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    Today’s breweries face a challenging technology environment. The pace at which technology is advancing is at an all-time high. New technology tools for breweries are being introduced daily, while performance and security in the digital age require constant vigilance. To stay competitive, businesses must adopt these new technologies while taking precautions to avoid critical performance and security breaches.  Most brewery owners lack the time and expertise required to keep up-to-date on the rapidly changing technology that affects their growing business. As experts in brewery Automation, IT and Telecom, Alpha Computer Group has the skills and expertise to properly analyze, evaluate, and custom-tailor a strategy utilizing a variety of automation, network, management and support solutions.


    Our comprehensive list of services has been developed based on over a decade of actual client needs. From technology leadership to network installation and support, cloud services, computer consulting, and business continuity, we are your complete source for your brewery’s IT and Telecom management.   We offer every service to turn your concept into a reality. After an initial phone consultation, or meeting, we will develop a strategy that fits your needs, vision and budget.  At Alpha Computer Group no client is too big or too small.  We customize our services to meet the specific needs of each client. We prefer our initial meeting to be face-to-face but realize that is not always possible. We want to learn as much about your business, your goals, and your expectations so we can provide you optimal results. To that end, we offer a complimentary initial phone consultation to prospective clients so we can learn more about your business, you can learn more about us, and from there which direction we take. Shortly thereafter we will give you an estimate of the time necessary to complete the task.  We view our initial consultation as a mutual selection process. Our mission is to provide our clients exceptional guidance and advice at a reasonable cost so their business is strongly positioned for many years.  If you choose to retain us we offer flexible payment plans that can be tailored to suit your budget.  We offer a wealth of knowledge backed up by over 50 years of solid and diverse beer industry experience. Contact us today to learn more about how Alpha Computer Group can help you get your craft brew the maximum amount of exposure necessary for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBrewery automation & monitoring beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupNetworking & Firewalls
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupEmail and Web Hosting beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBackups
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupTelephone Systems beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupFull Business Planning
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupPaging Systems beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupMarket Research
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupPoint of Sale beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupCost of Goods Projections
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBuilding Access (Access Control) beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupNet and Gross
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupSecurity Cameras beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBudget Advice
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupOnsite Support beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupMarket Research
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupProfit Projections beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupFull Project Financial Projections
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-group Building Selection Advice beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupArchitectural Services
    beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-group Layout and CAD Drawings (Blueprints) beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupCommissioning and Training
     beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupRecipe Development beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBranding, Packaging and Logo Advice
     beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupPublic Relations and Advertising beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Quality Matters!

     View, manage, analyze brewery data from one, centralized location
    Stay up-to-date on what’s happening at your brewery — from anywhere!
    Enjoy real-time status control; develop dynamic and detailed reports

        Alpha Computer Group’s Brewery Automation, IT, And Telecom software

    1.  Integrates seamlessly with data sources from multiple vendors, databases and workstations

    2.  Is easy to learn — use a simple, drag and drop system to automate your data collection

    3.  Allows data acquisition directly from laboratory instruments, elimination data entry

    4.  System is fast to develop and modify applications, extremely flexible and highly cost-effective

    5.  Is easy for non-technical personnel to identify and correct DB table error, removing the need to wait for the IT-team’s assistance and for the ability to switch between dev and prod environments.

    6.  Is of high quality with efficient support


    Alpha Computer Group uses surveys, interviews, and observation to custom-tailor a strategy for your brewery


    We identify technology, training, and processes to take your brewery to the next level


    We oversee the implementation process from start to finish


    Alpha Computer Group monitors Key Performance Indicators at regular intervals, adjusting strategies as needed

    HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

    This is one standard all food producers must implement.  As brewers or potential brewery owners you may not be familiar with this program – because beer is a boiled product, and naturally staves off harmful pathogens, it’s been largely unregulated by Federal food production standards and the industry hasn’t been subjected to HACCP standards. But this will be changing. With the multitude of small, production-based breweries, the word is that the Federal Government will soon be enforcing HACCP standards on breweries that package and distribute to the general public.

    Plan now and avoid potential stoppages in production. If and when an inspection comes, you will be forced to develop a HACCP program,  a flowchart, train your staff and modify any production areas that are potential hazards, (mold collection areas, exposed interior walls, hanging insulation, improperly screened windows…)

    Let our HACCP expert audit your existing brewery or develop a plan from the outset of your future brewery and save yourself a potentially devastating halt of production and sudden compliance expenses.

    Contact Alpha Computer Group for all of your brewery’s Technological needs @ (877) 608 – 8647.

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