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    Having invested so much in your business, won’t it make much sense to make it your top priority to keep it safe and secure? Though many business owners might think that crime won’t strike their company, no one can deny its likelihood also. Increasingly companies are becoming aware of the situation and are taking measures to protect and safeguard their businesses. Scores of business establishments and companies are installing Business Security Cameras NYC that allows them to record everything that is happening inside as well as outside their business. There are wide varieties of cameras used in video surveillance system and that helps organizations keep watch over their business. These video surveillance systems also come with digital video recorder that saves all the video footage for later review. Majority of Business Security Cameras NYC not only allows you to check your video from inside the business but also provides you the ability to check your video feed remotely through smart phones and tablets. Alpha Computer Group has been supplying all kinds of business security cameras in and around Long Island, NYC.


    Depending on your business security needs your choice of security camera will vary. While selecting Business Security Cameras NYC, one of the foremost things to consider is the lighting, position and hidden Vs non hidden camera. There are varieties of options with each of the systems. Once you know the options available, you will be in a better position to make the best judgment for your business. Here are some of the options that you can discuss with our experts or any experienced Business Security Cameras NYC vendor.


    Wired or wireless

    Wireless security system makes use of wireless camers. This security solution is most suited when you are planning to install security surveillance camera where providing extensive wiring is not possible. Wired Security Cameras System like Digital CCTV Cameras requires wired camers. Business Security Cameras NYC can help you decide on where the camera will be used based on preference such as appearance or the risk of wires being cut in the planned location.


    IP cameras

    IP cameras are available as both wired and wireless. IP cameras directly transmit the video footage to the computer network for remote viewing or to create backup of such information.


    Camers to handle variable lightning options

    Most of the Business Security Cameras NYC is good for surveillance in well lit areas. These are good to use during the day time, but since they cannot capture the footage in dark, you need to provide good lightning for the sake of cameras to capture clear images. There is an efficient workaround for this. There are cameras that have the capabilities to work in low light for dimmer areas. So actually you don’t have to worry about making arrangement to provide good lightning all the time. These cameras come with infrared, night vision capabilities and are good to be used for both indoor and outdoor purpose.


    High definition cameras

    Business Security Cameras NYC is also available with high end capabilities. These are surveillance cameras with zoom and focus capabilities to provide for more detailed surveillance. These cameras are controlled independently and you can zoom them remotely to have a closer look, or you can even focus on something specific.

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