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Let us secure your business, home or certain area’s within a facility. We install, monitor, and maintain Security Cameras, Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems, and Intercoms that are all primarily used to guard against theft and intrusions, but businesses and home owners also use them for other purposes, like fighting against unfair insurance or litigation claims and deterring vandalism. Our Access Control, Alarm, Intercom and Security Systems can be integrated with each other for maximum effectiveness. Our systems can be installed hardwired or wireless with an attention to detail unmatched by our competition leaving you with a fully functional and valuable addition to your home or business. Let our Security Consultants give you a free no-cost and no-obligation free estimate.

access-control-entry-access-control Access control for businesses can be accomplished in many ways, from employee photo badges to swipe cards; key locks to electronic keypads and from biometrics to facial/retinal recognition. We have the most advanced, and scaleable solutions that can control access to either one door or hundreds of doors for thousands of card holders. Alpha Computer Group can make your organization’s security more robust with services like remote monitoring and automated administration. For example, a building can be automatically secured at scheduled times and verified as locked and secure by a remote command center. Buildings can also be unlocked automatically according to pre-scheduled times with video verification. This can significantly save ongoing costs of running on-site access control, plus employees can still get after-hours access using an access control card or key fob at predetermined building entrances. Alternatively, entry phones or your existing phone or phone system can be used with these systems.


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Secuirty Cameras, CCTV, Video Surveillance, IP Cameras. Megapixel Cameras Today’s surveillance systems (CCTV) can be used for more than preventing burglary. Digital video has made surveillance systems more accurate and responsive than ever before, and has opened up the options for remote monitoring. Furthermore, technology prices have come down, so small business can affordably enjoy the benefits of a high-quality digital surveillance system. Whether you have 2 employees or 1,000 you can increase productivity just by letting employees know that they’re always being watched. The visual of the security cameras is something enough to stop potential dangers. Some business owners have more than one location and can only be present at one location at a time. With a security camera system, owners can monitor multiple locations at once.


fire-intrusion-medical-alarm-system-burglar-alarm Alarm Systems offer total intrusion detection customized for your unique needs. Intrusion detection identifies if a malicious activity is occurring and can send the proper signal to the central station, yourself (via phone call, sms, email, and etc), or any communication channel that monitors your security system. For example, when the central station receives a notification that an event has occurred at your location, they will attempt to verify the condition by calling your location before contacting the appropriate authority. Why would they verify the alarm first? This prevents having the police, fire or emergency service come to your location unnecessarily. If it is a real emergency, the operator can summon the appropriate emergency personnel to your location to assist you. So whether you are onsite or away, your location can be protected 24 hours a day, every day. When combined with fire detection and video surveillance, our systems can provide total protection from most common threats. For example, a tripped alarm can send a “snapshot” photo picture from the closest security camera so you can have a still image of that exact moment emailed or via sms (text) to yourself. Alpha Computer Group installs, configures, and maintains; Intrusion/Burglar, Medical/Emergency, and Fire/Smoke alarms.


Intercom Systems allows you to communicate between remote points in a facility. Intercoms increase the safety and security of your property or business, while allowing people in different parts of your building to communicate with one another and with visitors. The ability to identify a visitor before allowing them access to your location is a basic security need for many individuals and businesses. Using an inexpensive intercom to determine the trustworthiness of that visitor can be just as important for your safety as the other elements of your security system. We offer basic intercoms with 2-way audio and also more advanced intercoms with high def video and etc. ip-intercom-analog-intercom-video-intercom-asterisk-paging


Access Control:
→ Hardware, software, design, installation, maintenance, and management
→ Single-door to multi-location access systems and monitoring
→ Visitor management capabilities
→ Renovations, upgrades, and add-ons in addition to new installations
→ Remote system management and reporting
→ Proximity Cards, Smart Cards, Biometrics, Retinal and Facial Recognition
→ Restrict Unauthorized Access
Door Strikes and Magnetic Door Locks
Keyless Entry

Video Surveillance: (Security Cameras, CCTV, IP, Megapixel):
→ Prevention and deterrence of break-ins and vandalism
→ Easier resolution of employee and monetary disputes when video proof is available
→ Continuous, real-time remote monitoring for convenience
→ Better video search capability
→ Theft prevention by outsiders and employees
→ Better visitor access control → Enhanced monitoring of restricted areas
→ Security cameras, including low-light, night-vision, and infrared cameras
→ Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
→ Flat-panel and LCD monitors in a variety of sizes, formats, and resolutions
→ Remote viewing capability via web-based browsers or IP Network-based cameras
→ Network video solutions for easily transmitting live and archived video to authorized users
→ Watch Your Employees
→ Watch Your Kids

Alarm Systems:
Alarm – Security System Monitor
Alarm – Security System Repair
Child Proofing
Fire and Smoke – Protection and Prevention
Gates for Driveways or Security
24/7 Fast Response Monitoring for Burglary, Theft & Hold-Up
Battery Backup and UPS
Cellular Backup
Remote Web & Mobile Access
Remote Arm/Disarm
Email & Text Alerts/Notification
Detect unwanted motion in your home or business
Professional Installation

Intercom Systems:
Screen Visitors
Monitor Traffic
Workplace Safety
Overhead Paging
Answer your door from your telephone – even a cordless phone
Add security by not only hearing who is at your door, but seeing them as well!
Wired or Wireless Intercoms SIP, VoIP, IP, Analog and digital Intercoms
Monitor interior doors
Safeguard all exterior entrances
Vandal Resistant Intercoms
Open Door Strikes and Magnetic Locks
Selective Calling, Call All and Group Calling
Utilize your existing infracture (Security Cameras, Alarm, and Access Control)
Excellent Clarity of sound. No background hum or static

We are number one in long island for security camera systems, in Manhattan, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens. and Bronx, NY for security camera installation, Manhattan CCTV, long island card access systems, biometrics, card access control systems, intercoms, cabling and wiring in Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Suffolk.  We are also computer consultants and also Telecommunications Consultants who recently in 2013 have started to do physical security such as; Alarm Systems in New York, Intercom, VoIP Intercoms, SIP Intercoms, Apartment Building Intercom systems, and much more.

Homes and Businesses without security systems are 3 times more likely to be targeted by a burglar. Don’t be part of that statistic!  Call Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647 today!


Backup & Restore

How reliable is your backup? Would you bet your business on it? At Alpha Computer Group we offer many types of backup and restoring options to suit your business needs. From cloud to on-premise backups. disk to disk backup,and much more.Our service includes image backups, or snapshots of an entire system in just a few clicks with bare-metal and individual file recovery support. Backup and recover Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle and many other application servers. Protect from large disasters, such as flood or fire, by storing copies of your backups in the cloud or at another location. Hard drive failures are relatively common despite significant advances in hard drive technology. According to some manufacturers, about 1-2 percent of hard drives fail each year, and the average lifespan for a hard disk is anywhere from 3 to 7 years depending on the drive’s features and specifications. That is why backing up your data is extremely important. For any hard drive recovery, whether it is a single drive, or RAID please call the data backup and recovery specialist at (877) 608 – 8647.


HARD DRIVE RECOVERY – Disaster Recovery

We specialize in Database Recovery, Desktop Recovery, Email Recovery and more. We offer competitive rates and rush services. Our lab is open 24 x 7. If your server has crashed or your accounting database is corrupt, we guarantee we will save the maximum amount of recoverable data.

Server Data Recovery | RAID Data Recovery | Desktop Recovery | Laptop Recovery | Diagnostic Request | Exchange Server Recovery | SQL Database Recovery | Email/Outlook Recovery | Micro Device Recovery | TAPE/Diskette Recovery

There are two major types of hard drive failures:

1- physical failures, which include read/write head crashes and other mechanical or electrical damage, and 2- logical failures, which include data corruption, accidental file deletion and other non-mechanical issues. If you suspect your hard drive is having issues or is making a clicking sound turn your computer off immediately. Do not try to do any hard drive repairs outside of a clean room as airborne contaminants can further damage the drive. For any hard drive recovery, whether it is a single drive, or RAID please call the data backup and recovery specialist at (877) 608 – 8647.

Hard drive failure? Computer stolen? All of your files would be gone! This is not the case if you have a Alpha Computer Group setup a backup solution first. We will protect your files, data, photos, music, email messages, and more!  Call Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647.

Computer & Network Repair

Computer repair and upgrades can be performed at either our location or we can come to you. We service Servers, Networks, Routers, Switches, Desktops, PC’s and Laptops. We are number 1 at virus removal. We offer complete range of computer maintenance and repair services. We can design your network, secure your systems and provide you on-going maintenance and support. Our 24/7 Advanced Hardware and Networking Monitoring Systems provides our customers with quality network support services to keep your systems running smoothly at all times. We warranty all of our services and components we offer and provide. We also offer remote tech support service for immediate assistance. We do it all from setting up wireless home routers to business networks. We have the knowledge and expertise to make sure your network is fast and secure. We can network anything from computers to telephones.


Computer Repair Services:

Alpha Computer Group offers a complete range of business computer repair and maintenance services including On-Site Computer Repair, Data Recovery Services, Maintenance Service Agreements, Remote Technical Assistance, Virus Removal, Offsite and Onsite Backup and Consulting services. We support all models of Servers, PC’s and Laptops and our repair times are typically half that of our competitors and the same holds true on our prices……..


   Computer and Server Support: 

    Anti-virus and Internet Security Solutions
    Computer Repair
    Email Server and Mobile Device Support
    Data Backup and Recovery
    Office Relocation and Setup
    Memory Upgrades
    Wireless Network Setup and Maintenance
    Server Repairs
    Network Support and Maintenance
    Technology Consulting
    Preventative Maintenance
    Troubleshoot and Repair
    Remote Technical Support Assistance
    Thin Client Computing

Network Support Service:

We are a highly qualified team of networking consultants. You can rest assured that your network will be configured for maximum performance, stability and security. Are you wasting valuable hours maintaining your IT when you should be focusing on your business? Let our experts in IT Support free you from the constant worry and frustrating downtime of computer network related issues. With Alpha Computer Group, leverage technology to grow your business.

Computer Network Installation and Support:

Advanced Routing Network & Internet Security
Data Center Design
Scheduled Maintenance

LAN & WAN Host & Server Monitoring
Storage Area Networks
Microsoft Active Directory

Wireless Networks
Content Filtering

VPN and Remote Access
Patch & Hotfix Management

File Sharing Resource Sharing
On-site Engineering Response
Backup & Restore Management

Network Monitoring
Performance Reporting

Expert Network Design
Security Patch Management

Asset Management
Desktop Agent Schedule

Network Documentation
Network Cabling


Alpha Computer Group offers to pick up and drop off your computer at your place of business or your home, relieving you of the hassle of bringing a computer to a repair center. Or we can do repairs on-site so that you can watch as we fix the problems with your computer, server, router, network, or whatever technological equipment you have. Call Alpha Computer Group at (877) 608 – 8647.