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    95% of all IT and Telecom problems can be solves remotely without an on-site technician. This gives users an instant help response and resolution.  Alpha Computer Group provides quick, easy and convenient service. They answer phone calls within an average of 19 seconds of waiting and their services are billed in 30 minute increments. The Alpha Computer Group offers high-quality solutions designed specifically around the needs of your business. In addition, they offer customizable, stateside (USA) help desk solutions for companies of all sizes. We also have the option of onsite and remote support.  The service desk analysts earn HDI (Help Desk Institute) certifications which include knowledge of the best customer service and help desk metrics.  Our technical help desk can help you troubleshoot, fix and proactively maintain your IT and Telecom infrastructure to make them run smoothly, while giving you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

    The Alpha Computer Group can solve the following remotely:

    Microsoft Word issues

    Email problems

    Line of business software errors

    Virus and spyware problems

    Server Troubleshooting

    Microsoft Exchange Errors

    Alpha Computer Group has the capability and capacity to provide inclusive Help Desk solutions with a single point of contact center which can assist with reporting, monitoring, and resolving incidents as well as answer user questions.  Alpha Computer Group can design a Service Desk solution to interface with different business processes including asset management and communication with third party resolver groups.

    The services that the Alpha Computer Group offer are as such:

    24/7 Remote Monitoring

    Proactive Desktop and Server Management

    Onsite and Remote Support

    Email and Virus Protection


    Strategic Planning

    Backup and Recovery


    Anytime, anywhere……..  We at Alpha Computer Group are always available with solutions to all of your technical needs. We will assist you in operating, installing, customizing and consulting on all variety of IT and Telecom Help Desk issues. We focus on round the clock assistance for tech support to all of our clients located world wide.  Our expert “techies” are proficient enough to tackle all kinds of technical issues, security and maintenance. Our exemplar support services cover all types of desktops, servers, routers and firewalls along with remote support, monitoring and website designing.  With the use of world class support platforms our expert techies tackle any issues you may have, in a systematic manner ensuring that the desired positive outcome is achieved.

    By implementing all kinds of essential applications, we minimize system downtime, configuration errors, viruses, hard drive crashes, and different kinds of human and artificial digital errors that pose problems and threats.  Alpha Computer Group offers comprehensive certified tech support round the clock. We deliver tech support services for thousands of computers and guarantee an outstanding experience.   Additionally, we ensure quality tech support anytime, anywhere along with consultation services.

    Our Expert 24/7/365 Helpdesk Support:

      Application Support

      Desktop & Server Security

      Desktop and server optimization

      All types of desktop, server, router and Firewall Support

      Storage, Backup & Recovery Services

      Computer Performance & Optimization

      Continuous maintenance

    Call the Alpha Computer Group Remote Help Desk Service hotline at (877) 608-8647

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