Business Phone Systems NYC

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Different types of business have their own unique needs when it comes to Business Phone Systems NYC. For business that are looking at new communication set-up, there are overwhelming amount if options available. When you know that there are different types of Business Phone Systems NYC available, you can make best decision for your business. Phone systems are just like any other technologies, in the sense, they have evolved alongside other popular technologies. According to Alpha Computer Group, there are four main types of phone systems available for small to medium business.


Key systems

These are pretty old and can be found in many older and small businesses. They are designed to be used for up to 40 users. This Business Phone Systems NYC typically provides only basic features such as hold, line switching, and line management etc.



PBX or Private Branch Exchange is a Business Phone Systems NYC that is based on private phone networking technology and enables the business to manage up to hundreds of phone lines and numbers. This is a good choice for organizations with exceptionally large number of employees and need multiple phone lines. PBX makes it easy for different departments of the organizations to network offices together.


Hosted PBX

This is a service where PBX system is hosed and managed by the provider. The entire system is housed offsite. This is a very economic situation since it involves less upfront investment for the company.



These are essentially specific business features and packages that are developed for business by many major telecommunications provider. These services cost additionally to your monthly bill.


Any phone system that you see out there in the market is based on either of the two technologies, i.e. Analog or Digital.



This technology is used traditionally by landline phone system and is offered by phone companies. It is also commonly referred as PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. Majority of business are familiar with PSTN since it uses existing lines strung by telephone companies.



It is relatively new Business Phone Systems NYC technology and uses network connection to transmit voice communication. One of the most common examples of this system is VoIP.


Though there are four main systems that exist, recently majority if business are seen increasingly adopting digital systems like VoIP. This has led to essentially merging of Key and PBX together into one platform. Many Business Phone Systems NYC providers are also popularly offering scaled down versions of PBX over network connections and refer to it as Key system.


When you are finalizing the new phone system for your company, you should ask your employees and people who will be using the system. Find out the features that will help them perform their jobs better and with best of their abilities. For example you may need wireless devices for some departments to help them better talk to their customers, while other may need more unified communications platform which may even include text and instant message. The best would be to prepare a list of features that your business will need in order to function better and perform well.

Business Security Cameras NYC

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Having invested so much in your business, won’t it make much sense to make it your top priority to keep it safe and secure? Though many business owners might think that crime won’t strike their company, no one can deny its likelihood also. Increasingly companies are becoming aware of the situation and are taking measures to protect and safeguard their businesses. Scores of business establishments and companies are installing Business Security Cameras NYC that allows them to record everything that is happening inside as well as outside their business. There are wide varieties of cameras used in video surveillance system and that helps organizations keep watch over their business. These video surveillance systems also come with digital video recorder that saves all the video footage for later review. Majority of Business Security Cameras NYC not only allows you to check your video from inside the business but also provides you the ability to check your video feed remotely through smart phones and tablets. Alpha Computer Group has been supplying all kinds of business security cameras in and around Long Island, NYC.


Depending on your business security needs your choice of security camera will vary. While selecting Business Security Cameras NYC, one of the foremost things to consider is the lighting, position and hidden Vs non hidden camera. There are varieties of options with each of the systems. Once you know the options available, you will be in a better position to make the best judgment for your business. Here are some of the options that you can discuss with our experts or any experienced Business Security Cameras NYC vendor.


Wired or wireless

Wireless security system makes use of wireless camers. This security solution is most suited when you are planning to install security surveillance camera where providing extensive wiring is not possible. Wired Security Cameras System like Digital CCTV Cameras requires wired camers. Business Security Cameras NYC can help you decide on where the camera will be used based on preference such as appearance or the risk of wires being cut in the planned location.


IP cameras

IP cameras are available as both wired and wireless. IP cameras directly transmit the video footage to the computer network for remote viewing or to create backup of such information.


Camers to handle variable lightning options

Most of the Business Security Cameras NYC is good for surveillance in well lit areas. These are good to use during the day time, but since they cannot capture the footage in dark, you need to provide good lightning for the sake of cameras to capture clear images. There is an efficient workaround for this. There are cameras that have the capabilities to work in low light for dimmer areas. So actually you don’t have to worry about making arrangement to provide good lightning all the time. These cameras come with infrared, night vision capabilities and are good to be used for both indoor and outdoor purpose.


High definition cameras

Business Security Cameras NYC is also available with high end capabilities. These are surveillance cameras with zoom and focus capabilities to provide for more detailed surveillance. These cameras are controlled independently and you can zoom them remotely to have a closer look, or you can even focus on something specific.

Network Cabling NYC | Structured Wiring NYC

Network Cabling Services NYC

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Irrespective of whether you own a large company with over hundreds of employee or a small company with dozens of staff, you will need the help of Network Cabling NYC to provide your company with reliable data network. In this age of technology, no business can function without utilizing a couple of computers. For an organization to work optimally, their computers need to be interconnected to allow for sharing of data, files and import documents between machines. A Network Cabling NYC is also essential for utilizing full capabilities of modern high speed internet. Alpha Computer Group has been actively helping scores of organizations with their network cabling needs in Long Island, NYC.

Network Cabling Services New York

Network Cabling is not something that any ordinary regular electrician can do. It requires good knowledge and understanding of computer networking. It would be a disaster and a waste of time if you hire an electrician who is expert in running the wiring all around your office. Understanding of computer networking and understanding of electrical wiring are two entirely different things. A structured cabling system is more than just placing wires all over the place. It requires installation of essential hardware in strategic locations to ensure your network will function properly.

Structured Cabling Services NYC

Many organizations make mistake of overlooking their cabling requirement. This can later lead into bigger problem. There are many factors like cable length and poor maintenance that can take a toll on your network performance. In the world of modern business of global communications and narrow turnaround time, even a minor network disruption can prove very expensive. A well planned Network Cabling NYC is the backbone for any business today. Best cabling products including wires come with warranties of at least 20 years.

Computer Cabling New York

The services of Network Cabling NYC, is not only essential when you are planning cabling for your organization for the first time. You may need the expert service of Network Cabling NYC even when you are moving your office. Most of the organizations when moving to a new location take care of daunting tasks such as moving heavy furniture, and ensuring all of their office supplies and years of paperwork are moved to their new location successfully. But even bigger and crucial task is to move your computer network to new location along with your other office furniture and office supplies. Without proper planning and an expert supervision of a Network Cabling NYC expert, the process can be a nightmare, especially from the perspective of IT support.

NYC Cabling Companies

Once you have finalized your plan to move office, one of the most important factors to consider is the wiring infrastructure in the new facility. Hiring a Network Cabling NYC who can visit your new facility along with you will help you plan ahead even before you have started movement. Your Network Cabling NYC should be such who is ready to spend time on proper research before starting the job. The Network Cabling NYC vendor needs to go over the current networking needs along with any future needs. You cannot simply rush through your cabling works. It is an expensive proposition. If even a small detail is overlooked, you need to redo hundreds of feet of cabling due to infrastructure that you were not aware of or took into account when you initially completed your installation.

Structured Cabling Contractors NYC | Network Cabling New York City

Security Camera Installation NYC

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Video surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection of business & commercial property. Business security cameras can take a huge weight off your shoulders, by being the extra set of eyes you need in the event something goes horribly wrong. But there are so many other reasons why you should consider installing a quality surveillance camera system for your New York business. Whether you have 2 employees or 1,000 you can increase productivity just by letting employees know that they’re always being watched. The visual of the security cameras is something enough to stop potential dangers. Some business owners have more than one location and can only be present at one location at a time. With a security camera system, owners can monitor multiple locations at once. All businesses have problems with theft from clothing stores to banks. By installing surveillance cameras not only can you decrease theft from outside, but you can control internal theft. The price of surveillance cameras will always outweigh the costs due to theft.

Security Cameras NYC

IT Managed Services NYC

Alpha Computer Group mmm-300x150 IT Managed Services NYC

Whether it is a startup or a multimillion dollar company, every organization is looking for ways to cut down cost and become more productive and profitable. However all of this emphasis doesn’t eliminate the need for practices that will improve and grow these businesses, including the need for IT Managed Services NYC. Few people have the expertise to manage much of today’s technology, yet the need for professional help in successfully running the operations of many companies can never be undermined. Companies of all size need to allocate a budget aside for software application and maintenance. Here are top four reasons how an IT Managed Services NYC can help your company. Alpha Computer Group has been pivotal in providing Business IT Support NYC, IT Consulting for Long Island, NYC, Managed IT Support Long NYC, IT Technical Support NYC, IT Outsourcing Long Island, NYC, Computer Consulting Services Long Island, and NYC.


Increased productivity

The objective of any business is to cater to the needs of organization they are serving along with the responsibility to generate profit for the business owners and their employees. This will happen only when businesses are working with full capacity at all times. Down time in business or the time of reduced productivity will cost the company millions of dollars in loss. If business disruption is not handles swiftly, it can even lead to loss of business. IT Managed Services NYC, will not only quickly fix any problem as and when they arise, but will also take proactive measure to spot or treat any potential problem before they even impact productivity.


Supports in-house IT

Many organizations outsource their IT Managed Services NYC to third party for two reasons, firstly this helps them have access to expert service and secondly it saves them from the hassles of maintaining an in house IT department. Moreover for many organizations it is a proposition of profit as it allows them to add expertise and tools to help their in-house IT requirements.


Remote Service

In majority of cases IT Managed Services NYC works from remote locations. Their services include providing desktop, email, backup and recovery support services. The organizations that avail the services of IT Managed Services NYC, get all these benefits without adding to the actual number of “employees” on site. The best part is that the services are unobtrusive and in majority of cases it has no influence on day-to-day activities of in-house employees.



When you hire an IT Managed Services NYC, the consultant will conduct an audit to have an onsite assessment of the company’s workflows and processes. The IT Managed Services NYC, will also look at the current state of supporting technologies, to know what additional services are needed and to meet the organization’s goal. Most of the IT Managed Services NYC, comes with different level of services for business to choose from. This gives a good option for companies with limited IT budget to choose a package that best suits their package, needs and objectives.


Lately more and more companies are adopting IT Managed Services NYC as they are increasingly finding it difficult in maintaining effective network that requires specialist skills and resources. Opting for IT Managed Services NYC, seems to be an easy route to ensure your business is optimized for best performance from the day one.

IT Consulting Long Island

Alpha Computer Group IT-Consulting-300x100 IT Consulting Long Island

IT consulting is broad area and very dynamic too. Many organizations find it quite challenging to keep pace with the changing technologies, especially when their core business activities are something else. Many growing organizations around Long Island have hired IT consulting firm, Alpha Computer Group. Here is the list of ways in which Alpha Computer Group is helping organization focus more on growing their business concerning them with the core activities of their business. Alpha Computer Group takes on all the management issues related to IT consulting.


  • Efficient and cost saving

IT consulting requires knowledge of specific skill sets in order to complete the project in a time bound manner. That’s the reason why many organizations in Long Island have decided to hire Alpha Computer Group to manage their IT projects efficiently. For a new person, IT consulting is filled with learning curve and mistakes. These mistakes are often expensive mistakes that can be easily avoided by hiring experienced IT consulting firms like Alpha Computer Group. Having experienced IT consulting company on the board also ensures rapid completion and substantial cost savings.


  • Demand Based resource

Every organization faces scalability issues irrespective of whether they are growing or decreasing in terms of staff members. It is often difficult and impractical to scale internally then to hire an external IT consulting form to get the project completed without increasing the head count. Many a time companies may experience growth patterns that might prove temporary. In such cases it makes best decisions to hire an external IT consulting company like Alpha Computer Group that can provide needed support.


  • Competitive advantage

Completing a project efficiently, correctly and timely will give your organization a competitive edge. But for this to happen, you will need to hire the right IT consulting firm who know how to leverage technology to deliver information, inventory etc in a way that leads to better user experience and thus more business. Alpha Computer Group can help you in your IT consulting project that makes it easier to deliver better customer service, create positive word of mouth and reduce the cost.


  • Retain good employees

When the IT department of any organization runs smoothly, it also helps to attract and retain best of the employees. This also means simplifying the technology and making it easier for the employees to use the technology to perform their daily tasks, there by leading to happier work place environment. Alpha Computer Group has helped scores of companies to adopt CRM system, document management, software, inventory management, and companywide technology efficiency. Staff turnover is always expensive and it’s a known fact. The best option is to retain your staff.


  • Technology Expertise

When you partner with technology firm like Alpha Computer Group, you get best of the expertise. With experienced IT consulting firm on your side, you not only get the experience but you also get a right blend of resource at the right time and in the right place.

Business Security Cameras Long Island

Alpha Computer Group Business-Security-Cameras--300x164 Business Security Cameras Long Island

The last few years have witnessed good deal of rise in security cameras or call it surveillance cameras. Business Security Cameras Long Island is popularly used to monitor homes, business and other types of property. Security cameras are connected to recording devise like tape recorder. Due to the advancement in technology in last few years, IP based security cameras have become increasingly popular. Security cameras have been helping business to remotely monitor a scene and play back recorded images for more than a decade now.


Services provided by Alpha Computer Group

  • Security Camera System Installation Long Island
  • Access Control System Installation Long Island
  • Alarm System Installation Long Island


Majority of old surveillance systems are analogue camera based. Analog Closed-Circuit Television cameras records and play recorded footage as analogue signals. The analogue system directly records the analogue signals into a video tape recorder. In order to play the recordings on PC, analogue signals were converted to digital format using video capture card.


Digital CCTV Cameras

With the advent of digital CCTV cameras, it has become possible to capture images and videos directly as digital signals. In Digital CCTV Cameras, the signals are compressed and encoded into standard video formats such as MPEG. It’s a robust system that allows capturing videos into the hard drive or the storage server.


Security Cameras System

It’s a network or series of security cameras connected to a monitor and recording system. In majority of cases security camera systems are CCTV-based where by cameras are connected to recording system via video cables. Multi-channel security cameras are quite expensive compared to regular IP based. IP-based network cameras give a convenience as each camera in the system can independently connect to the cloud directly.


IP cameras

Alpha Computer Group is helping scores of clients to reap benefits of IP cameras. IP cameras are also called Internet Protocol camers since they are able to send and receive data via a computer network. IP cameras have become popular among growing number of homeowners and business owners in the last few years because of the steep drop in their prices.


Wireless Security Camera

Alpha Computer Group has helped business to setup wireless security cameras. Wireless Security Cameras offer an opportunity to be mounted at places that are not so easier to reach and are difficulty to connect using wires. These cameras seamlessly transmit video and audio signals to the receiving device without the need for receiving device. Wireless Security Cameras are available in both the analog and digital types. However IP wireless security camers are much better since they can be accessed over the internet.
FTP cameras

FTP cameras are originally IP cameras that come with added benefits of uploading recorded images and videos to an FTP server. Interestingly all modern IP camers support FTP upload. FTP cameras make it easy to store image and video files offsite.


Night vision cameras

Security cameras find their biggest use during the night to monitor night time scenes. If the scene area is not well lit, ordinary security cameras will not be able to capture the footage properly. However night vision cameras come with capabilities that make them efficient to capture the image even during the night time.

Healthcare IT Support in Long Island

Alpha Computer Group Healthcare-IT-Support-300x200 Healthcare IT Support in Long Island

American health care industry is growing at a healthy rate of 780,000 hospitals, nursing homes, social services providers and emergency care units providing care to millions of patients annually. With the advancement in technologies, there has been a rapid change in the landscape of healthcare including EHR implementation and support. Healthcare facility are harnessing IT capabilities and are delivering much better value through Healthcare IT Support in Long Island.

Medical professionals depend on medical equipments and IT systems to deliver quality medical assistance to the patients. Alpha Computer Group is actively helping medical professionals and medical organizations such as hospitals and emergency care units with healthcare IT Support in Long Island, to help them free their minds of the technological aspects of the things and focus on what they are good at – i.e. providing quality health care to each patient.

Healthcare IT Support in Long Island by Alpha Computer Group makes every aspects of patients care more integrated, accurate and efficient. Alpha Computer Group has a team of experienced customer centric professionals who work very closely with health care service providers to determine the best available solution that meets the needs of staffs from help desk service to field deployment, to on-site support to voice support to remote health care management and more. Alpha Computer Group offers wide array of IT support service to meet all the needs of any medical health care service.

Just like any organization, even health care organization need to capture and access the employee and patient data as quickly as possible in a most efficient way. Alpha Computer Group brings along wealth of information and knowledge in acquiring, installing, and maintaining patient data kiosks in the hospitals and medical facility centers. The technology helps the doctors, nurses, and health care administrative staffs to easily capture records of each patient and the treatment and services provided so far.

Healthcare IT Support in Long Island includes

  • 24/7 remote monitoring and repair of medical software and equipment
  • EHR selection, implementation
  • EHR support
  • Security protection for all computers and servers

If you have been tired of dealing with hosting companies and IT consultants who don’t seem to understand Healthcare or applications such as EPIC, e-MDs, Allscripts, NextGen etc, call up the consultant at Alpha Computer Group today. Many prestigious health care facilities and organizations have outsourced their IT department to Alpha Computer Group where teams of experts are actively monitoring the services and providing end to end solutions for the all of their technology needs.

The services of managed IT Services in Long Island include:

  • Business IT Support Long Island
  • IT Consulting for Long Island, New York (NY)
  • Managed IT Support Long Island
  • IT Technical Support Long Island
  • IT Outsourcing Long Island
  • Computer Consulting Services Long Island

Business Phone Systems Long Island

Alpha Computer Group Business-Phone-Systems-300x143 Business Phone Systems Long Island

There has been a constant rise in the cost of phones and mobile communications. More and more business are looking at ways to curb the rising cost by embracing the cost effective solutions. Alpha Computer Group is playing a pivotal role in providing affordable solutions to small, medium and large corporation that helps them keep the cost of communications at reasonable levels and helps in increasing the productivity levels of employees. Some of the arrays of communication solutions include like Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island.


Many leading organizations are actively making use of communication technologies like PBX or Private Branch Exchange which helps their employees and members of the business network to access outside lines, helping them to make calls outside the network. The technology has also made it easier for employees within an organization to connect with each other using easy-to-remember three or four-digit extensions. Business of any size will have considerable benefits of cheaper calls when making a call within a network. This eliminates the requirement to set up an external landline phone on every desk of the office.


For a communication channel to be effective it needs to be up-to-date to meet all the needs of the business. The most updated communication channels available in the market includes like Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island. Here we will show you some of the reasons why Alpha Computer Group recommends you to upgrade your business telephone system to Hosted SIP PBX technology.


Cost efficiency

SIP transfers your call over IP which results in direct saving of 20% compared to older system. This kind is savings is achieved with help of lower cost of operation and line rentals. Reliable technologies like this will justify the investment on the long run.


Online billing and call tracking

The system makes it easy for the organization to access all the information in order to zero-in on better solution for their calling solution. You organization will also benefit from lower costs of operations and line rentals. The system provides access to more detailed information on all recently made calls and the cost charged. This will help the organization know where the money is going and according it can take up measures to reduce spending by making some cost effective changes in the operations.


Easy of upgrade

Hosted SIP phone system operates via Internet connection making it an easy job to configure or re-configure through software, as-and-when needed. That means if you are relocating your office, your telephones will be up and running in the shortest time possible along with all the updates in place.



IP telephony communications offers much more flexibility than their alternatives. The system offers individuals increased control over their configuration and allows them to have access to advanced controls and features.