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    The Cloud Computing deployed by Alpha Computer Group helps customers maximize the benefits of their virtual infrastructure investments, accelerate the move to a cloud computing model, and address the business implications of shared computing resources.  We utilize programs such as Citrix, 2X, Terminal Services, Vmware, Hyper-V and much more.  We also put phone systems in the cloud.  Regardless of the level of a customer’s virtual cloud infrastructure maturity or business needs, our Cloud Computing Consulting Services can accelerate the business value of IT transformation to IT as a service computing models, through virtualization.  Cloud Computing is geared to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services, and are fully managed by Alpha Computer Group.  We bring the most accessible and managed cloud services for our clients to perform number of activities at a single go in a more synchronized way.   Whether your putting a business telephone system or a Computer Server System in the cloud, you can rest assured you will have 24/7 access anywhere.  Cloud computing is the fastest growing segment of business applications and represents the revolutionary step for computing with freedom, Alpha Computer Group brings the advanced set of technologies and potential infrastructure with utility based consumption mode.

    Well, when we explore deep into our clouding services, we will actually change the way different applications are being designed, tested and deployed to convert those applications into a significant shift in application development priorities. With our efficient cloud computing services, we represent the paradigm for modern IT-driven businesses. And more significantly such prototypes can be rapidly adapted to a changing business climate.

    We have the most dynamic experience in efficient cloud computing services in the application development area, where some of our best offerings are:

    • Cloud Assessment Services –   with Cloud Assessment Services you can have a solved answer for most of the business benefits of clouding with newer opportunities. Alpha Computer will examine those business objectives, challenges, applications and future needs to identify opportunities where cloud technologies can bring value to your business.
    • Cloud Application Management Services-   Our Applications Management Services for Cloud are designed to help manage, operate, maintain and enhance your cloud applications. We provide management expertise across multiple application technologies with custom, commercial off-the-shelf, enterprise and emerging applications so you can achieve and exceed your business objectives.
    • Cloud Application Migration Services-   whether you have developed a new cloud application or want to migrate your app to the cloud; we would bring all the information needed to accelerate your experience of clouding. With cloud application migration services, we at Alpha Computing will monitor and manage your critical cloud-based applications and will ensure the perfect application performance pre and post cloud migration.
    • Cloud Integration Services-   with cloud integration services, we will bring a flexible integrated service to address and process data without any heavy implementation and complexities. A true cloud integration solution needs to be multitasked and on demand, so that each customer is able to take advantage of the same new features. Alpha Computer has such smart integrated services for you with automatic upgrading and the ability to ‘try before a buy’ for the users.
    • Baseline the current state of the IT infrastructure and identify the company goals for IT transformation
    • Determine the IT organization’s ability to adopt a cloud computing
    • Develop roadmaps for transformation based on the multiple domain areas required to adopt a cloud computing model
    • Optimize a VMware vSphere or Microsoft HyperV based private cloud environment to accelerate the realization of the benefits of a private cloud computing environment.

    Microsoft Exchange Cloud Hosting

    If you are looking for a reliable e-mail management solution for your business with all the latest bells and whistles for a reasonable price, and you want it now, then Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2013 from Alpha Computer Group is right for you.  Businesses and individuals choose Alpha Computer Group’s Microsoft Exchange hosting service for the reasons of cost, convenience, reliability, productivity enhancing features, and excellent 24/7 support by phone, email, and chat.

    What are the advantages of our Dedicated Exchange Server Hosting over Shared Exchange Hosting?

    Single sign on using a dedicated Active Directory is available. This makes it easy to authenticate your company’s users.
    With a hosted exchange server, the mailbox size is limited by the server configuration and not by the hosting provider.
    Dedicated managed Exchange server hosting can be customized to comply with company, industry, and regulatory practices.
    Some companies prefer the security of dedicated and managed Exchange hosting.
    Some companies who require deeper integration of exchange with in-house software applications prefer dedicated exchange server hosting.

    Managed Hosted Exchange Server Features:

    Fully managed Exchange server hosting for customers at an affordable price.
    Server includes ActiveSync license for users included in the dedicated exchange server hosting plan. Users can synchronize with mobile devices such as iPhone, Android phones, Windows Mobile Based Devices, Nokia Phones, and Palm devices. BlackBerry Enterprise server option is available.
    Connect via common mail protocols: Outlook MAPI, Outlook RPC over HTTP, Outlook Web Access, IMAP, IMAP, POP3, POP3S, SMTP, & SMTPS
    Each hosted Exchange server is monitored 24 X 7. The advantage of managed Exchange server hosting is that the customer does not need to spend valuable time and resources in managing the server.
    24 X 7 support on chat/phone and e-mail.
    No mailbox size limits a dedicated hosted Exchange server plan.
    Clustered Transport and Active Directory Server in shared environment with increased redundancy.
    Server infrastructure is located in SAS 70 certified datacenters.
    Managed Exchange server hosting includes a fully featured control panel for managing users. The control panel is tightly integrated with our shared and clustered Active Directory Server.
    Scalable solution by adding redundant mail servers in clustered mode for High Availability.
    Free Enterprise Grade Anti Spam/Firewall solutions.
    Flexibility to use your existing Anti-Spam/Firewall solution for dedicated exchange hosting.
    Bulk provision of users/groups/contacts is possible.
    E-mail branding with template based features is available for organizations that adhere to a standard and consistent look and feel which reflects corporate image.
    Weekly Backups are included. Daily Backups are available on request.
    Optional SSL for Control Panel and Outlook Web Access for a hosted Exchange server.

    Virtual Desktops

    The promise of a virtual desktop and a virtual office environment has been there for some time. The wait is now over. Virtual desktop has arrived. The advantages of virtual desktops hosted on Alpha Computer Group’s servers include accessibility from anywhere; consistency in interface and access to applications; flexibility to scale up or down; and most importantly, cost savings. Virtual desktop technology has matured to the point where the on-screen experience is identical to using a traditional desktop.



    Easy Terms

    PC, Mac, Linux clients
    Tablets & Smart Phones
    Remote Desktop Protocol
    Internet Browser
    Access Files & Applications
    Encrypted Data Transfer
    Control Application Access
    Use Local Devices/Printers


    99.9 % Uptime
    Daily Backups
    24/7 Phone Support
    Top Tier Data Centers
    No Setup Fee
    Quick Setup
    Month to Month Payments
    No Long Term Contract

    Why Virtual Desktop?

    The best virtual desktop features are: flexibility, profitability, reliability and productivity. Whether you are a small to middle-sized business owner, an over-worked IT guru, or even an office-less independent consultant, your time is best spent on your business goals than in managing your employee desktops. A virtual desktop solution from Alpha Computer Group offers you to outsource your office computing environment at a low monthly fixed price per user. Hosted virtual desktops also help IT managers cope with the trend of Bring-Your-Own-Device or BYOD.

    Virtual Desktop Maximizes Flexibility

    The wisdom of “The only thing that is constant is change” is a perfect fit for modern business and virtual desktop technology. To thrive in today’s extremely dynamic business environment your organization and its infrastructure must be agile. Microsoft virtual desktop technology is indeed the premier tool to solve many previously elusive business technology challenges.

    Add (or reduce) users as needed.
    Access “the office” from virtually anywhere, at any time.
    Establishing a virtual office in “the cloud” minimizes the need for physical office space.

    Virtual Desktop Maximizes Profits

    Clearly, in business it’s all about the bottom line. Without customers and profits a business soon fades away. Using virtual desktop is ideal for all small or mid-sized businesses where cash flow is king. Virtual desktop eliminates the need for an in-house server, as well as the associated support and software.

    Fluctuating IT costs are replaced with a predictable fixed monthly subscription fee.
    Pursue special projects without the risk of committing capital to hardware and software.
    Procure plans based on business needs. For example, interns can utilize a Silver plan while power-users get Gold or Platinum.

    Virtual Desktop Maximizes Reliability

    Few things are more worrisome to an owner or a manager than the in-house network/server going down. The Alpha Computer Group virtual desktop system is hosted in a state of the art data center. With redundant backup, power supply and connection to the internet backbone, as well as the staff to manage it, Alpha Computer Group is well prepared to serve your business. No longer will you lose sleep when your primary IT guy/gal falls ill or takes a vacation.

    Daily backups are automated and stored safely at our top tier data center.
    We maintain all software updates and patches.
    24/7 monitoring and management of virtual IT infrastructure.

    Virtual Desktop Maximizes Productivity

    A virtual desktop software solution is the perfect example of “more with less.” Traditional IT will no longer be bogged down with trouble shooting mundane issues. Instead IT can now work proactively to contribute to the bottom line. Also, staff and management’s efficiency will benefit from the Microsoft virtual desktop’s consistent look & feel whether in the office, at home or on the road. With Alpha Computer Group virtual desktop plans starting at $24.95 (per user/per month) it’s easy to see how our virtual desktop best pricing approach is going to increase your organization’s ROI.

    Use your favorite full-featured office software packages, not browser-based knockoffs.
    Reap the benefits of the latest office software without wasting budget to update hardware.
    Minimize downtime due to weather or other adversities. Virtual desktop is the virtual office dream realized!

    Hosted Phone Systems



    Unlimited Calling & Faxing
    High Definition Voice Quality
    Local & Toll-Free Number Included
    Keep Your Existing Phone Number
    No Contracts Or Set-Up Fees
    No Technical Skills Needed, Plug & Play
    Online Call Data Management Portal
    U.S. Based Tech Support
    Award Winning Cloud Based Hosted VoIP
    Over 30 Advanced Features


    Cloud PBX

    Business phone systems with advanced, cloud PBX capabilities provide seamless connectivity.

    Feature benefits:

    The advantages of cloud PBX

    There’s no complex hardware to install or maintain, and no technical expertise required to manage and use your phone system.
    Get instant activation for your phone and fax service, without additional software to purchase or install.
    The latest features and functionality update instantly.
    Access your phone system from everywhere—all you need is an Internet connection

    A perfect combination of innovation and simplicity

    It’s easy to manage your system with your online account and user-friendly interface.
    Use smartphones and tablets for calls and managing your system on the go—just download free apps and you’re on your way.
    Connect multiple offices, onsite staff, and remote employees under one phone system, with complete phone and fax capabilities.
    Sophisticated call management is simple—create extensions for departments, users and all your devices.

    Many locations. One phone system

    Since Alpha Computer Group is cloud based, you enjoy the freedom to connect and manage multiple locations, devices and workers within your cloud phone system. You can easily customize
    users, departments, and call handling rules. No matter where you, or the users, are. Now with Business SMS and Conferencing!

    Save time and money

    You only need a high-speed Internet connection and your phone system is ready to work lightning fast, anytime and anyplace. There’s no PBX hardware. It’s easy to set up online and manage your system with your smartphone or tablet. Your Alpha Compute Group phones arrive Plug & Play ready, so you’re ready to work without delays.

    Your system grows with you

    Add users. Delete users. It’s as easy as setting up emails, so you can make adjustments as often as you like. You can share your presence status as busy, available, or on hold with your admins and colleagues and make sure important calls are never missed.

    Cloud quality and reliability

    You enjoy robust functionality for one low monthly cost. There’s no PBX hardware to buy or maintain. We are user-centric. Our focus is on relevant innovations, robust features, user-friendly design and fantastic service — not nickel and diming.

    Pocket your phone system

    Managing your phone system is easy with our user-centric design and user-friendly interface. You can use your smartphone or tablet with simple touch manage settings. No IT training is needed, so you don’t lose time and can focus on your work.


    Features details


    Available Phone Numbers

    • Toll-Free Numbers   • Local Numbers   • Directory Listing

    Phone Service

    • Toll-Free Numbers   • Local Numbers   • Directory Listing

    Business SMS – New

    • Unlimited Texts   • Mobile devices  • Texting features

    Phones & Devices Save up to $50 on IP phones

    • Desk Phones   • Conference Phones  • Analog Adapters


    • Box Integration   • Fax™  • Microsoft® Outlook® Integration • Salesforce Integration – New

    Call Management

    •Answering Rules   • Call Forwarding • Call Screening • Automatic Call Recording – New • Call Park • Call Flip

    • Call Logs •Virtual Calling Card • Presence • Message Alerts • Missed-Call Notification

    Cloud PBX

    •Cloud PBX  • Music on Hold • Auto-Receptionist • Extensions • Dial-by-Name Directory •Unified Messaging

    Conferencing – New


    •Unlimited, easy access  •Host controls plus Invite

    Cloud Fax

    •Cloud Fax

    Web Phone

    •Click-to-Call Out  • Click-to-Call Me

    Mobile Apps

    • iPhone  • Android  • Blackberry

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