On Site Computer and Network Services


Have a computer, telephone or network issue?  Alpha Computer Group will come to you!   We are New York’s number 1 IT outsourcing and IT consulting experts when it comes to small to enterprise class businesses. We offer onsite and remote IT support, cloud hosting, Telephone System support and much much more. Through our well developed and proven methodologies, we help you get the most out of technology and provide your business with a competitive edge.  We provide a full range of I.T., Computer Network Support, Server Support, Desktop Support, and Telecom Solutions to meet all your computer, telephone and networking needs.  We realize that businesses rely heavily on their computer systems. When system problems arise, they also rely on fast reliable service. We are dedicated to providing prompt, professional and courteous IT Support Services. We provide professional, high-quality On-Site Computer Repair and Computer Network Support Services at affordable rates. We specialize in keeping your computers always operational!

Alpha Computer Group Offers:

Same_Day_On_site Service_long_island_ny

24/7 helpdesk support
  24/7 monitoring and issue resolution
  On-premise or in the cloud
  IT consulting services
  Vendor management
  ITIL compliant service desk
  Business Intelligence portal
  Backup and disaster recovery
  Security, antivirus, SPAM filtering
  Highly trained and certified engineers
  Best of breed solutions
  Predictable IT costs
  Onsite or remote
  Computer Pickup and Drop off services
  Desktop and Server Reloads and troubleshooting
Virus Removals
Network Threat Assessments
Onsite Support In: New York City (NYC), Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, New Jersey, and Connecticut


Our highly-skilled IT professionals, engineers and tech support staff have knowledge and experience in a wide range of industries and for a wide variety of needs. Our team will anticipate issues and respond quickly to your needs as they arise.   We can help maximize your IT budget, outsource IT functions, and safeguard valuable business information, all while providing expert IT consulting services. Ultimately, we will assist your  company in getting the best performance from your information technology and reduce the time spent dealing with your computer systems.  Alpha Computer Group  specializes in rebuilds, restoration and upgrades. We can perform Virus Removal, that may have infected your desktop or laptop. We also specialize in Computer networking for your home and office and configure any wireless environment. Our Long Island based tech depot can also help you restore lost files that may have been deleted or restored from a broken hard drive.  If you have questions regarding any type of computer issues, then we have the answers you need. We are an affordable yet high quality New York and USA computer repair service for both home and office. We realize the importance of your technology needs and our service representatives will always respond in a timely, professional fashion. We fix all Brands of Laptops, Desktops, other devices.Take some time and browse our web site.  You will discover that in addition to PC Virus Removal with Data Backup and Recovery Services, we also offer training, support and computer networking services.  We can handle it all – IT and Telecom.  From New York to California we come to you!

For On Site Technical Support Services call Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647

Network Administration


Alpha Computer Group Network Administrators can provide onsite, remote, email, help desk, phone support and troubleshooting to repair your network system problems quickly and cost effectively.  Alpha Computer Group has developed enterprise-grade skills, advanced software utilities, and support knowledge bases to identify and repair IT problems while avoiding the high cost and time delays normally associated with onsite technical service visits.  Looking for remote Network administration services?  At Alpha Computer Group you can have real time administration of your network servers, including: domain controllers, active directory servers, e-mail servers, thin client servers, web servers, FTP servers and some data processor specific servers.   Additionally, we also administer different types Windows, Linux, Apple, and Unix on your network to control the server and its maintenance.  We have extensive experience supporting IT infrastructures, from small organizations to larger companies. Our System Administrator Consultants carry years of experience.


Network Systems and Infrastructure:

  Network Security

  Network Design & Support

  Firewall & VPN Implementation

  Long Range Planning

  Local, National, and International Network Connectivity

  Data Center & Desktop Support

  Citrix Implementations

  Technology Training

  Technology Assessments

Alpha Computer Group is responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software systems that make up a computer network including the maintenance and monitoring of active data network or converged infrastructure and related network equipment of our clients.  Our Network Administration activities and tasks are as such network address assignment, management and implementation of routing protocols such as ISIS, OSPF, BGP, routing table configurations and certain implementations of authentication (e.g.: challenge response, etc.). It can also include maintenance of certain network servers: file servers, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems, servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, phones, IP Phones, personal digital assistants, smartphones, software deployment, security updates and patches as well as a vast array of additional technologies inclusive of both hardware and software.

The essential procedures to go through the Network Administration services are:

1 .Installing all network / Microsoft updates and service packs

2 .Updating antivirus definitions


3 .Editing login scripts

4 .Restarting services (print cues, etc.)

5 .Adding and removing printers

6 .Monthly monitoring of tape backup system event logs

7 .Adding and removing users and groups

8 .Creating network folders

9 .Creating and editing security and permissions

10 .Monthly reporting on server diagnostics and administration procedures

Apart from managing networks and servers for your organization, we also assist in hardware and software installations, re-installations, reconfigurations, diagnostics, repairs or replacement of defective hardware and software.  We are your networks maintenance and management system.  comprehensive network support and services. Our network services are all-encompassing and include things as small as PC repair and troubleshooting or as large as multi-server, multi-site network administration.  Our team of network engineers boasts years of experience as well as the most well-known professional certifications including those from Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and Astaro. We have a multitude of software and hardware competencies which range from the commonly known giants such as Microsoft, Symantec, HP, and Dell to industry-specific applications such as TenantPro, various EMR platforms, EMQUE, Time Matters and various accounting platforms.

Network Administrators are often involved in proactive work. This type of work will often include:

Network monitoring
Testing the network for weakness
Keeping an eye out for needed updates
Installing and implementing security programs
In many cases, E-mail and Internet filters
Evaluating implementing network management software
Monitoring network traffic and bottleneck

Call Alpha Computer Group for all of your Network Administration needs @ (877) 608 – 8647

Cloud Services


The Cloud Computing deployed by Alpha Computer Group helps customers maximize the benefits of their virtual infrastructure investments, accelerate the move to a cloud computing model, and address the business implications of shared computing resources.  We utilize programs such as Citrix, 2X, Terminal Services, Vmware, Hyper-V and much more.  We also put phone systems in the cloud.  Regardless of the level of a customer’s virtual cloud infrastructure maturity or business needs, our Cloud Computing Consulting Services can accelerate the business value of IT transformation to IT as a service computing models, through virtualization.  Cloud Computing is geared to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services, and are fully managed by Alpha Computer Group.  We bring the most accessible and managed cloud services for our clients to perform number of activities at a single go in a more synchronized way.   Whether your putting a business telephone system or a Computer Server System in the cloud, you can rest assured you will have 24/7 access anywhere.  Cloud computing is the fastest growing segment of business applications and represents the revolutionary step for computing with freedom, Alpha Computer Group brings the advanced set of technologies and potential infrastructure with utility based consumption mode.

Well, when we explore deep into our clouding services, we will actually change the way different applications are being designed, tested and deployed to convert those applications into a significant shift in application development priorities. With our efficient cloud computing services, we represent the paradigm for modern IT-driven businesses. And more significantly such prototypes can be rapidly adapted to a changing business climate.

We have the most dynamic experience in efficient cloud computing services in the application development area, where some of our best offerings are:

  • Cloud Assessment Services –   with Cloud Assessment Services you can have a solved answer for most of the business benefits of clouding with newer opportunities. Alpha Computer will examine those business objectives, challenges, applications and future needs to identify opportunities where cloud technologies can bring value to your business.
  • Cloud Application Management Services-   Our Applications Management Services for Cloud are designed to help manage, operate, maintain and enhance your cloud applications. We provide management expertise across multiple application technologies with custom, commercial off-the-shelf, enterprise and emerging applications so you can achieve and exceed your business objectives.
  • Cloud Application Migration Services-   whether you have developed a new cloud application or want to migrate your app to the cloud; we would bring all the information needed to accelerate your experience of clouding. With cloud application migration services, we at Alpha Computing will monitor and manage your critical cloud-based applications and will ensure the perfect application performance pre and post cloud migration.
  • Cloud Integration Services-   with cloud integration services, we will bring a flexible integrated service to address and process data without any heavy implementation and complexities. A true cloud integration solution needs to be multitasked and on demand, so that each customer is able to take advantage of the same new features. Alpha Computer has such smart integrated services for you with automatic upgrading and the ability to ‘try before a buy’ for the users.
  • Baseline the current state of the IT infrastructure and identify the company goals for IT transformation
  • Determine the IT organization’s ability to adopt a cloud computing
  • Develop roadmaps for transformation based on the multiple domain areas required to adopt a cloud computing model
  • Optimize a VMware vSphere or Microsoft HyperV based private cloud environment to accelerate the realization of the benefits of a private cloud computing environment.

Microsoft Exchange Cloud Hosting

If you are looking for a reliable e-mail management solution for your business with all the latest bells and whistles for a reasonable price, and you want it now, then Microsoft Hosted Exchange 2013 from Alpha Computer Group is right for you.  Businesses and individuals choose Alpha Computer Group’s Microsoft Exchange hosting service for the reasons of cost, convenience, reliability, productivity enhancing features, and excellent 24/7 support by phone, email, and chat.

What are the advantages of our Dedicated Exchange Server Hosting over Shared Exchange Hosting?

Single sign on using a dedicated Active Directory is available. This makes it easy to authenticate your company’s users.
With a hosted exchange server, the mailbox size is limited by the server configuration and not by the hosting provider.
Dedicated managed Exchange server hosting can be customized to comply with company, industry, and regulatory practices.
Some companies prefer the security of dedicated and managed Exchange hosting.
Some companies who require deeper integration of exchange with in-house software applications prefer dedicated exchange server hosting.

Managed Hosted Exchange Server Features:

Fully managed Exchange server hosting for customers at an affordable price.
Server includes ActiveSync license for users included in the dedicated exchange server hosting plan. Users can synchronize with mobile devices such as iPhone, Android phones, Windows Mobile Based Devices, Nokia Phones, and Palm devices. BlackBerry Enterprise server option is available.
Connect via common mail protocols: Outlook MAPI, Outlook RPC over HTTP, Outlook Web Access, IMAP, IMAP, POP3, POP3S, SMTP, & SMTPS
Each hosted Exchange server is monitored 24 X 7. The advantage of managed Exchange server hosting is that the customer does not need to spend valuable time and resources in managing the server.
24 X 7 support on chat/phone and e-mail.
No mailbox size limits a dedicated hosted Exchange server plan.
Clustered Transport and Active Directory Server in shared environment with increased redundancy.
Server infrastructure is located in SAS 70 certified datacenters.
Managed Exchange server hosting includes a fully featured control panel for managing users. The control panel is tightly integrated with our shared and clustered Active Directory Server.
Scalable solution by adding redundant mail servers in clustered mode for High Availability.
Free Enterprise Grade Anti Spam/Firewall solutions.
Flexibility to use your existing Anti-Spam/Firewall solution for dedicated exchange hosting.
Bulk provision of users/groups/contacts is possible.
E-mail branding with template based features is available for organizations that adhere to a standard and consistent look and feel which reflects corporate image.
Weekly Backups are included. Daily Backups are available on request.
Optional SSL for Control Panel and Outlook Web Access for a hosted Exchange server.

Virtual Desktops

The promise of a virtual desktop and a virtual office environment has been there for some time. The wait is now over. Virtual desktop has arrived. The advantages of virtual desktops hosted on Alpha Computer Group’s servers include accessibility from anywhere; consistency in interface and access to applications; flexibility to scale up or down; and most importantly, cost savings. Virtual desktop technology has matured to the point where the on-screen experience is identical to using a traditional desktop.



Easy Terms

PC, Mac, Linux clients
Tablets & Smart Phones
Remote Desktop Protocol
Internet Browser
Access Files & Applications
Encrypted Data Transfer
Control Application Access
Use Local Devices/Printers


99.9 % Uptime
Daily Backups
24/7 Phone Support
Top Tier Data Centers
No Setup Fee
Quick Setup
Month to Month Payments
No Long Term Contract

Why Virtual Desktop?

The best virtual desktop features are: flexibility, profitability, reliability and productivity. Whether you are a small to middle-sized business owner, an over-worked IT guru, or even an office-less independent consultant, your time is best spent on your business goals than in managing your employee desktops. A virtual desktop solution from Alpha Computer Group offers you to outsource your office computing environment at a low monthly fixed price per user. Hosted virtual desktops also help IT managers cope with the trend of Bring-Your-Own-Device or BYOD.

Virtual Desktop Maximizes Flexibility

The wisdom of “The only thing that is constant is change” is a perfect fit for modern business and virtual desktop technology. To thrive in today’s extremely dynamic business environment your organization and its infrastructure must be agile. Microsoft virtual desktop technology is indeed the premier tool to solve many previously elusive business technology challenges.

Add (or reduce) users as needed.
Access “the office” from virtually anywhere, at any time.
Establishing a virtual office in “the cloud” minimizes the need for physical office space.

Virtual Desktop Maximizes Profits

Clearly, in business it’s all about the bottom line. Without customers and profits a business soon fades away. Using virtual desktop is ideal for all small or mid-sized businesses where cash flow is king. Virtual desktop eliminates the need for an in-house server, as well as the associated support and software.

Fluctuating IT costs are replaced with a predictable fixed monthly subscription fee.
Pursue special projects without the risk of committing capital to hardware and software.
Procure plans based on business needs. For example, interns can utilize a Silver plan while power-users get Gold or Platinum.

Virtual Desktop Maximizes Reliability

Few things are more worrisome to an owner or a manager than the in-house network/server going down. The Alpha Computer Group virtual desktop system is hosted in a state of the art data center. With redundant backup, power supply and connection to the internet backbone, as well as the staff to manage it, Alpha Computer Group is well prepared to serve your business. No longer will you lose sleep when your primary IT guy/gal falls ill or takes a vacation.

Daily backups are automated and stored safely at our top tier data center.
We maintain all software updates and patches.
24/7 monitoring and management of virtual IT infrastructure.

Virtual Desktop Maximizes Productivity

A virtual desktop software solution is the perfect example of “more with less.” Traditional IT will no longer be bogged down with trouble shooting mundane issues. Instead IT can now work proactively to contribute to the bottom line. Also, staff and management’s efficiency will benefit from the Microsoft virtual desktop’s consistent look & feel whether in the office, at home or on the road. With Alpha Computer Group virtual desktop plans starting at $24.95 (per user/per month) it’s easy to see how our virtual desktop best pricing approach is going to increase your organization’s ROI.

Use your favorite full-featured office software packages, not browser-based knockoffs.
Reap the benefits of the latest office software without wasting budget to update hardware.
Minimize downtime due to weather or other adversities. Virtual desktop is the virtual office dream realized!

Hosted Phone Systems



Unlimited Calling & Faxing
High Definition Voice Quality
Local & Toll-Free Number Included
Keep Your Existing Phone Number
No Contracts Or Set-Up Fees
No Technical Skills Needed, Plug & Play
Online Call Data Management Portal
U.S. Based Tech Support
Award Winning Cloud Based Hosted VoIP
Over 30 Advanced Features


Cloud PBX

Business phone systems with advanced, cloud PBX capabilities provide seamless connectivity.

Feature benefits:

The advantages of cloud PBX

There’s no complex hardware to install or maintain, and no technical expertise required to manage and use your phone system.
Get instant activation for your phone and fax service, without additional software to purchase or install.
The latest features and functionality update instantly.
Access your phone system from everywhere—all you need is an Internet connection

A perfect combination of innovation and simplicity

It’s easy to manage your system with your online account and user-friendly interface.
Use smartphones and tablets for calls and managing your system on the go—just download free apps and you’re on your way.
Connect multiple offices, onsite staff, and remote employees under one phone system, with complete phone and fax capabilities.
Sophisticated call management is simple—create extensions for departments, users and all your devices.

Many locations. One phone system

Since Alpha Computer Group is cloud based, you enjoy the freedom to connect and manage multiple locations, devices and workers within your cloud phone system. You can easily customize
users, departments, and call handling rules. No matter where you, or the users, are. Now with Business SMS and Conferencing!

Save time and money

You only need a high-speed Internet connection and your phone system is ready to work lightning fast, anytime and anyplace. There’s no PBX hardware. It’s easy to set up online and manage your system with your smartphone or tablet. Your Alpha Compute Group phones arrive Plug & Play ready, so you’re ready to work without delays.

Your system grows with you

Add users. Delete users. It’s as easy as setting up emails, so you can make adjustments as often as you like. You can share your presence status as busy, available, or on hold with your admins and colleagues and make sure important calls are never missed.

Cloud quality and reliability

You enjoy robust functionality for one low monthly cost. There’s no PBX hardware to buy or maintain. We are user-centric. Our focus is on relevant innovations, robust features, user-friendly design and fantastic service — not nickel and diming.

Pocket your phone system

Managing your phone system is easy with our user-centric design and user-friendly interface. You can use your smartphone or tablet with simple touch manage settings. No IT training is needed, so you don’t lose time and can focus on your work.


Features details


Available Phone Numbers

• Toll-Free Numbers   • Local Numbers   • Directory Listing

Phone Service

• Toll-Free Numbers   • Local Numbers   • Directory Listing

Business SMS – New

• Unlimited Texts   • Mobile devices  • Texting features

Phones & Devices Save up to $50 on IP phones

• Desk Phones   • Conference Phones  • Analog Adapters


• Box Integration   • Fax™  • Microsoft® Outlook® Integration • Salesforce Integration – New

Call Management

•Answering Rules   • Call Forwarding • Call Screening • Automatic Call Recording – New • Call Park • Call Flip

• Call Logs •Virtual Calling Card • Presence • Message Alerts • Missed-Call Notification

Cloud PBX

•Cloud PBX  • Music on Hold • Auto-Receptionist • Extensions • Dial-by-Name Directory •Unified Messaging

Conferencing – New


•Unlimited, easy access  •Host controls plus Invite

Cloud Fax

•Cloud Fax

Web Phone

•Click-to-Call Out  • Click-to-Call Me

Mobile Apps

• iPhone  • Android  • Blackberry

Contact Alpha Computer Group for all of your Cloud Computing and Cloud Infrastructure needs @ (877) 608 – 8647

Application Development


Alpha Computer Group is known for designing and developing beautiful Apps for your iPhone,iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Nokia and much much more. We are talented application architects, designers and developers fueled by a passion for building great software. We can provide the highest-quality solutions because we know how to leverage the best technologies and methods available At Alpha Computer Group, we are an application solutions partner for many organizations to bring them effective application solutions; including new developments, enhancements and application consolidation. Our effective application management service team combines mature processes, robust delivery models and world-class expertise to design, build, and deploy IT applications to boost business transformation and enable cost and operational efficiencies.

We work closely with our clients, we ensure on-time and on-budget delivery. We demand a lot from ourselves and in return, a lot of participation from our clients. Working together we’ll create solutions that will delight your users. Alpha Computer Group helps clients to meet and tackle the latest business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications specifically designed to meet your business needs. We deliver high quality, flexible applications that are easy to manage, modular to facilitate enhancements, and are reliable, secure and easy to deploy. Our services are based on industry-standard process quality frameworks like CMMi, CMM by using the rigorous methodologies. Our expertise, with our quality management system will help you to mitigate risk to reduce the time taken for application development for bringing significant business benefits.

Our efficient application development methodology can be used for:


Custom application development

Application re-engineering

Application migration

Web-Enabling Legacy Applications

Rich Internet Application Development

Existing application maintenance and enhancement

Mobile apps have become a ‘Buzz’ word today. Today, mobile devices and apps are an indispensable medium to reach out potential customers and build strong business relation with them. Android, iPhone, BlackBerry etc. have certainly become the pioneer mobile app development platforms in the world of Smartphones. Even though with given speed of technological advancement in mobile industry, many businesses fail to leverage from the core capabilities of different mobile development platforms, and that’s where our proficiency comes into the picture!

Procedures of Application Development Management Services:

Application Development and Management (ADM): software development, testing, deployment, implementation and rollout management

Architecture consulting and design: from requirements analysis to
development planning with capacity, network, scalability consulting

Enterprise application integration (EAI) and service-oriented architecture (SoA) enablement consulting: software, hardware, network portals, enterprise IT architecture, Web services

Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) enablement: across technologies, including Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Legacy applications management: re-engineering strategy and execution, and migration of legacy to Web technologies

Application maintenance: work requests, issue incidents management including request/incident processing, root cause analysis and finding/developing possible solutions (e.g., workarounds, fixes, patches)

Resolution and reporting

We have a transparent project management and approach that is focused to practical communication with the client to ensure the quality of services from our part to client. Software development is something that we have been serving from years and have a real strong grip on the technical of the field. Our team of software development professionals follows the recent technology and developments in the field. Most of all, Infoicon team provides flexibility across time zone with global expertise and dedication towards handling the projects.

Call Alpha Computer Group for all of your Application Development needs @ (877) 608 – 8647

Database Management


A database is an organized collection of data. The data are typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality in a way that supports processes requiring this information. An efficient database management system allows you to store, modify, and extract information from a database. Database management systems (DBMSs) are specially designed software applications that interact with the user, other applications, and the database itself to capture and analyze data. A general-purpose DBMS is a software system designed to allow the definition, creation, querying, update, and administration of databases. There are many different types of DBMSs, ranging from small systems that run on personal computers to huge systems that run on mainframes.

Certain Usages where Database Management is constantly needed:

Computerized library systems
Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
flight reservation systems
computerized parts inventory systems

Database Management software can be one of the most important programs of any organization which can allow a busines to create and access data in a database. The program sends data requests from a DB user to understand where the data is physically located on the storage media and, in a multi-user system; who else may also be accessing the data. The DBMS ensures the integrity and security of the data to make sure the user can access only the safe information to his purposes.

Well-known Data Base Management Systems include:


Microsoft SQL Server
LibreOffice Base
FileMaker Pro
InterSystems Caché

We at Alpha Computer Group bring the most achieving file manager for you in the form of Database Management System to manage your data in database rather than files in file systems. Our effectual DBMS ensure 24×7 availability and performance of your business critical databases. Our perfect team of experts continuously monitor, manage and ensure optimal performance of the database environment and function as an extended arm of your organization. We would assist you to get leveraged from higher efficiency and lowered cost of database management.

Alpha Computer Group’s basic and most featured DBMS services are:


Core Database High-End Services for Competency Development

Application server

Business continuity

Disaster recovery

Backup and recovery

Grid Computing for Application and database

Database and application performance tuning

Those clients who are outsourcing their database management to Alpha Computer Group are benefiting from the reports that we generate to assist them in improved decision making and to enhance the end-user client satisfaction. Additionally, our analytical tool set for database management will assist you to evaluate your options and build a better database strategy for better outcomes.


Core Database Administration services:

General Support and Maintenance
DW Database support and maintenance
Upgrades and migrations
Database tools and utilities
New emerging DBA technologies
Database implementation and configuration
Data Management Consulting
Custom Database Engineering
Data Migration and conversion
Data Cleansing
Database Optimization
Secure Database Hosting

Sometimes it is desired to bring a database back to a previous state (for many reasons, e.g., cases when the database is found corrupted due to a software error, or if it has been updated with erroneous data). To achieve this a backup operation is done occasionally or continuously, where each desired database state (i.e., the values of its data and their embedding in database’s data structures) is kept within dedicated backup files (many techniques exist to do this effectively). When this state is needed, i.e., when it is decided by a database administrator to bring the database back to this state (e.g., by specifying this state by a desired point in time when the database was in this state), these files are utilized to restore that state.

Structured Database Management Services are listed below:




Performance Tuning

Comprehensive Support


Migration and Upgrades


Call Alpha Computer Group for all of your Data Base Management needs @ (877) 608 – 8647

Project Management


Project Management services are the most demanding services designed to complete your project on time and within budget. We at Alpha Computer Group bring the most planned and organized projects with superior prioritization for delivering our clients the best results.  . Project management is especially important for small and flexible businesses where all the work is based on a few people who have to communicate and develop the workflow.  Our astounding project management services are designed to assist you by compressing large scale projects for faster performances, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. Our experienced project managers are trained to guide project coordination; communication and project budget management, avoiding costly overruns thus saving both time and money.  Project management and collaboration skills play a major role in every business and often the outcome of a project is highly affected by the initial planning and monitoring stages of a project.

With Alpha Computer Group’s project management services, you will receive expert procedures like project planning and execution and much more:

  •   You can work comfortably with our professional services consultants who solve your data center problems by integrating the knowledge of industry’s best practices through practical, data center industry experience in assessment and analysis.
  • You can manage and supervise your critical projects to bring single point of contact for all project issues, leaving you free to focus on your core business objectives.
  • We ensure quality and continuity of the desired deliverables based on our unique project methodology
  • We will bring written summary report to keep you informed of the progress of your project
  • You can have a guarantee for a dedicated resource of our products and services for the duration of the project
  • You can easily leverage the project processes that has been proven to provide maximized results
  • We would dedicatedly assist you to consolidate and coordinate the requirements from a variety of departments under a single point of accountability
  • Coordinate and communicate crucial project milestones and activities with you and your team
  • Alpha Computer Group smartly make “on-the-fly” adjustments to your project plans to ensure the services purchased are bringing extra values to your projects
    Our unique project planning brings different ways for smooth project execution. The smart execution process will include planning, definition of goals and expectations and documentation of the plan, all of which can be monitored and revised when needed.


We bring the most executed procedures for your projects by including:

  •   Directing and guiding the project team
  •   Managing project scope
  •   Organize project status meetings for proper execution
  •   Day-to-day meetings and issue management
  •   Effective and result oriented project closure


Our Computer and Telephone Technologies Project Management (CTTPM) services have been a key component in the timely delivery of many complex and time constrained infrastructure and technological projects.

With proven expertise in the following areas we are strongly positioned to deliver your  IT and Telecom infrastructure projects on time, on budget and to specification:

Infrastructure and Data Center design and implementation

Complex Computer/Server, Network, Telephone, Security and Data Center Infrastructure Design, Build, Install, and Support

Vendor Management

Logistical Management

Detailed Project Documentation

Remote and On Site office Management


We provide Networking, Unix, Linux, APPLE. Microsoft, Desktop, Market Data and Telecom, Security, Servers and much more

Call Alpha Computer Group for all of your Project Management needs @ (877) 608 – 8647

Virus Removals


A virus attack is the most malicious problem that a server, computer or a network can suffer.  In order to stay protected let Alpha Computer Group shield you with great anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, and other protection programs and software. We are always ready to assist you both online and onsite to bring a protective shield against any Trojans, malware, hackers, spyware or unidentified obstacles affecting your computers or network.  We provide free diagnosis and consultation and a no obligation quote.  We can remove your virus or fix the damage done to your Windows, Linux, Android or Apple Operating System without wiping out your data and programs.  Our computer repair technicians use the latest tools that identify and isolate the viruses, malware, trojans, rogue antivirus, rogue programs, worms, rootkits and adware-spyware and then deletes them from the hard drive, removing all the malware so it does not replicate itself upon reboot.  Our security technicians can install , configure, maintain, and update your antivirus software on your PC.  We can detect and remove various spyware and viruses from your computer.  We are also experts in optimizing your Firewall and scheduling automated virus, spyware, and adware scans and updates.

Typically once infected you will notice all or some of the following symptoms: sluggish performance, pop-ups, notifications from your antivirus software, and notifications from fake antivirus software


Simply contact us and we’ll come on sitie or remotely access your computer through the Internet and keep your PC protected from viruses.

Some of the Assistance we offer:

  Expert tech support to set-up and configure your antivirus software.
  Removal of multiple security threats from your PC.
  Monitor and shield your PC from hackers and malicious viruses.
  Instant access and consultation anytime from anywhere to our expert technicians via internet.
  Dedicated tech personnel virtuoso for various types of antivirus software including AVG, McAfee, Trend Micro, Norton, and etc.

Alpha Computer Group’s efficient virus removal programs:

1. Diagnostic & repair for your technologies.

2. Troubleshooting software errors.

3. Updating drivers and security to protect against online threats.

4. Connecting to the Internet, devices and peripherals.

5. Optimizing your PC’s speed and performance.

When your computer has a Virus, Malware, Spyware, Hijack or some other type of trojan virus, you will inevitably find yourself in a frustrating situation. You might be unable to use your computer at all, or your computer may just slow down considerably. Some viruses even steal your information and send out emails and other messages to the contacts in your personal account. If your computer has spyware or a virus, you might not even be able to install a new Anti-Virus program. The  virus or spyware may freeze your whole computer up. We at Alpha Computer Group are a staff of certified experts who are here to help you remove viruses, malware, spyware, and other security threats from your computer, and make sure you don’t have the problem come up again. Our virus removal experts will do the following:

Scan your computer and determine if it has been infected by viruses or spyware
Locate viruses and Trojans present on your computer
Remove any and all viruses, spyware/malware
Manually perform repairs to your computer registry (this will allow us to install a reliable Anti-Virus program for you)
Install Anti-Virus program
Perform updates on your Operating System and major Software apps
Configure your Anti-Virus and Spyware removal tool
Run your first Anti-Virus Spyware removal program scan
Clean the computer


Sometimes, computer spyware is included along with genuine software, and may come from an official software vendor. In an attempt to increase the understanding of  computer spyware, a more formal classification of its included software types is provided by the term privacy-invasive software. In response to the emergence of spyware, a small industry has sprung up dealing in anti-spyware software. Running anti-spyware software has become a widely recognized element of computer security practices for computers, especially those running Microsoft Windows. A number of jurisdictions have passed anti-spyware laws, which usually target any software that is surreptitiously installed to control a user’s computer.

Cyber criminals often updated the design of this lock screen, however you should always keep in mind that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will never lock down your computer or monitor your online activities.
The message displayed by the threat can be localized depending on the user’s location, with text written in the appropriate language.

The FBI virus is a scam, and you should ignore any alerts that this malicious software might generate.
Under no circumstance should you send any MoneyPak code to these cyber criminals, and if you have, you can  should request a refund, stating that you are the victim of a computer virus and scam.

 For all of your computer virus issues contact Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647

Cabling and Wiring


Alpha Computer Group is not just about computers. They also work with Business Telephone Systems with Cabling and Wiring throughout Long Island and the Tri-State Area. The Alpha Computer Group can be trusted to design and install a system for all of your needs involving cabling and wiring.  We help businesses stay connected with innovative communications solutions.

Commitment to Industry Best Practices

Our experts understand every aspect of communications system infrastructure.

Alpha Computer Group is one of the most diversified cabling companies in New York. We continuously invest in better ways of delivering our services by committing to state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Our products and services combine for superior, long-lasting business solutions. With our highly-qualified experts and our commitment to industry best practices, we have become a leader with a strong reputation for the highest standards in technology, safety, and customer service.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Because of our commitment to technology, workmanship, and unparalleled customer care,   Alpha Computer Group offers maximum value for our clients. Our in-house team of experienced technical experts allows us to tailor data cabling solutions to each business’s unique needs. We have built a reputation for serving businesses on Long Island with the individual attention and custom technological solutions they require for maximum success.

Alpha Computer Group can cable horizontally which consists of all the service for both internet and telephone being delivered from one location. Usually the location is hidden and away, like a computer room or closet within the building where you do your business. Horizontal Cabling connects the main location, i.e. closet or computer room, with each phone and computer used by your employees.

However, Alpha Computer Group also deals with vertical cabling which connects different locations together. This would be ideal if there are several offices in the same building but in different sections of a building.

In addition, Alpha Computer Group can provide a fully customizable, high-speed connectivity service for the following:


Voice inter-office cabling connecting telephones and the phone system
Data inter-office cabling connecting PCs, printers, and peripherals to your network and the internet.
LAN/WAN Infrastructure
Category 3,5, 5e, 6, 7, wireless, and coaxial infrastructure
Preliminary architectural design and standards compliance
Cabling infrastructure design and maintenance
Extended warranty service
Network cabling
Fiber optics
Surveillance systems (Security Cameras, CCTV)
Audio-visual solutions
Paging systems (Digital, Analog, VoIP)
Access Control
Network rack equipment

Alpha Computer Group offers consulting services to ensure lasting quality in your design and layout of your home and office cabling.

Structured Network Cabling

To succeed today, your company needs structured voice and data cabling that meets the highest industry standards, and Alpha Computer Group’ services have you covered.

Connectivity is essential to today’s business functioning.

After we get to know your business operations, our engineers design and install your custom cabling system, and then thoroughly test the system before signing off on it. Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Cat7a are four important categories of cabling we provide, each with different specifications.

Cat5e – Category 5e cable is 100 MHz cabling used in Ethernet computer networks and is suitable for Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, video, and telephone signals.

Cat6 – Cat6 cabling is 250MHz cabling and is standard for Gigabit Ethernet, with more stringent specs for system noise and crosstalk.

Cat6a – Cat6a cabling, also known as Augmented Category 6, is 500 MHz cabling with better alien crosstalk characteristics than Cat6 for less interference from other nearby cabling.

 Cat7a – Category 7a cable operates at frequencies up to 1000 MHz. It’s designed for multiple applications including 40 Gigabit Ethernet, 100 Gigabit Ethernet, and cable TV.

Industries We Serve

With proper planning of your cabling infrastructure before installation, you can save up to 40% on product and labor costs. That’s one reason planning is a critical aspect of Alpha Computer Group’s services.

Bandwidth, reliability, and security are critical to your business network.

We serve the following industries with innovative cabling solutions:

Data Center / SANs – We provide high bandwidth and high-density solutions with 10G copper cabling and 40G/100G capable optic fiber.

Security – Through standard UTP and optical fiber IP architecture, we enable video surveillance and access control with simplified network management and expansion-ready cabling.

Government – With specialized optic fiber and shielded copper cabling, we provide government entities with secure networks.

Education – Alpha Computer Group offers the most cost-effective advanced cabling options to bring you tomorrow’s connected classrooms today.

Finance – In the high stakes world of finance, down time is unacceptable, and our cabling solutions offer robust and reliable options.

Healthcare – With new laws regarding electronic healthcare data, businesses require reliable connections that bring together physicians and patient data with maximum efficiency.

Hospitality – Hospitality solutions include security, entertainment, and business functions, and Alpha Computer Group’s cabling solutions install high speed 10G network cabling for these purposes.

Alpha Computer Group’s team of network cabling professionals have experience with a vast range of telecommunications equipment across multiple industries. call us @ (877) 608 – 8647 to find out more.

Cat5e Network Cabling Installation


What Is Cat5e Network Cabling Used For?  Cat5e cabling is a popular choice for many businesses

Cat5e network cabling is the most commonly used and requested everyday network cabling solution. It is used with 10BASE-T (Ethernet), 100BASE-TX (fast Ethernet), and 1000BASE-T (gigabit Ethernet) networks. Cat5e provides performance up to 100 MHz over distances up to 100 meters. Compared to the older Cat5 cabling, Cat5e is subject to stricter standards for near-end crosstalk, far-end crosstalk, return loss, and attenuation.

Why Alpha Computer Group Should Be Your Choice for Cat 5e Installation

There are three main reasons why Alpha Computer Group should be your choice for Cat5 cabling installation are experience, planning expertise, and individual attention:

Alpha Computer Group has extensive experience working with schools, data centers, campus networks, and office buildings with Cat5e installations.

Alpha Computer Group believes in careful planning before installation. This helps the installation go smoothly and doesn’t close off options should your company need to upgrade.

Alpha Computer Group knows that each organization has unique needs, and gets to know those needs so that the best possible installation can be designed and executed.


How Alpha Computer Group Excels at Cat5e Network Cabling Installation

Alpha Computer Group’s cabling experts don’t think of your business as “just another job,” but as an opportunity to excel and help your business work better. We believe in continuing education for our employees, and we stay at the forefront of cabling technology to offer clients the best solutions for their unique requirements. We’re committed to providing outstanding service and provide an unbeatable 10-year warranty on all cabling we install.

It’s easy to request a quote for your next Cat5e installation from Alpha Computer Group.


Cat6 Network Cabling Installation


What Is Cat6 Network Cabling?  Cat6 is one type of cabling used for highspeed Ethernet connections.

Cat6 network cabling may look just like Cat5e or Cat5 network cabling, but there are differences that make it the preferred choice for some organizations. When compared with Cat5e network cabling, Cat6 is subject to stricter standards concerning system noise and crosstalk. Cat6 cabling is rated for up to 250 MHz (compared to 100 MHz for Cat 5e), and works with 10BASE-T (Ethernet), 100BASE-TX (fast Ethernet), 1000BASE-T /TX (gigabit Ethernet), and 10GBASE-T (10 gigabit ethernet). It can be used in lengths of up to 330 feet (or 180 feet in 10GBASE-T networks).

Reasons for Choosing Cat6 Network Cabling for Your Business

Your business may have been operating fine with Cat5e cabling, but needs change quickly, and Cat 6 cabling may be worth considering if you’re wiring for new construction or retrofitting a new location. Of course, if you have 10 gigabit Ethernet needs, Cat6 or higher cabling is required to take advantage of those blazing fast speeds. But even if your current needs don’t yet call for Cat6, it may be wise to go ahead and install it to accommodate future needs without having to rewire everything.

Your cabling provider should take into account present and future needs.

Why Alpha Computer Group Is Your Choice for Installing Cat6 Network Cabling


Installing network cabling is always a customized process for your business. We take the time to understand client concerns, current needs, and all the possibilities for future needs. Then we design a custom Cat6 cable solution that addresses needs now while allowing for future changes with minimal disruption. Not all Cat6 cable network providers are alike. Alpha Computer Group adheres to the highest industry practices, stays current on the latest in technology, and ensures that our highly-trained experts receive continuous training to stay at the leading edge of industry practices.


Cat6a Network Cabling Installation


What Cat6a Can Do for Your Business

Cat6a cabling’s great properties make it the cable of choice for many companies.

Cat6a cabling is gaining popularity for business network cabling installations, and it’s no mystery why. Cat 6a provides amazing performance, giving your organization improved bandwidth, network efficiency, and data throughput. With Cat6a cabling installed by Alpha Computer Group, you’ll get:

More usable bandwidth for your enterprise

Better peak performance

Reliable copper cabling technology

More value for your business’s IT budget

Longer life for your enterprise cabling infrastructure

What You Should Know About Cat6a

Cat6a can handle 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-TX, and 10GBASE-T (Gigabit) Ethernet connections. It is rated for 250 MHz, allowing it to traverse longer distances than Cat6 cabling. Because of better insulation, crosstalk and attenuation is significantly lower with Cat6a cabling compared with Cat6. Though early Cat6a cabling was significantly thicker than Cat6, now Cat6a cabling has slimmed down. Compared to Cat6, Cat6a combines tight pair twists with added insulation and a central plastic support.

Alpha Computer Group’s Services Add Even More Value

Alpha Computer Group takes the time to understand your company’s requirements.

Alpha Computer Group knows that bandwidth demands tend to increase over time, so we take the time to learn about your business and plan your cabling installation carefully. For many businesses, Cat6a is the right choice, even if its full capabilities won’t be used immediately. Size and weight issues are usually offset by Cat6a speed and crosstalk advantages.

Great Results Are Possible with Cat6a

There are a few considerations that must be taken into account with Cat6a. It’s bigger and heavier, affecting how many cables fit into a cable tray, and requires a bigger bend radius. For these reasons, you must choose your Cat6a installer carefully. Cat6a cabling requires more testing before signing off on the install, and Alpha Computer Group’s trained experts are not done until the installation has been thoroughly tested.

Cat7a Networking Cable for Business


Alpha Computer Group offers Cat7a network cabling for businesses that require performance beyond 10/100BASE-T and even Gigabit specs.

Cat7a network cabling is the ultimate in “future-proof” cabling solutions.

Cat 7a cable is rated for 1.2 GHz per pair, which is twice the performance of Cat7 and the highest of any available copper cabling system. The high performance of Cat7a is particularly well-suited for:

Data centers

Health care imaging applications

 Financial services applications

Facts About Cat7a Cabling

With Cat7a systems, there are two types of connector options. The first is the GG45, which is backward compatible with RJ45 connectors by use of a switch within the jack. This switch changes the pole layout from the RJ45 eight contacts in a line to four pairs of contacts at the corners. This makes a Cat7A installation compatible with existing hardware so it can be reused. The GG45 is also recommended by the ISO as the preferred connector for data center installations.

Cable Sharing with Cat7a


The other connector type option is TERA, which is not backward compatible with RJ45 and has contacts arranged in pairs at each corner of the connector. While this is different than existing wiring options, the advantage is that the pairs can be used individually for different applications, meaning multiple applications can be supported by one cable. This can have a tremendous cost benefit, since one cable can support 100Mb Ethernet, phone, and video on separate wires.

Cat7a is often the best solution for medical imaging applications
where speed and bandwidth are absolutely critical.

How Cat7a Network Cabling Benefits Your Business

Cat7a is a great investment in the “future-proofing” of your business. Since it allows for cable sharing with simultaneous support of multiple applications in a single cable administered through a single outlet, Cat7a is a great choice for a smarter, greener business.

If you think Cat7a cabling is the right choice for your business, call Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647.  We are here to advise you and help select the best, most cost-effective communications infrastructure for your business.


Fiber Optics


Alpha Computer Group offers a range of fiber optic products and services. Fiber optic cabling is used extensively in LAN backbones, industrial networks, security cameras, and many other applications. As the most economical means of transmitting high-bandwidth information, fiber optic systems have many advantages compared to electrical transmission.

We work with you to provide the best fiber optic solutions for your needs.

There are three main types of our fiber optic services we provide:

1 – Single Mode – Single mode fiber is best at retaining the fidelity of a light pulse over longer distances. Therefore, it can carry higher bandwidth than multi-mode fiber.

2 – Multi Mode – Multi mode fiber is best over short distances, such as within a single building or campus. Multi mode fiber is capable of rates of 10 Gbps over lengths of up to 300 meters.

3 – Laser Optimized – Laser optimized fibers allow transmission speeds of up to 10 Gbps over even longer distances.

Industries We Service

The security industry is just one industry we serve with high speed transmission networks.

Data Centers / SANs – Alpha Computer Group provides high-bandwidth, high-density solutions with optical fiber capable of 40 Gbps to 100 Gbps transmission.

Security – Through standard based UTP and optical fiber IP architecture, we enable video surveillance and access control today while enabling expansion tomorrow.

Government – We install secure networks using specialized optical fiber and shielded copper cabling.

Education – Alpha Computer Group installs advanced cabling to create connected classrooms.

Financial – In an industry where downtime is unreasonably expensive, we offer reliable and robust cabling that handles peak performance with ease, while providing redundancy.

Healthcare – Our cabling connects physicians to patient data with the best in performance and security.

Hospitality – These diverse environments require solutions that integrate numerous processes into integrated systems, delivering high-speed transmission supported by a 10 Gbps network.

When you choose Alpha Computer Group, you can be confident the work will be done correctly to the highest standards and on schedule

Single Mode Fiber Optics


Single mode optical fiber carries a single light ray, allowing each light pulse to retain fidelity over longer distances and with greater bandwidth than in multi-mode fibers. Rates up to 10 Gbps are possible over distances of 50 miles with commercially-available transceivers. With optical amplifiers, state-of-the-art single fiber systems can span even longer distances at up to 40 Gbps.

Single mode fiber optic is the optimal solution for many applications.

The single mode fiber optic cabling installed by Alpha Computer Group has an 8.3 micron core. Because the core is so small compared to a multi mode fiber, tighter tolerances are required, making single mode fiber optic the right choice for many applications, including:

Telephony connections

Connections to remote plant electronics

Connecting splitters, couplers, and wavelength division multiplexers to optic fibers

Single mode fiber components and equipment are more costly than multi mode counterparts, but in some cases they are the ideal choice.

Is Single Mode Optic Fiber Right for Your Business?

Alpha Computer Group takes time to get to know each client, learning their needs and limitations and devising the best solution to fulfill needs now while maximizing future options. Single mode optic fiber may not be right for your needs, but Alpha Computer Group will take the time to find out and give you a solution that works best for you.

Alpha Computer Group Single Mode Fiber Installation

Client satisfaction depends on quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

If single mode optic fiber is your best option, Alpha Computer Group offers efficient installation, getting the job done correctly the first time and thoroughly testing it before signing off on it. We also provide you with the most cost-effective solution, as our many satisfied clients can attest, plus we offer a 10 year warranty on our installations.

If fiber optic cable is in your organization’s future, Alpha Computer Group invites you to call us @ (877) 608 – 8647.  We’re ready to install the fiber optic solution your business needs for today and tomorrow.

Multi Mode Fiber Optics


Originating in the 1970s, multi mode fiber started out with light-emitting diodes as their light sources. Today’s multi mode fiber is mostly used for communications over shorter distances, making it ideal for use on campuses or within single buildings. Data rates of 10 Gbps over distances of 300 meters are achievable.

Multi mode optical fiber is the backbone of many on-premise applications.

Multi mode fiber has a core diameter of 50 to 100 microns, versus 8.3 microns for single mode fibers. It therefore has greater light-gathering capability than single mode fiber. The larger core size also simplifies connections and allows use of LEDs and other lower-cost electronics, rather than more expensive laser sources in some applications. LED light sources with multi mode fibers produce many wavelengths, and this can limit the useful length for multi mode cable compared to laser-driven single mode fiber. But multi mode fiber meets many needs and is more cost effective than single mode fiber.

Applications for Multi Mode Fiber

With high reliability and capacity, multi mode fiber is the fiber of choice for premises backbone applications. In some cases, fiber is run directly to the desktop. Some architectures allow organizations to centralize electronics in telecommunications hubs rather than having active electronics on each floor, and this can cost-effectively optimize use of multi mode cable.

Why Alpha Computer Group Is Your Provider of Choice

We take time to design the best possible fiber optic cable installation for your needs.

Alpha Computer Group has extensive experience designing and installing multi mode cable infrastructure, and we’re committed to structuring installations to unique client needs. Our priorities are top-quality materials and installation, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. We do the utmost to maximize the usefulness of your multi mode installation today while maximizing your expansion options for the future. Plus, we offer a 10-year warranty on all our installations.

If your organization is considering multi mode fiber installation call Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647. We can show you exactly why our customers consistently give us outstanding testimonials.

Laser-Optimized Fiber Optics


Laser optimized fiber optic cabling enables data transmission over longer distances previously only feasible with single mode fiber. Just how good is the data transmission? Well, it can transmit data at 100 Gbps for up to 600 feet, and 10 Gbps up for distances up to 1,000 feet. The result is increased bandwidth and reduced network costs. These are recommended laser optimized fiber solutions.

Laser optimized fiber is the forward-looking, cost-effective solution for many businesses.

OM4 Fiber

OM4 fiber has been around since 2005, and was standardized in 2009. OM4 fiber allows cable infrastructure design to support longer distances or more connections for Ethernet or Fiber Channel applications. It is also cost effective because it avoids the need for expensive single mode fiber transceivers.

Laser Optimized Fiber Optic Cabling

Laser Optimized Fiber Optic cables have optical characteristics equal to or better than OM4 fiber. For example Laser Optimized Fiber Optic allows 100 gigabit Ethernet at distances of up to 600 feet. This superior performance makes it a more cost-effective solution for data centers when compared with higher cost single mode optic fiber.

Advantages of Laser Optimized Fiber Optic Cables

Careful choice of laser optimized fiber keeps TOC low and maximizes future upgrade options.

The three main advantages of CommScope LazrSPEED 550 Cables are:

Laser Optimized Fiber Optic cabling infrastructure is fully compatible with emerging, current, and older applications, and provides the longest reach possible over multi-mode fiber.

Laser Optimized Fiber Optic has the lowest total cost of ownership. It reduces immediate capital costs by extending reach of low-cost optical transceivers, reducing or eliminating the need for higher-cost, single-mode fiber.

Laser Optimized Fiber Optic uses multimode transceivers, which require less power than single mode transceivers. It also provides a superior upgrade path to faster applications without the need to replace cabling infrastructure or reconfigure data center architecture.

Alpha Computer Group’s Laser Optimized Fiber Optics Solutions

Call Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647 to discuss your laser optimized fiber optics needs. We will thoroughly assess your situation and recommend the most cost-effective solution that maximizes utility today and upgrade capability for tomorrow.

Wireless Networking WLAN/WIFI


Let Alpha Computer Group connect you to the Internet, so you can work and play wirelessly via Wi-Fi and securely in your home or business.  We do simple home wifi installation to fully meshed wireless installation through out whole buildings such as warehouses, hospitals, schools, and etc.  Alpha Computer Group offers expert advice and services as you plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize your wireless network.  Our consultants and engineers have direct experience in all phases of deploying wireless network infrastructures (WLAN).  We are Microsoft and Cisco experts and have experience with companies ranging from small firms to global enterprises.  With specialized tools and knowledge of the latest wireless networking technology, Alpha Computer Group can gain an in-depth knowledge of your business objectives to assist you in successfully deploying your wireless network.  With us you’ll be able to Safely share Internet access, files, programs, printers, music, photos, movies and more.  Get advice on the best broadband Internet solution for your particular area.  What about if your having problems with your current wireless (W-Fi) connection?  No Problem!  We can troubleshoot your current wireless network setup and secure it to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your connection.  Anytime, anywhere you can access your network resources with the same quality of experience that a wired network delivers, it is now easier with wireless networks.  Our wireless services includes the best in class electromagnetic waves to carry the wireless signals to different communicational paths with the help of our security and efficiency monitoring devices.  At Alpha Computer Group we strive to provide you with excellent wireless networking services, installation and maintenance. We will evolve your infrastructure to enable secure, seamless and scalable network experiences.

Do you have a need for a  collaborative environment with a wireless LAN assessment?   We have all of your wireless networking needs, focus on great speed with safety and interference detection. Whether it’s wireless broadband mobile or wireless broadband internet services, we are the most efficient providers and installers of both services according to our clients’ needs.

Some of the major benefits that you can have with us:

  Mobility : with wireless LAN systems we can provide the LAN users with access to real-time information anywhere in their organization. This mobility supports productivity and service opportunities which can’t be performed with wired networks. It brings the independence of working from anywhere.

  Installation Speed & Simplicity : Installing a wireless LAN system can be fast and easy and can eliminate the need to pull cable through walls and ceilings.

  Reduced Cost-of-Ownership : While the initial investment required for wireless LAN hardware can be higher than the costof wired LAN hardware, our overall installation expenses and life-cycle costs will be significantly lower. In other words, with us the long-term cost benefits are greatest in dynamic environments requiring frequent moves and changes.

  Scalability : Our wireless LAN systems can be configured in a variety of topologies to meet the needs of specific applications and installations. Configurations can be easily changed and range from peer-to-peer networks suitable for a small number of users to full infrastructure networks of thousands of users that enable roaming over a broad area.

How to Set Up a Wireless Network

Because setting up a wireless network requires an understanding of the systems that will make up that network, using computer diagnostics on each system before you begin is smart. For example, do you know the specifications for each computer? While it’s not overly difficult to manually inventory each computer, computer diagnostic software can do it for you automatically with just a click of a button. Once an inventory has been generated for each computer, you can then print your inventories out and quickly see potential problems.


For example, you might realize that some of the computers run Windows XP while others run Windows Vista, Windows 7, or even Macintosh. You may also notice that some computers have wireless network adapters while others do not. You may even discover that some of the older network adapters do not support the wireless standard that your new wireless network will be running on.

Armed with this knowledge, you can prepare for the network set up. You may need to run down to the computer shop and buy a few wireless adapters. You may want to upgrade the operating systems of a few of the PCs to ensure compatibility. By running computer repair software beforehand, you can make these decisions and adjustments before setting up the network.

Once you’ve run the diagnostic computer repair software and know what you’re dealing with, you can then start planning the network design. You’ll need a wireless network router and compatible wireless network adapters for each computer. The router physically connects to your broadband Internet connection, so place it near your cable modem or DSL outlet. Initially, you will need to connect a computer to the router using a cable in order to configure the network. This is temporary. Once the network is set up, you can untether the computer and work wirelessly from that point forward.


During the configuration process, you’ll use Internet Explorer to access the router. Use the documentation that came with your router for the specific address and password. For example, if you have a Linksys router, you’ll enter “” into Internet Express’s address bar and use the username of “admin” and the password of “admin” in order to access the router’s configuration interface.

While the specific steps will vary, the process is similar. You’ll need to give your wireless network a name in the SSID field, choose an encryption type and passphrase, and set an administrative password.

Once the basic configuration has been set up, the next step is to connect the computers to the network. Assuming the network adapters have been installed and are turned on, turn on each computer and connect each one to the network individually. Do this by going to Start > Connect To and then selecting the network from the list. You’ll be prompted to enter the passphrase you specified earlier. That’s it. Your network has been set up.

If any of the computers have problems connecting to the new wireless network, check to make sure that their network adapters are turned on and consider using computer diagnostics to rule out problems with the wireless network adapter.

Thin Client Computing


Thin Client  In client/server applications, is a client designed to be especially small so that the bulk of the data processing occurs on the server. Although the term thin client usually refers to software, it is increasingly used for computers, such as network computers andNet PCs, that are designed to serve as the clients for client/server architectures. A thin client is a network computer without a hard disk drive, whereas a fat client includes a disk drive.  A Thin Client PC  is a computer that depends heavily on some other computer (its server) to fulfill its computational roles. This is different from the traditional fat client, which is a computer designed to take on these roles by itself. The specific roles assumed by the server may vary, from providing data persistence (for example, for diskless nodes) to actual information processing on the client’s behalf.

Thin clients occur as components of a broader computer infrastructure, where many clients share their computations with the same server. As such, thin client infrastructures can be viewed as providing some computing service via several user interfaces. This is desirable in contexts where individual fat clients have much more functionality or power than the infrastructure requires.

Thin-client computing is also a way of easily maintaining computational services at a reduced total cost of ownership.  The most common type of modern thin client is a low-end computer terminal which only provides a graphical user interface – or more recently, in some cases, a web browser – to the end user.

What are thin clients?

A thin client is a general term for a device that relies on a server to operate. It provides a display
device, keyboard and mouse and basic processing power in order to interact with the server. A thin
client device contains no moving parts such as fans or hard drives (in the case of a dedicated thin
client device). It does not store any of the data locally – it is very thin in features and functionality –
hence the term ‘thin client’.

A thin client often does not contain local storage and requires little processing resources. Thin client
hardware can be a converted old PC, a new dedicated thin client device or simply a new low cost PC
with a thin client OS installed.

Thin clients present a user with the same look and feel of a traditional desktop and can run any
software – Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mainframe, Java, etc. – allowing for easy integration with the
existing IT solution.

Reduced administration and end user support – Thin clients are far simpler to manage since the thin 

Benefits from thin client computing:

High-security areas where data protection and security are important such as government offices,
law firms, etc.

Public use facilities such as Internet cafes which are virus-prone.

Environments with a tendency to user tampering such as public libraries and schools.

Companies that need to integrate different IT environments quickly, for example, when undergoing
a merger or purchase.

Desktops with frequent data and/or application changes.

 Environments which cannot afford desktop downtime such as an airline check-in desk.

 Companies with mobile workers who need access from anywhere.

 Environments with complex software license management.

 Administrative workers and support staff.

Re-purposing a PC as a thin client

The following options allow a PC to be used as a thin client – in some cases, even if it has no working hard drive:

Linux Terminal Server Project
Remote desktop software
2X ThinClient

Ultra-thin client, Zero client, or Clientless


Traditionally, a thin client ran a full operating system for the purposes of connecting to other computers. Some thin clients, such as the Sun Ray, use a simpler protocol for communicating display updates, and these are sometimes called ultra-thin clients or a zero clients, Their tiny operating systems merely initialize the network, begin the networking protocol, handle display of the server’s output, and transmit user input events.  The full desktop is run remotely and the displayed graphics and text are compressed with either a remote display protocol such as PCoIP, or even just a video codec such as VP9 or Daala, and sent to the zero client. The client silicon is now much simpler and lower cost as all it requires is a video decoder and basic I/O.

RTE client

A Run Time Environment (RTE) client contains task specific applications (e.g. Mozilla Firefox for Internet browsing) and only the minimal (often customized) underlying and supporting code (BIOS, firmware, kernel, libraries, plug-ins, etc.) to run only those applications. It contains all and only the code needed to accomplish its specific task, thus it is more than a zero client but less than a typical thin client computer. The RTE client does not have a general purpose operating system – it usually lacks shells (terminal windows), is not designed to be patched (updated online), has minimal connectivity to external resources, and is often found in read-only media (e.g. tamper resistant ROM chips, CD-ROM, etc.). Attempts to inject or run any other applications/processes/threads results in crashing the kernel (system). Due to the need to physically update the device, RTE clients are mostly found in stable environments demanding high security.

Web thin client


Web thin clients only provide a web browser, and rely on web applications to provide general-purpose computing functionality. However, note that web applications may use web storage to store some data locally, e.g. for “offline mode”, and they can perform significant processing tasks as well. Rich Internet Applications for instance may cross the boundary, and HTML5 Web Applications can leverage browsers as run-time environments through the use of a cache manifest or so called “packaged apps” (in Firefox OS and Chrome).

Examples of web thin clients include Chromebooks and Chromeboxes (which run Chrome OS) and phones running Firefox OS.

Chromebooks and Chromeboxes also have the capability of remote desktop using the free Chrome Remote Desktop browser extension, which means, other than being a web thin client, they can also be used as an ultra-thin client (see above) to access PC or Mac applications that do not run on the Chromebook directly. Indeed, they can be used as a web thin client and an ultra-thin-client simultaneously, with the user switching between web browser and PC or Mac application windows with a click.

Chromebooks are also able to store user documents locally – though, with the exception of media files (which have a dedicated player application to play them), all such files can only be opened and processed with web applications, since traditional desktop applications cannot be installed in Chrome OS.

Web thin clients are similar to RTE clients, but unlike first-generation RTE clients the operating system can typically be updated. Chrome OS, for example, automatically updates itself if its update servers (which are hosted by Google) are not blocked by a firewall – while still being tamper-resistant due to its use of Trusted Computing technologies.

Applications as thin clients

The notion of a thin client extends indirectly to any client–server architecture, in which case, a thin client application is simply one which relies on its server to process most or all of its business logic. This idiom is relatively common for computer security reasons. A client obviously cannot be trusted with the logic that determines how trustworthy they are, because an adversary can circumvent that logic.  However, in web development in particular, many client applications are becoming fatter. This is due to the adoption of heavily client-side technologies like Flash and Ajax, which are themselves strongly driven by the highly interactive nature of Web 2.0 applications.

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VPN Solutions


Alpha Computer Group’s Cisco consultant team excels at setting up Cisco routers, PIX or ASA firewalls, concentrators, and other networking appliances for businesses of all sizes. We are industry certified consultants and technicians which provides our clients the advantage of exclusive benefits and knowledge of various technology, software, & products. We have formed additional strategic relationships to other industry leaders and partners to complement our offerings to directly support your needs. Network Security is as much about your bottom line as it is about deterring threats.
A security plan that addresses your critical business concerns – customer confidence, data integrity, increased productivity, and cost savings – will give you the business advantage by thoroughly targeting security vulnerabilities at their source: people and their processes.

A Virtual Private Network enables users access to secured network of remote a organization. It can be contrasted with an expensive system of owned or leased lines that can only be used by one organization. The goal of a VPN is to provide the organization with the same capabilities, but at a much lower cost. We at Alpha Computers can assist businesses to use the shared public infrastructure (Public WAN) while maintaining privacy through security procedures and tunneling protocols. These protocols work by encrypting and decrypting the data sent through a tunnel. The data is sent only when they are properly encrypted so as to avoid any kind of security issues. For additional level of security, the experts at Alpha Computer Group combs through the encryption not only at the data side but also to the originating and receiving network addresses. Our expert consultants will work with you to find your business a best-fit VPN Provider.

Alpha Computer Group VPN Solutions:

Enables centralized and/or outsourced IT services

Saves on expenses related to network breakdown or poor network performance

Help in saving administrative costs of managing incongruent networks

Enables cost-saving and productivity enhancing capabilities such as Enterprise VoIP

Services of VPN Solutions at Alpha Computers:

VPN’s are typically utilized by organizations that are operating out of multiple office locations that require a secure, flexible and cost effective means for their employees to communicate and share information across a central computer network and to do it in a safe and secure manner. This is the reason we at Alpha Computer Group have formed a proper and channelized network with a strong foundation for a number of business critical applications including:


VoIP phone service
Remote application
Centralized merchant transactions
Access (Citrix OR 2X)
Remote user access
Software applications
File transfer/sharing
Video delivery
Secure access to internal
Compliance requirements
Central data storage & backup
Outsourced network management

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network, such as the Internet. It enables a computer to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if it is directly connected to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, security and management policies of the private network. A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryption. A virtual private network connection across the Internet is similar to a wide area network (WAN) link between sites. From a user perspective, the extended network resources are accessed in the same way as resources available within the private network. VPNs allow employees to securely access their company’s intranet while traveling outside the office, even on they’re mobile phones. Similarly, VPNs securely connect geographically disparate offices of an organization, creating one cohesive network. VPN technology is also used by Internet users to connect to proxy servers for the purpose of protecting personal identity and location.

We help our clients with various VPN support like:


Secure VPN network
Information Collection
Vendor Research
Implementation Planning

Early data networks allowed VPN-style remote connectivity through dial-up modems or through leased line connections utilizing Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) virtual circuits, provisioned through a network owned and operated by telecommunication carriers. These networks are not considered true VPNs because they passively secure the data being transmitted by the creation of logical data streams. They have given way to VPNs based on IP and IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks, due to significant cost-reductions and increased bandwidth provided by new technologies such as Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)and fiber-optic networks.

VPNs can be either remote-access (connecting an individual computer to a network) or site-to-site (connecting two networks together). In a corporate setting, remote-access VPNs allow employees to access their company’s intranet from home or while traveling outside the office, and site-to-site VPNs allow employees in geographically disparate offices to share one cohesive virtual network. A VPN can also be used to interconnect two similar networks over a dissimilar middle network; for example, two IPv6 networks over an IPv4 network.

VPN systems may be classified by:

the protocols used to tunnel the traffic.
the tunnel’s termination point location, e.g., on the customer edge or network-provider edge.
whether they offer site-to-site or remote-access connectivity.
the levels of security provided.
the OSI layer they present to the connecting network, such as Layer 2 circuits or Layer 3 network connectivity.

Some Different Types of VPN Technology:


Opportunistic encryption
Split tunneling
Mediated VPN
Tinc (protocol)
DMVPN (Dynamic Multipoint VPN)
Virtual Private LAN Service over MPLS
Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVP-LAN or E-LAN) defined by MEF
SoftEther VPN, another open-source VPN program which supports SSL-VPN, IPsec, L2TP, OpenVPN, EtherIP and SSTP protocols listed in the Security mechanisms section

VPN Security mechanisms

To prevent disclosure of private information, VPNs typically allow only authenticated remote access and make use of encryption techniques.

VPNs provide security by the use of tunneling protocols and through security procedures such as encryption. The VPN security model provides:

confidentiality such that even if the network traffic is sniffed at the packet level (see network sniffer and Deep packet inspection), an attacker would only see encrypted data.

sender authentication to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the VPN.

message integrity to detect any instances of tampering with transmitted messages

Secure VPN protocols include the following:

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) as initially developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for IPv6, which was required in all standards-compliant implementations of IPv6 before RFC 6434 made it only a recommendation. This standards-based security protocol is also widely used with IPv4 and the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. Its design meets most security goals: authentication, integrity, and confidentiality. IPsec uses encryption, encapsulating an IP packet inside an IPsec packet. De-encapsulation happens at the end of the tunnel, where the original IP packet is decrypted and forwarded to its intended destination.

Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) can tunnel an entire network’s traffic (as it does in the OpenVPN project and SoftEther VPN project) or secure an individual connection. A number of vendors provide remote-access VPN capabilities through SSL. An SSL VPN can connect from locations where IPsec runs into trouble with Network Address Translation and firewall rules.

Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) – used in Cisco AnyConnect VPN and in OpenConnect VPN to solve the issues SSL/TLS has with tunneling over UDP.

Microsoft Point-to-Point Encryption (MPPE) works with the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol and in several compatible implementations on other platforms.

Microsoft Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) tunnels Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol traffic through an SSL 3.0 channel. (SSTP was introduced in Windows Server 2008 and in Windows Vista Service Pack 1.)

Multi Path Virtual Private Network (MPVPN). Ragula Systems Development Company owns the registered trademark “MPVPN”.

Secure Shell (SSH) VPN – OpenSSH offers VPN tunneling (distinct from port forwarding) to secure remote connections to a network or to inter-network links. OpenSSH server provides a limited number of concurrent tunnels. The VPN feature itself does not support personal authentication.


Tunnel endpoints must be authenticated before secure VPN tunnels can be established. User-created remote-access VPNs may use passwords, biometrics, two-factor authentication or other cryptographic methods. Network-to-network tunnels often use passwords or digital certificates. They permanently store the key to allow the tunnel to establish automatically, without intervention from the user.



Provider-provisioned VPN building-blocks
Tunneling protocols
Point-to-point network topology
Layer 2 L2
layer 3 L3
Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS)
Customer Devices
Customer Edge Devices
Provider Edge Devices
Provider Device
PPVPN services

OSI Layer 2 services

Virtual Lan (VLan)
Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
Local Area Network (LAN)
WIDE Area Network (WAN)
Pseudo Wire (PW)
Ethernet over IP Tunneling
SoftEther VPN
IP-only LAN-like service (IPLS)

OSI Layer 3 PPVPN architectures


Virtual router PPVPN
Unencrypted tunnels

Trusted delivery networks

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)
Cisco’s Layer 2 Forwarding (L2F)

Trusted VPN Manufacturers


Cisco Networks
Juniper Networks

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Website Design and Hosting


Alpha Computer Group established in 2004, is one of the leading and rapidly growing website designing & SEO company offering the best and most affordable services like e-commerce web solutions, flash web designs, custom web design and graphics design.  Designing that perfect website is not an easy task to perform.  It needs concentration and dedication with a personal and professional touch.  We deliver high quality web designing services through our motivated and qualified web design and coding teams which is focused on exceeding client’s expectations every time.  You will be amazed by our excellent web designing skills which is used to create unique and attractive websites.  Some of the services we offer are logos, banner designs, interesting and aesthetic looking user interface pages,  Online advertisement designs, corporate web design for all of your corporate needs, Design website graphics, Help you create your own logo design, and much much more.

Services We Offer:


Web Development
Web Maintenance
Web Hosting
Online Marketing
Mobile Websites
Mobile Applications
Graphic Design
Logo Design
Video Productions
Social Media Integration
Digital Marketing
Reputation Management
Social Media Marketing
Mobile Apps Marketing
SEO Services
Custom Software Development
Internet Software Development
Microsoft Development
DNN Development Services
SugarCRM Development
Offshore Development Center
Quality Control Srvices
IT Consulting
Knowledge Management
Application Migration
Trading Services
Product Authentication Solution
Education Software Products
Financial Accounting
BPO Services


Featured Services

HTML5 website design
E-commerce websites
Content Managed sites
Android App Development
iPhone App Development
Facebook App Development
Search Engine Optimization
WordPress customization
Magento E-Commerce sites
Joomla CMS websites
Drupal CMS websites
Creative content writing


Open Source Development

Shopping Cart
Cake PHP
Cold Fusion
Zen Cart
Core PHP
Custom CMS

E-Commerce Portal

Enterprise Integration
Open Source Development
PHP MySQL Web Development
Hire Dedicated Developer


Software Development

ASP .NET Development
Java/J2EE Applications
Web Portal Development
CRM, ERP Solutions

Application Development

Social Networking Applications
Content Management System
HTML5 Development
HRMS & Payroll System Design

CMS Development

WordPress Development
Joomla Development
Drupal Development
Frog CMS Development
Silver Stripe Development
Impress CMS Development
Exponent CMS Development

Social Media Logotype Background

Framework Development

Zend Development
Cakephp Development
Codeigniter Development
Symfony Development
Prado Development
Akelos Development
Zoop Development

E-Shop Development

Magento Development
Shopify Development
OS Commerce Development
X-Cart Development
Prestashop Development
OpenCart Development
AgoraCart Development


Mobile Development

iPhone Apps Development
Mobile Website Development
Android Tablet Apps
BlackBerry Apps Development
Windows Apss Development
Windows Mobile Apps Develpment
Windows Phone Apps Development
iPad Apps Development

Every business needs a website


Customers look online before they call.   Let us create you a website that connects you with your customers.  Our expert designers learn about your business and come up with unique concepts that are easy for the novice web browser to use.   We will design a professional website that you can be proud of. One that delivers the company’s message with clarity and precision.   First impressions are irreversible.   That is why your corporate website needs to have exceptional professional quality while also being enjoyable to navigate.

Your website shouldn’t contain heavy content pages which can create problems during a webpage visit.  Any hiccup a user experiences may send them off to another site.  Your website should be designed and managed in such a manner that it can be loaded properly and quickly even if a potential client is browsing with a slower internet connection.  This will allow that potential client to navigate your website with ease. Keeping these essential features in mind, we have a team of skilled designers who design websites as per the details provided by the client with attention to every detail.

Alpha computer Group also delivers you the services for website hosting that allows organizations and individuals to make their website accessible via the internet.  We manage Domains, DNS, Emails, Websites, and much more.   Once a website has met the completion of designing and developing phases, we are then ready to host the website making it accessible to the world.

Without getting the approval of the client, Alpha Computer Group does not launch the website on the World Wide Web. These services are rendered by a team skilled developers and website designers for the appropriate and effective launching of the website.

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Business Email


A professional email is the one that has your business name in it. For example someone@alfacomputergroup.com is a professional email rather having someone@yahoo.com. There are many ways you can setup a professional email and we can help you. You can use a hosted or onsite email systems. Show customers you mean business with memorable email addresses that look professional and promote your company. Create unlimited addresses – from yourname@ to sales@ or support@ – that are delivered directly to your primary inbox. There are difference between email inbox and aliases. You can have 100’s of aliases going into 1 primary email account inbox. With Alpha Computer Group’s hosted email including Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange or on premise email serverslinux or windows, you will experience a clean, fast email with powerful features matching or superior to those found in desktop email clients or web clients including gmail. Take control of your Inbox. With our unified email and document sharing your business can create, edit and collaborate on text, presentation and spreadsheet documents using the most sophisticated online editors. Work faster and improve productivity with Alpha Computer Group’s online office. Set up email for your business fast with a step-by-step setup wizard. Easily manage email policies, groups, mailbox quota and more using an extensive Control Panel. We strive to be a stand out company in terms of respecting user data and privacy. We do not display ads, even in our free plans. Your email exchanges are never scanned for keywords.


Hosted E-Mail Benefits

Easy setup, zero maintenance

Focus on getting your tasks done while we take care of the hard part of maintaining servers, software, backup solutions etc

Better focus on business & productivity

Contextual integration with 10+ other business apps means you get more tools to complete tasks in less time.

Assured security & reliability

Safety is assured when your data is backed with state-of-the-art infrastructure and software security with 99.9% uptime SLA.

Automatic, continuous upgrades

With hosted email, there is no need to go through the download latest version and upgrade routine. It’s always up-to-date and so are your spam filters!

Superior mobile experience

Do more than just send & receive emails on your mobile with access to your office documents, invoices and more.

Substantial savings on IT costs

Save as much as 50% on IT infrastructure costs, in-house email system maintenance and related IT resources.

Hosted Microsoft Office 365


Get everything you need to run your business anytime, anywhere. With Microsoft Office 365 from Alpha Computer Group there’s no easier way for your small business to stay connected and get more done.

All Plans Include
Unlimited addresses delivered to the same inbox
Expert 24/7 support
99.9% guaranteed uptime and reliability
Outlook web application
Shared online calendars
World-class data security and spam filtering

Work with your files anytime, anywhere

Make sure your important files are always within reach. Office Online features online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can create, edit and save files to the cloud from any Web browser. Everyone you work with, from employees to clients, can work on the same document at once and share it with just a click. No more emailing files back and forth.

Office 365 is easier with Alpha Computer Group

Unlike other providers, we make Microsoft Office 365 simple. You don’t need to know about SMTP relays or MX records – our fast, easy setup process does it all for you, so you’re up and running in minutes. And if you ever do need help, our expert support is here 24/7.

At Alpha Computer Group we can help guide you through the various types of business email service. Here are the 4 major email technologies in the market.


Its full name is post office protocol 3, but everyone simply calls it POP3. With a POP3 email service, your email messages are downloaded to your computer and then usually deleted from your central email server. If you use POP3 to receive business email, you’re usually restricted to using one computer for your email. (Each person can have their own email account, but everyone will be restricted to their own computer.) Most email addresses that come as part of your internet connection package are POP3 accounts.



IMAP stands for internet message access protocol. It’s an alternative to POP3 which keeps messages stored on a central business email server, along with information about whether each message has been read or replied to. With IMAP, you can log in from any computer and see your whole inbox, complete with the status of messages – so you can see which you’ve read, which you’ve replied to, and so on. IMAP is a good way to add extra flexibility to your business email. It’s a well-established technology and you’ll find many entry-level email services (like those from web hosting companies) will include IMAP as standard.


Microsoft Exchange

Exchange is a proprietary email system created by Microsoft. In the past you had to install Exchange onto your own email server in order to use it, putting it out of reach of most small companies. However, it can now be bought online as a monthly service. It’s often called Hosted Exchange or Exchange Online and is really a form of cloud computing. Like IMAP, Exchange stores messages centrally, so you can log in from different places. But it also offers lots of extra functions, including centrally stored calendars, task and contact lists. You need Microsoft’s business email software – Outlook – in order to use Exchange to its full potential. However, many businesses find the additional functions are worth having. And services like Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite often include the software, which can be more cost-effective.


Webmail or HTTP/HTTPS

As the name suggests, webmail services require you to use a web browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox) to log in and access your business email. Some people call them HTTP email services. Many free business email services – including Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Google Mail – are webmail services. To send or receive email, you visit a specific website and log in with your username and password. Webmail is convenient because you can log in from anywhere. However, it’s useless unless you’re connected to the internet, meaning most companies prefer to use another business email service which also offers webmail as an option. For instance, Microsoft Exchange includes a webmail interface, so you can check your business email if you’re not at your own computer. So do many of the IMAP and POP3-based services available. Choosing the right system means understanding your security, mobility, and cost requirements — then choosing to either host your email online or on-site.

Email on your mobile

These days, it’s not enough to send and receive email from your computer. Many people want to get email on their mobile devices too.

Usually, it’s no problem. Most mobile phones and tablet devices can connect to POP3 and IMAP services easily. Many also work with Microsoft Exchange – and webmail services offer special sites for people using mobile devices.


How important is email to your business?

Email is more than just a way to send messages and files. It’s often considered the lifeline of your business and can be the primary means of communicating both internally and with customers and clients. Choosing the right type of email solution can have a big impact on your business. Read on for more about your choices.

Selecting and implementing business email

Step 1: Assess your mobility and security needs

Determining your mobility needs will help you find the protocol (the language your email uses) that is the best option for your business. For most small businesses, your options are webmail, POP3 or IMAP (or webmail in combination with POP or IMAP). In a nutshell, POP3 passes messages from the server through to your desktop client and IMAP maintains duplicate inboxes on the server, your desktop and your mobile device. The right solution will allow your team to easily access email from wherever they need to. The following will help you pick which one makes sense for how you work.

Determining your email security needs is an important step in selecting an email service for your business. Email security depends on the email server security. If this is a major concern, then hosting your own email is the most straightforward approach, though there are other options available.

How do you usually check your email?

From only one computer (e.g. your work machine)
Our recommendation: POP3. POP3 gives you fast email delivery to your work machine and will make it easy to set up email accounts on employee machines.

Primarily from your work computer but sometimes remotely
Our recommendation: POP3 and webmail. POP3 will give you fast email delivery to your work machine, while webmail gives you the ability to check it remotely when you’re away from your desk. Most email providers offer both webmail as well as POP3 support.

From different computers and your mobile device
Our recommendation: IMAP and webmail. By using IMAP, you’ll ensure that your inboxes will stay in sync and that you aren’t missing important messages when checking email in multiple locations.

Step 2: Choose a provider

Search the term “email providers” and you’ll probably find too many to count. But your choices basically come down to: free, paid or do-it-yourself (DIY). Here’s a rundown of what to consider for each:

Provider Type: Free email (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo!)
Technical skill level: Novice

What you’ll want:

Good spam and virus controls
Custom domain support (@yourbusinessname.com)

Tip: Pay close attention to things like mailbox size and attachment limits to make sure your email system doesn’t cause more problems than it solves.

Provider Type: Paid (e.g. Internet Service Provider (ISP), Register.com, Gmail for Business)
Technical skill level: Novice

What you’ll want:

Uptime % in service level agreement (SLA)
Customer and technical support
Spam and virus controls

Tip: Before signing up for a service, check that the provider is compatible with the email applications you plan on using (e.g. Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.)

Provider Type: Do-It-Yourself
Technical skill level: Moderate to Expert

You’ll need several things:

A broadband Internet connection
A mail server and software (make sure it’s compatible with your operating system)
DNS (domain name system) information and public IP address
A person who knows what to do with all of it

Additional Considerations

Maximize your contract
Ask about the additional services and support that are included along with your email hosting, such as organization and archive storage.

How much does having your own domain matter?
Business email addresses are an important part of your identity. Because of this, even if they don’t have a website, many businesses choose email addresses that end with their own domain (@yourbusinessname.com). Having your business name as a part of your email address is an easy way to help your business gain credibility and to help customers and associates quickly identify your messages.

Check on supported email clients
Make sure any potential providers support the email client you plan on using before signing a contract.


Feature comparison

Radif Server OS support Features Storage Users
Mail server Linux/Unix Windows Mac SMTP POP3 IMAP IMAP IDLE SMTP over TLS POP over TLS IPv6 NNTP SSL Webmail ActiveSync Database Filesystem Other License
agorum core Yes Yes No Yes No Yes ? No No ? No Yes Yes No Yes No No GPLv2
Apache James Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No ASLv2
Atmail Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Proprietary (100 user/30 day demo)
Axigen Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Ajax & Basic Yes No No Yes Proprietary (free version: email 100 users / calendar 5 users)
Blue Mind Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No AGPLv3
Citadel Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes No Yes No No GPLv3
CommuniGate Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Proprietary (Free for up to 5 users)
Courier Mail Server Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes No No maildir No GPLv3
Cyrus IMAP Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes (indexes) Yes Yes 4-clause BSD
DBMail Yes via Cygwin Yes Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, qmail Yes Yes Yes Postfix, Exim, Sendmail, qmail Yes Yes ? Yes No No PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite No No GPLv2
Digital Integration iMail5 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Proprietary
Dovecot Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes maildir, mbox, dbox No Mixed: MIT and LGPL 2.1
Eudora Internet Mail Server No No Yes Yes Yes Yes ? No No ? No No No No No No Yes Proprietary
EVO Mail Server No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No No Yes Proprietary (unlimited users/15 days full features trial)
Exim Yes Yes (via Cygwin) Yes Yes Dovecot, UW IMAP Dovecot, UW IMAP Dovecot, UW IMAP Yes No Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes No GPLv2+
FirstClass Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Proprietary
Gordano Messaging Suite Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Proprietary
GroupWise Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? ? Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Proprietary
Haraka Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes MIT
Hexamail Server Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes No No Yes No Proprietary
hMailServer No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes V 5.0 V 5.0 Yes No V 5.0 Yes No Yes No No GNU AGPL (previously proprietary)
IBM Lotus Domino Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Proprietary
IceWarp Mail Server Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Proprietary
IndiMail Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes GPLv3
Ipswitch IMail Server No Yes No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Proprietary
iRedMail Yes No No Yes Yes Yes ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Under GPLv2
JMail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Proprietary
Kerio Connect Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Proprietary
Kolab Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes GPLv3
MagicMail Yes No No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Proprietary
Mailismus Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? No Yes No No Yes Yes No Proprietary (28-day free demo)
Mailsite No Yes No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Proprietary
Mailtraq No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Proprietary
masqmail Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes No Yes No Yes No No No Yes Yes GPL
MDaemon Mail Server No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Proprietary
Mercury Mail Transport System No Yes No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes No No Yes No Proprietary donationware
Microsoft Exchange Server No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (2007 sp1 onwards) Yes Yes Yes Yes ESE only Yes (up to 2003 only) Yes Proprietary
Mirapoint Yes No No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Proprietary
Momentum Yes No No Yes No No No Yes No Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes No Proprietary
NetMail Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? ? Yes Yes No Yes No No Proprietary
OBM Groupware Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No AGPLv3
OpenSMTPD Yes No Yes Yes No No No Yes No Yes No Yes No No possible through custom backends Yes No ISC
Open-Xchange Yes No No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? ? Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Proprietary/SaaS, with open-source parts
Oracle Communications Messaging Server Yes No No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Proprietary
Postfix Yes No Yes Yes Dovecot, UW IMAP Dovecot, UW IMAP Dovecot, UW IMAP Yes No Yes No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes IBM Public License
qmail Yes No Yes Yes Yes Dovecot, UW IMAP Dovecot, UW IMAP No Dovecot, UW IMAP via Qsmtp ? No No No (cdb) Yes No Public domain
Qpopper Yes via Cygwin Yes No Yes No No No Yes ? No Yes No No No Yes Yes BSD-style, GPL-incompatible
Sendmail Yes No Yes Yes Dovecot, UW IMAP Dovecot, UW IMAP Dovecot, UW IMAP Yes No Yes No Yes No No ? Yes ? Sendmail License
SparkEngine Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No ? No Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Proprietary
SurgeMail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Proprietary (free for up to 5 users)
Synovel Collabsuite Yes No No Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? ? Yes Yes No Yes Yes ? Proprietary with OSS parts, Freeware and paid editions
UW IMAP Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes ? No Yes WebPine No Yes (Indexes) Yes No Apache License 2.0
WinGate No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No No Yes No Proprietary
Xeams Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ? No Yes No No No Yes No Freeware with support option
Zarafa Yes No No External Yes Yes Yes External Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No AGPLv3, free and paid editions
Zimbra Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No ZPL and proprietary editions
MailEnable No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Proprietary

Email Hosting | Anti-Spam | Email Archives | HTML eBlast Creation

Contact Alpha Computer Group for all of your hosted and on premise business email @ (877) 608 – 8647

Host and Network Monitoring


At Alpha Computer Group we know “uptime” is critical. It means comprehensive visibility into the performance of your network , servers, telephones system, telephone equipment, and IT applications. It means that your business is secure. That your data and voice infrastructure is operating efficiently. And that your employees are productive and your customers are receiving premium service, 24×7 365 days a year. Alpha Computer Group utilizes custom software along with open source and commercial software such as Nagios, Ganglia, Cacti, Zenoss, Orion Network Performance Monitor, Server Density, Microsoft Network Monitor, BandwidthD, EasyNetMonitor, Capsa, Fiddler, NetworkMiner, Pandora FMS, Zenoss Core, PRTG Network Monitor, The Dude, Splunk, Angry IP Scanner, ntopng, Total Network Monitor, NetXMS, Xymon, Wireless NetView, Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector, WireShark, look@lan, and many more — just to name a few. Alpha Computer Group can monitor your operating system, applications, services, network protocols, infrastructure components, and just about everything else you have. This is great if you need an all-in-one solution. Our expertise is ideal for monitoring robust systems like clusters and grids. We use advanced technologies for monitoring, such as XML for data representation, XDR for compact, portable data transport, and RRDtool for data storage and visualization.


We provide real-time network monitoring on a wide variety of devices, including virtual ones. Our NOC can monitor even the largest of network installations with 10,000 or more devices. We offer real-time dashboards allowing you to visually track your network. All done through our secure web-portal. One of the many services our customer web-portal provides are monitoring of server load time, disk monitoring, application monitoring, virtual server monitoring, SLA monitoring, QoS monitoring, website status, and the aggregation of various server data. Most importantly, Our automated redundant system send out flexible Alerts, including 9 different notification methods, status alerts, limit alerts, threshold alerts, conditional alerts, and alert scheduling. Alerts can go to multiple destinations for example desktop and mobile devices, such as iPhone , BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or Android phones. Alpha Computer Group also offers In-Depth Reporting, including the ability to create reports in HTML/PDF format, pre-defined reports and report templates. These tools are primarily designed to show you trouble spots so that you can deal with them before they get out of hand, but you can also use them to help fine tune your servers and network for optimum performance. Alpha Computer Group can help you with all of your monitoring needs.

Offering intelligent real-time network operations center (NOC) monitoring services customized to meet your needs Alpha Computer Group delivers uptime to businesses around the world.

Ask us how our NOC can deliver uptime to your organization, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We love to monitor SNMP, Polling, Syslog and Reports, TCP/UDP traffic, event logs, devices, services, MAC address, open ports, hostname, ping time, NetBios information, and etc.

How It Works


Alpha Computer Group’s Host Monitor and Network Monitor Plus will monitor critical IT infrastructure components, including system metrics, network protocols, applications, services, servers, and network infrastructure.

alert-monitoring-systems-network-tcpip-lan-wan-internet-routers-exchange-servers Alerting

Our 24/7/365 Host Monitoring Center sends alerts when critical infrastructure components fail and recover, providing administrators and business owners with notice of important events. Alerts can be delivered via email, SMS, or custom script.


Our IT and Telecom staff acknowledges all alerts and begin resolving outages and investigating security alerts immediately. Alerts can are automatically escalated to different groups if alerts are not acknowledged in a timely manner.


Reports provide a historical record of outages, events, notifications, and alert response for later review. Availability reports help ensure your SLAs are being met.


Scheduled downtime prevents alerts during scheduled maintenance and upgrade windows.

Firewall Planning

Trending and capacity planning graphs and reports allow you to identify necessary infrastructure upgrades before failures occur.


We can Monitor your systems and network which will provide you with:

A Plan for infrastructure upgrades before outdated systems cause failures
Respond to issues at the first sign of a problem
Automatically fix problems when they are detected
Coordinate technical team responses
Ensure your organization’s SLAs are being met
Ensure IT infrastructure outages have a minimal effect on your organization’s bottom line
Monitor your entire infrastructure and business processes


Host monitoring is very effective for controlling and monitoring the number of devices connected to your local or external network. These services are used to gather the information on an average along with gathering the maximum load bearing capacity of your servers, networking equipment, wireless devices, and etc. This information helps Alpha Computer Group’s system administrators to react to unwanted failures and to optimize the hardware and network device operation in an effective manner as well as plan for the network up-gradation.

Host monitoring can be performed through two processes: the server and client-server methods of monitoring. Server monitoring is based on periodical scanning of the whole range of IP addresses and Subnets connected to the network that allows the detection of devices connected to it. This type of scanning repeats in whatever intervals we set; for example 5-10 minutes would be helpful for the administrator to gather the accurate and updated information. Whereas the client-server monitoring process is recommended for reading the ARP table cache from network switches. This method is faster enough than the server monitoring and does not require different requests and commands to show the desired results. The drawback of the client-server monitoring is that it cannot help to detect the connected hosts, if they do not show any activity.


Alpha Computer Group is one of the best companies in the US that can offer you the best quality services for network monitoring . Our services gives you the ability to safe-guard all of your complex environments, enhance the network and system access with an effective data flow. It also reduces the cost associated with network performance and improves employee productivity.

Apart from this, Alpha Computer has a team of skilled professionals who monitors the networking for resolving slow webpage functions, lost e-mails, suspicious user activity and so on as per the requirements. These monitoring activity detect the unwanted activity from unauthorized users. Network monitoring is sufficient enough to identify how well a network is running during the course of routine operations. Multiple and varied devices using the network can be monitored, such as smart phones, servers, routers, switches and more in an easier way.

If you are in need for expert and professional network and host monitoring services call Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647

Asterisk Support


Do you need help with your Asterisk PBX Phone System? Well if you do you have come to the right place! Alpha Computer Group’s expert telecom engineers can support all versions of Asterisk and Linux. We provide 24/7 online, telephone, and chat support services for all types of Asterisk based applications. Our Telecom and Technical Support Engineers are trained professionals in all types of Asterisk applications, with troubleshooting experience ranging from basic dial plan to real time configuration management and complicated IVR integrations. Asterisk is a software implementation of a telephone private branch exchange (PBX); it was created in 1999 by Mark Spencer of Digium. Like any PBX, it allows attached telephones to make calls to one another, and to connect to other telephone services, such as the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Its name comes from the asterisk symbol, *.


We love Asterisk at Alpha Computer Group. We even run Asterisk for our business! In our office we have a mixture of Cisco IP Phone 79xx running SIP and Chan_SCCP protocols. We can help with Configuration and Administration of Asterisk (All Versions), Elastix, TrixBox, PIAF, 3CX, AsteriskNow, Incredible PBX, FreePBX, IVR, Voice Logger, IP PBX and CallCentre Solutions (ViciDial). We also offer consultancy services for establishing Asterisk based Inbound / outbound Call Centre solutions, Enterprise IP PBX with 100 – 1000 extensions, IVR configuration and integration, CRM Integration, Voice Logger and other business telephony needs. We are your one stop source for everything Asterisk!

Some of telephone system issues we can help you with:

Emergency Support Issues Remote Extensions
SIP Configuration Issues Firewall Issues
IAX or IAX2 Configuration Issues Nat Issues
Chan_SCCP Configuration Issues Install or Upgrade your Asterisk PBX or Server
Extension Configuration Issues FreePBX/Any Distro or Linux password reset
Ring Group and Queue Setup Setting up Network Time Server (aka NTP Server)
Auto Attendent Configuration (aka IVR) One-way Audio Issues
SIP Provider Issues Setting up Extension via the End Point Manger

Much Much More!

Phone System Features:

ADSI On-Screen Menu System
Alarm Receiver
Append Message
Automated Attendant
Blind Transfer
Call Detail Records
Call Forward on Busy
Call Forward on No Answer
Call Forward Variable
Call Monitoring
Call Parking
Call Queuing
Call Recording
Call Retrieval
Call Routing (DID & ANI)
Call Snooping
Call Transfer
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Caller ID Blocking
Caller ID on Call Waiting
Calling Cards
Conference Bridging
Database Store / Retrieve
Database Integration
Dial by Name
Direct Inward System Access
Distinctive Ring
Distributed Universal Number Discovery (DUNDi™)
Do Not Disturb
Fax Transmit and Receive
Flexible Extension Logic
Time and Date
VoIP Gateways
Interactive Directory Listing
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Local and Remote Call Agents
Music On Hold
Music On Transfer:
Flexible Mp3-based System
Random or Linear Play
Volume Control
Predictive Dialer
Open Settlement Protocol (OSP)
Overhead Paging
Protocol Conversion
Remote Call Pickup
Remote Office Support
Roaming Extensions
Route by Caller ID
SMS Messaging
Spell / Say
Streaming Media Access
Supervised Transfer
Talk Detection
Text-to-Speech (via Festival)
Three-way Calling
Time and Date
VoIP Gateways
Visual Indicator for Message Waiting
Stutter Dialtone for Message Waiting
Voicemail to email
Voicemail Groups
Web Voicemail Interface



Compatible Phones For Asterisk That We Support

IP Phones/Desk Phones

Aastra / Sayson phones
Cisco 79xx series
Cisco ATA 18x series
Cisco 12SP+/VIP30
Cisco Linksys / Cisco SPA phones – SPA devices (SPA941, SPA942…)
D-Link DPH-540
Digitmat GP1266
Cortelco 2747
Grandstream BudgeTone
Grandstream GXP2020
Linksys SPA-941
Mitel Phones 5055


Mitel Phones 5215
Mitel Phones 5220
Nortel Phones i2004
ShoreTel 210
Siemens HiNet LP5100
Siemens OptiPoint 600 Office SIP
Siemens Gigaset DECT
Sipura SPA-2000
Sipura SPA-3000
Swissvoice IP
Snom Phones
Soyo G668
Uni-Ta Professional
UTP2000 Business IP phones
UTP1200 Entry level IP Phone


Uniden UIP200
Sound Point IP
Sound Station
Video Phone
Conference Phone
Pulverinnovations WISIP
IP Phone SIP-T19
IP Phone SIP-T20
IP Phone SIP-T21
IP Phone SIP-T22
IP Phone SIP-T26
IP Phone SIP-T28
YUXIN YWH201 IP Phone SIP,IAX2 Phones with 2RJ45 ports, POE
Zultys IP Phones
Zyxel P2000W


Soft Phones

CounterPath X-Lite
CounterPath eyeBeam
CounterPath Bria
Windows Messenger
MGCP EyeP Phone
Cisco IP Office Communicator

** We also support and install door phones and intercom systems **


Computer-Telephony Integration

AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface)
Graphical Call Manager
Outbound Call Spooling
Predictive Dialer
TCP/IP Management Interface


TDMoE (Time Division Multiplex over Ethernet)
Allows direct connection of Asterisk PBX
Zero latency
Uses commodity Ethernet hardware
Voice-over IP
Allows for integration of physically separate installations
Uses commonly deployed data connections
Allows a unified dialplan across multiple offices



Cepstral TTS
Lumenvox ASR


CELT (pass through)
G.711 (A-Law & μ-Law)
G.719 (pass through)
G.722.1 licensed from Polycom®
G.722.1 Annex C licensed from Polycom®
G.723.1 (pass through)


VoIP Protocols

Google Talk
IAX™ (Inter-Asterisk eXchange)
MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol
SCCP (Cisco® Skinny®)
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

Traditional Telephony Protocols

E&M Wink
Feature Group D
MF and DTMF support
Robbed-bit Signaling (RBS) Types
MFC-R2 (Not supported. However, a patch is available)

ISDN Protocols

Lucent 5ESS
National ISDN 1
National ISDN 2
Nortel DMS100


Did you know? The Asterisk software includes many features available in proprietary PBX systems: voice mail, conference calling, interactive voice response (phone menus), and automatic call distribution. Users can create new functionality by writing dial plan scripts in several of Asterisk’s own extensions languages, by adding custom loadable modules written in C, or by implementing Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) programs using any programming language capable of communicating via the standard streams system (stdin and stdout) or by network TCP sockets.

Asterisk supports a wide range of Voice over IP protocols, including the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), and H.323. Asterisk can interoperate with most SIP telephones, acting both as registrar and as a gateway between IP phones and the PSTN. The Inter-Asterisk eXchange (IAX2) protocol, RFC 5456, native to Asterisk, provides efficient trunking of calls among Asterisk PBXes, in addition to distributed configuration logic, and call completion to VoIP service providers who support it. Some telephones support the IAX2 protocol directly (see Comparison of VoIP software for examples).

By supporting a mix of traditional and VoIP telephony services, Asterisk allows deployers to build new telephone systems, or gradually migrate existing systems to new technologies. Some sites are using Asterisk servers to replace proprietary PBXes; others to provide additional features (such as voice mail or voice response menus, or virtual call shops) or to reduce costs by carrying long-distance calls over the Internet (toll bypass).

Asterisk was one of the first open source PBX software packages.

In addition to VoIP protocols, Asterisk supports many traditional circuit-switching protocols such as ISDN and SS7. This requires appropriate hardware interface cards supporting such protocols, marketed by third-party vendors. Each protocol requires the installation of software modules. With these features, Asterisk provides a wide spectrum of communications options.

World Wide Asterisk Appeal

While initially developed in the United States, Asterisk has become a popular VoIP PBX worldwide because it is freely available under open source licensing, and has a modular, extensible design. The American English, French, Persian (Farsi) and Mexican Spanish female voices along with other new prompts like Australian English for the Interactive voice response and voice mail features of Asterisk are frequently updated with submissions from developers in many different languages and dialects. Additionally, voice sets are offered for commercial sale in different languages, dialects and genders.


Products that use Asterisk

Asterisk is a core component in many PBX’s in a box commercial products and open-source projects. Some of the commercial products are hardware and software bundles, for which the manufacturer supports and releases the software as open source. Open-source examples include FreePBX, and Elastix.

Asterisk is also included in the LinuxMCE home entertainment/automation system.

Asterisk is released under a dual license model, using the GNU General Public License (GPL) as a free software license and a proprietary software license to permit licensees to distribute proprietary, unpublished system components.

Originally designed for Linux, Asterisk also runs on a variety of different operating systems including NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris. Asterisk is small enough to run in an embedded environment like Customer-premises equipment-hardware running OpenWrt.

For all of your Asterisk needs contact Alpha Computer Group @ (877) 608 – 8647

Microsoft Exchange Server Engineers


Alpha Computer Group can assist you in installing, configuring, maintaining, backup, restoring, and upgrading any version of Microsoft Exchange Server. Email is a very important part of any business and we understand that very well. We have certified technicians that are experts with MS Exchange (Microsoft Exchange) for over ten years and are specialized in restoring and rebuilding lost or corrupt MS Exchange servers. With our specialized technicians we can help plan, deploy, optimize and manage a complex Microsoft Exchange solution. We can provide the expertise to help design and secure the best Microsoft Exchange solution for any sized company. Whether it’s a single server solution or a detailed integrated, multi-vendor, DAG solution, Alpha Computer Group is your Microsoft Exchange Specialist!

Microsoft Exchange Migration, Administration and Technical Support

Businesses today regard e-mail servers as mission-critical systems to operate a business, because of the need to communicate with clients and employees quickly. Equally important is the heightened demand for new Microsoft Exchange email messaging features. These factors place demands on information technology (IT) managers and system architects, who are charged with designing highly reliable and consistently available messaging systems that meet users’ needs.

Microsoft Exchange Services Technical Solutions Provides:

Microsoft Exchange Planning: Help plan and design MS Exchange Environment. Exchange is a Tier 1 application and needs proper planning before deployment is made. Planning includes required resources (hardware, software and virtual) as well as proper placement, load testing and growth analysis.


Microsoft Exchange Deployment: Hands on deployment with best practices implementation.

Microsoft Exchange Migration: Migration services from GroupWise, Domino or other mail systems to MS Exchange server.

Microsoft Exchange Administration: Day to Day MS Exchange Administration tasks. Log monitoring, health check, backups and performance tuning.

Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting and Support: Help with common and complex problems that can be experienced with MS Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Security: Help secure and protect MS Exchange by implementing best security practices and security monitoring as well as DLP services.

Deployment Services are available for new Microsoft Exchange Server Organizations. If your organization is migrating from Gmail, Linux, Hotmail, or any other third-party vendor, we can assist in building a new, robust, highly available serv

er farm environment for your organization. When users are ready to migrate to the new system, we will assist local network administrators and key personnel to ensure the transition is smooth and hassle free.

Migration and Upgrade assistance is available depending on which of the two options fits your scenario the best. A Migration occurs when an existing Exchange Server Organization is too old or not designed to support, an in-place upgrade p

rocess. Migrations occur between major Exchange server releases.


Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting and Management Support Services for MS Exchange Server offer businesses with limited network budgets and bandwidth a safe, affordable, and hassle-free option for deploying Microsoft Exchange by deliveringthe robustness of a state-of-the-art colocation facility and the skill of Alpha Computer Group Microsoft team of support engineers. Call us today for more information on how your business can reduce costs and management hassle and improve email reliability, protection, and recoverability.

Microsoft Exchange Server is calendaring software, a mail server and contact manager developed by Microsoft. It is a server program that runs on Windows Server and is part of the Microsoft Servers line of products. Windows Messaging, initially also called Microsoft Exchange, is an e-mail client that was included with Windows 95 (beginning with OSR2), 98 and Windows NT 4.0).

Exchange Server 4.0

Microsoft began a preliminary planning of the Exchange 4.0 migration in April 1993. In January 1995, 500 users were running on Exchange Beta 1, 5,000+ users running on Exchange Beta 2a in September 1995, and finally all 32,000 Microsoft mailboxes successfully migrated to Exchange and Microsoft Exchange shipped in April 1996. Microsoft IT Groupactually migrated all Microsoft employees to the Exchange platform before the product had the official Release status.

It was the original version of Exchange Server sold to the public, positioned as an upgrade to Microsoft Mail 3.5. The original version of Microsoft Mail (written by Microsoft) had been replaced, several weeks after Lotus acquired cc:Mail, by a package called Network Courier, acquired during the purchase of Consumer Software Inc. in April 1991. Exchange Server was however an entirely new X.400-based client–server mail system with a single database store that also supported X.500 directory services. The directory used by Exchange Server eventually became Microsoft’s Active Directory service, an LDAP-compliant directory server. Active Directory was integrated into Windows 2000 as the foundation of Windows Server domains.

Exchange Server 5.0


Introduced the new Exchange Administrator console, as well as opening up “integrated” access to SMTP-based networks for the first time. Unlike Microsoft Mail (which required a standalone SMTP relay), Exchange Server 5.0 could, with the help of an add-in called the Internet Mail Connector, communicate directly with servers using SMTP. Version 5.0 also introduced a new Web-based e-mail interface called Exchange Web Access, which was rebranded as Outlook Web Access in a later Service pack. Along with Exchange Server version 5.0, Microsoft released version 8.01 of Microsoft Outlook, version 5.0 of the Microsoft Exchange Client and version 7.5 of Microsoft Schedule+ to support the new features in the new version of Exchange Server.

Exchange Server 5.0 introduced a number of other new features including a new version of Outlook Web Access with Calendar support, support for IMAP4 and LDAP v3 clients and the Deleted Item Recovery feature.

Exchange Server 5.5


The last version of Exchange Server to have separate directory, SMTP and NNTP services. There was no new version of Exchange Client and Schedule+ for version 5.5, instead version 8.03 of Microsoft Outlook was released to support the new features of Exchange Server 5.5.

Was sold in two editions: Standard and Enterprise. They differ in database store size, mail transport connectors and clustering capabilities.

Standard Edition
Had the same 16GB database size limitation as earlier versions of Exchange Server. Included the Site Connector, MS Mail Connector, Internet Mail Service (previously “Internet Mail Connector”), and Internet News Service (previously “Internet News Connector”), as well as software to interoperate with cc:Mail, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise.
Enterprise Edition
Had an increased limit of 16TB (although Microsoft’s best practices documentation recommends that the message store not exceed 100GB). Adds an X.400 connector, and interoperability software with SNADS and PROFS. Introduced two node clustering capability.

Exchange 2000 Server


Codenamed “Platinum” this version overcame many of the limitations of its predecessors. For example, it raised the maximum sizes of databases and increased the number of servers in a cluster from two to four. However, many customers were deterred from upgrading by the requirement for a full Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure to be in place, as unlike Exchange Server 5.5, Exchange 2000 Server had no built-in Directory Service, and had a dependency upon Active Directory. The migration process from Exchange Server 5.5 necessitated having the two systems online at the same time, with user-to-mailbox mapping and a temporary translation process between the two directories. Exchange 2000 Server also added support for instant messaging, but that capability was later spun off to Microsoft Office Live Communications Server.

Exchange Server 2003


Codenamed “Titanium”, this version can be run on Windows 2000 Server (only if Service Pack 4 is first installed) and 32-bit Windows Server 2003, although some new features only work with the latter. Like Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003 has many compatibility modes to allow users to slowly migrate to the new system. This is useful in large companies with distributed Exchange Server environments who cannot afford the downtime and expense that comes with a complete migration.

It made the migration from pre-2000 versions of Exchange significantly easier (although still involved the same basic steps), and many users of Exchange Server 5.5 waited for the release of Exchange Server 2003 to upgrade. The upgrade process also required upgrading a company’s servers to Windows 2000. Some customers opted to stay on a combination of Exchange Server 5.5 and Windows NT 4.0, both of which are no longer supported by Microsoft.

One of the new features in Exchange Server 2003 is enhanced disaster recoverywhich allows administrators to bring the server online more quickly. This is done by allowing the server to send and receive mail while the message stores are being recovered from backup. Some features previously available in the Microsoft Mobile Information Server 2001/2002 products have been added to the core Exchange Server product, like Outlook Mobile Access and server-side Exchange ActiveSync, while the Mobile Information Server product itself has been dropped. Better anti-virus and anti-spam protection have also been added, both by providing built-in APIs that facilitate filtering software and built-in support for the basic methods of originating IP address, SPF (“Sender ID”), and DNSBL filtering which were standard on other open source and *nix-based mail servers. Also new is the ability to drop inbound e-mail before being fully processed, thus preventing delays in the message routing system. There are also improved message and mailbox management tools, which allow administrators to execute common chores more quickly. Others, such as Instant Messaging and Exchange Conferencing Server have been extracted completely in order to form separate products. Microsoft now appears to be positioning a combination of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Live Communications Server, Live Meeting and Sharepoint as its collaboration software of choice. Exchange Server is now to be simply e-mail and calendaring.

Exchange Server 2003 added several basic filtering methods to Exchange Server. They are not sophisticated enough to eliminate spam, but they can protect against DoS and mailbox flooding attacks. Exchange Server 2000 supported the ability to block a sender’s address, or e-mail domain by adding ‘*@domain.com’, which is still supported in Exchange Server 2003.


New features

Added filtering methods in Exchange Server 2003 are:

Connection filtering
Messages are blocked from DNS RBL listsor from manually specified IP addresses/range
Recipient filtering
Messages blocked when sent to manually specified recipients on the server (for intranet-only addresses) or to any recipients not on the server (stopping spammers from guessing addresses)
Sender ID filtering
Sender ID, a form of Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
Intelligent Message Filter
Initially a free Microsoft add-on, later, part of service pack 2, that uses heuristic message analysis to block messages or direct them to the “Junk E-Mail” folder in Microsoft Outlook clients.

It is included with both Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard and Premium editions.


Standard Edition
  • Supports up to two storage groups (with one of the storage groups, called the recovery storage group, being reserved for database recovery operations) and a maximum of 2 databases per storage group.
  • Each database is limited to a maximum size of 16GB.
  • Beginning with the release of Service Pack 2, a maximum database size of 75GB, but only supports 16GB by default; larger sized databases have to be updated-in with a registry change.
Enterprise Edition
  • Allows a 16TB maximum database size, and supports up to 4 storage groups with 5 databases per storage group for a total of 20 databases per server.

Exchange 2003 mainstream support ended on April 14, 2009. Extended support ended on April 8, 2014.

Exchange Server 2007


Released to business customers as part of Microsoft’s roll-out wave of new products. It includes new clustering options, x64 support for greater scalability, voice mail integration, better search and support for Web services, better filtering options, and a new Outlook Web Access interface. Exchange 2007 also dropped support for Exchange 5.5 migrations, routing groups, admin groups, Outlook Mobile Access, X.400, and some API interfaces, amongst other features.

Exchange Server 2007 (v8, code name E12, or with SP1 v8.1) runs only on x64 versions of Windows Server. This requirement applies to supported production environments only; a 32-bit trial version is available for download and testing. Hence, companies currently running Exchange Server on 32-bit hardware will be required to replace or migrate hardware if they wish to upgrade to the new version. Companies that are currently running Exchange Server on 64-bit capable hardware are still required to migrate from their existing Exchange 2000/2003 servers to a new 2007 server since in-place upgrades are not supported in 2007.

The first beta of Exchange Server 2007 (then named “Exchange 12” or E12) was released in December 2005 to a very limited number of beta testers. A wider beta was made available via TechNet Plus and MSDN subscriptions in March 2006 according to the Microsoft Exchange team blog. On April 25, 2006, Microsoft announced that the next version of Exchange Server would be called “Exchange Server 2007”.

Exchange Server 2007 is an integrated part of the Innovative Communications Alliance products.

New features

Anti-spam, antivirus, compliance, clustering with data replication, improved security and encryption
Improved Information Worker Access
Improved calendaring, unified messaging, improved mobility, improved web access
Improved IT Experience
64-bit performance & scalability, command-line shell & simplified GUI, improved deployment, role separation, simplified routing
Exchange Management Shell
a new command-line shell and scripting language for system administration (based on Windows PowerShell). Shell users can perform every task that can be performed in the Exchange Server graphical user interface plus additional tasks, and can program often-used or complex tasks into scripts that can be saved, shared, and re-used. The Exchange Management Shell has over 375 unique commands to manage features of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.
“Unified Messaging”
Lets users receive voice mail, e-mail, and faxes in their mailboxes, and lets them access their mailboxes from cell phones and other wireless devices. Voice commands can be given to control and listen to e-mail over the phone (and also send some basic messages, like “I’ll be late”)
Increased database maximum size limit
Database size is now limited to 16TB per database
Increased maximum storage groups and mail databases per server
5 each for Standard Edition (from 1 each in Exchange Server 2003 Standard), and to 50 each for Enterprise Edition (from 4 groups and 20 databases in Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise).
Configure Outlook Anywhere
Formerly known as RPC over HTTP provides external access to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 for users. If you want Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 user profiles to be automatically configured to connect to Exchange 2007, configure the Autodiscover service. This also provides external URLs for Exchange services such as the Availability service and offline address book.


Standard edition
Can have 5 databases in up to 5 storage groups. Supports LCR (Local Continuous Replication) and SCR (Standby Continuous Replication).
Enterprise edition
This is extended to 50 databases in up to 50 storage groups. Supports LCR (Local Continuous Replication), SCR (Standby Continuous Replication), SCC (Single Copy Clustering), and CCR (Clustered Continuous Replication).

Exchange Server 2010


Microsoft reached the Release to manufacturing (RTM) milestone for Exchange Server 2010 on May, 2009, and it was officially launched on November 9, 2009.

New features

DAG (Database Availability Groups)
  • SCC, CCR, LCR and site resiliency functionality SCR have been replaced by DAG.
  • Provides database level high availability (as opposed to server level) and supports a number of copies of each database (number based on Exchange Edition) and flexible configuration (databases copies may be added / removed at will without requiring major server reconfiguration).
Client Access Server (CAS)
High availability for the Client Access Server role is provided by using Client Access Server (CAS) arrays. A CAS array can contain multiple Client Access Servers in an Active Directory site and provide a single name endpoint for client connections. CAS arrays cannot span multiple Active Directory sites.
Mailbox Server Role may be combined with the Client Access Server
In Exchange Server 2007, a clustered mailbox server could not be combined with any other roles. In Exchange Server 2010, the Mailbox Server Role may be combined with the Client Access Server and/or Hub Transport roles, regardless of whether or not the mailbox server participates in a Database Availability Group. However, since Database Availability Groups use Windows Failover Clustering, and Microsoft does not support the combination of Windows Failover Clustering and Windows Network Load Balancing on the same server, a multi-role deployment will require the use of a 3rd party load balancer to provide load balancing and fault tolerance for the Client Access Server role.
RPC Client Access
With the introduction of the RPC Client Access service, all Outlook clients access their mailbox database through the Client Access Server role. This abstraction layer allows for improved load balancing and redundancy and minimal client impact in the event of a database level *-over (“switchover” or “failover”) event.
Cost savings in required hardware
Exchange Server 2010 provides cost savings in required hardware. Storage performance requirements (measured in IOPS: Input/Output operations Per Second) have been reduced by approximately 70% over Exchange Server 2007, and by approximately 90% over Exchange Server 2003. According to a case study, Microsoft IT was able to reduce hardware costs by 75% during the migration from Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Server 2010.
Personal Archive
Exchange Server 2010 extends the large mailbox support introduced in Exchange Server 2007, and also introduces a Personal Archive feature to allow messages to be retained longer without the need for a 3rd party archival system. The Personal Archive is implemented as a secondary mailbox for archive-enabled users, and in Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1, the Personal Archive may be located on a different database than the primary mailbox, which may reside on a different disk if desired. Backup can be performed via multiple solutions like Handy Backup or Acronis. Acronis is by far the best #backup image software on the market – This is just Alpha Computer Group’s opinion.
Recoverable Items
The compliance and legal search features have been enhanced. What was formerly known as the “Dumpster” in previous versions of Exchange (a special storage area for messages which have been deleted from the Deleted Items folder or “permanently deleted” from a regular folder, such as the Inbox) has been evolved into the Recoverable Items folder in Exchange Server 2010. If configured appropriately, the Recoverable Items folder allows for a “tamper proof” storage area (users cannot circumvent the Recoverable Items folder to bypass legal discovery), which also provides a revision history of any modified items.
Administration delegation
Can now be performed at a granular level due to Exchange Server 2010’s implementation of Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Users and administrators can be given extremely fine grained abilities for functions provided both within the Exchange Management Console or Exchange Management Shell and in Outlook Web App. For example, a compliance officer may be given the ability to perform cross mailbox discovery searches within Outlook Web App; a help desk technician may be granted the ability to set an Out Of Office message for other employees within the company, or a branch administrator in a remote office may be granted the permission to perform specific Exchange Management Shell commands that pertain only to the Exchange server in their branch office.
Outlook Web App includes improvements
Including, for example, the ability for users to track their sent messages and printable calendar views and the “Premium” experience is now available across multiple browsers (including Safari and Firefox).
Distribution groups can now be “moderated”
Meaning that distribution groups can now be configured to allow users to join at will or only with a group moderator’s permission, and individual messages sent to distribution groups can now be approved or denied by a moderator.
“Shadow Redundancy”
Exchange Server 2010 introduces a transport concept called “Shadow Redundancy” which protects e-mail messages while they are in transit. If a Hub Transport server or an Edge Transport server fails after it has received a message for processing, but before it was able to deliver it to the next “hop” server, the server which sent the message to that transport server is now able to detect the failure and redeliver the message to a different Hub Transport or Edge Transport server for processing…


Several high-availability options have been consolidated into just one option for Exchange Server 2010 (Mailbox Resiliency), which is now offered in both the Standard and Enterprise editions. The capabilities of Local Continuous Replication, Standby Continuous Replication, and Cluster Continuous Replication are now unified into the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Resiliency capability. These capabilities enable a simplified approach to high availability and disaster recovery.

Standard Edition

  • Supports up to 5 databases.
  • Each database is limited to a maximum size of 16 TB.

Enterprise Edition

  • This is extended to 100 databases.

Storage group is no more in Exchange 2010 and onwards.

In January 2011, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 won InfoWorld’s 2011 Technology of the Year Award for Best Mail Server.

Exchange Server 2013


Microsoft reached the RTM milestone for Exchange Server 2013 on October 11, 2012. A trial version of this product is available from Microsoft website.

New features

New features include:

Offline support in OWA
Emails and actions are automatically synced the next time connectivity is restored.
Site Mailboxes
Brings Exchange emails and SharePoint documents together.
Outlook Web App
Offers three different UI layouts optimized for desktop, slate, and phone browsers.
Ability to customize
Outlook and OWA by integrating apps from the Office marketplace. (Yes, this is a reference to the Agaves add-ins that Microsoft and partners will be making available via the new Office Store.) The new “Napa” tools and/or HTML5 are Microsoft’s
preferred ways to developers to build these.
Exchange Administrative Center (EAC)
Replacement of the Exchange Management Console by a Web-based Exchange Administrative Center (EAC).
Support for up to 8TB disks
And multiple databases per disk via Data Availability Group (DAG) management.
Built in basic anti-malware protection
Ability for administrators to configure and manage settings from inside EAC. (Note: this feature can be turned off, replaced or “paired with premium services such as Exchange Online Protection for layered protection.”).
New Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Capabilities for identifying and protecting “sensitive data.” DLP policies are based on regulatory standards, including PII and PCI. Also: new policy tips in Outlook 2013 can be set to inform users about potential policy violations.
In-Place eDiscovery
Can be run across Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync from a single interface.
Combine Roles
A reduction in the number of available roles to two: a Client Access Server and a Mailbox Server role.
FAST Search
Now integrated into Exchange 2013 managed store to provide a more consistent (across Microsoft servers) indexing and searching experience.
Inclusion of a “Managed Store”
The name of the rewritten information store processes, which are now written in C#.
Public folders are now stored in mailbox databases and can take advantage of Database Availability Groups for replication and high availability.
Data loss prevention
Capabilities that can be integrated into Transport Rules.

Clustering and high availability

Exchange Server Enterprise Edition supports clustering of up to 4 nodes when using Windows 2000 Server, and up to 8 nodes with Windows Server 2003. Exchange Server 2003 also introduced active-active clustering, but for two-node clusters only. In this setup, both servers in the cluster are allowed to be active simultaneously. This is opposed to Exchange’s more common active-passive mode in which the failover servers in any cluster node cannot be used at all while their corresponding home servers are active. They must wait, inactive, for the home servers in the node to fail. Subsequent performance issues with active-active mode have led Microsoft to recommend that it should no longer be used. In fact, support for active-active mode clustering has been discontinued with Exchange Server 2007.


Exchange’s clustering (active-active or active-passive mode) has been criticized because of its requirement for servers in the cluster nodes to share the same physical data. The clustering in Exchange Server provides redundancy for Exchange Server as an application, but not for Exchange data. In this scenario, the data can be regarded as a single point of failure, despite Microsoft’s description of this set up as a “Shared Nothing” model. This void has however been filled by ISV’s and storage manufacturers, through “site resilience” solutions, such as geo-clustering and asynchronous data replication. Exchange Server 2007 introduces new cluster terminology and configurations that address the shortcomings of the previous “shared data model”.

Exchange Server 2007 provides built-in support for asynchronous replication modeled on SQL Server’s “Log shipping” in CCR (Cluster Continuous Replication) clusters, which are built on MSCS MNS (Microsoft Cluster Service—Majority Node Set) clusters, which do not require shared storage. This type of cluster can be inexpensive and deployed in one, or “stretched” across two datacenters for protection against site-wide failures such as natural disasters. The limitation of CCR clusters is the ability to have only two nodes and the third node known as “voter node” or file share witness that prevents “split brain” scenarios, generally hosted as a file share on a Hub Transport Server. The second type of cluster is the traditional clustering that was available in previous versions, and is now being referred to as SCC (Single Copy Cluster). In Exchange Server 2007 deployment of both CCR and SCC clusters has been simplified and improved; the entire cluster install process takes place during Exchange Server installation. LCR or Local Continuous Replication has been referred to as the “poor man’s cluster”. It is designed to allow for data replication to an alternative drive attached to the same system and is intended to provide protection against local storage failures. It does not protect against the case where the server itself fails.

In November 2007, Microsoft released SP1 for Exchange Server 2007. This service pack includes an additional high-availability feature called SCR (Standby Continuous Replication). Unlike CCR which requires that both servers belong to a Windows cluster, typically residing in the same datacenter, SCR can replicate data to a non-clustered server, located in a separate datacenter.

With Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft introduced the concept of the Database Availability Group (DAG). A DAG contains Mailbox servers that become members of the DAG. Once a Mailbox server is a member of a DAG, the Mailbox Databases on that server can be copied to other members of the DAG. When you add a Mailbox server to a DAG, the Failover Clustering Windows role is installed on the server and all required clustering resources are created.


Like Windows Server products, Exchange Server requires client access licenses, which are different from Windows CALs. Corporate license agreements, such as the Enterprise Agreement, or EA, include Exchange Server CALs. It also comes as part of the Core CAL. Just like Windows Server and other server products from Microsoft, you can choose to use User or Device CALs. Device CALs are assigned to a device (workstation, laptop or PDA). User CALs, are assigned to a user or employee (not a mailbox). User CALs allow a user to access Exchange e-mail from any device. User and Device CALs are the same price, however cannot be used interchangeably. For Service Providers looking to host Microsoft Exchange, there is an SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement) available whereby Microsoft receives a monthly service fee in the place of the traditional Client Access Licenses. Two types of Exchange CAL are available: Exchange CAL Standard and Exchange CAL Enterprise. The Enterprise CAL is an add-on license to the Standard CAL.

Exchange hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server can also be purchased as a hosted service from a number of providers. Though Exchange hosting has been around for more than 10 years, it is only recently that many providers have been marketing the service as “Cloud Computing” or Software-as-a-Service. Exchange hosting allows for Microsoft Exchange Server to be running in the Internet, also referred to as the Cloud, and managed by a “Hosted Exchange Server provider” instead of building and deploying the system in-house.

Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online is an email, calendar and contacts solution delivered as a cloud service, hosted by Microsoft. It is essentially the same service offered by hosted Exchange providers and it is built on the same technologies as Microsoft Exchange Server. Exchange Online provides end users with a familiar email experience across PCs, the Web and mobile devices, while giving IT administrators or small businesses and professionals web-based tools for managing their online deployment.

Microsoft Exchange is available both as on-premises software and as a hosted service with Exchange Online. Customers can also choose to combine both on-premises and online options in a hybrid deployment.


Exchange Online was first provided as a hosted service in dedicated customer environments in 2005 to select pilot customers. Microsoft launched a multi-tenant version of Exchange Online as part of the Business Productivity Online Standard Suite in November 2008. In June 2011, as part of the commercial release of Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Online was updated with the capabilities of Exchange Server 2010.

Exchange Server 2010 was developed concurrently as a server product and for the Exchange Online service.


Microsoft Exchange Server uses a proprietary RPC protocol, MAPI/RPC, that was designed to be used by Microsoft Outlook. Clients capable of using the proprietary features of Exchange Server include Evolution and Microsoft Outlook. Exchange Web Services (EWS), an alternative to the MAPI protocol, is a documented SOAP based protocol introduced with Exchange Server 2007 which significantly reduces synchronization time between the server vs. WebDAV, which is used by Exchange Server 2003. Exchange Web Services is used by the latest version of Microsoft Entourage for Mac and Microsoft Outlook for Mac. Also, since the release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac computers running OS X include some support for this technology via Apple’s Mail application. Built-in support with Mac OS X 10.6 requires the Exchange organization to be running Exchange Server 2007 SP1/SP2 or Exchange Server 2010.

E-mail hosted on an Exchange Server can also be accessed using SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 protocols, using clients such as Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Lotus Notes. These protocols must be enabled on the server. Exchange Server mailboxes can also be accessed through a web browser, using Outlook Web App (OWA). Exchange Server 2003 also featured a version of OWA for mobile devices, called Outlook Mobile Access (OMA).
Exchange ActiveSync

Support for Exchange ActiveSync was added to Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. Exchange ActiveSync, in the context of Exchange Server, allows a compliant device such as a Windows Mobile device to securely synchronize mail, contacts and other data directly with an Exchange server. Since its inception, ActiveSync has become a popular mobile access standard for businesses due to cross-platform support from companies like Nokia and Apple Inc. as well as its advanced device security and compliance features.

Support for Push E-mail was added to Exchange Server 2003 with Service Pack 2. Windows Mobile 5.0 requires the “Messaging and Security Feature Pack (MSFP)”, later versions of the mobile operating system, such as Windows Phone 7, have the capability built in. Many other devices now support ActiveSync push e-mail, such as the iPhone and Android Phones. Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010 support the use of Exchange ActiveSync Policies. By using Exchange ActiveSync Policies, administrators can secure the devices that connect to the organization or remotely deactivate features on the devices. Administrators or users can also remotely wipe a lost mobile device.

Exchange Server 2013 supports the use of Mobile Exchange ActiveSync Policies.

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Windows Engineers


Whatever your Microsoft support needs are we have you covered!  Our Windows Desktop and Server Engineers and Technicians are ready to help you with any of your Microsoft Windows Issues or needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via our Help Desk or Telephone at (877) 608 – 8647.  Alpha Computer Group installs, deploys, maintains, configures, and  repairs any Microsoft Windows product.  In addition to Windows Desktop and Server Operating systems we also support Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365.  This includes Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher, Powerpoint, and much more.  Give us a call to day!

Microsoft Windows Desktop Support

Alpha Computer Group deploys and maintains all Desktop versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.  This includes Microsoft DOS, Windows 3.0, Windows 3.1, Windows NT 3.1, Windows NT 3.5, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.  We are experts in all versions of Microsoft including, servers and application servers.

Microsoft Windows experts


Alpha Computer Group Microsoft Windows Support services include:

Installation and configuration of Windows Desktop OS

security audit/lockdown

Install applications and programs

Anti Virus, Anti Malware, and Anti Spyware

Email support; outlook, chrome, aol,  eudora, and etc.

Configure backups


Troubleshoot connectivity issues

Emergency support

Remote support

help desk support

Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365 Support


Microsoft Windows Server Support

Alpha Computer Group has in depth experience in deploying and maintaining Microsoft windows server systems. Our Windows Server Engineers assist businesses in using servers to provide the infrastructure for information technology (IT) operations, security, and application development and integration collaboration.

Microsoft Windows server experts


Alpha Computer Group Microsoft Windows Server Support services include:

Installation and configuration of Microsoft Windows Server OS

Server security audit/lockdown

Active directory design


Set up windows terminal server

VPN setup

Storage area network (SAN) configuration/maintenance

WINS and DNS design and implementation

Virtualization using HyperV

Microsoft SQL Server Installation, configuration, and maintenance

Microsoft Exchange Server Installation, configuration, and maintenance

Emergency support

Windows Server Emergency Support

Our emergency support service through remote access is able to diagnose and correct most problems. Microsoft (windows server OS) allows a viable remote access desktop tool create a rapidly available option.

Windows Server Upgrades

Windows server platform is designed to deliver simplicity, automation and flexibility in the data center and across IT environments. Alpha Computer Group Technical Services focuses on server consolidation, increased server utilization and automation of core management tasks. Windows Server Platform is proven to increase IT efficiency by up to 30%

Windows Server Upgrades:

Windows Server 2008 and 2012 delivers enhanced fault tolerance, performance, security, manageability, functionality, capacity and economy by incorporating a variety of new and improved features. Windows Server 2008 and 2012 are hardened to withstand internal and external attacks through new tools designed to help enforce security policies.


Integrated virtualization technology allows businesses to save money by deriving more functionality through less equipment. Virtualization reduces costs associated with hardware by running multiple server roles on a shared machine allowing your company to save space, energy and time.

Microsoft SQL Server Support:

Alpha Computer Group’s certified SQL Server developers, technicians, engineers and database administrators can provide remote expertise to assist organizations of any size to create, manage, and troubleshoot applications powered by Microsoft SQL Server.  Alpha Computer Group’s SQL Server experts can provide help with any facet of application development in environments that can include small business or departmental databases to enterprise-class data warehousing.


Microsoft Exchange Server Support:

Alpha Computer Group is your partner for affordable and expert Microsoft Exchange Server Support and Consulting. Our services range from Emergency Microsoft Exchange Server Support, Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 Migration, Microsoft Exchange Server Consulting to including everything from the Exchange Server planning, to the configuration, to daily maintenance of your Exchange Server.  With Microsoft Exchange Server Support that is tailored to your unique business requirements, you get expert, strategic MS Exchange support for a fraction of the cost of employing full-time IT professionals.

Contact Alpha Computer Group today for all of your Microsoft Support needs @ (877) 608 -8647


Linux Engineers


Alpha Computer Group provides a broad range of  Linux administration, consulting and support service levels, including onsite system administrators, remote secure system administration, 24/7 technical support through our Help Desk, and technical support contracts.

We have more than a decade of experience supporting a wide variety of Linux platforms, including old school Unix such as; Solaris, AIX, Linux, BSD, HP-UX, and SCO.

We can spec, install, configure, tune, and troubleshoot Linux systems and a wide variety of applications such as Web Servers (Apache), mail systems(sendmail, postfix, and etc), SQL databases (mysql, postgres, mariadb, and etc), domain name services (DNSBIND), backup solutions, and directory services.

We can install the Linux operating systems from the ground up, including both basic and advanced installations.

We can also install and configure the X-Window system, and offer assistance in installing new software packages & utilities on existing Linux platforms, including:









LTSP thin clients

Alpha Computer Group offers full service troubleshooting & repair of all Linux Operating systems, including both hardware & software solutions.

In many cases we can provide immediate assistance via telephone or over the internet, utilizing telnet, ssh or rlogin, enabling you to have your system up and running as quickly as possible and often eliminating the need for on-site assistance entirely. We routinely support clients remotely, which serves as a quick and cost-effective way to diagnose and resolve critical problems.

We also offer full PC Hardware Installation and upgrades for building new, or modifying existing Linux Workstations, and PC Based Linux stations. Fully experience in LINUX on Intel and Linux on SUN hardware and can find you the best possible cost solution for your hardware and upgrade needs.

Through our extensive network of hardware and software vendors, we can obtain the best possible pricing on new or refurbished Linux workstation equipment.  Give us a call today @ (877) 608 – 8647


Cisco Engineers


Alpha Computer Group provides support on almost every Cisco Product.  We can help with switches, routers, access points and Cisco Unified Call Manager systems as well.  We are staffed 24/7/365 with Cisco engineers.

Got a Cisco question? We can take care of it.

As a leading designer and manufacturer of network technology, Cisco’s hardware, software and service offerings are known for their ability to deliver speed, reliability and scalability. That said, many small and medium-sized business (SMBs) find themselves in need of assistance in order to ensure proper configuration of their network infrastructure. By teaming with Alpha Computer Group – your organization can be assured that your network will consistently handle the needs of your network, with capacity to spare.

Our Team of Cisco Certified Consultants

Our team of Cisco specialist consultants and technical support staff maintain an active, working knowledge of the latest aspects of Cisco hardware, network infrastructure, wireless LANs, security and more.  Whatever network challenges you face, our team is both skilled and experienced to meet your needs.

Network Installation & Infrastructure

As a result of our years of expertise helping firms to build and manage growing networks, we’ve developed a full-proof, systematic approach to guarantee that your network is up and running quickly, efficiently and effectively.  Whether your firm is seeking to overhaul a local area network (LAN) or install a wide area network (WAN), our team of experts can help with any and all aspects of network design and installation.

Network Security

Our network security specialists can provide your firm with a security analysis that outlines your network’s risks and vulnerabilities.  We can then help address those issues by implementing a variety of security solutions – such as firewalls, intrusion detection services, VPNs and more.

Remote Monitoring Services


Once your network is installed and secured, we can provide training and provide ongoing support to ensure your network runs smoothly – all of the time.  Our support maintenance plans and our Remote Network Monitoring services give you the peace of mind of having on-call professionals ensuring that you benefit from the reliability your Cisco network is designed to deliver.

With managed Cisco network services from Alpha Computer Group, you can expect:

Peace of mind – your Cisco equipment is monitored 24/7

Less downtime – we identify and fix issues before they cause problems

Fewer disruptions – we provide most services remotely or overnight

Predictable budgeting – all-inclusive, all-you-can-use, flat-rate IT services that include hardware and software.

Call Alpha Computer Group today for all of your Cisco needs @ (877) 608 – 8647


Microsoft Domain


Alpha Computer Group can install, maintain and deploy all types of Microsoft Windows Domain Controllers. Windows Server can be one of three kinds: Active Directorydomain controllers“, Active Directory “member servers” and Windows Workgroupstand-alone servers“. The term “Active Directory Server” is sometimes used by Microsoft as synonymous to “Domain Controller”. Alpha Computer Group supports all version of Windows Server such as; Windows Server NT, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012 – 32bit or 64bit as well as from RC to R2. When you install Windows Server on a computer, you can choose to configure a specific server role for that computer. When you want to create a new forest, a new domain, or an additional domain controller in an existing domain, you configure the server with the role of domain controller by installing AD DS.

By default, a domain controller stores one domain directory partition consisting of information about the domain in which it is located, plus the schema and configuration directory partitions for the entire forest. A domain controller that runs Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2003 can also store one or more application directory partitions. There are also specialized domain controller roles that perform specific functions in an AD DS environment. These specialized roles include global catalog servers and operations masters.

Global Catalog Servers

Every domain controller stores the objects for the domain in which it is installed. However, a domain controller designated as a global catalog server stores the objects from all domains in the forest. For each object that is not in the domain for which the global catalog server is authoritative as a domain controller, a limited set of attributes is stored in a partial replica of the domain. Therefore, a global catalog server stores its own full, writable domain replica (all objects and all attributes) plus a partial, read-only replica of every other domain in the forest. The global catalog is built and updated automatically by the AD DS replication system. The object attributes that are replicated to global catalog servers are the attributes that are most likely to be used to search for the object in AD DS. The attributes that are replicated to the global catalog are identified in the schema as the partial attribute set (PAS) and are defined by default by Microsoft. However, to optimize searching, you can edit the schema by adding or removing attributes that are stored in the global catalog.

The global catalog makes it possible for clients to search AD DS without having to be referred from server to server until a domain controller that has the domain directory partition storing the requested object is found. By default, AD DS searches are directed to global catalog servers.

The first domain controller in a forest is automatically created as a global catalog server. Thereafter, you can designate other domain controllers to be global catalog servers if they are needed.

Operations Masters

Domain controllers that hold operations master roles are designated to perform specific tasks to ensure consistency and to eliminate the potential for conflicting entries in the Active Directory database. AD DS defines five operations master roles: the schema master, domain naming master, relative identifier (RID) master, primary domain controller (PDC) emulator, and infrastructure master.

The following operations masters perform operations that must occur on only one domain controller in the forest:

Schema master

Domain naming master

The following operations masters perform operations that must occur on only one domain controller in a domain:

Primary Domain Controller (PDC) emulator

Infrastructure master

Relative ID (RID) master

A directory service created by Microsoft for windows domain networks, and typically included in most windows server operating systems. Server computers that operate a running active directory are called domain controllers

Active Directory serves as central location for network administration and security; it is responsible for:

authenticating and authorizing all users and computers within a network of windows domain

assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers in a network and installing and or updating software on network computers

Active directory is the program used to verify whether the user logging onto computer is a system administrator or normal user, and verifies the password for authenticity.

Active Directory is a required component for a secure IT infrastructure because active directory interacts with each and every system on an enterprise network. Poor active directory can increase vulnerability to attacks, as well as cause problems to users.

Active Directory Support

Alpha Computer Group Active Directory Support includes:

Install and manage active directory infrastructure


Troubleshoot active directory installation/uninstallation issues

Optimize your user pool under AD system

Migration/up-gradation issues

Group policy management

User management

Replication issues

AD backup/restoration

Call Alpha Computer Group today for all of your Microsoft Server Domain/Active Directory support @ (877) 608 – 8647


Server Workstation Virtualization


Alpha Computer Group offers Virtualization solutions that are unmatched in their capacity to completely utilize a business’s resources across virtual work spaces. Solutions, created by technical expertise, are customized according to specific business goals and ensure customer satisfaction. We are certified with VMWare, Hyper-V, Parallels, Virtual Box, Citrix, Xen, 2X, and many more. Server virtualization on the x86 platform has been around now for more than a decade, yet many in the industry still consider it a “new” technology. But those of us who have already adopted the technology have grown to believe we can’t live without it. Many businesses also have the opinion that there is simply no going back to a “physical-only world.”

What is Virtualization?

Hardware was designed to run a single operating system and a single application, leaving most machines across the country vastly underutilized. Virtualization lets companies run multiple virtual machines on a single physical machine, with each virtual machine sharing the resources of that one physical computer across multiple environments. Different virtual machines can run different operating systems and multiple applications on the same physical computer. While others are leaping aboard the virtualization bandwagon now, Alpha Computer Group is the market leader in virtualization and Virtual Services.

How Does Virtualization Work?

Virtual Desktops and Cloud Computing is just the beginning to a VMware, Hyper-V or whatever virtualization deployment. We can build an entire virtual infrastructure, scaling across hundreds of interconnected physical computers and storage devices. Our proven virtualization infrastructure platform is used as the foundation for building virtual desktop deployments and cloud computing. After a virtual deployment companies won’t need to assign servers, storage, or network bandwidth permanently to each application. Instead, your hardware resources are dynamically allocated when and where they’re needed within the private cloud. The highest priority applications always have the necessary resources without wasting money on excess hardware that is only used at peak times. Connect this private cloud to a public cloud to create a hybrid cloud, giving your business the flexibility, availability and scalability it needs to thrive.

Manage Technical Resources

Virtual environments increase a companies service availability while eliminating error-prone manual tasks. IT operations are more efficient and effective within a virtual data center. Companies will handle double or triple the number of servers, giving users access to the services they need while retaining centralized control. Deliver built-in availability, security, and performance across the board, from the desktop to the data center.

Virtual Solutions can meet the following goals:

Improving performance which will increase efficiency

Disaster Backup/Restore protocol which provides a company with virtual access to the ultimate safe restoration locations in the world

Efficient Server System which consolidates a server’s resources and maximizes total computational power by reducing wasteful asking

Energy Efficiency which will help increase server efficiency at lower electric costs and it will leave a smaller carbon footprint.

10 benefits of going virtual:


1. Save energy, go green

2. Reduce the data center footprint

3. Lab test environments

4. Faster server provisioning

5. Reduce hardware vendor lock-in

6. Increase uptime

7. Improve disaster recovery

8. Isolate applications

9. Extend the life of older applications

10. Help move things to the cloud

Alpha Computer Group has the ability to show a business how to reduce their IT load, lower their costs, and improve the system reliability. We are New York’s number 1 server virtualization consulting vendor. Server Virtualization is the only way to fully optimize your servers hardware to its highest potential.


24/7 Help Desk


95% of all IT and Telecom problems can be solves remotely without an on-site technician. This gives users an instant help response and resolution.  Alpha Computer Group provides quick, easy and convenient service. They answer phone calls within an average of 19 seconds of waiting and their services are billed in 30 minute increments. The Alpha Computer Group offers high-quality solutions designed specifically around the needs of your business. In addition, they offer customizable, stateside (USA) help desk solutions for companies of all sizes. We also have the option of onsite and remote support.  The service desk analysts earn HDI (Help Desk Institute) certifications which include knowledge of the best customer service and help desk metrics.  Our technical help desk can help you troubleshoot, fix and proactively maintain your IT and Telecom infrastructure to make them run smoothly, while giving you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

The Alpha Computer Group can solve the following remotely:

Microsoft Word issues

Email problems

Line of business software errors

Virus and spyware problems

Server Troubleshooting

Microsoft Exchange Errors

Alpha Computer Group has the capability and capacity to provide inclusive Help Desk solutions with a single point of contact center which can assist with reporting, monitoring, and resolving incidents as well as answer user questions.  Alpha Computer Group can design a Service Desk solution to interface with different business processes including asset management and communication with third party resolver groups.

The services that the Alpha Computer Group offer are as such:

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Proactive Desktop and Server Management

Onsite and Remote Support

Email and Virus Protection


Strategic Planning

Backup and Recovery


Anytime, anywhere……..  We at Alpha Computer Group are always available with solutions to all of your technical needs. We will assist you in operating, installing, customizing and consulting on all variety of IT and Telecom Help Desk issues. We focus on round the clock assistance for tech support to all of our clients located world wide.  Our expert “techies” are proficient enough to tackle all kinds of technical issues, security and maintenance. Our exemplar support services cover all types of desktops, servers, routers and firewalls along with remote support, monitoring and website designing.  With the use of world class support platforms our expert techies tackle any issues you may have, in a systematic manner ensuring that the desired positive outcome is achieved.

By implementing all kinds of essential applications, we minimize system downtime, configuration errors, viruses, hard drive crashes, and different kinds of human and artificial digital errors that pose problems and threats.  Alpha Computer Group offers comprehensive certified tech support round the clock. We deliver tech support services for thousands of computers and guarantee an outstanding experience.   Additionally, we ensure quality tech support anytime, anywhere along with consultation services.

Our Expert 24/7/365 Helpdesk Support:

  Application Support

  Desktop & Server Security

  Desktop and server optimization

  All types of desktop, server, router and Firewall Support

  Storage, Backup & Recovery Services

  Computer Performance & Optimization

  Continuous maintenance

Call the Alpha Computer Group Remote Help Desk Service hotline at (877) 608-8647

Remote IT Services


Remote Support and Outsourcing IT solutions is now the latest trend and has become very effective and popular business today. Outsourcing your IT department has many cost-effective and latest technical implementations benefits.  Alpha Computer Group is built with a full-time staff of engineers and technicians who have the ability to remotely access and manage many IT systems. Some of the things are as such: workstations, servers, telephone systems, switches and routers. In addition, Alpha Computer Group can automate day-to-day tasks that make the systems run their best. They offer affordable and fixed monthly fees for monitoring and maintenance of the systems. Alpha Computer Group offers remote assistance from certified engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Additionally, Alpha Computer Group offers on-site consulting and assistance to problems that cannot be resolved in a remote setting. Alpha Computer Group will suggest money-saving choices that will help optimize your business while staying cost effective. There’s no more guessing when you hire Alpha Computer Group for your Remote IT services.

Remote Support Services:


  Software Upgrades


  Server and desktop support

  Backup services

  Telephone system support

  Network support

  Hardware support

  IT system management

  Servicing & Maintenance


  System design consultation (where applicable)

One of the most popular protocol for remote connectivity for both server and client is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).  There are other remote connection solutions such as dameware, logmein, vnc, teamviewer and many more.  We can implement and utilize your existing remote connection platform or we can help you decide which one would be best for your business.

Alpha Computer Group is the best remote IT solution provider who will take care of all your IT and Telecom needs.  All major IT and Telecom critical infrastructures would be managed and run through our efficient remote infrastructure management services to manage controls on desktops, servers, firewalls, switches, applications, databases, and other IT services that need to be available at all times.

Alpha Computer Group’s Remote IT Support Services offer solutions for the following problems:

Services against Hardware Problems are:

  •    Installation of hardware devices
  •   Printing or scanning problems
  •   Installation of Service Packs and security updates
  •    updates for servers and applications
  •   Server monitoring using Microsoft Operations Manager and  Nagios

Services against Software Problems are:

  •   Anti Virus Installations and Updates
  •   Installation of software
  •   System related problems like slow processing and frequent ‘hangs’
  •   De-fragmenting the hard drive for better performance
  •   Removing unnecessary network settings
  •   Uninstalling unnecessary software that may harm the computer
  •   Deleting temporary files and other unnecessary files that get created automatically and lead to slow processing
  •   Running diagnostic software and correcting disk/directory errors

Services against Networking Problems are:

  •    Network assessment Performance to make sure that your network adjusts to professional standards of security and remote access
  •   Regular Security audit to protect your network from hackers and viruses

 Contact Alpha Computer Group today @ (877) 608 – 8647

Network Security


The internet has transformed completely from just a few years ago. There are more and more threats arise from hackers, spammers, and even surveillance companies. Everyone is targeted from these threats, however, business productivity is their main meal which they like to feast on. This is because a business’s data and information are the most valuable assets to the business. Therefore Alpha Computer Group provides an expansive and chronicled analysis created to assess operational risk, vulnerability, and security compliance and security intrusion testing.  Alpha Computer Group has the ability of preventing threats to your business from identity thieves, hackers, and other threats. In addition, it takes the pressure off of your business and allows customers to be able to access your website without a threat of any type of security issue harming their own computer network.

The adherence of this term is in relation with any activity that is designed to be able to protect your network. In specification it means that the activities performed to secure the network will help your business in data reliability, usability, integrity and information safeguarding.

Here are a few of our network security programming:

1 . Targeting a variety of fast and slow spreading threats and stopping them from entering or further spreading into your networking systems.

2 . Ideally building up components that help minimize maintenance issues and improve security.

3 . Anti-virus, Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware

4 . Blocking unauthorized access to the network with Firewalls.

5 . Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) that helps tracking the faster spreading threats in the system.

6 . Provision of secures remote access with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

One of the many benefits from our network security solution is that your business will be protected against disruption of any kind. The risk of legal actions that result from data theft are minimized by the system and it helps your company meet mandatory regulations as well.

With network security solutions from Alpha Computer Group, your business and you can finally breathe a sigh of relief; no worries with respect to losing data to theft, viruses or integral system damaging whatsoever.

Keeping in touch with the latest trends, security tools and technology updates is what we do.  We know you have a business to run.  Alpha Computer Group services companies of all sizes and we are a trusted IT and Telecom Solutions provider helping companies manage their entire IT system operations.




Network Infrastructure


Network Infrastructure refers to the software and hardware resource structure of the entire network that would enable the network to have connectivity, operations, management and communications of a business. Today’s businesses have increased the demands on their network infrastructures, requiring higher levels of performance, availability, and scalability to take advantage of new IP-based technologies. To increase efficiency and reduce costs, these businesses need intelligent networks that effectively utilize available bandwidth capacity, manage data traffic flow, and ensure network security.

Alpha Computer Group follows the rule “measure twice, cut once” and assures that our infrastructure designs and application platforms are created right the first time. Core applications are critical to a business and Alpha Computer Group understands that. We make sure that there is no unnecessary time wasted by creating improper or incorrect infrastructures. We pride ourselves with providing application ability, availability, performance, security, and longevity. Alpha Computer Group offers computer network assurances and guarantees with onsite and/or remote services for any issue.

We at Alpha computers group aim at providing the best of facilities with the latest and most reliable trends in network infrastructure technology:

Design best-in-class network environments with flexibility for future growth

Optimize network performance to address increased data traffic and data growth

Deploy carrier and service provider, enterprise and campus, data center, and converged Layer 2 through Layer 7 infrastructure

Implement best practices to optimize network configuration and management practices

Protect investments in existing networks

Utilize leading-edge technologies and deep technical expertise to build sustainable and highly-available next-generation networks

Research how Multi-Protocol Label Switching technology is leveraged on the IT Company that is helping you derive your systems and we aim at providing differentiated IP network servicing.

Researching on how the flow-based routing could be put to the best of its utility under our expertise.

Aim at providing a networking infrastructure that would be robust, reliable, and easily accessible from anywhere and also secure at the same time.

Centralized service with local control

Scalability, efficiency and being cost effective are just some of the important goals that Alpha computers group always aims to achieve.

Keeping the entire networking flexible and adaptable to the work environment, internal or external changes are very vital to any and every business and we aim to achieve that successfully.


How will a network infrastructure help your business?

Alpha Computer Group helps businesses whether small or large in making their network infrastructure flawless and adaptable along with a threat free environment.

1 . A departmental firewall service is available at the perimeter of each and every variety of the departments of your business that will help connect all to each other and operate smoothly.

2 . The network is designed in a way to avoid creating bottlenecks in the system; instead an efficient path by the infrastructure that regulates departments and the key-network based areas is vital to any business.

3 . Alpha Computer Group’s IT network managed services is the backbone of your network support with our focus on helping your business thrive.

Alpha Computer Group’s data center networking solutions engineers have the experience to help business organizations deploy highly scalable, highly reliable, and high-performance next-generation network infrastructures.

If you ever need experts in engineering and project management, Alpha Computer Group is the company you are looking for! Our staff is determined to design an infrastructure that will enable a business to acquire a readily-available and reliable data communication platform.


Access Control


Access control systems typically describes a system of electric locks that restrict access to specific areas. Only users with the proper credentials may enter an area.  The most basic systems are standalone numeric keypads with a power supply and electric locking mechanism.  On the other end of the spectrum an advanced system can have hundred of doors with thousands of users.

A typical access control system has the ability to log the movement of users and create reports to assist security personnel when necessary. Users and user credentials are stored in a database.  When a credential is presented the information is compared to the database and access is granted or denied.

Card access systems use smart card technology to encode different levels of security clearance for individuals to enter a facility or use certain equipment. They also provide information about who was where and what they were doing.  Card access is used by many businesses to allow employees to enter facilities and provides the first layer of protection against intruders. Many businesses also put employees’ photos on their smart cards and ask them to display their access cards as ID when they are on business property.

Smart cards have the benefit of being more durable than keypad entry, which can quickly wear down after thousands of presses. In addition, businesses can take immediate action to deactivate a card that is reported lost or stolen and issue a new one to the employee.  Some businesses use smart cards to access and/or activate equipment that is segregated for purposes of security, such as computers used for high-clearance government or military contracts. Others may want to restrict access to particularly expensive equipment or equipment that requires special training to use.  Alpha Computer Group can provide you with smart card and access technology that meets your exact needs. Contact us today to discuss if this solution is the right one for your business.

We offer access control solutions for every security need including:

Locally Managed Access Alpha Computer Group will design and install your access control system, as well as integrate your badging and visitor entry systems. We’ll provide either a software- or web-based management application, which your team can use to easily manage your access system. This solution is ideal for small- to mid-sized offices or facilities with consistent schedules and staffing.


eAccessManager In addition to installing your system,  Alpha Computer Group will provide complete remote management of your system over a secure, web-based application. We can administer your badging and cardholder database, manage door lock schedules, and provide activity/exception reports as needed. These solutions can benefit many businesses in industries like distribution/ logistics, where staffing and schedules can frequently fluctuate.

Centrally Managed Access This remotely managed access control solution is designed for businesses operating multiple facilities or very large complexes. Network IP compatibility allows our team to integrate databases and easily control the varying access requirements at all locations through our server-based software application. This type of solution is best used in large, multi-site, integrated environments such as university campuses, retail chains, healthcare facilities, sports stadiums, and more.

Types of Access Control Systems – Proximity Cards, Smart Cards, Biometrics, HID, Retinal and Facial Recognition

Brands of Access Control SystemsKeri Systems, NextgenID, Inc., BioLink Solutions, Secura Key, Honeywell, MKS Instruments, A10 Networks, ADT, TYCO, ADEMCO, Cisco, Black Box, Algo Solutions, Gryphon Networks, Avaya, and many many more!

Alpha Computer Group can also integrate your access control systems with intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems, fire detection systems, time and attendance systems, and any other security systems you operate. Our company has skilled technicians and offices across North America. We also have our Help Desk Service Centers (HDSC) in the U.S. and Canada which provide 24/7/365 monitoring and support.


Security Camera Systems


Alpha Computer Group provides our customers with many different types of DVR’s and security cameras also known as CCTV Cameras. Customers can select the DVR and secuirty camera to fit their application and budget. The DVR can be PC-based or standalone, 4-channel, 8-channel, 16-channel, or 32-channel. The security (CCTV) cameras can be PTZ, BOX, Infrared (IR), Dome, and special application cameras. In addition, Alpha Computer Group has available, different kinds of cabling including coaxial cable, twisted pair wire, fiber optic, cat5, cat6 and modulator/demodulator for customer’s environments and applications.

Installing security cameras reduces the risks of becoming victims to robberies tremendously since video surveillance cameras scare off probable criminals. Indoor or outdoor Security cameras can protect your family and valuables when you are out of the house or on vacation. Proper video surveillance camera systems  will also give you better peace of mind.  Have true Peace of Mind while you are out of your house. Whether you’re out shopping, visiting with friends or on vacation, with home security cameras from Total Security Systems, you’ll have a view of your home just fingertips away.  Watching your kids has never been easier when you use residential surveillance cameras. Watch when they get home from school, make sure they’re safe playing in the yard and even keep track of what your babysitter is doing while you’re out on the town.


If surveillance cameras are installed in your home, they can additionally help you to see who is outside your front door or on your property before opening the door or venturing outside. This can be seen through your television or computer.  Ideal for families always on the move, with home security cameras, there is no need for you to have someone stop by your house a couple of times a day to make sure everything is alright. With 24 hour surveillance you have the ability to monitor your home inside and out.

Not sure if you should get security cameras for your business?  Quite simply, a must for any business, if used security cameras can help business owners to keep a close eye on their employees. Monitoring of employee actions can help in a variety of situations, including possible employee theft, complaints and other matters where video playback may be of assistance.  Video surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection of business & commercial property. Business security cameras can take a huge weight off your shoulders, by being the extra set of eyes you need in the event something goes horribly wrong. But there are so many other reasons why you should consider installing a quality surveillance camera system for your New York business.

Professional installation

We have many years of experience in the CCTV industry. Our quality installations are performed by highly trained technicians. Their goal is to surpass the expectations of our customers.
Studies have shown that 90% of CCTV system failures are the result of cabling problems. Dynapost uses the most tested and time proven cabling techniques to assuren the highest performance reliablility for our customers.

Superior quality with an affordable price

The components we use are from successful manufactures who have been in business for years with very high quality professional products. So far, we have experienced an almost 0% failure rate on our DVR’s and cameras. In order for all customers to afford the CCTV system to protect their businesses and homes, we quote the prices with a reasonable and limited profit. That is one of the many reasons that keeps us growing in the CCTV system installation business. We also carry famous brand name products for our customer special needs.

Network/Internet setup for remote monitoring

With our strong background in computer and network experience, we can provide our customers with a complete CCTV system installation which includes the network/internet setup for your remote monitoring through intranet or internet. Many CCTV installers only install the camera system not the network/internet setup for their customers. Therefore, the customers have to hire someone else to setup the network/internet for them. Dynapost gives you an one-stop service and we install the system with internet setup without extra charge.

Security System Installations | Security Systems Solutions

Video based security solutions include:

video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems Installation
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1DVR/CCTV/Video Security Systems Repair
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Wireless Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Remote Viewing Surveillance Systems
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Digital Video Recorders-DVR
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Network Video Recorders-NVR
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1PC, Embedded, and Hybrid
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Wireless Video Systems
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1IP Dome Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1Multi-location Surveillance
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Indoor and outdoor surveillance
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Video Surveillance Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Mega pixel cameras (HD+)
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Remote viewing from pc/mobile phone
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Infrared night cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 IP Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Network Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Biometrics | Retinal | IRIS | HID | Card Access Control Systems Manhattan, NY
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Biometrics | Retinal | IRIS | HID | Card Access Integration in Manhattan, NY

Alpha Computer Group offers a wide variety of options for cameras and Analog, Network, or Digital Video Recorders (DVR).

Having a wide variety of vendors we can put together a CCTV system that meets your needs and price range. Whether it’s a single camera for your home that you can view from the web or from your smart phone; to a system that has 100’s of cameras throughout your business, be assured you will always know what is happening anytime you need to.

Security Camera Types:

security-cameras-cctv-video-surveillance-alpha-computer-group-business-home-surveillance-security-camera-installation-video-ip-megapixel-alpha-computer-group-commercial-residential-security-cameras-video-surveillance-systems-ip-mega-pixel-cameras-cctv-installation-repairs-nvr-dvr-alarms-intercoms-voip-alfacomputergroup-sip-web-cam-internet-remote-viewing Business Telephone Systems, Phone Systems, VoIP, Cat5 cabling, Structured cabling, wiring

video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Vandal Dome Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Bullet Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Box Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 IP Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 License Plate Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 PTZ Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Hidden Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Covert Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Spy Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Weatherproof Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Wireless Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Outdoor Security Cameras
video-surveillance-camera-system-security-cameras-ip-mega-pixel-camera-nanny-cam-spy-cam-installation-repair-nvr-dvr-alfacomputergroup-1 Indoor Security Cameras

If you have purchased a name brand security camera system from a retailer such as BJs, CostCo, PC Richards or elsewhere,  we can still help you install your security cameras, set up remote viewing and service your security cameras. That’s Alpha Computer Group!

Security Camera Systems:

Gas Station Security Camera Systems

Warehouse Security Camera Systems

Office building and office complex video surveillance system

Retail store Security Camera Systems

Convenience store Security Camera Systems

Parking garage Security Camera Systems

Mall Security Camera Systems

Restaurant Security Camera Systems

Apartment building Security Camera Systems

Industrial facility Security Camera Systems

Parking lot Security Camera Systems

Doctors Office Security Camera Systems

Alpha Computer Group offers Repair, Sales and Installation with affordable pricing for any budget. We are Professional Security Camera Consultants. At Alpha Computer Group, we feature a wide spectrum of IP and CCTV security cameras, as well as pre-configured and custom-designed security systems to fit any budget.

Contact Alpha Computer Group for your Video Surveillance Systems, Alarms, Intercoms, Access Control Systems and Security Cameras today at (877) 608 – 8647

Alarm Systems


When choosing a new Fire or Burglar alarm system for your home or business, Alpha Computer Group has everything you need. Our total security alarm technicians support new and existing installations.  We offer Central Station Services (CSS) that monitors your systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Already have a Fire or Burglary system installed?
Ask us about monitoring your existing system!   Almost all system can be reprogrammed to ring into our UL Central Station.

There are more than 2 million burglaries annually, in the United States. Nearly 66 percent of burglaries are residential. A significant number of commercial burglaries also take place. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owners, having a robust burglar alarm system installed is essential to safety and security.

Alarms come in all different shapes and sizes, such as; fire alarms, medical alarms, burglar alarms and many more. With these types of alarms you can stay protected and alerted from robberies, thefts and burglaries. Go for the alarm system that best suits the needs of the space you occupy. Our alarm system provides you with a sense of security and peace of mind whether your on site or away.

Motion Sensors or Detectors are used to detect movement of unauthorized  persons or a burglar when the alarm is set on active mode.  It is always good to have Motion Sensors installed on the inside and outside of a home or business. This will help you to track every single activity that occurs at time when you are away or available.  Any alarm system needs the complete and perfect alarm control panel.  We offer many brands such as; NAPCO, Honeywell, ADT, TYCO, GE, Ademco, DSC, and many more.  We also have our own Alpha Computer Group Alarm Panel that was created by our very own computer and security engineers.  We help you to create safety, comfort and stability in your home or business.


Is your home safe from intruders?  Installing a home security systems with a quality burglar and fire alarm system is one of the most important things you can do to keep your family and possessions safe. Alpha Computer Group provides professional burglar alarm installations on Long Island and NYC. We provide everything you need, such as window/door contacts, motion detectors, smoke detectors, glass break sensors, shock sensors etc. Our burglar alarm company is A rated by the BBB and also offers wireless alarms.

If you own a business, protecting what you have worked so hard to create is a top priority. Businesses on Long Island and Across New York City are at risk for break-ins and burglaries which happen everyday. A commercial alarm system installed in your office, retail space, warehouse, store, institution, hospital, etc. will protect your assets and your property. Alpha Computer Group technicians are expert commercial burglar and fire alarm systems installers in All of NYC and on Long Island, including Nassau County and Suffolk County. We provide affordable burglar and fire alarm installations to local businesses as well as service and support existing fire and alarm systems.

A quality business alarm system or home security system may be the most important thing you ever install for your property or building. Intercom systems, security cameras, card access systems and other security systems can make any property a burglar’s nightmare.

Almost all businesses are at risk for theft from employees and visitors, but break ins by burglars occur regularly too.  Contact Alpha Computer Group today for a free consultation @ (877) 608 – 8647.

Computer Consultants | IT Consulting | Network Consultants

Alpha Computer Group is built with a full-time staff of engineers and technicians.   Alpha Computer Group offers IT and Telecom Consulting as well as remote assistance from certified engineers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Alpha Computer Group offers on-site consulting and assistance to problems that cannot be resolved in a remote setting.  Alpha Computer Group will suggest money-saving choices that will help optimize your business while staying cost effective. There’s no more guessing when you hire the Alpha Computer Group for your IT Telecom, and Security consulting services.


To have guidance is important and plays a significant role in every aspect of our lives, be it professional or personal.  We are the best consultants for the computer, telephone, technology industry. We give you the latest information of technology that is currently in the market. We spend time researching and understanding the requirements of our clients and help them to resolve budgetary related problems as well. We’re the most active technology firm in the computer consulting business. Our engineers and technicians give you high level of results. Just think….. If a human person needs care and love, why can’t a machine demand the same

Professional New York IT Consulting

    – Focused on Helping You Increase Productivity

Alpha Computer Group is a trusted name in New York IT consulting. We specialize in working with small to medium-sized businesses who are tired of losing time and money with reactive IT maintenance and support systems. We implement a stable and secure IT infrastructure for your business that focuses on preventative and proactive maintenance. We service Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau, Suffolk, Bronx and most of the tri-state area (New Jersey and Connecticut). As a result of our comprehensive IT consulting plans, you are able to maximize the productivity and efficiency of your business and enjoy a computer network that runs smoothly.

When to Hire a Professional IT Consulting Company in NYC?

How do you know if you need help from a professional NYC IT consulting company?  Ask yourself these simple questions. Is your computer network slow and unreliable? Are you losing productivity due to sluggish computers?  Does your current infrastructure provide you with more problems than solutions? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, it may be time to speak with a professional IT consulting firm NYC. After conducting an IT audit and assessment of your business, our technicians and engineers will be able identify where there is room for improvement and where new technologies can be incorporated. As a trusted name in IT consulting on Long Island, NY we will help you create a plan that includes a variety of services including network security and data recovery to ensure your business continues to operate in case of an emergency. With Alpha Computer Group, you can rest assured that your highest technical priorities are being addressed.  Your IT service provider should be your partner and right hand man. Let our team of New York-based IT experts give you cutting-edge technology, unbeatable service, and outstanding value for all of your technology needs.

Managed Services NYC
Managed Services NY
Managed Services Long Island
Managed Services New York

We can serve as your entire IT department or help on specific IT projects.

IT Projects NYC
IT Projects NY
IT Projects Long Island
IT Projects New York

We offer the extra manpower or specialized expertise necessary to get the job done.

Alpha Computer Group is New York’s leader in technology management and IT consulting. Our reputation for providing personalized service and expert tech support, while employing best-in-class technologies, is the foundation behind our client success. IT solution providers should be honest, reliable, and they must have good reputation in the market. We offer you complete suite of personalized services that include the following:

1 . Systems Upgrades
2 . Server Relates Issues (maintanence, troubleshooting, sales, and etc)
3 . Cloud Computing
4 . Networking Services
5 . Data backup and protection
6 . Security Protocol
7 . Internet and LAN/Wireless Access
     8 . IP Security Cameras (Design, Install, Repair, Maintain)


With the advent of the latest technology, it has become more possible to solve major issues in short span of time, increasing profitability and productivity at the same time. We are a Long Island based company and support the NY Tri-State Area, as well as California, and Arizona.  Since 2004, we have been leaving a mark with the credible work we do. We serve companies of all kinds with our innovative, practical and trustworthy computer, network, security, marketing and telephone related consulting services solutions to motivate you and help you to grow and nourish your business. We also provide assistance to technically driven or challenged homeowner. Our staff and professionals have wide array of experience. Don’t get threatened with the theft of data, because we are here to recover your lost data with our skills and tactics. So, we suggest in order to save time and money, we are just a phone call away to give you honest and trust-worthy technical assistance.  Don’t panic as every problem has a solution.

OEM Services NYC
OEM Services NY
OEM Services Long Island
OEM Services New York

We can build custom OEM computers that suit your unique requirements & needs.

Website Services NYC
Website Services NY
Website Services Long Island
Website Services New York

Let us help you build a reputable web presence for your business.

New York’s Premier IT Service & Support Provider for Businesses

We are Long Island’s Leader in IT Management & IT Consulting.

Are you searching for a reliable IT service provider on Long Island? Alpha Computer Group can help you make the best technology decisions for your business.  With Alpha Computer Group, you’ll tap into unparalleled expertise in technology solutions along with top-notch service every step of the way. We offer a plethora of IT services & solutions in NYC, including Managed IT services, Help Desk support, IT consulting, custom OEM builds, website services and more. When you’re ready to find your way to effective IT solutions in NY, or even nationwide, we are here, standing by to help. **We also specialize in High Definition (HD) IP Network Security Camera System Installations for New York** Alpha Computer Group is a full service technology firm.  We are  staffed with full time IT Consultants, Network Consultants, Telecommunication Consultants, and Security Consultants in Long Island, New York (NYC, NY).

Call Alpha Computer Group today @ (877) 608 – 8647

Telephone Systems

Alpha Computer Group offers many different types phone services for new and continuing businesses. We can provide with you a phone system or just phone service and internet service for your existing phone system and/or computer network.  With Alpha Computer Group, you can decrease the cost of your telephone service by 35%.  You can also improve the features and service of your system.  We offer Hosted, and On-Premise Phone Systems.  With on-premise you have complete control over your phone system.  No extra hidden costs for licensing or anything. Our telephone service delivers clear, and reliable calls over the internet, and over traditional telephone lines.  We offer wholesale VoIP services, SIP Trunking, traditional phone lines, PRI, T-1, and etc.  You get world class tech support from Alpha Computer group because we hold ourselves to the highest accountability in the industry to ensure you are always satisfied with our results.  We want to be your IT & Telecom Partner.

 Pay For What You Need:


During a busy season in business, multiple phone lines are key. The more phone lines you have, the quicker you can do business. However, during the down season, there is no use for excess phone lines. Therefore, Alpha Computer Group is offering a new solution. Your business pays for the phone lines you need for regular, every day business. Then, if your business needs more phone lines, they can be added on demand during the busier seasons.


 LongIslandPhoneSystem-Cloud-Phone-SystemMultiple Offices Brought Together in the Cloud:


Alpha Computer Group can enable your company to share a pool of phone lines even if the parts of the company are not in the same location. Whether it’s the main company, remote employees, or branch offices, the phone lines will connect into one single solution.  It will bring your employees together as a whole no matter where each part of the business might be located.  We offer true unified mobility for all of your communication needs.


long-island-telephone-systems-voip-panasonic-avaya-asterisk-tin-cansStaying Connected With Customers:


One of the harder parts of having a business is keeping up with the clientele. If they call and you aren’t near your phone, you might be stuck playing “telephone tag” which halts the progression of your project. However, Alpha Computer Group offers a design that will enable office calls to follow you where ever you are. The calls can be detoured to your cell phone, home phone, or voicemail. That way you can get a call where ever you are and there is no need to play telephone tag.


In addition, Alpha Computer Group offers a way for customers to perceive that the company is local even when working remotely. They can provide numbers in a variety of different area codes depending on where you do your business. Therefore when your clients call they will call to a local number and that same number will flash on their caller I.D. It helps connect the customer to the business even if the business is remote.  Moreover, if the phone or internet system is ever down, you can still get your calls. Each business phone is configured with a cell phone number which would be automatically dialed if the main systems are ever down. Therefore there is no need to call the phone company and manually forward the calls. The calls will never be missed either. The call forwarding would be seamless.



 Computer/Desktop Integration:

Phone calls can also be transferred across the office using an easy drag and drop from a computer.  Alpha Computer Group can assist a business in seeing incoming calls through a computer screen as well as dialing contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook. If there is voicemail, the voicemail will be forwarded to your email account where you can listen, playback, forward, and archive if necessary.

What are some of the best features we offer with telephone systems?

  • We offer some of the lowest initial equipment and installation cost
  • Affordable telephone maintenance costs
  • It’s easy to add lines – both our hosted and on premise systems are flexible
  • Enterprise class features at small office/home office prices…. SERIOUSLY!
  • We guarantee ease of using any of our telecommunication systems or products

How we fulfill the need of any business in terms of technology?

  • The current technology for telecom is unified communications. Alpha Computer Group uses the latest VoIP systems which are integrated with hundreds of features
  • To deploy the latest technologies that will allow businesses to cut costs and make they’re entire business more technically efficient and economical
  • Scalability is another plus for our telephone systems. The sudden expansion of any business can put stress or a higher demand on your network or telephone infrastructure.  Our systems are built always for the thought of our clients prosperous growth.
  • Whether it is software development or network administration, System Portability is always necessary and thus must be prioritized. This also applies to telecommunication systems and here at Alpha Computer Group, the entire organization is managed by engineers.
  • There are other things like flexibility and advanced service features that have taken the field of telecommunications to an entirely new level.  All of things like video conferencing, video calling and free calling using network connections is included and is something that we manage quite nicely.
  • With 24/7 support our group has made it possible to meet each and every requirement of the clients as well as to fulfill the post deployment services. There are on site services and maintenance services that are available in different varieties.


 VOIP Phone Installation:

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Phone is another way to program your business together. It enables voice communication over the internet. It provides an alternative to traditional telephone networks because it allows you to connect to other users around the world and/or in remote offices.

A VOIP Phone system can be managed from any computer in the office and the personal preferences can be easily changed to accommodate individual work habits as well as duties. Whether it’s a mobile business or a static one, the VOIP system provides the ability to send calls to the correct person.

The system uses less equipment because every user with a computer can use the phone system. In addition, new users can be added easily, requiring only a few minutes. If there are new features that are created, they will be updated without an additional charge.


Key and PBX Systems:

 The key system unit (KSU) uses a central control device called which allows certain features to be used that are not ordinarily available. This system is used for a business that have between five and forty employees.

The PBX system can be used by businesses that have more than 40 employees within it. This system is completely programmable and can support complex implementations.

Both systems require professional installation and maintenance. The outside and inside telephone lines must connect to a cabinet for either tie KSU or PBX. The systems are almost always able to use existing phone wiring, however, a business cannot use existing phones unless they are compatible to the systems.


KSU-Less System:

For a company with at most 10 employees, the KSU-less system would be ideal. They are designed to provide features of a small commercial phone system but in a decentralized manner. They do not require a central cabinet.

They are not permanently wired to the office and can be moved to a new location if the business moves to a new location. However, they are not usually sold or supported by telecom vendors and the company would have to do the shopping, installation, programming, and maintenance themselves.

Long Island Telephone Systems, Long Island VoIP, Nassau Telephone Systems, Queens VoIP, Nassau VoIP, Queens Telephone Systems, Brooklyn VoIP, NYC Telephone Systems, Brooklyn Telephone Systems

We support all types of telephone systems.  From old legacy nortels to latest in ip phone systems; we can handle it all. 
If you want to increase productivity and strengthen your telephone/computer networks, then look no further. Superior customer satisfaction, reduced costs and great results are the three basic aspects of our company.

If you’ve installed a new Telephone System and/or need additional help with your new or existing telephone system, or you are contemplating on how a new Phone System (PBX or ipPBX) can work for your business, we have the answers you need.  Call Alpha Computer Group today at (877) 608 – 8647


Computer Networking

We tailor flexible IT solutions for your business and budget. With our professional IT Managed Service you’ll get a worry-free, fixed-cost IT guarantee that is developed around your computers and network. Alpha Computer Group’s IT managed services gives you dependable, predictable technology for companies of all sizes.

Offering high-quality services your company won’t get caught without the necessary hardware or software necessary to insure efficiency in the workplace. Your company can leverage the latest technology without having to worry about the headaches associated with maintaining your computer network systems.

Our team of technology engineers are available to provide a you with a wide range of consulting and services supporting your organization. We provide the knowledge, skills, and resources needed for running a secure network system. Helping companies select, implement and manage the right technologies to grow their business. Allowing you to focus on your business while we make sure the behind the scene responsibilities are taken care of.

As part of our range of professional IT services, Alpha Computer Group is able to offer a complete IT department whenever you need it. Delivering comprehensive support enabling you to meet your IT infrastructure needs through the managed IT service, eliminating technology issues before they create a problem for you.

Configuration and Installation of Wired/Wireless Networks

This allows users to share files, printers, and certain software applications. We offer full configuration, support, and installation of Wired and Wireless networks. If you have a laptop and like to “be free” while on the internet then a wireless network is for you. Enjoy fast wireless connectivity to the internet while you wander around your home without wires.

Network Diagnostics

Is your computer network slow and sluggish? We can help! As the times change more and more network applications are using more bandwidth. To feed the needs of these applications several actions can be taken, you can try a faster switch or router, or upgrade to a gigabit network. Gigabit networks are cheap and will increase the speed of your network by 10 times.

Networks are used to share resources and information.  Networks can come in many shapes and sizes. For example, we have social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, so on and so forth.  We treat these networks the same way computers and workstations have their networks and the need is to protect them from inside or outside elements deteriorating the platform.

It is very crucial and important to look after and protect computer networks. It should be properly maintained. And, it must protect all the precious data that your system holds. It should be able to safeguard your system against any risk.  Alpha Computer Group network engineers are responsible for your systems maintenance.

These days small businesses are widely using wireless networking systems, because of its relatively cheap prices (no cabling), very easy to install and use.  The first thing you should do after you set up any network is you must take into consideration your vulnerability factors and thus, you adjust the security via security settings in the system you operate.  You can also share many peripherals on your network such as scanners, in addition to file transfers and so on.

OS’s like MS Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP. Linux and Mac OS have in-built network capabilities. For large systems or set ups, it is required to have an added-on wired router and networking cables to link up or connect devices and computers.  We customize our solutions and procedures to match your demands.  We aim to grow with you and give you ways to enhance the work flow of your business.

For all of your Computer Networking needs call Alpha Computer Group today @ (877) 608 – 8647.

Computer Repair


Alpha Computer Group offers repairs on your PCs, Servers and laptops. Repair and maintenance of these types of equipment are necessary and an integral part of owning a business. If such things are not maintained and/or repaired, damage could ensue and business could be lost.

Our repair center has the ability to diagnose many problems and determine whether the problem has stemmed from the hardware of the machine or the software. After determining that information, we will perform the repairs necessary to extend the life of  all of your machines/nodes.  Alpha Computer Group uses step-by-step methodology to minimize system downtime. With competent technicians, our Alpha Repair Group can find and mend the current problem. Moreover, they can prevent future break downs of your computer. They will also work with you to optimize the efficiency of your computer as well as the usability by upgrading and creating a customized system.  Alpha Computer Group will pick up and drop off your computer at your place of business or your home.

 Computer Repair | Laptop Repair | Computer Networking


Repair and maintenance of laptops could include replacing parts that were damaged during travel and identify ailing parts before they fail completely. Since a laptop is a key contributor to a business’s ability to be mobile, laptop maintenance and repair will save your company the hassle of having to restore data or, at worst case scenario, having to continue without the ability to travel with the information you need.


A PC repair and maintenance could result in better performance, additional features to said PC, and upgrades of important information. A PC repair may involve replacing parts to improve the PC. In addition, keeping your PCs maintained and repaired will increase its longevity of the PC and help your business run as smoothly as possible.


We’re a full service server repair shop. Specializing in affordable server repair. We repair all server hardware, RAID arrays, server operating systems (such as; Unix, Windows, MAC, and Linux), 3rd party applications, and etc.  We also install software, upgrade hardware, recover data, setup networks, data backups, and much more.

Alpha Computer Group also offers same day virus removal services.  In addition, we also pick up and drop off your computer at your place of business or your home, relieving you of the hassle of bringing a computer to our repair center. We can also perform repairs on-site so that you can watch as we mend the problems with your computer and/or hardware.

IT Technician Reparing Data Drives

The world is a big place but what makes it small is our technology.  Computers have made it possible for anyone to go viral at a distant place instantly. But we should not forget that with pros there are cons. As we all are aware about infections (viruses) that can cause damage to modern technology.   Alpha Computer Group resolves any problem related to computers, laptops, networks, servers, pc’s, and etc. A few minor or major errors may destroy your machine and make it unable to perform its functions. There are numerous ways through which we can protect your computers and telephones.

Now a days, it is significantly important to safeguard your personal computer against malicious viruses to avoid causing dangers to your PC. Since 2004, we have been offering our IT and Telecom services to all sized companies.  We are number 1 in customer satisfaction. We tailor and alter every problem with competencies to give you the solutions you need. We make sure that you have reliable anti-virus programs installed on your computer or for larger companies on your network.  Networked managed virus programs allows you to schedule certain computers or the whole network to update virus definitions and/or put certain computers on scan, and so on.

 IT Support Team

Develop a habit to store your data or have a back up. We always suggest you to back up all important and valuable files and documents to USB drives or CD/DVD’s. Be careful prior using any external devices, as plugging it in without scanning for viruses first can really harm the your system if a virus is on your external device.

We treat your problems as our own. We have laid our foundation strongly and have a good hold of  the IT and Telecommunications industry. We guarantee to make your business grow with our technological help and guidance. Our engineers and technicians prove their efficiency by giving brilliant results.

Technology is an asset but can turn into a liability if not maintained or advised properly. Stay informative and cautious while downloading any software. Download files from sources that are reliable. Restrain yourself from clicking on any pop up link that appears on your screen when you are browsing. This may entice you but can be really harmful at times. Our team of professionals are skilled and have the techniques to overcome any trouble related to computer software or hardware. We are just a call away, so give us a chance and we will protect you with better and safe technology!

For All types of Computer, Laptop, Server, and PC repair.  Call Alpha Computer Group at (877) 608 – 8647