Legal IT and Telecom

Law Office IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems

Alpha Computer Group has a dedicated unit dedicated to providing computer support and network security consulting for legal practices. Through technology outsourcing, our team of information technology experts can help build your law firm a robust and reliable data infrastructure.  we realize that no two law firms are exactly alike. Thus, we develop a custom maintenance plan and IT strategy for each of our legal practices.  Alpha Computer Group offers networking support to both wired and wireless networks.  Our tech support engineers are experts in data backup, providing server & remote access solutions, telephone systems, and much more, all while ensuring that your data is secure and protected. Alpha Computer Group will always resolve your networking issues in a timely and efficient manner.  When your IT and Telecom is managed by Alpha Computer Group, you will always feel that your data is secured and protected. We provide intrusion detection analysis, along with many levels of security to keep your business free from virus, malware or other harmful intrusions. Alpha Computer Group has a flawless record of keeping its client’s data safe because of state of the art security software and expert level technicians.  When you’re looking for IT and Telecom support services for your law firm, look no further than Alpha Computer Group. With more than a decade of experience helping law firms and attorneys, we understand the unique technological needs and challenges facing the legal industry. Currently, we provide network and IT support for more than 100 law firms! We know your business intimately.

Day-to-day support and network services

We all rely on technology to keep our offices running smoothly. But something as seemingly minor as an Internet outage, a network issue or an e-mail problem can quickly deteriorate into a much larger issue, costing you both money and time.

Alpha Computer Group provides unparalleled technical consulting and network support to law firms of all sizes, from large international firms to small one-attorney offices. Whether we’re in your office or providing help from a remote location, our goal always remains the same: to relieve you from the hassle of IT support, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Data protection and security for attorneys

With stricter federal and state government-enforced regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley and the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, law firms today face an unprecedented amount of regulatory scrutiny — and steep repercussions if found in violation of one of these mandates.

Alpha Computer Group is adept at helping attorneys understand best practices for protecting sensitive client data throughout the firm. We have the experience and hands-on implementation skills to seamlessly integrate data security into your organization’s technological practices.

Business continuity planning and implementation for law firms

Unexpected IT incidents can stop your business in its tracks — whether it’s a disastrous fire that scorches your entire office or a confidential client database file that becomes corrupt and unusable. But by planning for what to do in the case of that ‘unthinkable’ situation, you can minimize the amount of downtime your practice (and your customers) experience.

Alpha Computer Group can help you develop a business continuity plan (BCP) that reflects the needs and responsibilities of the entire firm. By auditing your existing IT systems and processes, we can identify areas where a breakdown is likely to occur — and can put systems in place to avoid or fix any disastrous situations before they become problematic for your law firm.

Cloud Services
Collaboration simplified with Cloud Services

Cloud Services from Alpha Computer Group give you the power to collaborate using the Internet and intranet in your office to make doing business more efficient. Cloud computing solutions allow you and your employees to share, edit, and publish documents in a unified system, improve communication and e-mail, increase marketing abilities, and enhance every day business processes.
Cloud Services from Alpha Computer Group Technologies are:

Scalable – your capabilities and applications grow as you do

Customized – to meet the specific needs of your business

Mobile – collaborate from any Internet-enabled device

Cost-effective – efficient technology improves your bottom line

Hosted Networking

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics® CRM – Collaborate in Microsoft Outlook and other applications to unleash sales, marketing, and service potential with lead and opportunity management tools, marketing automation, and end-to-end management.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange – Enhance your company with business e-mail and collaboration tools like shared calendars, contacts and tasks, public folders, and e-mail at your chosen domain. Also, add on BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile devices – all for a flat fee.

Hosted SharePoint – Together with Hosted Exchange allows real-time collaboration over your company intranet. Store documents online, review files, write blogs and wikis, and manage mailboxes with this powerful tool.

Web Hosting – Web design services to help you achieve your goals; from site development and planning to execution, maintenance, and site hosting. These powerful solutions can all be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you are looking to reach new markets, increase efficiency and organization, or leverage your technology investments, Cloud Services from Alpha Computer Group Technologies are the solution you’ve been looking for.
Cloud Services from Alpha Computer Group Technologies are easy, quick, and economical to implement.
Alpha Computer Group Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

Simply put, it’s the use of hardware or software delivered over a network. Why deal with the potential headaches associated with the installation and maintenance of equipment or applications when you can use these services in the cloud?

Your business could be saving hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars by moving strategic applications and data storage to the cloud. You could also improve data and network security, eliminate downtime, and create a more cost-effective business continuity solution at the same time. We’ll show you how.

Because these services are hosted by the experts at Alpha Computer Group Technologies, you’ll never have to worry about the management, maintenance or equipment that keeps them running smoothly – so you can focus on running your business.

Count on Alpha Computer Group to support all your firm’s critical applications

Alpha Computer Group has real-world experience providing support for the tools that your attorneys count on every day. Our consultants are highly versed in the software and hosted applications typically used within the legal industry, including:

Law Office IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems

Practice and case management software
  Amicus Attorney
  Sage TimeSlips
  LexisNexis PCLaw
  LexisNexis Time Matters
  E-discovery and trial presentation applications
  E-mail archiving, storage management and compliance software
Law firm IT support services
Law firm Telephone Systems
  Managed services for law firms
Computer support for law firms
Law firm IT services
And lots more!

At Alpha Computer Group we are the best at what we do. We are the industry leaders in IT and Telecom support for law firms including:

Law Office IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems

Site Survey & Analysis
IT Strategy Consulting
Hardware & Software Recommendation & Acquisition
E-mail & Website Setup & Configuration
Paperless office Setup for Legal firms
Legal Business Consulting with respect to IT
24/7 Onsite and Remote IT Support for Law Practices
Licensed Expert Technicians
Telephone Systems
Recommend Hardware & Software
Create A Business Plan
Secure Your IT Environment
Recommend New Organization Strategies
Provide Resource Saving Networking Solutions
  Microsoft Exchange Server Support
IT Support and Consulting
Telephone Systems Support and Consulting
all Business Computer Consulting
Traffic Shaper and Bandwidth Management
  Wide Range of Services for Law Practices

Alpha Computer Group provides a wide array of services that has benefited 1000’s of small businsses worldwide. Whether you need configuration of Microsoft Servers, Local Area Network or Wide Area Network Consulting, or even VPN setup, our professionals can help. In addition to a team of expert technicians, we also have a team of knowledgeable project managers available for assistance. The project managers along with technicians have extensive knowledge in computer maintenance, security, networking, server migration, and many other services.  We are New York’s number IT and Telephone company for law offices/law firms.  We do it all from Computer Networking, to Access Control.  law firm it support, law office computer support, legal firm computer networking, Lexis Nexis.  Alpha Computer Group has its own Cloud Based LexisNexis Time Matters system.

Construction IT and Telecom

Dental IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems

Construction Companies need the IT and Telecom Support from a trusted Technology partner.  The construction industry is one of the most information-intensive industries, as a major construction process requires extensive exchange of data and information between the project’s participants on a regular basis. In the construction industry, employees must adopt new forms of technology to achieve the time, cost, and quality goals of a construction project.   During the construction phases and the life-cycle of a building, the construction industry depends on large amounts of information. It’s important that the information provided to the construction site enables task control, data integration, material and resource control, and communication between the company and the suppliers.  Time is of the essence in the construction industry. When contracts are on the line, you can’t afford to waste time with unreliable networks, incompatible software and employee communication breakdowns. That’s where Alpha Computer Group comes in.  We know the technology tools that companies in the construction industry rely on every day. Let us manage your IT and Telecom so you can manage your business.  We understand the challenges your company faces. Supervisors, estimators and your sales team need 24×7 access to their computer tools. CAD, estimating and other software must be properly integrated. Your network must maintain uptime.  In short, we’ll work to eliminate the downtime that costs you time and money. Alpha Computer Group provides affordable, efficient solutions to meet your technology needs.

Here are some of the most accommodating forms of information technology for the construction industry:

• Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has a strong appeal in the construction industry, with many benefits due to the constant change of workers and setup of new job site locations. Often, construction workers require access to company data to provide timely decision-making and reporting ability while working in the field. Stay productive in the office and in the field.

Construction companies benefit from the cloud’s ability to offer increased freedom and easy access to information at any time, from any location, such as job sites, customer locations, and satellite offices.

• Project Management Software

Project management software allows contractors to manage complicated business processes with planning, organizing, and managing the various resource pools available. Construction companies are required to deliver projects on time and according to budget.

With project management software, the construction industry has the ability to execute projects more efficiently, while delivering high quality results and increasing their overall business profitability.

• Mobile Device Management

In the construction industry, employees use mobile devices as their main line of communication during a project. Whether it’s emails, texts, or phone calls; the smartphone has become the construction industries primary tool of communication.

With the ever-growing amount of mobile devices and applications, mobile device management is increasingly important. With mobile device management software, the construction industry can optimize the functionality of mobile devices, while protecting the configuration settings and data for mobile devices in a network; thus lowering the overall business security risks and support costs.

• Technical and Network Support

The construction business requires you to spend much (if not most) of your time away from your office. However, to stay productive while working on various job sites often means that you rely on the technology tools of your trade even more. 

So what happens if your network goes down or your estimating software is suddenly out of service? That’s when you turn to Alpha Computer Group. We’ve spent the last 10 years helping construction; engineering and contracting firms implement and maintain technology systems that help their businesses run flawlessly, in the office and in the field.

• Remote office and project site connectivity

Alpha Computer Group understands how important it is to have your office with you, no matter if you’re at the lumberyard gathering supplies or simply have a few spare moments in your busy day. Having worked with businesses in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry for many years, we have hands on knowledge of the connectivity tools that will keep your office operating efficiently — tools that you can use from any location.

A strong, secure network is the backbone of any connectivity plan — after all, if your network is down or compromised, there’s no such thing as ‘business as usual.’ Our technical support team is dedicated to keeping your network working flawlessly, and to provide on-site or remote support should an issue ever arise.

Alpha Computer Group provides unparalleled technical and network support services to Construction companies of all sizes, from small local commercial contractors to large multi-office architecture firms, residential home builders or engineering firms. Whether we’re in your office or providing help from a remote location, our goal remains the same: to relieve you from the hassle of IT and Telecom support, so you can concentrate on running your business.

• Construction-specific software support

Alpha Computer Group’s technical support team have experience with many of the software packages the AEC industry counts on, including AutoCAD, 3D Max, Adobe Creative Suite, MicroStation, Microsoft Project, Sage Timberline Office and Star Builder.

•  Microsoft Project

A project management program that businesses across many industries rely on, Microsoft Project is a robust program with a variety of features specifically helpful to the construction industry. Let Alpha Computer Group make sure you’re taking advantage of all the features MS Project has to offer.

• Sage Timberline Office and Star Builder

Considered “industry standards” in the construction world, Sage Timberline Office and Star Builder both combine many business functions — estimating, billing, procurement, and production management — into a streamlined view. But this integration offers a unique challenge: If something isn’t entered, coded or configured correctly, one mistake quickly travels through your entire system, creating disorder at every level of your organization.

If you’re a construction company, and you want to learn more about how our construction company IT and Telecom support can help your business achieve the benefits of information technology, give Alpha Computer Group a call today @ (877) 608 – 8647.

Medical IT and Telecom



Medical IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems - Healthcare IT and Telecom

Having proper medical computer, network, and telephone support is essential to any healthcare facility. Computers, Servers and Telephones are the basic part to any healthcare facility’s technology needs. They’re used to control patient devices, maintain electronic medical records and disseminate information to doctors, nurses and technicians. At Alpha Computer Group, we are the best Healthcare IT Support Companies in New York. We understand the frustration of having even one malfunctioning computer or telephone. That’s why we offer medical computer, network and telephone support services, remote and on-site for all of our clients.

We offer a variety of healthcare computer repair services, including server repair, tablet repair, laptop repair, physician and medical computer repair and system set up. We also offer unified communications. Our telephone systems are second to none. Our healthcare IT technicians can set up networks for physicians with secure access to view electronic medical records when necessary, giving them a faster and easier way to access patient information and provide the ultimate patient-care experience.

We have deep experience with HIPAA and EMR technology solutions, and can design, create and implement a tailor-made healthcare IT solution for your unique organization.  Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, improve patient care or get more out of your technology investments, we can help.  We make the Installation, Management and Funding of IT and Telephony Solutions Easy and Painless.  Technology in the healthcare industry comes with its own unique set of complexities. Fortunately, we can cut through the confusion and offer IT and Telecom solutions that will help your practice run more efficiently and maintain the highest standards of regulatory compliance.  We’ll also help you determine if you’re eligible for technology-implementation funding.

With Alpha Computer Group, your healthcare organization can:

medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Improve efficiency across the board

medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Make teamwork and online collaboration simpler than ever before

medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Automate tedious tasks to free up more time and resources

medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Enhance security

medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Stay HIPAA compliant

medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom 24×7 Healthcare Tech Support

 Advocating better patient care through technology

Medical IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems - Healthcare IT and Telecom - HIPPA - Compliant

Stop missing opportunities, worrying about security and sacrificing patient care to deal with frustrating IT issues. Alpha Computer Group understands the complexities and demands of implementing the right IT for security, efficiency and compliance within the medical community. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing reliable healthcare IT and Business Telephone solutions and support to medical practices like yours. We specialize in healthcare IT and Telecom solutions and support for Medical, Imaging and Diagnostic offices, so whatever the size or shape of your practice, we can help. Your software must be integrated for speed and reliability, doctors and administrators need network access at all times, and HIPAA regulations and other government mandates regarding Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are forcing you to automate. That’s where we come in.In an increasingly regulated industry, Alpha Computer Group can help you contain costs while maintaining the highest patient care standards – by leveraging your IT investment to improve efficiency and productivity.  Having an IT and Telephony support staff you can count on is critical, especially in a healthcare environment. Medical practices must be able to maintain a stable network while growing to meet the needs of an ever-changing dynamic industry. Because of our vast industry experience and expertise, Alpha Computer Group will assist you with any and all IT and Telecommunication needs within your medical practice, from initial system installation to a full range of support options.

Healthcare Computer Repair

Alpha Computer Group’s skilled medical IT support staff also provides on-site or drop off healthcare computer repair services. In the event that any computers at your healthcare facility experience hardware failures or software issues such as viruses and malware, we can help get your computers back up and running quickly and easily.

Medical Laptop Repair

As mobility becomes more of a necessity, so does medical laptop and tablet repair. Physicians and other medical staff are frequently using medical laptop computers. Even though laptops are made to be carried, they are still computers and excessive jarring, dropping, and shaking can cause vital internal components to stop working. Alpha Computer Group’s experts can help repair medical laptop computers so you can get back up and running in no time.

Healthcare IT Computer Support

At Alpha Computer Group, we understand the medical community deals with very unique challenges when it comes to information technology. We know that your IT and Telecom must be secure, reliable and cost-effective – not to mention compliant with ever-changing government regulations. Since 2004, organizations in the healthcare industry have trusted our team of experts to take care of all their technology needs.

HIPAA Compliance Outsourcing – Medical IT Support Services

At Alpha Computer Group, we understand that medical professionals everywhere else deal with unique and serious challenges when it comes to IT. EMR regulations and HIPAA compliance standards can be overwhelming, leaving you wondering how to handle it all on your own. That’s where we come in, with the following solutions to ensure your practice remains secure and compliant.

Cloud Backup & Data Recovery for Healthcare

Are you putting your patients’ sensitive data – and your entire business – at risk? With HIPAA Compliant IT Solutions from Alpha Computer Group, you can end worries over data security, data loss and compliance for good. Alpha Computer Group’s Cloud Backup makes protecting your mission-critical data a cinch. By partnering with Alpha Computer Group for Cloud Backup services, your healthcare organization is no longer susceptible to the risks associated with IT that’s not HIPAA compliant.

Network Security Audits for the Healthcare Industry – Managed Medical IT Services

Not knowing what’s going on with your healthcare IT, Telephone and Security Systems can be dangerous to the future of your practice. With a Network Security Audit from Alpha Computer Group, our experts will analyze and diagnose your information technology systems, identifying areas of risk within your infrastructure and recommending potential areas for improvement.

Managed Services for Healthcare

With Managed Services for Healthcare from Alpha Computer Group, you can outsource the management, maintenance and support of your practice’s IT for one affordable, flat monthly rate. That means you can say goodbye to costly downtime, ongoing computer problems and the headache of managing IT in house for good. Our healthcare solutions drive more efficient practice operations while enabling collaboration and improving quality measures, automation and compliance – all while simultaneously enhancing security.

Outsourced Medical IT Support

Medical practices and patients rely on technology every day to ensure quality of care. Are your computer systems up-to-date or are you in need of hardware and software upgrades? Could you pass a HIPAA or HITECH audit? Alpha Computer Group, an outsourced IT support and leading Medical IT support company, can help you assess your current IT environment and implement business solutions specific to your medical practice.

Data Security

If you’re emailing patient data – are you using secure email? If not, contact an Alpha Computer Group outsourced IT support representative and learn how we can work with the computer systems you already own to set up secure email for sharing patient data with referring physicians or even with the patients.
Alpha Computer Group understands that, as your outsourced IT support provider, we are a Business Associate covered under the new HITECH. Our staff, including Medical IT Support technicians, have been trained to understand the importance of data security and protecting patient data.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Are you compliant? Alpha Computer Group outsourced IT support specialists have helped many medical practices and healthcare facilities implement an electronic documentation and notification system to assist in compliancy. With the new federal regulations that address patient privacy and security, those in the medical industry must evaluate their medical IT practices and learn more about this healthcare reform. Alpha Computer Group will let you know the specific steps you need to take to become compliant – such as notification and documentation – and can also let you know how to be considered for federal financial aid.

Medical IT Support

Alpha Computer Group provides IT and Telephone Systems support to medical offices: Alpha Computer Group offers the highest level of service, working with a sense of urgency and security for important medical patient information, and offer solutions that meet your healthcare IT needs.

Our healthcare IT solutions can be incorporated into your existing systems and business processes to drive more connected and efficient services.

Our Healthcare Technology Solutions can help your practice:

Medical IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems - Healthcare IT and Telecom - HIPPA COMPLIANCE

medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Drive more efficient practice operations
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Support Quality Measures and Automation
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Improve Security
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Maintain HIPAA Compliance
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Medical IT Support Services
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Healthcare IT consulting to optimize your infrastructure
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Medical Telephone Systems
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Medical Paging Systems
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Compliancy audit services
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Medical software implementation
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Computer repair including email, printer, hardware, and other support
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Medical data backup
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Data recovery
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom Security protection for all computers and servers
medical-healthcare-alpha-computer-group-telephone-systems-computer-network-laptop-repair-support-IT-Telecom On-site, remote and phone help-desk support

Alpha Computer Group specializes in IT support for healthcare offices!  We are New York’s number 1 Healthcare IT Support Companies.  From basic Medical computer repair to complex Server Storage and Security of EMR.   We are your 1 stop technology shop from IT to Telecom as well as Physical Security such as; Security Camera System Installations for Doctors offices, Hospitals, and etc.  We also install and maintain Alarm Systems, Intercoms, Paging and Telephone Systems.  We understand the stringent reliability and security requirements in your industry.  We use HIPAA-compliant solutions to protect your patients’ Protected Health Information.  We are experienced with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, dental office Practice Management (PM) software and specific programs such as digital x-ray and imaging software.  Our technicians can support your office and keep your computers and network running smoothly so you can concentrate on what’s important to you; your patients.

Healthcare IT Consulting | Medical Telephone Systems | Hospital Security Camera Systems | Doctors Office Access Control Systems | Paging and Intercoms

Healthcare IT Support Companies, Medical Computer Repair, Healthcare VoIP Phone Systems, Healthcare Paging System, Dr. Office Software, Doctors office Access Control Systems, DR Office IP Security Cameras, EMR, Long Island, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, NYC, Bronx and Manhattan.

If you’re looking for reasonably priced, professionally managed healthcare IT, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647 today.

Dental IT and Telecom Support

Dental IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems

In the dental care industry, technology is truly the core of your practices’ capability to offer excellent dental care. Once your practice relies on digital images and radiographs, a networking or software issue presents a significant roadblock. Computer problems can require a return visit for the patient, inability to view or book appointments, or data loss of essential dental records. Additionally, ensuring patient privacy and HIPAA compliance is paramount.  At Alpha Computer Group, we have worked very hard to provide a level of service and reaction time to enhance your practices’ unique specifications.  Alpha Computer Group is a leader in Dental IT and Telecom and works with dozens of practice management and digital imaging products. Our engineers are aware of the complexities of how practices deal with patient flow and digital information. You never have to worry if Alpha Computer Group is aware of the new dental technology or unable to implement software, we have been working with busy dental practices for over 10 years. No on-the-job training here.  The more efficient your dental office is, the more patients you can see on a daily basis. With specialized IT and Telecom solutions for the dental industry from Alpha Computer Group, you can increase your practice productivity and profitability, while providing the personal care your patients deserve.  From single to multi-office setups, we provide complete IT and Telecom solutions including software and hardware support for dental clinics like yours. Using leading practice management software from Dentrix and Carestream, we can bring greater efficiency to your growing practice, with seamless integration between dental digital imaging and practice management software.


Dental IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems

Dental IT Support

What happens when the Server that controls your PAN is down? How much production will you lose before your current provider can diagnose the problem and get an IT repair technician on site?

Our computer and telephone repair technicians have worked with all of the major dental practice management systems and all of the major dental imaging systems – and our computer repair technicians are all Microsoft Certified Professionals. Can your current outsourced IT support provider answer that question in the affirmative? Alpha Computer Group’s pc and telephone repair technicans have extensive experience with dental IT and Telecom support – consider working with Alpha Computer Group as your outsourced IT and Telecom support provider.

Contact us for all of your dental IT support, systems integrations, Telephone Systems, Paging Systems and computer repair needs – we’ll let you focus on pulling teeth instead of pulling hair.

With our Dental IT and Telecom solutions running your practice has never been simpler. Integrate your systems today for a brighter tomorrow!

Together with software from a vendor of your choice, our Dental IT solutions give you the power to simplify:

dental-support-computer-network-servers-telephone-systems-new-york-long-island-nassau-county-suffolk-county-brooklyn-queens-nyc-manhattan-tooth-teeth-alpha-computer-groupScheduling – maximize productivity and attach lab cases, treatment planning, and periodontal cleanings to patient data
dental-support-computer-network-servers-telephone-systems-new-york-long-island-nassau-county-suffolk-county-brooklyn-queens-nyc-manhattan-tooth-teeth-alpha-computer-groupAccounting – manage your AR, collections and payment plans with one simple solution
dental-support-computer-network-servers-telephone-systems-new-york-long-island-nassau-county-suffolk-county-brooklyn-queens-nyc-manhattan-tooth-teeth-alpha-computer-group3D Charting – advanced modeling software lets you customize chart views by quadrant and outline treatment plans
dental-support-computer-network-servers-telephone-systems-new-york-long-island-nassau-county-suffolk-county-brooklyn-queens-nyc-manhattan-tooth-teeth-alpha-computer-group3D Perio Charting – enjoy voice software for perio charting
dental-support-computer-network-servers-telephone-systems-new-york-long-island-nassau-county-suffolk-county-brooklyn-queens-nyc-manhattan-tooth-teeth-alpha-computer-groupPatient Tracking – make note of patient allergies and notify them of bills due, appointments and more
dental-support-computer-network-servers-telephone-systems-new-york-long-island-nassau-county-suffolk-county-brooklyn-queens-nyc-manhattan-tooth-teeth-alpha-computer-groupInsurance Claim Tracking – print forms and take advantage of electronic claims
dental-support-computer-network-servers-telephone-systems-new-york-long-island-nassau-county-suffolk-county-brooklyn-queens-nyc-manhattan-tooth-teeth-alpha-computer-groupImaging – digitize radiographs and view patient images from your computer
dental-support-computer-network-servers-telephone-systems-new-york-long-island-nassau-county-suffolk-county-brooklyn-queens-nyc-manhattan-tooth-teeth-alpha-computer-groupPayment/Fee Schedules – for simplified financial management

Maximize your yield per patient

What are your IT needs?

Alpha Computer Group understands that although many dental practices utilize the similar technology resources, every single organization has distinctive goals, obstacles and requirements. That’s why we provide IT and Telecom consulting services tailored to fit your business. We appeal to the unique needs of your dentist office, small or large.

Regardless if you are looking for occasional troubleshooting assistance, an entirely new IT infrastructure, or anything in between, Alpha Computer Group is here for your dental practice. We can augment your existing IT staff with larger implementations or act as your comprehensive outsourced IT department. We provide you with a stable and secure IT environment that will permit you to forget your technology worries while focusing on day to day operations.

Proactive IT Consulting

We go beyond delivering IT solutions to repair your immediate problems. Our consultative, proactive services will allow you to prolong the life span of your systems, thus saving you money and improving productivity.  While technologies advance at a rapid pace, our IT and Telecom consultants work to ensure your network systems are maintained to speed. Our consultants have a wide variety of expertise and knowledge, which they are continuously updating to be able to provide our customers the very latest in dental IT solutions.

Learn how Alpha Computer Group’s dental technology solutions will help your practice: Save up to 35% or more on yearly technology costs. Experience improved IT and Telecom reliability and enhanced productivity Get reassurance knowing important computer data is secure and accessible at any time, anyplace, from any device.

Opening a New Practice or Upgrading Your Current Dental Practice?

Alpha Computer Group provides turn-key solutions for your new dental practice build-out. We take care of all the technology details from your new office security to internet provisioning and installation; letting you focus on building your practice and patient database up to the crucial moments of your opening visit.

Thinking of Upgrading to Digital?

We work closely with your front and back office staff to guarantee a smooth transition into new technology.

Some of the Dental Software Alpha Computer Group Supports

dental-it-network-computer-server-digital-imaging-support-long-island-nyc-nassau-suffolk-queens-brooklyn-manhattan-alpha-computer-groupDolphinDental IT computer systems and Telecom Telephone Systems
dental-it-network-computer-server-digital-imaging-support-long-island-nyc-nassau-suffolk-queens-brooklyn-manhattan-alpha-computer-groupKodak Practice Management
dental-it-network-computer-server-digital-imaging-support-long-island-nyc-nassau-suffolk-queens-brooklyn-manhattan-alpha-computer-groupKodak Imaging
dental-it-network-computer-server-digital-imaging-support-long-island-nyc-nassau-suffolk-queens-brooklyn-manhattan-alpha-computer-groupPBS Dental

and many many more!
Alpha Computer Group understands the unique technology demands of dental practices. Schedule a no obligation appointment today with one of our dental technology experts to establish the most effective solutions for your IT and Telecom challenges.

Responsive, professional, reliable IT support for dental practitioners. AlphaComputer Group reduces the cost and headache of using technology so that you can focus on growing your practice.  We Speak Your Language. Conatact Alpha Computer Group today @ (877) 608 – 8647.

Brewery Automation

Today’s breweries face a challenging technology environment. The pace at which technology is advancing is at an all-time high. New technology tools for breweries are being introduced daily, while performance and security in the digital age require constant vigilance. To stay competitive, businesses must adopt these new technologies while taking precautions to avoid critical performance and security breaches.  Most brewery owners lack the time and expertise required to keep up-to-date on the rapidly changing technology that affects their growing business. As experts in brewery Automation, IT and Telecom, Alpha Computer Group has the skills and expertise to properly analyze, evaluate, and custom-tailor a strategy utilizing a variety of automation, network, management and support solutions.


Our comprehensive list of services has been developed based on over a decade of actual client needs. From technology leadership to network installation and support, cloud services, computer consulting, and business continuity, we are your complete source for your brewery’s IT and Telecom management.   We offer every service to turn your concept into a reality. After an initial phone consultation, or meeting, we will develop a strategy that fits your needs, vision and budget.  At Alpha Computer Group no client is too big or too small.  We customize our services to meet the specific needs of each client. We prefer our initial meeting to be face-to-face but realize that is not always possible. We want to learn as much about your business, your goals, and your expectations so we can provide you optimal results. To that end, we offer a complimentary initial phone consultation to prospective clients so we can learn more about your business, you can learn more about us, and from there which direction we take. Shortly thereafter we will give you an estimate of the time necessary to complete the task.  We view our initial consultation as a mutual selection process. Our mission is to provide our clients exceptional guidance and advice at a reasonable cost so their business is strongly positioned for many years.  If you choose to retain us we offer flexible payment plans that can be tailored to suit your budget.  We offer a wealth of knowledge backed up by over 50 years of solid and diverse beer industry experience. Contact us today to learn more about how Alpha Computer Group can help you get your craft brew the maximum amount of exposure necessary for success in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBrewery automation & monitoring beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupNetworking & Firewalls
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupEmail and Web Hosting beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBackups
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupTelephone Systems beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupFull Business Planning
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupPaging Systems beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupMarket Research
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupPoint of Sale beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupCost of Goods Projections
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBuilding Access (Access Control) beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupNet and Gross
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupSecurity Cameras beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBudget Advice
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupOnsite Support beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupMarket Research
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupProfit Projections beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupFull Project Financial Projections
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-group Building Selection Advice beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupArchitectural Services
beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-group Layout and CAD Drawings (Blueprints) beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupCommissioning and Training
 beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupRecipe Development beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupBranding, Packaging and Logo Advice
 beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupPublic Relations and Advertising beer-brewery-it-telephones-recipe-consulting-drafting-alpha-computer-groupSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)

Quality Matters!

 View, manage, analyze brewery data from one, centralized location
Stay up-to-date on what’s happening at your brewery — from anywhere!
Enjoy real-time status control; develop dynamic and detailed reports

    Alpha Computer Group’s Brewery Automation, IT, And Telecom software

1.  Integrates seamlessly with data sources from multiple vendors, databases and workstations

2.  Is easy to learn — use a simple, drag and drop system to automate your data collection

3.  Allows data acquisition directly from laboratory instruments, elimination data entry

4.  System is fast to develop and modify applications, extremely flexible and highly cost-effective

5.  Is easy for non-technical personnel to identify and correct DB table error, removing the need to wait for the IT-team’s assistance and for the ability to switch between dev and prod environments.

6.  Is of high quality with efficient support


Alpha Computer Group uses surveys, interviews, and observation to custom-tailor a strategy for your brewery


We identify technology, training, and processes to take your brewery to the next level


We oversee the implementation process from start to finish


Alpha Computer Group monitors Key Performance Indicators at regular intervals, adjusting strategies as needed

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

This is one standard all food producers must implement.  As brewers or potential brewery owners you may not be familiar with this program – because beer is a boiled product, and naturally staves off harmful pathogens, it’s been largely unregulated by Federal food production standards and the industry hasn’t been subjected to HACCP standards. But this will be changing. With the multitude of small, production-based breweries, the word is that the Federal Government will soon be enforcing HACCP standards on breweries that package and distribute to the general public.

Plan now and avoid potential stoppages in production. If and when an inspection comes, you will be forced to develop a HACCP program,  a flowchart, train your staff and modify any production areas that are potential hazards, (mold collection areas, exposed interior walls, hanging insulation, improperly screened windows…)

Let our HACCP expert audit your existing brewery or develop a plan from the outset of your future brewery and save yourself a potentially devastating halt of production and sudden compliance expenses.

Contact Alpha Computer Group for all of your brewery’s Technological needs @ (877) 608 – 8647.