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    The last few years have witnessed good deal of rise in security cameras or call it surveillance cameras. Business Security Cameras Long Island is popularly used to monitor homes, business and other types of property. Security cameras are connected to recording devise like tape recorder. Due to the advancement in technology in last few years, IP based security cameras have become increasingly popular. Security cameras have been helping business to remotely monitor a scene and play back recorded images for more than a decade now.


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    Majority of old surveillance systems are analogue camera based. Analog Closed-Circuit Television cameras records and play recorded footage as analogue signals. The analogue system directly records the analogue signals into a video tape recorder. In order to play the recordings on PC, analogue signals were converted to digital format using video capture card.


    Digital CCTV Cameras

    With the advent of digital CCTV cameras, it has become possible to capture images and videos directly as digital signals. In Digital CCTV Cameras, the signals are compressed and encoded into standard video formats such as MPEG. It’s a robust system that allows capturing videos into the hard drive or the storage server.


    Security Cameras System

    It’s a network or series of security cameras connected to a monitor and recording system. In majority of cases security camera systems are CCTV-based where by cameras are connected to recording system via video cables. Multi-channel security cameras are quite expensive compared to regular IP based. IP-based network cameras give a convenience as each camera in the system can independently connect to the cloud directly.


    IP cameras

    Alpha Computer Group is helping scores of clients to reap benefits of IP cameras. IP cameras are also called Internet Protocol camers since they are able to send and receive data via a computer network. IP cameras have become popular among growing number of homeowners and business owners in the last few years because of the steep drop in their prices.


    Wireless Security Camera

    Alpha Computer Group has helped business to setup wireless security cameras. Wireless Security Cameras offer an opportunity to be mounted at places that are not so easier to reach and are difficulty to connect using wires. These cameras seamlessly transmit video and audio signals to the receiving device without the need for receiving device. Wireless Security Cameras are available in both the analog and digital types. However IP wireless security camers are much better since they can be accessed over the internet.
    FTP cameras

    FTP cameras are originally IP cameras that come with added benefits of uploading recorded images and videos to an FTP server. Interestingly all modern IP camers support FTP upload. FTP cameras make it easy to store image and video files offsite.


    Night vision cameras

    Security cameras find their biggest use during the night to monitor night time scenes. If the scene area is not well lit, ordinary security cameras will not be able to capture the footage properly. However night vision cameras come with capabilities that make them efficient to capture the image even during the night time.

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