Network Cabling Long Island

Network Cabling is a critical part of planning, designing and implementing IT solution in your company in Long Island. IT Network cabling is a complicated task and requires extensive knowledge combined with adequate experience. If you are planning for Network Cabling Long Island for your company, hire professionals with substantial experience. For example – Alpha Computer Group is a Network Cabling company in Long Island, which provides efficient, neat and specialized Network Cabling service in Long Island and is serving a broad client based comprising of educational institutions, small to medium size business and private home network. Generally network cabling involves wide array of services including Network wiring, Data Wiring, Cable installation, Computer wiring, Computer cable, Telephone wiring, Routers wiring, DSL wiring, L.A.N. wiring, Plenum Risers, Wi-Fi, Access points, Phone jacks, T1 Installation.

Well planned, designed and executed Network Cabling in Long Island for your office or home will ensure that you have access to your network. Best practice defines that your network cabling should be neatly installed and all the lose wire should be properly concealed. But even greater factor is the efficiency with which the data communicates with various other parts of the business. Network cabling should be able to receive information as quickly as possible and that’s what will define the success or the failure of the business, this is even truer when the entire business is dependent on the IT infrastructure.

There are scores of companies that are offering Network Cabling Long Island and related services like Network wiring, Data Wiring, Cable installation, Computer wiring, Computer cable, Telephone wiring, Routers wiring, DSL wiring, L.A.N. wiring, Plenum Risers, Wi-Fi, Access points, Phone jacks, T1 Installation. However, right installation practice with right knowledge is critical in avoiding faults, and troubles including overheating. Network cabling company should understand the nitty-gritty of the hosting space, personal computers and the placement that will avoid decrease of connection. A network cabling Long Island Company would typically specializes in below services:

  • Network wiring
  • Data Wiring
  • Cable installation
  • Computer wiring
  • Computer cable
  • Telephone wiring
  • Routers wiring
  • DSL wiring
  • A.N. wiring
  • Plenum Risers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Access points
  • Phone jacks
  • T1 Installation

Before setting up the network, the network cabling Long Island Company should need to properly organize and plan. Specialized networking companies spend time on creating composition style. The network cabling company should also be able to brief you about overall amount of cabling required and present you with multiple cabling options to choose from. During installation cabling company should proactively and perfectly secure and stuff the links in the holding area. It should also be properly entwined to make the movement of assets less demanding at a later stage. All the links should also be properly marked during the installation. Marking also makes it easy and quick to place and unite specific wire to a planned port. Incorrectly marked wires can jeopardize the entire installation and can result in significant loss of time in fault finding and the loss of money in replacement. It will also lead to enormous amount of time spend in locating the computer over the network owing to wrong cable marking.

When you hire a the right Network Cabling Long Island, like Alpha Computer Group, who are network cabling expert will help you do amazing work with efficiency. Working with professional means there will be lesser troubles. More over they are also going to be there with you to help you as and when there is a trouble and help you fix them to your satisfaction.

Why Do You Need Small Business Phone Systems in Long Island?

Irrespective of the size and scale, every business needs telephone. Depending on the number of employees and the purpose, you will most certainly need office phone system since it is the lifeline that will connect your business with your employees, customers, vendors and the rest of the world. Be it a small business or a large corporation, the office phone system that you get installed should be reliable and easy to use, irrespective of the circumstances to ensure your business remains connected. Small Business Phone Systems in Long Island typically includes services like Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island.


There is wide range of office phone system available in the market to cater to the needs of small business, individual entrepreneurs, and mid to large size incorporations. But there are number of factors you might need to consider while you choose services among Asterisk, FREE pbx, Elastix, PIAF, Trixbox Support Long Island, Telephone System Installation Long Island and VoIP Long Island to have office phone system for your company. Here are some of the factors that you can consider to prioritize your options.


Key consideration while choosing office phone in Long Island

There are few key considerations that you should keep in mind before looking for office phone options. Some of these considerations include:

  1. Your location, whether you are working virtually or from a office
  2. Your budget
  3. Number of employees
  4. How office phone will be utilized or how extensively will it be used?
  5. Future growth plans of the company
  6. Availability of key service providers in your area


Points ranging from 1 to 5 will be little easier for you to figure out since being a business owner you will have fair idea where your business is heading. However to find out the list all the service providers for Small Business Phone Systems in Long Island, you can check with us. You can also get in touch with us, should you like to have free no-obligation demo of various office phone service providers. Once you have figured out these points, it becomes easy to decide which Small Business Phone Systems in Long Island will be suitable for your office.


Key KSU-Less System Long Island

It is the most basic office phone system in the market and suitable for small business with less than 10 employees. It offers advance features like conference calls, call transfer, and multiple extensions without additional cost. The biggest challenge is the maintenance, since these systems are inexpensive, they aren’t supported by telephone company.

KSU System Long Island

It’s a multi line telephone system which is best suited for companies with 5 to 40 employees. It provides all of the basic features plus some additional advanced features. These systems are little expensive and includes the cost of installation and maintenance.


PBX system Long Island

It provides office environment with variety of telephone features, which is powered by central PBX cabinet. PBX system is suitable for companies with more than 40 employees. The telephone system offers facility to get easily integrated with other technologies.


Voice over IP (VoIP) Systems Long Island

As the high speed internet connection becomes cheap, increasing number of companies are opting for VoIP. VoIP telephone system offers amazing flexibility, more features and costs significantly cheaper than traditional telephone service. The biggest advantage VoIP system is that you can make or receive call even while you are travelling anywhere in the world. VoIP system for your office is available in two popular solutions, i.e. Cloud-hosted system and on-premise VoIP solution. Based on the size and needs of your business you can choose any of the solution for your company.


Cloud-Hosted VoIP Long Island

This is a cloud hosted system and a quick and economical solution to get started with VoIP system. The infrastructure is not physically located in the office premises. Instead the cloud hosted system is located at the secure data center by your service provider. The maintenance and management of the cloud hosted system is also taken care by your service provider. In this solution all the services are bundled together and are charged on a monthly basis. This solution is good for medium and small size companies.


On-Premise VoIP Long Island

The On-Premise VoIP system is installed in your office spaces. The business owner needs to purchase the solution and have it installed by his IT team or IT vendor, example – IT Technical Support Long Island. This solution can then be connected to both the local telephone company and to the internet to make both regular and VoIP calls.


Security Camera Systems Long Island

Maintaining your business is a big investment and even bigger challenge is to keep it safe from criminals. Alpha computer group is a surveillance solution provider and operates from Long Island. It specializes in outfitting businesses with the best surveillance solutions the industry. Alpha computer group has helped scores of business and organizations to secure their premises. The group offers complete camera system installation service in Long Island. Some of the services can be categorized as below:

  • Security Camera System Installation Long Island
  • Access Control System Installation Long Island
  • Alarm System Installation Long Island


Over past one decade the industry has witnessed ever increasing surge in the number of options available for video surveillance. This has made it much easier for the organizations and companies of all scale to protect their business and possessions. Increasingly people are becoming aware of the benefits of surveillance and are opting to install private security networks on their premises to prevent incident of theft and be aware of what’ happening on and around their property. To prevent burglary and infringement organizations are taking help of Security Camera System Installation, Access Control System Installation, Alarm System Installation Long Island.


Today Security Camera Systems in Long Island is available for just about every need and budget with options to view the video footage from both on-premises CCTV monitors or even remotely through internet. If you are running your own business, installation of Security Camera Systems Long Island is a must. However the biggest challenge often business owner face is in selecting the right security camera among overwhelming options available in the market. You can start your search in the right direction by either asking the below few question to yourself or give us a call for a free demo and we will help you choose the right Security Camera Systems that’s best suited for business located in Long Island.


  • Light or luminosity

The choice you make in selecting the camera has to depend on the overall level of light present in the area where you are planning to install surveillance camera. If the area where you are planning to install the cameras is well lit, you probably have little limitation in choosing the camera because bright light will make it easy for about any security camera to capture clear footage. However if the area is not well lit, your choices are limited since not all security camera is designed to handle dim light, in such cases look for security camera with light sensitivity rating of 1 Lux or below.


  • Indoor or outdoor

Where do you plan to install the security camera? Your choice of location will not only impact luminosity but it will also need to keep into account other big factor such as weather. The surveillance camera designed for outdoor installation takes into consideration factors like heat, humidity etc.


  • Wired or wireless

Whether you want your surveillance camera to be hard wired or not is also one major deciding factor. Wired Security Camera Systems Long Island will send more solid and secure video than the wireless ones. But then wireless cameras have their own advantages, like they can literally be placed anywhere with ease.


  • Fixed or PTZ

This is also one crucial decision while deciding on buying Security Camera Systems Long Island. Fixed option captures specific view, while PTZ gives you the ability to look around. If you just want to keep an eye on a specific section of room, entrance or parking lot, standard format fixed camera is just fine. But if you are looking for flexibility to follow the action or cover a wider area, PTZ is the best option.


Whether you are a first time buyer of Security Camera Systems Long Island, or you are a more experienced buyer, just looking to upgrade or expand your existing surveillance capabilities, consider scheduling a non-obligation, no-cost appointment with us.

Managed IT Services Long Island

Managed IT Services in Long Island is provided as a solution, typically delivered by an IT service provider for a flat monthly fee, which includes unlimited IT support for a fixed monthly fee and proactive monitoring of IT workstation and infrastructure. Below is the list of some of the services you will need if you are operating your business online:

  • Computer Repair Long Island
  • Business IT Support for Long Island
  • IT Consultants Long Island
  • Managed IT Services Long Island
  • VoIP Phone Systems Long Island
  • Laptop Repair Long Island
  • IT Network Support Long Island
  • Telephone Systems Long Island


Why do you need Managed IT Services in Long Island?

In the past IT companies and IT service providers might bill hourly and fix the problem as-and-when they arise. But now with managed IT service, the organization has the benefit of IT Company aligning their organization’s outcome that ensures proactive service which is geared towards minimizing problem. List of few services included in Managed IT Services Long Island are Computer Repair Long Island, Business IT Support Long Island, IT Consulting for Long Island, New York (NY), IT Consultants Long Island, Laptop Repair Long Island, Managed IT Support Long Island and IT Technical Support Long Island.


  • An expert at your disposal

You are an expert in running your business. But you may not be an expert in IT services. Managed IT Services in Long Island takes care of complete IT related issues at your organization and there by free you up to focus more on your business rather than troubling yourself with figuring out how to fix day-to-day IT issues.


  • Proactive Support

Managed IT Services in Long Island provides proactive support. IT service providers focus on identifying the problem before they happen and keep your system up and the problems down. This is even in the best interest of the IT companies, since it will save them from constantly fixing the problem and also save considerable amount of man-hour otherwise spent on fixing the issues.


  • Strategic IT planning

Managed IT Services in Long Island can be your IT expert team which can guide you on what IT solution you should be implementing over a 12 months or 24 months time horizon. Your IT expert team can help you plan ahead of time and advise you on what plans and expectation you can have from your IT department. Strategic IT planning is directly linked to proactive support which ensures your IT infrastructure and software is upgraded and updated routinely to minimize risk of downtime, crashes and viruses.


  • Complete IT outsourced

When you hire managed IT Services in Long Island, you get access to complete IT department, instead of day-to-day or issue-by-issue basis. An IT manager and a virtual CIO is assigned to your company to help your organization with IT management.


The services of managed IT Services in Long Island include:

  • Business IT Support Long Island
  • IT Consulting for Long Island, New York (NY)
  • Managed IT Support Long Island
  • IT Technical Support Long Island
  • IT Outsourcing Long Island
  • Computer Consulting Services Long Island


Key for successful implementation of Managed IT services

There are multiple decisions that your organization has to make while moving ahead with hiring managed IT Services in Long Island. Below are few of the things that you should consider:


  • Evaluate the IT needs of your organization and based on it find the total cost of implementing it. If this sounds a daunting task, you should seek help of Computer Consulting Services Long Island or give us a call and we will help you plan total IT implementation in your organization.


  • Identify potential Managed IT Support Long Island and request an audit for your organization.


  • Finalize Managed IT Support Long Island provider and complete the contract formalities. For more information on IT implementation and for free consultation walk into our office.


Structured Cabling | Network Wiring | Long Island

Data Network Cabling Installation

Alpha Computer Group structured-wiring-long-island-300x193 Structured Cabling | Network Wiring | Long Island  A structured cabling system is an integral piece of any well designed network. We are a “one stop shop” for all your organization network infrastructure needs. We design, install and build flexible cabling infrastructures throughout New York, Long Island and beyond – structured cabling systems that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer. We specialize in the design and installation of computer network Cabling and phone system cabling, Fiber Optic Cabling, and all Low Voltage Structured Cabling.  Network Cabling and Fiber Optic can also be used to control Audio-Video components and systems for conference rooms, facility-wide sound systems and entertainment venues, digital signage and closed circuit television.  The voice and data network is now viewed as a fourth utility in a building (and some believe the most crucial utility for a well-functioning business). Plumbing, electric and HVAC are necessities, but these are commodities when compared to the importance of the network.  High speed network infrastructure including wireless connectivity is the first step in building a foundation for your organizations network.  Many times the decision of finding a cable contractor is left to the General Contractor and many times the General Contractor chooses to let the electrician pull all the wire. It’s just wire – Right?? Wrong, you wouldn’t let your dentist perform brain surgery would you?? Alpha Computer Group understands the intricacies of even the most complex networks. We will help you evaluate, design and install the optimum integrated system for your company.

Fiber Optic Cabling Design

Conventional fibre (fiber) cabling solutions that compliment the deployment of optical solutions deeper into the network delivering a future-proof infrastructure.

Copper Infrastructure Cabling Install

Verified cabling solutions, providing ultimate performance and reliability for today’s and tomorrow’s copper infrastructure requirements. Our Cat 5 (Cat 5e) or Cat 6 solutions will exceed TIA Cat 5e standards.

Specialty Cabling installer

Copper and fibre (fiber) solutions for diverse and environmentally demanding applications such as Mass Transit, Marine, Automotive and Aerospace, that typically require adherence to strict performance criteria.
Alpha Computer Group’s team of technicians install and certify cables per ANSI / TIA / EIA standards to ensure consistent performance for installed cables across all your locations. We can source, install, de-install and maintain.

Network Cabling Contractor | Low Voltage | Structured Cabling | Long Island

Are you planning to set up a company? Then, it’s time to know about network cabling standards. A right cabling system is quite important for any company. A structured cabling network is very essential as it carries entire data, security, multimedia, voice and all the wireless connections around your campus. It covers a major part of your office including telecommunication rooms, work areas, cabling, hardware connection, cable pathways etc.

You need to divide your cabling systems into manageable blocks for easy maintenance. A structured cabling company is one which provides the standard cabling systems to your office. We just can’t imagine an office or a company without cabling systems. A perfect cabling system is mandatory for all the companies for a proper and successful run. Internal audio functions such as phones, LAN functions are carried out through these network cablings.

Low Voltage, Fiber Cable & Network Cabling Contractor Long Island, NY, Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York

Network Cabling Repair & Installation Long Island, New York

Could you imagine having complete control of your home? From lighting control, to temperature control, to home security, to home theatre automation, and more, you can control it all if you automate.  You can even use your iPhone or other smartphones to control your home, all from the palm of your hand! But before all of the coolness happens, you need solid network cabling to integrate all of your systems. With a top notch network cabling system, you’ll be able to automate your home in no time. With Alpha Computer Group, you get top notch products and great service that can’t be beat in Long Island, New York.

Cabling – Wiring Repair

Network cabling repair any time you need us there.

Life happens. Unfortunately, even with all your smart home controls things can malfunction. That’s why we’re here to help you with your problem. If you have any issues with your cabling system, just give us a call and our friendly staff will warmly handle your situation. From start to finish, we deliver unparalleled structured cabling repair services that will leave you with a smile.

Cabling – Wiring Service

Cabling service for more than just smart home automation.

You will be happy to find that we truly care about the satisfaction of you and your family, and that we will do all that we can to bring you an unforgettable experience. It’s very important to always put safety first in your home, and to take steps to make sure that everyone is safe and sound. That being said, we gladly take care of the hard work for you. So when you need network cabling services for your smart home systems, trust us to take care of you!

Cabling – Wiring Installations

Network cabling installations so you don’t have to wait to automate!

For a top-notch smart home, it’s imperative that you have a good network cabling system to keep everything connected. No matter what your home automation needs are, we are ready to literally lay down the line so that you can get started on building your smart home. We also offer Flexible Financing options so you don’t have to wait to automate!
Structured Cabling Long Island, New York

We provide voice and data cabling (full infrastructure installations, add moves & changes, repairs) network hardware installations, telephone system/PBX support (installation, programming & maintenance).

Structured Cabling and Fiber optics

– Outside Cabling and wire plant
– WiFi and other wireless networks
– Voip enabled and traditional Telephone systems (Asterisk expertise)
– Security systems (wired and wireless)
– IP Cameras and traditional CCTV/Surveillance systems
– Network management

Voice and Data Structured Cabling

– Fiber Installation
– Moves, Adds, Changes, Repairs and Upgrades Service Work
– Big or Small Projects
– Networking Support such as Wireless, Cisco networking
– Electrical We hire a sub contractor for this support
– Rollouts for Companies
– We all carry laptops and cameras and we also can provide PDF Test Results!
– We can provide you background checks for the employees if needed!

We are Asterisk pbx, elastix mt pbx, avaya, toshiba, nortel, and VoIP experts and can support any telephone system from small to large. We have expertise in IP cameras, Audio and Video, Telepresence rooms, home theatre, integration wireless networks, fiber optics installation and termination.

Some our services include:  Structured cabling, low voltage cabling, fiber, access control, video surveillance, trenching and boring, aerial cable, hardware integration deployment, facilities-based telecommunications services, satellite telecommunications and Datacenter services.

Structured wiring is the highway to deliver all of your organization’s information. A system that is poorly designed, inefficiently installed, or out-of-date hinders the performance, profitability and satisfaction in your organization. Remember that your system is as strong as it’s weakest link.

Structured wire is the basic investment on which all other network equipment depends.

• Longest life cycle
• Lowest cost network component
• Prevents costly downtime
• Simplicity for future changes

Voice – Structured wiring for voice, modem, terminal, fax and other applications.

Data – Structured wiring systems for local area network, host, terminal, data collection, factory automation, DSL, internet access, building connection, and many other applications.

High Speed Internet Access – Access the Information Super Highway using a high-speed internet connection.

Structured cabling is the digital plumbing for your home or business. The cabling upgrades the typical one run of telephone or television cable access and allows for flexibility within the entire structure. In essence, wiring your business for today’s technology and tomorrow’s advancements in technology.  Structured cabling and wiring provides an organized method and ease of use for the present and future for any changes or additions to your Internet, Telephone and Audio & Video connections. Connection color-coding, along with provided documentation takes the frustration out of future changes. All cabling and layout is done in accordance with the TIA-568A/B wiring standards.  Alpha Computer Group designs, installs and documents the entire system. From start to finish, we handle all your needs from cabling to components. This provides you with ease of use.  There is a lot more to cabling system performance than just buying good quality cable and connecting hardware. In order to ensure full bandwidth potential, a structured cabling system needs to be properly designed, installed, and administered. With Ramsey Communications’ certified installers, you can rest assured your structured cabling system will be installed correctly—the first time.  Call us today @ (877) 608-8647.

We service the following area’s of New York: Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and all of the NYC 5 boroughs.

Nassau County, Long Island, NY: Glen Cove, Long Beach, Town of Hempstead, Town of North Hempstead, Town of Oyster Bay, Atlantic Beach, Bellerose, Cedarhurst, East Rockaway, Floral Park, Freeport, Garden City, Hempstead, Hewlett Bay Park, Hewlett Harbor, Hewlett Neck, Island Park, Lawrence, Lynbrook, Malverne, Rockville Centre, South Floral Park, Stewart Manor, Valley Stream, Woodsburgh, Baldwin, Barnum Island, Bay Park, Bellerose Terrace, Bellmore, East Atlantic Beach, East Meadow, Elmont, Franklin Square, Garden City South, Harbor Isle, Hewlett, Inwood, Levittown, Lido Beach, Merrick, North Bellmore, North Merrick, North Valley Stream, Oceanside, Point Lookout, Roosevelt, Salisbury, Seaford, South Hempstead, South Valley Stream, Uniondale, Wantagh, West Hempstead, Woodmere, North Woodmere, Baldwin Harbor, East Garden City, Lakeview, Malverne Park Oaks, North Lynbrook, North Wantagh, Baxter Estates, East Hills, East Williston, Flower Hill, Great Neck, Great Neck Estates, Great Neck Plaza, Kensington, Kings Point, Lake Success, Manorhaven, Mineola, Munsey Park, New Hyde Park, North Hills, Old Westbury, Plandome, Plandome Heights, Plandome Manor, Port Washington North, Roslyn, Roslyn Estates, Roslyn Harbor, Russell Gardens, Saddle Rock, Sands Point, Thomaston, Westbury, Williston Park, Albertson, Carle Place, Garden City Park, Great Neck Gardens, Greenvale, Harbor Hills, Herricks, Lakeville Estates, Manhasset, Manhasset Hills, New Cassel, North New Hyde Park, Port Washington, Roslyn Heights, Saddle Rock Estates, Searingtown, University Gardens, Bayville, Brookville, Centre Island, Cove Neck, Farmingdale, Lattingtown, Laurel Hollow, Massapequa Park, Matinecock, Mill Neck, Muttontown, Old Brookville, Oyster Bay Cove, Sea Cliff, Upper Brookville, Bethpage, East Massapequa, East Norwich, Glen Head, Glenwood Landing, Hicksville, Jericho, Locust Valley, Massapequa, North Massapequa, Old Bethpage, Oyster Bay, Plainedge, Plainview, South Farmingdale, Syosset, and Woodbury

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