Disaster recovery Hempstead

    Restore and Backup Anywhere Hempstead

    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Veritas Backup Exec Assistance
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Acronis Backup and Restore
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Help with other backup software packages
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Storage Craft
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 RAID array
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 UPS systems
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Battery Backup

    Network Related Services Hempstead

    Router Assistance Hempstead
    Firewall Configuration Hempstead
    Network Traffic Analysis Hempstead
    Network Cabling Hempstead
    Network Security Services Hempstead
    Network Integration Hempstead
    Internet Connectivity T1, Cable, DSL Hempstead
    Remote Access Tools and VPN configuration Hempstead
    Network Maintenance Hempstead
    Network Infrastructure Design Hempstead

    Enterprise Mail/Spam Filtering Assistance Hempstead

    SMTP/Exchange Gurus/Hmailserver/Postfix/Sendmail/Spam Cycle/Postini/McAfee/SpamAssassin Hempstead

    IT Computer Onsite Services Hempstead

    Computer Network IT Outsourcing, MIS Technician Support, Help Desk Support Hempstead Alpha Computer Group is proud to provide IT consulting, Networking and computer services to the businesses of Hempstead New York.

    Computer Repair Hempstead | Onsite Hempstead, NY computer support | Hempstead PC support

    computer services, computer repairs, computer repair, computer installations, computer support, computer maintenance, computer repair services, computer troubleshooting, pc repair, pc support, pc services, pc consultant, pc consulting, pc troubleshooting, hardware repair, data recovery, computer repairs Hempstead, IT professionals, IT consulting, pc service, computer system consulting, computer system consultant.

    Our Hempstead Computer Technicians

    ◾Every Tech has over five years of hands-on IT experience
    ◾Microsoft Engineers
    ◾Cisco Experts
    ◾Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, Professionals
    ◾Apple, HP, Dell Technicians
    ◾MYSQL, Postgres, Foxpro Database Administrators
    ◾Computer Technician Geeks

    Hempstead Industry Expertise

    computer consultants, it consulting, network consultants-security-cameras-video-surveillance-systems-ip-mega-pixel-cameras-cctv-installation-repairs-nvr-dvr-alarms-intercoms-voip-alfacomputergroup-sip-web-cam-internet-remote-viewing Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

    ◾Accounting Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Appraisal Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Architecture Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Automotive Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Banking Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Builders Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾City Government Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Contruction Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Dental Care Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Distribution Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Distributors Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Ecommerce Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Education Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Energy Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Finance Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Financial Services Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾General Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Healthcare Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Hospitality Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Industrial Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Insurance Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Legal Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Law Office Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Logistics Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Manufacturing Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Medical Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    Doctor Office Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Non Profit Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Professional Services Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Property Management Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Public Safety Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Real Estate Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Religious Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Restaurants Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Retail Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Service Industry Computer IT Consulting Hempstead
    ◾Transportation Computer IT Consulting Hempstead

    Computer Network Systems Hempstead

    We support Hempstead Dell, Juniper, Edgewater, Compaq, HP Hewitt Packard, Toshiba, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, NEC, Creative, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Intel, AMD, IBM, Cisco, Novel, 3COM, Exchange 2003 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Sql Server 2003, Sonic Wall and more.

    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Onsite Business Support Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Technical Experts Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Network Assessments Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Block Hour Plans Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Computer Technicians Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Discount Support Plans Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Urgent 24/7 IT Support Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Help Desk Solutions Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Managed IT Services Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Maintenance Support Plans Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Project Management Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 IT Solution Partner Hempstead
    video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Outsource IT Hempstead

    Computer Repair | Network IT Services in Hempstead:

    computer consultants, it consulting, network consultants-security-cameras-video-surveillance-systems-ip-mega-pixel-cameras-cctv-installation-repairs-nvr-dvr-alarms-intercoms-voip-alfacomputergroup-sip-web-cam-internet-remote-viewing Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

    Network Design & Site Layout Hempstead
    DSL and Cable Modems Hempstead
    Router Installatiin Hempstead
    Ethernet Switches and Hubs Hempstead
    Topology Design Hempstead
    Network Protocol Architectures Hempstead
    Home Office Networks Hempstead
    RAID Arrays Drives Hempstead
    IP Addresses & Subnet’s Hempstead
    Virtual Private Network (VPN) Hempstead
    Data Recovery and Security Hempstead
    TCP/IP, IP, IPX, ICMP, Network Protocols Hempstead
    Back up Tapes Hempstead
    Kiosk Installatiin Hempstead
    MS SQL Server Hempstead
    Windows NT Server Hempstead
    Windows 2000 Server Hempstead
    Windows 2003 Server Hempstead
    Windows 2008 Server Hempstead
    Windows 2012 Server Hempstead
    Exchange Server Hempstead
    DNS Server Hempstead
    Encryptiin Hempstead
    Server Repair Hempstead
    Virtual Server Hempstead
    Proxy Server Hempstead
    Mail Server Hempstead
    PC Computer Repair Hempstead
    PC Repair Hempstead
    PC Maintenance And Repair Hempstead
    PC Power Supply Repair Hempstead
    Home PC Repair Hempstead
    PC Repair Service Hempstead
    Onsite PC Repair Hempstead
    Hempstead PC Repair Hempstead
    PC Repair Services Hempstead
    PC Repair And Upgrade Hempstead
    PC Computer System Repair Hempstead
    Local PC Repair Hempstead
    PC Computer Fix And Repair Hempstead
    PC Repair Business Hempstead
    Cheap PC Repair Hempstead
    In Home Computer Repair Hempstead
    Window PC Repair Hempstead
    PC Diagnostics Hempstead
    Computer Upgrades Hempstead
    Networking Hempstead
    Computer Networking Hempstead
    Home Networks Hempstead
    Business Networking Hempstead
    Wireless Networking Hempstead
    Wireless Network Security Hempstead

    computer consultants, it consulting, network consultants-security-cameras-video-surveillance-systems-ip-mega-pixel-cameras-cctv-installation-repairs-nvr-dvr-alarms-intercoms-voip-alfacomputergroup-sip-web-cam-internet-remote-viewing Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

    Network Security Hempstead
    Network Cabling Hempstead
    Network Cable Installatiin Hempstead
    Residential Network Cabling Hempstead
    Structured Media Cabling Hempstead
    Commercial Network Cabling Hempstead
    VoIP PBX Telephone Systems Hempstead
    VoIP PBX Models Hempstead
    VoIP Telephones Hempstead
    Desktop Support Hempstead
    Computer Network Block Time Hempstead
    Peer to Peer Network Hempstead
    Complete IT Support Hempstead
    Computer Systems Hempstead
    Spyware and Adware Removal Hempstead
    Certified Hardware Hempstead
    Microsoft Exchange IT Hempstead
    System ER Hempstead
    Network Integrator Hempstead
    Back Up Security Hempstead
    Network Services Hempstead
    Web Servers Hempstead
    Software Modules Hempstead
    Remote Connectivity Hempstead
    Application Hosting Hempstead
    Web Site Development Hempstead
    Web Sites Hempstead
    Web Site Maintenance Hempstead
    Web Hosting Hempstead
    Search Engine Myths Hempstead
    Search Engine Submissiin Hempstead
    Help Desk Hempstead
    Microsoft Software Hempstead

    Hempstead computer repair | Computer Consulting Hempstead | On-Site Computer Repair

    Is your computer freezing-up or slowing down? Is your hardware giving you trouble or stopped working? T ell us about your computer repair situation in Hempstead. We support Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Linux, Apple, and Servers.

    Business Networking and Repair Services. Computer Repair Hempstead to Network Consulting Services and Information Technology Solutions for businesses on Hempstead. Alpha Computer Group’s Computer Repair Services Technical Support department keeps Hempstead moving. Hempstead Computer Repair to Structured Network Cabling Hempstead. 24/7 Technical Support for your home or small business; from Full Service IT support, business IT Computer Consulting to general Computer Maintenance, Computer Networking, Laptop Computer Repair Service, Home Computer Repair Service, Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, IT For Your Business, AIX, Hempstead, Virus Removal, Spyware Removal, Data Recovery, Website Design, Computer Repair, Data Transfers, Wireless Networking, Commercial WiFi, Hempstead Macintosh Repair, Virus/Spyware Removal, Data Backup, Network Security, Networking Services, Service Contracts, IT Managed Services, Telephone Systems, VoIP, Hempstead, Asterisk, Linux, Unix, Internet Services, Website Services, Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Premium Web Hosting, Hempstead SEO.

    We provide HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, no-brand-name computer support, Virus Infection Removal, Data Backup Recovery, Computer Upgrades, Microsoft computer installations, computer installation, virus repair, virus help, Home Automation, McAfee virus protection, Remote Data Backups, Norton virus removal, Business PC Service, IT Technology Partners, computer services, Home Networking, Computer Consultant, Gateway computer repairs, Hempstead Computer Repair, Hempstead Computer, network setup, IBM computer technicians, Discount IT Service Plans, data recovery, peripheral trouble-shooting, Onsite Computer Support, professional Windows computer techs, Onsite Computer Support, pc technicians, system recovery, Server Monitoring, home computer installations, Automated Data Backups, Sony Viao hardware repair, Structured Wiring, Remove Viruses/Spyware, software upgrade, Computer Consulting, DSL Internet modem setup, Computer Assessments, wireless network configuration, Wiring/Network Cabling, internet service repair, Smart Homes, email diagnostics, Business PC Consulting, Business Continuity Plans, Structured Cabling, Wireless Networking,computer fixing, virus protection, Managed IT, Computer Phone Support, Wifi / Wi-Fi Service, fast response onsite technical assistance, Computer Wiring Service, cdrom/dvd/video/sound repair, Help Desk Services, IT Solutions, workstation/laptop/notebook/desktop services and support.

    Experienced On-Site Computer Repair Hempstead

    PC repair in Hempstead. We are the most prepared and equipped on-site Computer Repair Consultants in Hempstead. Our rapid on-site and affordable “shop-service” computer repair services include software trouble-shooting and hardware repair of all IBM compatible brands, including DELL, HP, Sony, IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, Gateway, as well as “no name” brands. We are experts at high-speed connection setup and can quickly resolve DSL/Cable Modem connectivity and sharing issues. We will quickly setup your network with file and printer sharing in Southlake at affordable rates, deliver parts and equipment at no extra cost, and most importantly, support what we service. We stand by our work with an industry leading Service Warranty and continuous telephone support.

    Virus Removal & Protectiin Hempstead

    Is your computer acting strangely? Have your colleagues been receiving suspicious-looking emails from you? If you detect or suspect a virus on your computer, please contact us immediately! Tell us the symptoms and we can tell you the name of the virus you have. We are experts at properly removing viruses, patching up the damage and safely protecting your files in the future.

    Hardware Installations, Repairs and Upgrades Hempstead

    Many computers can be upgraded to improve performance. We can add more memory, hard disks and even change the processor. We are highly experienced in upgrading PCs and adding peripherals. See Peripherals for our select list of recommended printers, scanners, CD Writers, cameras, display cards and more.

    Computer Data Recovery Hempstead

    You can never be too safe these days. We can effectively locate all of your important files and back them up to tape drives or CDs for you. We can set up a low cost automated back up solution for home or business data backups. Keeps copies of your valuable files, documents and email by making sure you run regular back-ups. New Computer Systems Hempstead We will completely setup your new computer, including your printer, scanner, camera, palm pilot etc. We can also train you and/or your company how to use the new equipment.

    PC Tune-ups Hempstead

    Hempstead NY PC tune up. Let a professional tune-up your system for peak performance and security. Our 60 minute tune-up will make your computer run like new!

    Services cover the flowing areas:

    ◾Remove unnecessary programs from starting
    ◾Update virus software and check for viruses*
    ◾Uninstall unnecessary programs
    ◾Delete “trash” and temporary files
    ◾Remove unnecessary network settings
    ◾Fine-tune display settings and set display to fit monitor window
    ◾Run diagnostic software and correct disk/directory errors
    ◾Defragment the hard drive for better performance

    Computer PC Maintenance Dust Cleaning Hempstead

    Desktop service in Hempstead, NY. Dust is the silent PC killer. A virus will ruin your data or freeze your PC, but dust can destroy your hardware thru heat build up or in extreme cases, cause a fire. Major computer publications always recommend a cleaning the inside of your computer once every 6 months and at a minimum, a full cleaning every year.

    PC Software Repair and Support Hempstead

    MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, ACT, QuickBooks, Peach Tree, File Maker pro, ACT, Quicken, AOL etc.) E-mail, Internet and DSL Repair & Support Hempstead Networking in Hempstead NY. Need to get connected? Can’t get your workstation to link to your cable-modem or DSL connections properly? We can quickly fix most e-mail problems on most messaging systems such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Exchange, AOL, etc. We are experts at fixing all AOL problems. We can also share your internet connection amongst multiple computer workstations and/or setup a local or wireless network. We will work with AND complement the work of your existing IT dept in Hempstead, New York.

    We offer Business contingency planning, Computer Repair Hempstead, Hempstead Laptop Repair, Hewlett Packard computer servicing, Microsoft Networks,Compaq pc services, IT Outsourcing Hempstead, MS Office computer training, network storage, Windows Support, Computer Service Technician, computer consulting, IT professionals, Computer Support Hempstead, House Wiring, install new computers, Firewalls & Security, Anti-Virus Protection, system updates, Desktop PC Maintenance, tape backup systems, Dell computer maintenance, email problems, Hempstead Computer Service, router/switch/hub set up, data backup solutions, IT Technical Support, software specialists, Microsoft Windows Vista, Pay as you go Support, computer solutions, Business Computer Service, computer repair, computer service, IT Project Management, computer help, IT consulting, Emergency Support, computer support, IT Consulting/IT Support, computer trouble-shooting, pc repairs, Computer Troubleshooting, Internal Network Security, End User Tech Support, pc support, Computer Networks, pc consultant, Microsoft Networking, computer repair services, pc troubleshooting, Computer Service Rates, Intel Pentium hardware repair, Hempstead Computer Support, Disaster Recovery Planning, Business Computer Consulting and home networks.

    Urgent Computer Network Technical:

    ◾Computer Errors Hempstead
    ◾ Failed Hard Drives Hempstead
    ◾ Lost Data Files Hempstead
    ◾System Crashes Hempstead
    ◾Software Errors Hempstead

    Internet Issues Hempstead

    ◾File System Error Hempstead
    ◾ Printer Error/Failure Hempstead
    ◾ Server Error/Failure Hempstead
    ◾ Email Access Problem Hempstead

    Network Connectivity Hempstead

    ◾Virus/Spyware Infectiin Hempstead
    ◾ Network Security Support Hempstead
    ◾ Same Day Urgent Support Hempstead
    ◾ 24 Hour Urgent IT Support Hempstead
    ◾ Desktop Computers Hempstead
    ◾ Routine Maintenance Hempstead
    ◾ Computer Troubleshooting Hempstead
    ◾ Software Installatiin Hempstead
    ◾ General Tech Support Hempstead
    ◾ Virus/Spyware Removal Hempstead
    ◾ File and Printer Sharing Hempstead

    New Computer Set Up Hempstead

    ◾Computer Upgrades Hempstead
    ◾ OS Installation/Rebuild Hempstead
    ◾ Desktop Configuratiin Hempstead
    ◾ Email/Internet Set Up Hempstead
    ◾ PC Diagnostic Testing Hempstead

    Remote Support Hempstead

    ◾New Printer Set Up Hempstead
    ◾ New User Set Up Hempstead
    ◾ New Peripheral Setup Hempstead
    ◾ User Training Hempstead
    ◾ Performance Tune-Up Hempstead
    ◾ Network & Internet Hempstead
    ◾Network Troubleshooting Hempstead
    ◾ IT Architecture Design Hempstead
    ◾Network Hardware Support Hempstead
    ◾ Network System Upgrades Hempstead
    ◾ Network Configuratiin Hempstead
    ◾ Windows Active Directory Hempstead
    ◾ Local/Wide Area Network Hempstead

    Internet Connectivity Hempstead

    ◾Network Troubleshooting Hempstead
    ◾ Managed Services Hempstead
    ◾ Telecommunications Hempstead
    ◾T1, Broadband, Wireless, DSL, Frame Relay Hempstead
    ◾VoIP Solutions Hempstead
    ◾ Log-on Scripts Hempstead

    Wiring & Cabling Hempstead

    ◾Patch Panels/Racks Hempstead
    ◾Routers & Switches Hempstead
    ◾Wireless Networks Hempstead
    ◾ Network Relocatiin Hempstead
    ◾ UPS Backup Power Hempstead
    ◾ Video Surveillance Hempstead
    ◾ Security Camera Systems Hempstead
    ◾ IP Mega Pixel HD Security Cameras Hempstead
    ◾ Alarm Sytems Hempstead
    ◾ Burglar Alarms Hempstead
    ◾ Access Control System Hempstead
    ◾ Biometrics Access Control System Hempstead
    ◾ Retinal – Eye Scanner Access Control Hempstead

    Server Support Hempstead

    ◾Windows 2000 Server Hempstead
    ◾Windows NT Server Hempstead
    ◾Microsoft SQL Server Hempstead
    ◾Small Business Server Hempstead
    ◾Terminal Server Hempstead
    ◾ Microsoft Exchange Server Hempstead
    ◾ Microsoft IIS Server Hempstead
    ◾ Remote Access Server (RAS) Hempstead
    ◾ File and Print Server Hempstead

    Application Servers Hempstead

    ◾Linux Server Hempstead
    ◾UNIX Server Hempstead
    ◾Novel Server Hempstead
    ◾IBM Server Hempstead
    ◾Web Server Hempstead
    ◾DNS Server Hempstead
    ◾IIS Server Hempstead
    ◾Apache Server Hempstead
    ◾Asterisk PBX Server Hempstead
    ◾Hosted Exchange Server Hempstead

    Computer Network Security Hempstead

    ◾Firewall Security Hempstead
    ◾Anti-Virus Protectiin Hempstead
    ◾Spyware/Adware Hempstead
    ◾Intrusion Detectiin Hempstead
    ◾Hotfix/Patch Installations Hempstead
    ◾Internal Network Security Hempstead
    ◾Network Penetration Testing Hempstead
    ◾Acceptable Use Policies Hempstead
    ◾Internet Security Hempstead
    ◾Network Monitoring Hempstead
    ◾Network Access Audits Hempstead
    ◾System Integrity Checks Hempstead

    Email Service and Servers Hempstead

    ◾Mail Servers Hempstead
    ◾ Mailing Lists Hempstead
    ◾Email Spam Filtering Hempstead
    ◾Email Virus Filtering Hempstead
    ◾Email Configuratiin Hempstead
    ◾Hosted Microsoft Exchange Hempstead

    Website & eCommerce Hempstead

    ◾General Website Support Hempstead
    ◾Website Design Hempstead
    ◾Website Hosting Hempstead
    ◾Email Hosting Hempstead
    ◾DNS Hosting Hempstead
    ◾Domain Registratiin Hempstead
    ◾eBusiness Strategy Hempstead
    ◾E-Commerce Stores Hempstead
    ◾Shopping Carts Hempstead
    ◾Flash & Interactive Design Hempstead
    ◾Custom Web Applications Hempstead
    ◾Database Integratiin Hempstead
    ◾Intranet/Extranet Design Hempstead
    ◾Content Development Hempstead
    ◾Content Management Hempstead
    ◾Website Promotiin Hempstead
    ◾Internet Advertising Hempstead
    ◾Search Engine Marketing Hempstead
    ◾SEO Hempstead
    ◾Usability Analysis Hempstead
    ◾Customer Surveys Hempstead
    ◾SSL Certificates Hempstead
    ◾PHP, ASP, XML, JAVA Hempstead

    Data Backup and Data Recovery Hempstead

    ◾Automated Backups Hempstead
    ◾Offsite Data Storage Hempstead
    ◾Storage Area Networks Hempstead
    ◾Disaster Recovery Plan Hempstead
    ◾Data Backup Restoratiin Hempstead
    ◾Network Attached Storage Hempstead
    ◾Business Continuity Planning Hempstead
    ◾Data Redundancy Solutions Hempstead
    ◾RAID Storage Solutions Hempstead

    Database Administrators Hempstead

    ◾Database Design Hempstead
    ◾Database Administratiin Hempstead
    ◾Database Tuning Hempstead
    ◾Database Backups Hempstead
    ◾Database Restores Hempstead
    ◾Database Migrations Hempstead

    Computer Hardware Hempstead

    ◾Custom Built Computers Hempstead
    ◾Custom Built Servers Hempstead
    ◾Laptop Support & Service Hempstead
    ◾Computer System Upgrades Hempstead
    ◾Computer Repair Hempstead
    ◾Laptop Repair Hempstead
    ◾ Hard Drive Upgrades Hempstead
    ◾Memory Upgrades Hempstead

    Managed IT Services Hempstead

    ◾Managed Service/Support Hempstead
    ◾CTO Services Hempstead
    ◾Data Backup Solutions Hempstead
    ◾Anti-Spam Filtering Hempstead
    ◾Network Management Hempstead
    ◾Help Desk Support Hempstead
    ◾Managed Services Hempstead
    ◾Anti-Virus Solutions Hempstead
    ◾Remote Management/Support Hempstead
    ◾E-Mail Server Support Hempstead
    ◾Asset Management Hempstead
    ◾Managed Off-Site Backups Hempstead

    Other IT Services Hempstead

    ◾Software Development Hempstead
    ◾Vendor Management Hempstead
    ◾ IT Contract Negotiations Hempstead
    ◾ IT Policies & Procedures Hempstead
    ◾ Office Relocations Hempstead
    ◾ Senior Level Tech Support Hempstead
    ◾ Multi-Tiered Environments Hempstead
    ◾ Complex Data Migrations Hempstead
    ◾ Advanced Troubleshooting Hempstead
    ◾ Maintenance/Monitoring Hempstead
    ◾ Project Outsourcing Hempstead
    ◾ Specialized Training Hempstead
    ◾ IT Compliance Audits Hempstead
    ◾ Network Diagrams Hempstead
    ◾ Network Architecture Hempstead

    Flat-Fee Rates | IT Computer Maintenace Contracts Hempstead

    ◾Infrastructure Analysis Hempstead
    ◾ Network Redesign Hempstead
    ◾Data Center Solutions Hempstead
    ◾Legacy System Support Hempstead
    ◾Server/Network Management Hempstead
    ◾ Hardware Procurement Hempstead
    ◾Technical Reviews Hempstead
    ◾Software Licensing Hempstead
    ◾IT Asset Management Hempstead
    ◾Advanced Configurations Hempstead
    ◾IT Project Consultations Hempstead
    ◾Fault Tolerance Solutions Hempstead
    ◾Performance Analysis Hempstead
    ◾Managed Technical Support Hempstead
    ◾Help Desk Services Hempstead

    On-Site Hourly Rates | Urgent/Emergency On-Site Hourly Rates Hempstead

    IT services and support that we offer throughout Hempstead, NY. Welcome to Alpha Computer Group, Hempstead’s Premier Computer IT Consulting Firm. From Hardware Sales to Networking and Technical Support, you’ll find everything you need to keep your business up to date and running smoothly. We are also proud to offer Certified Data Network Cabling and Fiber Optics Installations. Contact Us today for all of your Technology needs.

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