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    Computer Repair Hempstead NY | Laptop Repair Hempstead NY | Computer Networking Hempstead

    Alpha Computer Group provides expert, onsite computer repair in Hempstead and in-house computers repair services in Hempstead, South Bay and nearby areas. We specialize in Computer Virus Repair, We are your one stop shop for all your computer repairing and laptop repairing needs. This company’s foundation is based on excellent customer service backed with a 30 days parts & labor warranty. Everything we do here is to make your experience a great one whether it’s for a new/refurbished computer or repairing the old one . If you need a repair done, our team of qualified specialists will be ready to look into your computer right away the moment you bring it in the store.

    A majority of people don’t keep a regular back up of their data, and when they get an actual computer failure, they suddenly realize that they have hundreds of hours of  important work buried on their computer sometimes they even have precious family photo’s and memories stored on their computer. If you run a small business you may have all your data on the hard drive, so where do you go for local computer help? This is where Computer repairs Hempstead comes to help you out. We are known for our quality onsite computers repairs services in Hempstead. We are are ever growing due to referrals from our great customers as when you do a good job people tell their friends so they can do the same. They call us best computer repair store in Hempstead.

    Alpha Computer Group has been helping Hempstead residents! We are professional computer experts located on Long Island. Over 10 years of experience working with numerous brands allow us to rectify any computer problem at the most professional and affordable manner, without taking up your valuable time.

    Hempstead Computer Repair

    Alpha Computer Group computer-repair-onsite-offsite-virus-removal-geek1-300x214 Computer Repair | Laptop  | Network | Hempstead, NY

    Virus and Spyware Removal Service – Hempstead, NY
    Affordable Data Recovery Service  – Hempstead, NY
    Laptop Repair Services  – Hempstead, NY 
    Hardware Diagnostics  – Hempstead, NY 
    Computer Upgrades  – Hempstead, NY 
    Data Migration – Old Computer to New Computer

    Hempstead Virus Removal Service

    Thank you for choosing the best Hempstead PC Support, the best computer virus removal team in Hempstead. Our trained service professionals have been removing computer viruses and spyware in Hempstead for over 10 years. A computer virus can damage your computer system and delete files that your computer needs to run properly. Our virus removal experts can diagnose your virus and give you an understanding of what your particular virus is doing to your computer, how you contracted the virus, and what level of security risks you are facing after the virus has been removed. Our Hempstead PC Support proudly offers mobile computer service in the Hempstead area, servicing your home or office. With same-day appointments available, Alpha Computer Groiup is Hempstead’s best choice for fast, reliable computer virus removal and spyware removal.

    Virus removal in Hempstead, by Hempstead computer technicians, offers many services to fit every Hempstead resident’s or commercial needs. From on-site virus removal to in-store diagnostics and full computer repair, Alpha Computer Group is there when you need us.

    We will come to your Home or Business in Hempstead and properly install and/or repair your computer the Same Day.

    Our services include (but are not limited to):
    Computer / MAC Maintenance, Computer Repairs & Upgrades, Laptop Repairs & Upgrade, Wireless Networking for Home or Business User Network Support, Laptop Hardware & Software Repair, Hard Drive Upgrade or Repair, Laptop Power Jack Repair, Data Recovery, Virus Removal and Spyware

    Hempstead Computer & Laptop Repair

    Alpha Computer Group’s Computer Consultants is the place to be if you need computer repair in Hempstead and surrounding areas.

    Our team of highly-skilled computer repair technicians can fix your desktop, laptop or all-in-one computer, regardless of what brand it is. We offer everything from virus removal to data recovery on all major computer & laptop brands, including but not limited to Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung and Apple!

    Computer repairs can be done in-store at our facility, remotely via secure desktop connection, or on-site computer support is available in or around Hempstead.

    Contact us online or call (877) 608-8647 to learn more about our Hempstead computer repair services.

    Hempstead Computer Repair |Computer Services for Hempstead Residents
    Hempstead Computer Repair

    We can help you with anything from virus removal to hardware upgrades. Our technicians are certified & all repairs are backed by a 30-day limited warranty.

    ◾Computer Diagnostics – Hempstead, NY
    ◾Virus / Malware Removal – Hempstead, NY
    ◾Data Backup & Recovery – Hempstead, NY
    Hempstead Laptop Repair

    Having trouble with your laptop or notebook? Our Hempstead laptop repair services cover anything from blue screens to DC power jack replacements.

    ◾LCD Screen Repair – Hempstead, NY
    ◾DC Power Jack Repair – Hempstead, NY
    ◾Laptop Upgrades – Hempstead, NY
    Hempstead Apple / Mac Repair

    We possess the knowledge, tools, resources and experience to work on virtually any Apple computer, including iMacs, Macbook [Pros] & Mac Minis.

    ◾OS X Upgrades – Hempstead, NY
    ◾Malware Removal – Hempstead, NY
    ◾Hardware Upgrades – Hempstead, NY

    We aim to diagnose and repair your PC, Laptop within the shortest possible time. We offer a special Express PC repair services for critical situations, to ensure your life / business is back “Online” as soon as possible. If you are looking for laptop computer repairs then Alpha Computer Group is the right place.

    Voice and Data Cabling in Hempstead, NY

    As technology advances, so should your business. Your voice and data cables are essential to the communication infrastructure of your company, and a structured cabling system is vital for both internal and external communication. We love Network Cabling, we have over 10 years of experience working with businesses to improve network cabling infrastructures and ensure that they keep up with current technology.

    Voice and Data Cabling for Business in Hempstead, NY

    Because we know that every year will bring new opportunities for your business, we design a network cabling system in Hempstead that has the capacity to adapt to future technology. As your business evolves, so should your low voltage cabling system In Hempstead. Hempstead Network Cabling, our goal is to design and build a system that allows you to expand and grow every year.

    Voice and Data Cabling Installation in Hempstead, NY

    It’s critically important that your voice and data cabling infrastructure update and install is planned and coordinated to the tiniest detail. Whether you are simply moving a few workstations or Ethernet cables, or building an entirely new network cabling infrastructure for Hempstead, we’ll work with every member of your team to ensure that your current cabling system meets your needs for:

    •Ethernet cable – Hempstead, NY
    •NYT 5E cable – Hempstead, NY
    •NYT 6 cable – Hempstead, NY
    •Fiber optic cable – Hempstead, NY
    •Twisted-pair telephone cable – Hempstead, NY

    Network Cabling Systems – Hempstead, NY | Network Cabling Installation – Hempstead, NY

    Established 2004, and our business has adapted to technology that has grown in leaps and bounds. Our core services include:

    •Inter-building Ethernet cabling systems – Hempstead, NY
    •Ethernet cabling to the desktop – Hempstead, NY
    •Open office and structures cabling designs – Hempstead, NY
    •Fiber optics installation (multimode fiber and single mode fiber) – Hempstead, NY
    •Time clock installation – Hempstead, NY
    •CCTV/IP video surveillance cabling – Hempstead, NY
    •Aerial, underground, and outdoor cabling – Hempstead, NY
    •Troubleshooting, certification and testing for various cable types – Hempstead, NY
    •Audit, organization and upgrades for telecommunications room – Hempstead, NY
    •Placement and installation of wireless access points – Hempstead, NY

    Network Cabling Installation in Hempstead, NY

    We use only the highest quality cabling installation products on the market, and we meet the industry standard for excellence with technicians that are BIC SI certified, and several BIC SI RCDDs on staff. We’ll design and professionally install any new structured cabling system for businesses of any size.

    Whether you need help with the simple task of moving a single cat 5E or cat 6 ethernet cable, or require an entire overhaul of your structures cabling system, call us for Network Cabling in Hempstead first.

    Hempstead Customer Service at Its Finest

    We work hard to exceed your expectations every time, and bring you customer service that is unmatched by any other company. You’ll get the attention you need from our staff, regardless of the size of the project. Each customer is equally important to us, and we strive to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our job.

    Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to offer you complete testing, installation and certification of any network wiring project Every technician is industry certified, and has the necessary experience and qualifications to offer you a full manufacturer system warranty on any product in Hempstead, NY.

    For Hempstead Network Cabling, we recognize that every customer has different needs. We work hard to tailor every project to the specific customer, ensuring that you get exactly what you need from your network cabling infrastructure in Hempstead, NY. We strive to create unique relationships with every customer, and our focus is on versatile projects and custom solutions for every client.

    We have a first class team of computer repair technicians in Hempstead, Cabling and Wiring Installers in Hempstead, and Telephone Engineers who are willing and able to solve our customers’ computer/security/telephone/network problems anywhere in the Hempstead area.

    Contact Alpha Computer Group for all of your networking, computer, network cabling, and server issues in the Hempstead Area at (877) 608 – 8647.

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