Business Phone Systems New York

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Getting a business phone system is one of the most important and productive decision you will every makes for your organization. However it is a decision that requires plenty of thought and consideration. The best approach towards deciding the best phone system for your business involves spending time on examining the different types of phone systems based on your actual business specific scenarios. There are three broad type of phone system available in the market, namely PBX system, Key system and KSU-less system. The main deciding factor when you are making your mind to buy a business phone system is the number of lines that you will need to optimally run your business. Apart from these three broad types of phone systems, there is also a third type called VoIP. It is a technology whereby the voice calling is made through the internet and turns out to be considerably cheaper and provides hosts of other benefits. Alpha Computer Group is actively serving business community to install business telephone system in their organization that best meets their business needs. Their services include Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island.


The Voice over Internet Protocol makes it possible to make and receive calls through the internet. Not only VoIP offers cost saving, but it also provides better and innovative features. With time VoIP technology has improved much in audio quality and reduced cost for technology. This has accelerated the adoption rate of VoIP in business operation. Over period reliability has improved and the cost has dropped significantly. It is very likely that VoIP system of business phone will very quickly phase out the traditional phone networks in the near future. VoIP is an extremely suitable option for both and small and large scale enterprise.


According to recent industrial stats, business are saving anywhere between 80% cost on their monthly telephone bills by adopting VoIP business phone system, plus they also get several additional features. Based on the compatibility and functions, many business phones differ and you will need to decide what kind of phone is going to support your business on the day-to-day need of your organizations.


The advance features of VoIP business phone system include desk-to-desk calling, this essentially means connecting all your remote offices in various locations with single telephone service. Many service providers also offer teleconferencing on VoIP service along with music on hold, automated connection and much more. The system comes with a high speed internet connection to provide your call perfect audio clarity and security. VoIP business phone system has also helped the business owners to increase their telephone communications with the help of features like voicemail to email, call waiting and forwarding, auto attendance and much more. The best part is that with VoIP the customers are not charged separately for each of the features. In short VoIP phone system is a feature-rich and low-cost telephone solution that has helped scores of organizations realize substantial reduction on their telephone costs after migrating to VoIP phone system. For example the cost of international calls using the VoIP phone service is much lower than the PSTN system. With VoIP there is a global number that can be used anywhere in the world and is not dependent on your location.

Making sense of IT Managed Services New York

Alpha Computer Group managed-300x177 Making sense of IT Managed Services New York

Many budding entrepreneurs in New York are opting for IT Managed Services for their business. Investment in IT Managed Services is one of the best investments a company can make to improve its revenue. Companies are increasingly becoming dependent on IT in an effort to stay ahead of the competition. So it becomes essential for companies to hire expert IT Managed Services New York, who can handle the regular maintenance of your IT infrastructure. It is not feasible for most small and medium business to hire a full time qualified IT administrator. In such situation taking service of IT Managed Services New York makes better sense, since it allows you to concentrate on your core competence of your business.


Popular terms used to indicate IT managed services New York

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Hiring an IT Managed Services New York ensures that all the IT operations of your organization are handled by highly qualified and knowledgeable provider. It also ensures that ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and trouble shooting of selected managed IT system is taken care off on yiur behalf by an expert team. Here are some of the benefits of hiring IT Managed Services New York.


Cost effective

If you are not an IT expert, you will probably have to hire an IT expert or a consultant on a full time basis to handle the IT affairs of your organizations on a day in and day out basis. This is going to be an extremely expensive preposition for a medium or a small scale enterprise. More over the downtime and computer outage in your business may also severely impact and cost your business more in the long run than outsourcing the entire IT management for a low cost.



At least as far as the cost related to IT management is involved, your company is certain about the cost it is going to incur. IT Managed Services New York offers choice of service levels which may be priced on a per-month or per-device basis.


Exceptional control

Outsourcing your IT management needs doesn’t mean you are surrendering complete control of your IT infrastructure. You reserve the right to decide which aspect of your network will be managed by the outsourced IT Company and what you can handle yourself. Moreover you are always kept informed about the process and the management of your systems.


Round the clock support

When you hire IT Managed Services New York, you get the support whenever you need it. Hiring an IT managed service doesn’t mean that you will have to wait in line when there is a problem knocking at the door.


Complete peace of mind

It gives an extreme sense of control and peace of mind when you know your entire IT system has been managed by the team of experts. Having the IT system in the hands of experts assures that there is someone all the time closely managing the entire IT stuffs so you can run your business without bothering yourself with the nitty-gritty of the technology. IT experts make sure there is no outage, so it is actually very rare that you will find any breakdown. If at all there is a breakdown, they make sure that not only it is fixed, but they also work on the reason that caused the outage.


Business Security Cameras New York

Alpha Computer Group camera-300x152 Business Security Cameras New York

A business that has not setup a security surveillance camera has essentially made itself an easy target for criminals. Criminals are constantly looking out for business establishments that have an absence of any security measures or surveillance in the business property. It is obvious that such situation increases the likelihood that the business will be impacted by crime. As a responsible owner it is in your best interest to ensure nobody enters your business property during any ominous evening. These days high quality surveillance cameras are available at reasonable rates.


If your business is located anywhere in New York, you can take the assistance of Alpha Computer Group, an IT company that has helped scores of business protect and safe guard their business premises with the help of business surveillance cameras. Alpha Computer Group can help you research on the best type of camera suitable for your business type. There are wide ranges of surveillance cameras available in the market making it quite a daunting task to select the right one that best suits your business environment. Alpha Computer Group has been pivotal in helping business find the right type of surveillance camera that fits into the budget and is perfect for their business security.


Having security camers will also help your employees feel secure about the place they are working. Organizations where employee work till late night every day, having security camera will make them feel protected and happy. Happy employees work with dedication and lead to increased productivity. Slowly more and more companies are realizing the importance of having security camera installed in their premises.


Security camera not only helps investigative officer in the event of crime and burglary, but it also helps prevent any possible crime and burglary. That’s because most burglars will think twice before breaking in when they see a camera. The security camera acts as a perfect deterrent for all these trouble makers. CCTV cameras provide real time protection. That means you can have an eye not only on potential burglars, but also on your employees. Surveillance cameras also help prevent unwanted employee behavior and therefore increase individual employee productivity and efficiency.


Surveillance cameras are very crucial for companies as they are effective in deterring unwanted activities. Alpha Computer Group provides help in installing the cameras in your premises and deals in Digital CCTV Cameras, Security Cameras System, IP cameras, Wireless Security Camera, FTP cameras, and Night vision cameras.

Structured Network Cabling New York

Alpha Computer Group cabling2-300x126 Structured Network Cabling New York

Communication infrastructure has become every crucial as the appetite for improving our lives and our businesses continues to drive forward. There has been a steep upward curve in the demand for data and voice network solutions in the past few years. Organizations small and big alike will need an information system strategy to support its operations. This is where structured Network Cabling New York plays a key role. Alpha Computer Group, a specialized IT company based out of Long Island, New York has helped scores of organizations implement Structured Network Cabling at their workplace. Alpha Computer Group also provides range of services including Computer Repair Long Island, Business IT Support for Long Island, IT Consultants Long Island, Managed IT Services Long Island, VoIP Phone Systems Long Island, Laptop Repair Long Island, IT Network Support Long Island and Telephone Systems Long Island.


Structured Network Cabling is a term coined to indicate single flexible cabling infrastructure that can link together multiple computers and other devices such as phones etc. Structured Network Cabling makes use of specialized socket which is strategically installed at places where you can easily plug in your devices. The cables coming from different workstation are connected to a central communication network cabinet. Building a competitive IT infrastructure is crucial to overall information strategy that can ensure success. Structured Network Cabling minimizes enterprise workflow issues and network downtime issues to a large extent. Here is a list of some of the benefits of Structured Network Cabling New York.


Flexibility and consistency

This is one of the most important aspects. Variety of devices presents unique business environment challenge to implement a strategy that will support all of the devices and connect them together. Implementing structured Network Cabling is a step towards simplifying your office network by making it consistent and flexible.



Structured Network Cabling can be adapted to the growing needs of your business. So for example if you are about to install a new device, you will be able to do so without additional cost or without worrying about its integration to the existing IT infrastructure.


Affordable management

Structured Network Cabling provides a single point for all administrative and management requirements. Not only it is cost effective, but it is also much easier to make changes instantly. Structured Network Cabling involves only one time single investment on cabling infrastructure which supports devices and applications from multiple hardware vendors.


Isolation of faulty system

Structured Network Cabling offers opportunity to isolate faulty system or network issue and easily fix them. In the Structured Network Cabling, the entire infrastructure is divided into manageable blocks which make it easy and efficient to test and detect faulty system without causing any hindrance to other devices of the network.