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    Alpha Computer Group camera-300x200 10 reasons to get Security Cameras for your home and business

    Security camera is one of the wonders of modern technology that helps securing home and office space. Over years it has gained immense popularity as an effective security measures. Since there are wide range of cameras available in the market, it is quite daunting task to arrive at the right decision for your business or home security cameras. Alpha Computer Group is one of the largest suppliers of security cameras for business and home security. Alpha Computer Group has also been pivotal in helping clients buy the right type of security cameras in Long Island.

    1 – Sense of security

    Once security cameras are installed, its effect on people is almost immediate. It creates a sense of security which is priceless.

    2 – Deter crime

    Regardless of whether security cameras are placed at your home or at workplace, it will help prevent crime from occurring at first place. With the mere sight of camera, criminals know that anything they do will be captured in the camera and can be used as evidence against them.

    3 – Increase productivity

    Security camera empowers the business owner when it is placed at the work place. Employee will know that their activities are getting recorded and they cannot simply spend their time fooling     around. Security camera can be a solution for punctuality and productivity for many business owners.

    4 – Monitor strategic locations

    If you have a large facility, economically it may not be possible to hire an army of security staff to take cares of each corner and room in the business facility. Security cameras can be placed in such strategic locations to keep watch 24/7.

    5 – Difficult locations

    Security cameras are extremely easy to work with as they can be placed anywhere as long as there is a power source close by.

    6 – Wide range

    Wide ranges of security cameras are available in the market to suit your specific business needs. Based on your needs you can buy either hidden cameras or the mountable ones or the night vision cameras that can work for you even in pitch dark.

    7 – Settling disputes

    Security cameras can help you make correct and fair decision while settling disputes. Inaccurate and fabricated claims made by the customers can be sorted out when you make your security camera your ally.

    8 – Main Records

    If you are suspicious about something that happened last night outside your house, you can simply look at the camera footage. Security camera records and documents everything it captures systematically as per the date and time of the event.

    9 – Prevents shop lifting

    Placing a Spot Monitor showing customers as they enter your business will reduce the amount of shoplifting. When the customers enter your business and see themselves on a spot monitor at the front of the store, they are less likely to shoplift.

    10 – Reduced insurance premium cost

    Getting your security camera installed by Alpha Computer Group can help you reduce your insurance premium. Many insurance companies require that business should install some form of security in their premises.

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